Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Traitor

Dr. A. H. Krieg

It is indeed a sad day for America when its President betrays our nation’s oldest and best ally. No wonder this administrations intent to attack, with all its possible abilities, the source of their problems WikiLeaks. The British, London paper “The Telegraph” last week contained an article in which they reported the price Obama paid to the Russians in order to get them to sign the new START treaty that he so proudly announced as a foreign policy coup that will limit nuclear weapons, favoring the Russians, with a greater arsenal than us. The price was to reveal to the Russians the scope and size of the British nuclear deterrent arsenal and capabilities the information in the Telegraph came from a WikiLeaks document release.

When the leader of one nation betrays its oldest most powerful and best ally, which has stood by us throughout the entire cold war, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan, and more incidents than can be here listed, we should all become very concerned. When we then consider the withdrawal of the promised missile shield from Western Europe under Russian pressure, and the insult to England in returning the bust of Churchill gift a very distressing pattern begins to rear its ugly head. First I thought that Obama was simply detached from foreign policy, having exactly zero experience in that field, but then when I thought about it, he couldn’t make foreign policy, he knows next to nothing about it.

From day one, it was Obama’s desire to pull the rabbit out of a hat in foreign policy by consummation of a deal with the Russians relating the missile shield for Europe. That fell flat on its face. Policy in the Middle East failed so badly that even the Gray Lady a stalwart Obama supporter noticed.

So, then who is actually making foreign policy? Certainly not Hillary Clinton, her experience on the issue is about equal to Obama, all she ever did was take a number of junkets as first lady. Hillary is just another expediency driven, totally inexperienced and unqualified Obama appointee as are all his over 40, zero private sector experience, Czars. What, with a total 8% participation in the entire administration of private sector employment, over 30% below that of any other American administration in history, one should not express surprise.

Foreign policy in the 21st century is the product of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) located in the Pratt House on 68th Street in NYC. Through their “Study Groups” staffed, not by seasoned diplomats, but a gaggle of academics and hangers on, who are not only unqualified, but represent an academic mind-set that contradicts common sense. These are the people who produce ridiculous innuendo like Obama’s “Pressing the reset button” (and then not even able to translate it into Russian) on American foreign policy. Not only do these people have no sense of history, they are the products of Dartmouth, Harvard, and Yale colleges that they attended due to their parent’s attendance rather than personal academic achievements.

To understand American foreign policy as instituted by the CFR you must begin by accepting the fact that the members of the CFR universally look down on engineers, business managers, IT specialists, retail executives and manufacturing executives. They see such people as common labor, a lower class of humans not suited to the higher plains of academic thought. You see everyone in the world outside of academic pursuits is just simply stupid. The fact that all these academics wear loafers, because they are too stupid to learn how to tie shoelaces, totally escapes their comprehension. I speak from experience here; I lived in a suburb of New Haven for 19 years and can relate endless stories of the ineptitude of professors from Yale and all the other academic institutions in New Haven.

Foreign policy should be devised to accomplish certain goals, as might be considered advantageous to the nation. The problem is that academics do not understand any such goals, because they are divorced from the markets, reality, and the general economy. This is in no small part due to policies of the institutions that employs them that provide a cushion of social and economic support so vast and expansive that their employees need not concern themselves with the average mundane facts of every-day-life. The executives of our government in both the legislative as well as the executive suffer from much the same malady.

Understanding the mind-set, we can come to realization that any policies contrived by these nimrods will be faulty, and that negotiations with foreign powers will lead to loss of our side. Worse yet, is the fact, that our negotiators, in large part, are absolutely unqualified for their position often being political appointees, or victims of the “Peter Principle”. Speaking from first hand experience I was involved with the International Trade Commission (ITC) in which negotiations with the European Union regarding steel exports to America as they were carried out. All of America’s negotiations had never seen the inside of a steel mill, has no experience in metallurgy, not experience in distribution, and were on the technical side, clueless. They negotiated a treaty that actually prevented American manufacturers for obtaining tool steels from the European Union, steel that by the way, was not produced by any American mill.

Instead of considering commercial and manufacturing impacts brought on by agreements and treaties with foreign powers, the State Department only considers political and in some cases military applications in negotiations. This results in loses of exports, inability to obtain raw materials by American producers, loss of employment, higher prices for consumers, and a general distortion of trade.

When we now consider the action taken by our President relating to our largest ally, we must come to the conclusion that Obama is either an idiot, or that the “change” which he so vigorously spoke of is something quite different from what we thought it to be. When taken together with other actions by this president relating the United Kingdom, returning the bronze bust of Winston Churchill, giving the prime Minster video of himself that is incompatible with European recording systems, and various insults, and the withdrawal of the promised missile shield, one could almost conclude that Obama wants to rekindle the war of 1812. This treasonous act by Obama is off the scale of decency and reflects on the entire nation, government, and its people. Congress must take action to assure our allies that this is not the will of our people or our legislature but the act of a one term nihilistic narcissist, whose policies and transactions will be undone in the next election.

The very next questions being what will our other allies think of this. Will the Germans, French, Italians or any others trust our government ever again? Will our allies continue to cooperate with us in the war against radical terrorism, when they might well find themselves compromised by us? Will they trust a new administration that might be even worse? Will our friends withdraw their commitments to us in Afghanistan? All these and many more questions have come into play since Obama’s traitorous act.

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