Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To all our readers and ANU members

Dr. A. H. Krieg

Most of you are familiar with my writings that have regularly appeared in The Nationalist Times. I don’t pull punches and commonly call things as they are. You also know, that truth and ethical behavior has become a rare commodity in journalism and government. Take this one seriously because it is a warning.

I am now absolutely convinced that Obama is the instrument of an organized cabal of insiders whose goal is the destruction of America. Just think about the short time since the earthquake in Japan the turmoil in Egypt, civil war in Libya, continuing war in Afghanistan, continued occupation of Iraq, the national debt crisis now soon to exceed $15 trillion and how Obama has reacted to all those horrific events. What was our leaders response to these things? Gates our Secretary of war canceled his overseas trip just so that one member of the administration would be in Sodom. The president, publicly picked his choices for the upcoming basketball tournament, played golf three times, took several smoking breaks, and then took off for his 14th vacation (Spring Break, he probably thinks he’s still in college) of his 28 months presidency. I personally as CEO of my own company did not have 14 vacations in 37 years and I worked an average of 15 hours a day.

Let me be plain. While the entire world is on the verge of finacial collapse, this idiot is told to take another vacation and totes off to Rio with wife, family and at least twenty Teleprompters in tow, most probably adding another few million to the deficit. In Retrospect they probably sent him away so he would not screw up anything else in Sodom, in any event, they now always make sure that he has lots of teleprompters so that he will not sound as stupid as his VP.

I believe that the dollar i.e. our monetary system will collapse sooner if not later. Our government has, under Obama’s budget expanded borrowing to heights never before reached in world history. Worse is the fact that much of this borrowing has been short term, requiring constant turnover of debt. The government is now monitorizing this debt because they are unable to get anyone to purchase government notes at their proposed interest rates. Monitorizing is the dishonest process of issuing bonds and then buying them yourself when you can’t sell them. They have even tried to issue a new type of discounted government bond that they claim is insured against inflation. No one believes this, because it is the government statistic that is used to index inflation and everyone above fourth graders has already figured out that all government statistics are now only lies. I believe that by late fall 2011 the government will default on interest payments on the outstanding debt. I also believe that before that takes place they will begin inflation the dollar at hyperinflationary rates.

Statistically as of March 2011 inflation for the previous 12 months is over 11%. Some items especially commodities have risen from 70% for gasoline to 165% for cane sugar. These increases are the direct cause of the deficit; government causes inflation with the acquiescence and aid of the banking cartel. This has now reached the point where if the government taxed your entire income at 100% they would not be able to meet their finacial obligations to their bondholders.

The incredibly stupid blank cheque given to Freddie and Fannie by Obama ensures that the artificial real-estate bubble caused by the progressive Democrats (Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd) who issued mortgages for amounts to people that could not under any circumstance ever re-pay these loans, will require well over $1.5 trillion by fall of 2012 on top of all the other already committed deficits. Added to this as of March this year the real-estate inventory of homes market nationally, has an existing inventory at present sales rates that runs into February of 2012. New housing construction is therefore dead until March 2012, and if the present foreclosure boom continues well into mid 2014.

Were it not for the FRS’ ability to simply print more money the S&*% would have hit the fan in 2008. The redeeming feature of government is its ablity to simply increase the debt and devalue its taxpayers property, pensions, savings, while at the same time increasing all their costs. The problem with printing more and more money, as they are doing, is the more you print the less its worth and the product of that policy is called inflation.

Because the dollar is the world’s reserve currency we have been on an international free ride. You see, if you are a European nation and want to buy oil, per example, you first buy dollars and then buy the oil with the dollars you bought. That is because the dollar is the world reserve currency. So, conversely when we want to buy oil we just spend our dollars and if we are short we just print some more.

Unfortunately the rest of the world’s governments are not all that dumb, especially those that are exporting a commodity that we need. Consequently there has developed a strong move away form the dollar and into some other form of exchange. Russia now only accepts Euros for their energy products, Iran no longer accepts dollars, and Venezuela is teetering. Soon prime raw material exporters will not want to be paid in dollars because the value of the dollar has been continuously falling.

Lets understand this in very basic terms. In December of 2010 the DOW Jones index was 10,373.54 and gold was $ 273.60 per oz. In December 2011 the Dow Jones was 11,491.91 and gold was $1,450.60 per oz. Was this a 530.19% rise in the value of gold? No it was not, the value of gold is always constant. This was a decline in the buying power of the dollar by 530.19% in ten years. So we must adjust the DOW Jones index because stocks are valued in dollars. The actual real time DOW Jones index on December 15th 2011 was 5,398.91, not 11,491.91.

The FRS was established with the 16th amendment of the constitution in 1913. Since then the dollar has fallen by 97.6% in value. (Purchasing power) When the bankers induced congress in winter of 1913 to pass the 16th amendment their argument was that they would safeguard the currency, prevent market fluctuations, and stabilize markets and prices. What the Ponzigonifs instead did was to take America on a one hundred year finacial rollercoaster ride that is now poised to destroy our currency for the profit and joy of the Ponzigonifs running our economy. Perhaps you have not noticed but the rich are getting richer and the rest of us are getting poorer.

Government debt has simply exploded. In 1970 our national debt was $800 million today its $15 trillion, anyone thinking this to be sustainable is nuts. Most of this is foreign wars, mismanagement, and misappropriation; do not be duped into believing that the cause is entitlements, because it is not. The reason that there is no money is because congress and more exactly the House of Representatives wasted the funds of the Social System. The reason that everyone in the media and in congress keeps claiming it to be an entitlement issue is because they don’t want to be exposed as the people who are in fact responsible for the shortage. Besides everything else they have raised their incomes every year for the last ten by about $3,500 a year. Besides all the perks Congressmen now earn $ 174,000.00. They provide disability payments to people four times the amount that they pay to socials security recipients. They give Mexican whores that come here for childbirth full social benefits including welfare, child support, WIC, housing, heating/air-conditioning, food, telephone service, and even cable TV. Don’t believe me, go to your social security office a look at the waiting room.

If you think things are bad now just wait until the dollar is no longer the world reserve currency. I see gasoline at eight dollars, milk at six, eggs at five a dozen.

While the average American earns about $34,000, the average government employee earns $74,000 and if located in Sodom over $110,000 the Ponzigonifs in Jew York are pulling down millions. What a wonderful world!

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Blogger David said...

Mr. Krieg!

Another excellent assessment of the disaster in America. Yes, Obama is the "Manchurian Candidate" assigned to destroy America for the New World Order. It is painfully obvious!

David McElroy

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