Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Presidential Incompetence hits the Top!

Dr. A. H. Krieg

And just when you thought, “It can’t possibly get any worse!” Well it is, and the speed at which it’s moving ensures America’s economic collapse before the end of Obama’s first term. He does not want a second term, because he fully intends to so destroy America just like humpty-dumpty, there will be no putting it back together again.

In the week of February 20 our national debt exceeded our total annual national economic output. In the face of this Obama has proposed a budget that is $1.4 trillion greater than the 2010 budget a total budget of $ 4 trillions. Furthermore his proposal for 2012 is about the same, thus completely ignoring the 2010 election results. As of February 2011 based on fourth quarter 2010 polls with a state-by-state variance of from 59% to 91%, American homeowners disapprove of the way Obama is running this nation. In the food sector government auditors have determined that there are 18 agencies regulating this industry whose actions overlap each other. This is costing taxpayers a total of $ 62.5 billion. Obama’s solution is to increase the budgets of all agencies part to this travesty, the FDA to $ 4.3 billion a 6% increase over 2010. 1,251 more regulators will also increase personnel at FDA; the IRS will also hire over one thousand more agents, in progressivisms this is the means of cutting costs, while reducing unemployment!

To cut costs Obama has increased the budget for 2011 by a mere $1.6 trillion. On a personal note Obama flies his personal trainer from Chicago to Washington twice a week for his bi-weekly training session, while his wife’s personal staff is now at 47, which to best of my understanding is 40 more than Marie Antoinette under Louis the XVI. Oh, and just by the way, besides manicurist and hairdresser there is one position titled shopping assistant. With just 16 months in office Obama has taken 13 vacations, a totally new record in the annals of the American executive, or any management team I have ever heard of.

We have learned this week that AIG, Goldman Sachs, City Corp, and the now discredited Lehman Bros. along with Freddie and Fannie issued mortgages to consumers at 99.3% of net property value, without any down payment, all of which mortgages were bailed out by taxpayers. All the aforementioned firms made massive millions of political contributions out of the taxpayers bail-out-money to Obama and his progressive cronies. None are under investigation and nobody has been charged or indicted for anything.

In a totally diabolical move Obama issued instructions to the Treasury to send bankrupt Fannie and Freddie any money needed to prop up the failed Progressive Frank/Dodd finacial fiasco. We do not know how much money has gone into this bottomless pit because the Treasury refuses to tell us, we are however cognizant that it is well over $500 billions.

In his latest state of the union address Obama told us that we needed to spend, spend, spend, on; high speed rail, the infrastructure, to improve internet access, wind turbines (bird swatters), solar power (agrarian disrupters) and to increase the number of electric cars. In fact the entire speech was not about fiscal restraint, budgeting, cutting costs, balancing budgets, or any other common sense issues, it was about spending, group rights, special interests, like his friends at GE and GM, (1) and double standards.

In another bizarre twist NYC is spending millions of Federally granted dollars for a campaign for New Yorkers to stop drinking sodas, eat more celery, stay away from fast foods, not to use salt, and so forth, all in an effort to alter New Yorkers eating habits, which by the way are none of the governments business.

On the immigration issue, especially the illegal immigrants Obama has done a total of nothing. In fact his distinct lack of action is an encouragement for more illegal immigration. Not only that but Eric Holder his AG has refused to enforce existing law even going to the extent of bring a law suite against Arizona who is tying to enforce the federal laws. Janet “the dumbo” Napolitano, is the second most inept members of the administration and has not carried out any of her duties either. The Mexican border remains as porous as ever, wall construction was halted, national guard posted to the border were purposely unarmed and not given power to arrest or detain, while the border patrol that was scheduled for personnel expansion was not. All this is taking place, in the face of a virtual civil war between the drug cartels and the Mexican drug-republic government.

The worst and most ineffective department of this government is the Department of Education. Amy Duncan the man who in previous occupation ran the worst school system in America, Chicago, heads it up. The Department of Education established in 1980 by Jimmy (the twit) Carter provided America with the 4th highest international student competency in the world in 1980. Today, 31 years later we are regrettably number 34, which is cause in Mr. Obama’s mind to increase spending on this department for 2011 and 2012 by 38.5%. The progressive mind set being that throwing more money at any failed problem will undoubtedly fix it.

The Department of Energy whose two achievements have been long gas lines 1981 and 2008 and the reduction of domestic energy production thought a policy that hurts not only Americans but also our entire economy. In 1980 we imported 26% of oil consumed today we import 66.9% of oil consumed. This is not due to diminishing supplies it is solely due to Department of Energy policy. America has no viable energy policy and that is the direct fault of the Department of Energy and the Bush and then the Obama administrations. Obama’s solution to this dilemma is to keep funding the Department of Energy, stop oil drilling, shut down Alaska, not build any reactors, and not build any coal liquidation plants, assumedly so that he can screw-up the economy even worse.

The deficit commission appointed by Obama consisted of the same sort of political hacks found in every appointed commission and all the Czars. These politicians made bizarre and worthless recommendations that have now been totally ignored by everyone as being worthless an outcome-based result.

With all these issues the administration has indicated the economy is on the mend and that they anticipate a 61% increase in collected revenues from taxes in 2012. Someone is obviously crazy. The Obamacare plan that congress will hopefully deep-six, would add another 500% cost increase to the coming budgets for the next ten years. His proposed spending freeze will do nothing because in Washingtoneses a spending cut is a lower percentage of increase. The way this works is that if this year’s budget is ten dollars and is projected to $10.50 in the coming year and you restrict that growth to $10.45 then you have cut the costs.

The entire Obama plans if enacted will force huge tax increases in business, private, and also in fees, licenses, permits, and anything else that the bureaucracy can come up with, including an new VAT tax. This will expand and enlarge the depression, further just as those same actions did under FDR, reduce middle income, and destroy the American economy what little is left of it.

(1`) GE is one of Obama’s staunchest supporters, their president has just been named to the administration, and GE is the largest domestic producer of bird swatters. GM (Government Motors is still 61% owned by taxpayers.

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