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Connie's Perspective

April 13, 2014

Some of you are aware that I have been involved the Bundy/BLM issue here in Nevada. I don't know why I get so lucky by moving to places that have huge issues going on, but my home is less than 10 miles from the Bundy Ranch. So, I want to relate the story from my perspective having been there and seen it.

Monday morning, I received a call from a gal here in Mesquite, who is aware of my previous border work. She had driven out to the Bundy Ranch to see how she could help. She personally observed snipers in camo on the hill right across from the rally area, they were BLM law enforcement. They had their rifles trained on little old ladies and men sitting in lawn chairs, who had arrived to lend their support.

After that call, I drove out to the Bundy ranch immediately to see for myself. I did not see the snipers, though they were there, it was only because I was not at that time familiar with the terrain and was looking for them in another area. But indeed while I was there, guns were trained on me. So we had government officials ready to shoot American citizens if they crossed onto posted land.
The BLM had set up "free speech" zones at each end of Hwy 170. This was where people were instructed to gather. The Bundy's defied that and set up right on the highway, close to the ranch house. The idea of a free speech zone is so un-American.

By now the militia was there and I did see one carrying an AR15. Since it was evident this story was going national, I called the Bundy's and asked to meet with them at their home. Having learned lessons from work on the border, I felt they really needed to understand how the media would use them in a negative way and how this could really work against all they had been fighting for.

The Bundy's were very receptive to having me come in and talk about this because even though the fight had been going on for years, they had never been at a national level before. This was on Tuesday morning.

At any rate, some Montana militia had shown up on Monday and convinced the Bundy's they were there to protect them.

I advised the Bundy's that if they allowed the militia to be there, then have them put away the rifles and get out of the camo.
I visited with the head of the Montana militia group and he said he would never put his rifles away. I truly felt he wasn't there for the Bundy's, but there to agitate.

Anyway by Wednesday the Bundy's made a statement requesting the militia not wear camo and put the long arms in their vehicles. They were still wearing sidearms and several had knives strapped on.

This was such a tense situation that the militia was creating fear within the BLM agents. This statement is not to condone the BLM agents; it is just to give a view of how it was out there.

Wednesday afternoon came the confrontation with the BLM, who had gone onto the grazing area and torn out the watering tanks the cattle used to get water. The idea was to get them to come out of the hills and down to the river. The high temps were around 90 degrees and it is calving season, so the cows need that water to nurse. I want to add also the BLM shot 2 bulls that were hard to herd up.

At any rate the confrontation took place and one son, Ammon, was tasered three times. He showed me where one had hit him in the chest, just above his heart and there was a 6 inch diameter blood stain on his tee-shirt. His aunt, who weighs about 120 lbs. soaking wet was pushed to the ground from behind by a BLM agent. She showed me her injuries. When I watched the video closely, what she said was true. He pushed her from behind, very hard and it put her on the ground. The BLM agents had two German Shepherds on leashes and all had Tasers. It was unbelievable this was happening in our country right in front of my eyes.

Wednesday, we started to put together a protest that was held in Las Vegas in front of the office of Sheriff Gillespie. Sheriff Gillespie had told the Bundy's there was nothing he could do. Three Tea Parties came together to organize, The Virgin Valley Tea Party, the Las Vegas Valley Tea Party and the Pahrump Tea Party.

On Friday we held the protest, I spoke for all. We have a conservative Republican, Niger Innis, who also spoke and various members of the crowd spoke. Innis is running for CD 4, and if elected will represent those of us who are in this area of Clark County. We simply demanded the sheriff do his job and remove the BLM from the area. At the same time the story was breaking about dirty Harry Reid and his connections to the Chinese and solar. This is only one part of why this is happening. The other part of the story that is not reported on is that Mr. Bundy's place is on Gold Butte Road. Gold Butte has been designated a conservation area and Reid is going to try to push through a bill that will designate it a wilderness area. Well, with that, the cows have to be removed. So Reid is in this on all sides. What a slimy little SOB he is.

During all of this time the protesters kept arriving at the ranch and by Saturday morning, there were over 1500 people there, from all over the country.

Sheriff Gillespie came to the Saturday protest, heavily guarded with deputies with long arms and I understand but did not see an entire SWAT team. He then announced the BLM would be pulling out immediately and they would return the cattle to the Bundy's.
So, is the story over? I don't think so. I think that many of us who demonstrated and stepped up for our country will be audited by the IRS, we have been photographed by drones, the government has a clearer picture of who we are and we are most likely on a watch list. I probably made that list some years ago.

I will add that on Monday I did stop to video the BLM compound, where they had their communications and received a citation from the Nevada HP for improperly parking my vehicle. I will be fighting that tomorrow in Bunkerville. At least they did not arrest me as they did others who went into areas they had declared off limits.

One last item of note, during this entire past week, there were dot com news people there. They also in many cases did not report the story honestly. It is in their best interest to gin it up to keep the extreme radicals in the story.

In no way do I think this is over; but we made a very small step forward, only because the politics involved were exposed.
One item I brought up at the demonstration in Vegas was, why is Obama disarming our military and why do other government agencies have law enforcement people who are weaponized. Even NOAH, has 62 law enforcement people and NOAH is the weather service for God’s sake. Why is Homeland Security buying up billions of rounds of ammo?

And to close, why do supposedly patriotic American's not give a damn about their freedom and the Constitution? I have a level of disgust within my soul towards those who want to bitch, but will find any reason in the world to stay out of the fray.

In Liberty,

Connie Foust, President
Virgin Valley Tea Party

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The War on Raw Milk

Nelson Hultberg

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) and a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers have recently introduced legislation to allow for the sale of raw milk, i.e., unpasteurized milk. Their Milk Freedom Act of 2014 would make it legal for "certified dairy farmers" to sell unpasteurized milk products without harassment and criminal prosecution on the part of the FDA. If enacted, this would be a major victory for those who are health conscious and understand the grievous misperception by our medical establishment regarding the safety of raw milk.

The distribution of raw milk has been banned in the U.S. since inception of the pasteurization laws in the 1920s. The American Medical Association together with the FDA brought about this ban of raw milk because of its susceptibility to being a carrier for certain infectious microbes such as salmonella.

The error here is that it was never "raw milk" that was a problem. It was "warm raw milk" produced in crowded, unsanitary conditions from grain-fed cows instead of grass-fed that was prone to an unhealthy level of microbes. Grass-fed cows produce a milk with natural "inhibins," anti-microbial agents that keep pathogens low, while grain-fed cows do not produce high "inhibin" levels in their milk.

Therefore if milk is produced in clean, uncrowded conditions from grass-fed cows, and kept cold, it remains as safe as any other food. The farmers of America produced milk under these conditions for their own consumption throughout the nineteenth century. They stored the milk from their grass-fed cows in metal cans immersed in cold water in shaded "milk houses" to keep it cool. It was relatively clean and safe and did not lead to outbreaks of disease.

It was when our economy became urbanized and industrialized after the turn of the century that milk became a problem. This was because it was now produced in large, crowded, unsanitary, dairy farms and transported into city areas for sale in warm trucks.

So there was a need for legislation to prohibit the sale and distribution of "raw" milk products between 1920 and 1960. But by the mid-1960s, the transport industry had developed refrigerated trucks to keep milk cold while in transit. Dairy farms now had refrigerated storage vats that were superior to the traditional "milk houses" of private farmers giving the milk up to 14 days before souring. The need for grass-fed cows in spatial pastures instead of grain-fed cows in crowded quarters was now understood. Cleanliness of conditions was mandated and prevalent. When the milk was delivered to retail stores, it was now placed in refrigerators for sale. Consequently pathogens did not build up in the milk from the time it left the cow to when the consumer drank it. Thus it was no longer necessary to prohibit the sale of raw milk.

Unfortunately the FDA and the consumer protection bureaucracies of Washington had grown to monstrous size by then; and they were not about to relinquish the power they wielded over dairy farmers, transporters, and retailers. They remained oblivious to the real issue involved: Raw milk is not dangerous as long as it comes from clean, disease-free, grass-fed cows and is properly refrigerated throughout the production and sale process. This creates what is termed today "certified raw milk," i.e., safe milk.

So the legislation being introduced by Congressman Massie and his colleagues is great news to those of us in the freedom movement who are aware of the spectacular health properties of raw milk and its superiority over pasteurized milk. We see the problem from a much different perspective than the medical establishment and its henchmen at the FDA. We understand that degenerative diseases (such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc.) are, to a large degree, brought about because of our modern corrupted diet with its low nutrient value. Raw milk is the summum bonum of nutrition and it can help man achieve a far superior level of health to what he presently experiences.

But in order to bring about this improvement of mankind's health, the ignorance that prevails in today's medical establishment must be overcome. Our medical doctors and scientists are certainly very smart people. But they are ignorant of the truth.

As comparison consider our former Fed chief, Ben Bernanke. He is a brilliant intellect. But unfortunately he is ignorant of the truth in the field of economics. He doesn't grasp the immense fallacies in the Keynesian paradigm he has espoused throughout his career. As a consequence our country suffers greatly.

This is the intellectual history of man. Brilliance in our intellectual class does not guarantee possession of the truth. The sages of every era are so often wracked with ignorance of the truth that one wonders how did we ever climb from the cave and produce a free civilization. The priests of the Middle Ages, the political thinkers of monarchical Europe, the bloodletters of the nineteenth century were all brilliant minds, but "ignorant of the truth." Our era today is equally wracked with brilliant economists, political philosophers, and medical scientists who are ignorant of the truth.

Why Raw Milk Is Superior

The reason why raw milk is so superior lies in what happens to the protein molecule when it is cooked, i.e., pasteurized in the case of milk. The famous scientist, Dr. Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., showed the danger of cooking protein in his experiments in the 1930s. Over a ten year period between 1932 and 1942, he and his colleagues conducted clinical studies on over 600 cats. [1] The cats remained in excellent health on a diet of raw protein alone. All the feeding was supervised by Pottenger's medical group, and all experiments were carefully controlled. The results, writes a contemporary, Dr. Henry G. Bieler, "proved beyond question the unhealthy nature of cooked animal protein....No cats in the entire experiment - often siblings of the same litter - developed disease as long as they remained on a raw protein diet. In fact, they lived to a ripe old age." [2]

But those cats fed on cooked protein all contracted diseases commonly seen in man: arthritis, heart trouble, cancer, liver and kidney degeneration, lung diseases, meningitis, osteoporosis, immune system collapse, pyorrhea, loss of teeth and hair, gastritis, nearsightedness, degenerative processes of the brain, extreme irritability, pneumonia, lack of sexual interest, sterility, infertility, ovarian atrophy, physiological exhaustion, skin disorders, allergies of all kinds, and hypothyroidism, etc. [3]

Dr. Pottenger's nutritional / pathological findings were supervised in consultation with Alvin G. Foord, M.D., professor of pathology at the University of Southern California and pathologist at the Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena. [4] Their work met the most rigorous scientific standards of the day. Their results are so convincingly obvious that there is no room for doubt of their accuracy. The fact that the world chooses to ignore the Pottenger-Foord findings is attributable to humanity's desire to flee from reality and avoid facing the tough truths of life.

Man has been on this planet for approximately 5 million years. But he discovered fire only about 400,000 years ago. So the bulk of his evolutionary development (4.6 million years) took place on raw protein. This is why he needs it. Milk is a perfect source for it. The fact that our government prohibits us from purchasing raw milk is inexcusable.

Detractors to the Pottenger-Bieler thesis on raw protein and its connection to health claim that cats are not humans, and that it is wrong to extrapolate from one to the other. But their claim is in error, for it ignores the fundamental premise that certain natural laws of existence are applicable to all forms of life. For instance, the law of gravity affects cats and humans equally. And the same goes for certain physiological laws such as the necessity of raw protein for long term, disease-free health among mammals. Both cats and humans are mammals.

Cooking protein alters it molecularly. The protein molecules are changed from the "hydrophile colloid" form to the "hydrophobe colloid" form. According to Bieler, they then cannot fulfill protein's role adequately, which is to produce growth, rebuild tissue, and restore the body's integrity every 24 hours from the wear and tear of stressful life. [5]

The Safety of Raw Milk

How does raw milk compare safety-wise to other foods we eat? In a study between 1971 and 1982, figures from the California Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta show that there were 3.6 million cases of illness from salmonella in the state of California. The sources of the infections were: meat - 468,000; poultry - 612,000; restaurants - 1,486,000; human to human - 360,000; certified raw milk - 103. [6]

Raw milk consumers represent only 3 percent of the population, so its 103 figure has to be multiplied by a factor of 33.3 to make it statistically meaningful. When this is done, the illnesses from raw certified milk are 3,430 as compared to 468,000 from meat and 612,000 from poultry.

The FDA estimates that in the ten year period between 1996 and 2005, fresh produce was responsible for over 8,000 E. coli infections in the U.S, and eggs were responsible for over 6,500 infections. The FDA also cites several outbreaks of E. coli traceable to raw milk over a five year period that produced less than 50 infections. [7] To make these figures statistically comparable, we need to multiply raw milk's five year figure by 2 and also by 33.3. The total for raw milk becomes 3,330. Certified raw milk is, thus, safer than the fresh produce and eggs that we eat every day. There is no need to prohibit its sale.

Life is filled with various degrees of risk that free men and women are willing to take. We don't stop eating produce and eggs because occasionally illness results. We don't stop flying in airplanes because crashes occur. Things must be kept in perspective, which is not something that government wants to do.

It is quite exasperating to be aware of all this and try to convey it to the public. The demonizing of raw milk by the FDA and the medical establishment overpower even strong, independent people who have no problem challenging establishment fallacies in the fields of economics and politics. But when health and medicine are involved, they suspend their power of judgment and obediently agree to whatever their doctor says no matter how much in conflict it is with reason and science. They think of doctors as some kind of gods, when they're nothing but smart humans just as capable of being corrupted by a false paradigm as our economists and political philosophers. Today's doctors are "ignorant of the truth," but sadly their patients continue to obey them with an undeserved reverence for irrational prescriptive advice regarding the consumption of raw milk.

The Tough Truth

The scientific work of Francis M. Pottenger, M.D. and Alvin G. Foord, M.D. can be found in their book, Pottenger's Cats: A Study in Nutrition. The work of Henry G. Bieler, M.D. on health and nutritional issues can be found in his book, Food Is Your Best Medicine. In addition, Dr. Ron Schmid's magisterial work, The Untold Story of Milk: The History, Politics and Science of Nature's Perfect Food, brilliantly sums up the the case for raw milk. All three of these books are in print at Amazon. For more information on this controversial issue, hundreds of questions are answered at:

The experiments of Pottenger, Foord, and Bieler are irrefutable. They demonstrate to any objective person that cooked protein will not maintain a healthy or long-lived existence. The fact that such a monumental truth is not common knowledge today in medical schools is a testament to the ignorance and dogma that control so much of the scientific endeavors of man. Only when our medical / nutritional experts begin to apply this truth to the human diet will we start to achieve the true level of health that is our birthright.


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Nelson Hultberg is a freelance writer in Dallas, Texas and the Director of Americans for a Free Republic His articles have appeared over the past 20 years in such publications as The Dallas Morning News, American Conservative, Insight, Liberty, The Freeman, and The Social Critic, as well as on numerous Internet sites such as Capitol Hill Outsider, Conservative Action Alerts, Daily Paul, Canada Free Press, and The Daily Bell. He is the author of The Golden Mean: Libertarian Politics, Conservative Values. Email him at:

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Illegals Swarm In -- Dallas Transformed

Nelson Hultberg

A few weeks back, I wrote an article about the twin evils of illegal immigration and Keynesian economics, and how they had decimated various neighborhoods of Dallas, Texas. I called attention specifically to the Valley View Shopping center near where I lived, and how it had been transformed from a fine and fashionable mall into a seedy Mexican swap meet. Several libertarians wrote me and defended such a demise as "the result of capitalism operating in a free society."

But is this so? Is Valley View just a normal part of an ever-shifting marketplace brought on by Schumpeter's "creative destruction" as libertarians maintain? Are complaints about such decay just conservative hyper-fear over the nature of capitalism?

Not at all. In 1996, the apartment complex I moved into upon arrival in town (and lived in for 12 years) was a nice, middle-class complex nestled among beautiful homes in a North Dallas surrounding neighborhood. The residents were 85 percent white Americans. Today that complex is down to 10 percent white Americans, 10 percent black Americans, and 80 percent Mexicans, almost all illegals. And it's uninhabitable.

This is not capitalism and "creative destruction" at work. This is ideological insanity at work. This is multiculturalist dogma hammered into our lives by the educational system for 40 years coupled with a federal government outrageously negligent as to one of its most fundamental duties - the protection of the nation's borders.

"It gets worse everyday," complains one local businessman. "I have owned a contracting business here for 25 years, and I can no longer find any employees that can speak English (nor do they have a desire to). Having been around them for the last ten years on a daily basis, they make no bones about it."

"Yes, Dallas is full of illegals," says a former resident who moved to California. "I lived there for years and still work in Dallas at least once a month. You will find illegals working everywhere, living in every suburb. You cannot insulate or isolate yourself from them completely - unless you live in a castle surrounded by a moat." [1]

"In 1980, one out of every eight Dallas residents was Hispanic. By 2000, the statistic changed to one in three. By 2004, Hispanics had become the largest single ethnic group in Dallas, comprising nearly 42 percent of the Dallas population, or nearly one in every two Dallas residents. The Catholic diocese of Dallas, moreover, grew from 200,000 in 1990 to 950,000 in 2007, with Hispanics accounting for most of that growth." [2]

Immigrant Crime Facts in Dallas

What else has the illegal immigrant invasion brought to Dallas? For starters the city is now being used as a main office by the La Familia Mexican drug cartel. Dallas' location is a natural for Mexican smugglers to distribute drug shipments throughout the U.S. because highway I-35 runs from Laredo on the border to Dallas and then to Kansas City and north to Duluth, MN. Dallas makes a perfect command and control center for high-level cartel members. "Dallas is the new Miami for transiting drugs," the DEA tells us. [3]

Here is the DEA list of the most wanted immigrant fugitives in the Dallas area: [4]

The Farmers Branch Ban

One of the most controversial issues in the immigration fight in the Dallas area is the Farmers Branch rental ban. This sedate northern suburb of Dallas (pop. 29,000) has been trying for years to ban illegals from renting houses within the city limits. But constant court battles from organizations such as The ACLU and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) have stonewalled the legislation.

In 2010, a federal judge (Bush appointee, Jane Boyle) ruled that the ordinance was unconstitutional, and moreover, it was preempted by federal immigration law. This ruling was upheld in March of 2012 by a three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, is the acting attorney for Farmers Branch. He told the court that the plaintiffs "cannot identify a single federal statute that the Farmers Branch ordinance conflicts with." He also stated further that the law not only allows such ordinances, the law "invites it." He disclosed several federal statutes that support the Farmers Branch ordinance with language such as: "governments should act to discourage illegal immigration," and another one that "forbids the harboring of unauthorized immigrants, which includes renting them apartments." [5]

Sadly the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans ruled in late July that the Farmers Branch ordinance was unconstitutional. But city officials, under intense pressure to throw in the towel, have not given up. They say they have 90 days to decide on whether to appeal, citing a recent favorable Nebraska court ruling on a similar ordinance inspired by the Farmers Branch example. [6]

Stay tuned to this David and Goliath case. The odds are against Farmers Branch, but if they can win on appeal, then a powerful tool will be given to all communities across America to police and protect themselves from the Mexican invasion.

Property Values and the Illegals

Why has Farmers Branch fought so hard? One obvious reason: property values.

For example, the North Dallas apartment complex I lived in for 12 years, referred to earlier. In 1996, it was a nice middle-class development. Today it is a dreadful slum with boom-blaster music thundering everywhere, garishly painted automobiles being repaired in the parking lot, squabbling and fighting, torn trash bags deposited on the pavement in front of the metal dumpsters rather than placed inside (this even when the dumpster is totally empty), and a slew of other degrading eyesores to suffer.

Liberal appeasement groups such as the ACLU, Chamber of Commerce, and National Council of La Raza claim there is no correlation between illegals moving into a neighborhood and the level of property values. This is not so. Illegals travel in packs. They attract scores of friends and relatives. They live three and four families to a house. They spread ruin wherever they go. Sure, there are exceptions, for the destructive elements of life are never total. But it's safe to say illegals moving into a neighborhood are a definite blight that real estate agents do not want to see.

Garland, Carrollton, Richardson, Duncanville, Seagoville, and certain portions of Dallas proper have already experienced this tragedy. But it is not reported by the mainstream media. Immigration enthusiasts see only what they want to see instead of what is plainly in front of them. Not unlike the liberals who went to Russia in the 1920s-1930s and came back raving about the beauty and freedom they had encountered. [7]

The Dangerous Apathy

One of the problems confronting Dallas is that the city has always had a certain Mexican flavor to its culture, much of which is not undesirable. But this long-standing Mexican flavor has led Dallas residents into a dangerous apathy regarding the present invasion of illegals and the consequences of amnesty.

Dallasites remain oblivious to these consequences because our professors in the schools evade the terrible truth of "Multiculturalism" throughout history - that it wreaks destruction whenever it is tolerated. And PC pundits condone this evasion daily via mainstream media. Thus well-meaning and patriotic Dallasites go about their daily lives believing the nation's "immigration crisis" is not really a crisis. It's just reactionary fear from conservative troglodytes unable to face up to the flow of peoples and cultures.

This "dangerous apathy" now permeates the country. Consequently we, as Americans, have become blind to the monster crisis being created. We cannot see back 27 years to 1986 and connect the dots of today's 12-20 million onslaught to the Immigration Reform and Control Act's granting of amnesty to 3 million illegals under Reagan. Well-meaning Americans, thus, continue to work for "Dream Acts" so as to grease the paths of assimilation for millions of aliens who have no intention of ever learning our language, our customs, or our Constitution.

Some vital truths need to be told:

1) We are being invaded, and border security alone as our defense is not enough.

2) Without an English language mandate, the right of states to deny welfare services to illegals, a closing of the anchor baby loophole, and enactment of mandatory E-Verify for employers, the tide cannot be stemmed.

3) Backyard honey pots must be removed to stop fire ants from streaming into one's yard, and the same applies to illegals.

4) If we don't allow the states to remove the lures that bring illegals here, we are worse than quislings.

None of this disaster has to be. America's "dangerous apathy" could be eradicated overnight if a principled stand on illegals would come forth from just one or two of our prominent politicians. In times of great crisis, history shows that voters will respond to courage and principle. They will connect the dots especially if a gutsy presidential candidate would dare to buck the PC police of our mainstream media and forcefully explain the dots to them - like Ross Perot explained the coming debt crisis with charts and ½ hour TV lectures prior to his 1992 Presidential Debates. Sixty percent of the nation would support such a stand if a courageous politician would emerge.

All Great Nations

No country in the history of the world has ever survived multiculturalism. America will be no exception. All great nations protect their borders. They abide by the requisites for stability and "ordered freedom." Their intellectuals peruse history rigorously and learn from it. They respect the ethnic majority of their country. They do not malign its traditions and smear its heroes in the schools.

Our grave crisis in immigration did not just pop upon the scene. It is the result of many irrationalities in philosophy, psychology, and sociology that have been embraced by the political left over the past century. These chickens are now coming home to roost. And Dallas is a piercing microcosm of America's problem as a nation. How this tragedy is unfolding is heartbreaking to those of us with a sense of history. Our government is fashioning a Camp of the Saints along the Rio Grande.

Will the American people regain their reason and rally to a new "common sense" for our time? The jury is obviously still out on that huge question. But those of us who were raised in a saner, freer, and stabler America know one thing. We will not let the traitors on the left win this battle by default. We will fight to our last breath.

Let this be a plea to Texas' own Ted Cruz. Are you the kind of leader who will fight with us? America does not need another Demopublican hack. She needs a visionary, a political Paladin to tell the people what the shysters won't tell them. The truth.


1. These two quotes are from real Dallasites. The verbiage has been smoothed over for grammatical purposes. Source:, August 21, 2007.

2. Bianca Mercado, With their Hearts in their Hands: Forging a Mexican Community in Dallas, 1900-1925, Masters Thesis, University of North Texas, May 2008, pp. 2-3, "A New Show of Power," Dallas Morning News, April 30, 2006; "High Hopes, Growth Pains Greet Bishop," Dallas Morning News, April 30, 2007.

3. "North Texas Is a Command Center for Mexican Drug Gang," Limits To Growth,, May 20, 2013.

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7. Paul Hollander, Political Pilgrims: Travels of Western Intellectuals to the Soviet Union, China, and Cuba, 1928-1978, New York, Harper Colophon, 1981.


Nelson Hultberg is a freelance writer in Dallas, TX and the Director of Americans for a Free Republic His articles have appeared in such publications as the Dallas Morning News, San Antonio Express-News, American Conservative, Insight, The Freeman, Liberty, and The Social Critic, as well as on numerous Internet sites. He is the author of The Golden Mean: Libertarian Politics, Conservative Values. Email him at:

Monday, September 09, 2013

Looming Risk of Regional War Reflects Reckless and Poor Leadership

Boulder, CO -Ten years after the disastrous Iraq invasion, two years after U.S. air strikes in Libya precipitated the fall of the Gaddafi regime, and in the midst of widespread turmoil unleashed by the "Arab spring," the Obama administration and many Capitol Hill leaders persist in utopian efforts to reshape the Middle East, thereby risking igniting wider regional conflict, and possibly armed conflict with Russia and its allies.

While our sympathy and prayers go out to the people of Syria, use of U.S. military power there seems likely to do more harm than good, an appraisal shared by many desperate civilians in that war-ravaged nation. Indeed, if this assessment is true, initiating strikes on Syria would be gravely immoral. Will we replicate the results of immoral and unconstitutional attacks on Libya and Iraq, by leaving a largely lawless state behind, causing Christians and other religious minorities to flee, and creating yet another haven for Islamic extremists?

Oaths of office notwithstanding, the simple policy solution of following our founders' constitutional blueprint seems off the radar of most leaders on Capitol Hill. Under truly constitutional praxis, the U.S. military should never be seriously considered for any combat role not in the service of U.S. national defense. Since we have left that prudent outlook behind long ago, we can expect more chaos in foreign affairs, and God forbid, perhaps another world war.

AFP National Secretary John Pittman Hey commented, "This is Syria's civil war, not ours. Let's not take our cue from extremists in Washington D.C., who seem to care little about the consequences of their actions, both for our country and on people far away."

"Reversing today's dangerous foreign policy trends," states AFP Chairman Jonathan Hill, "requires electing people who are both competent and decent. Given the moral implications of the oath of office, this goes hand in hand with electing people who respect basic constitutional principles."

America First Party
1630 A 30th Street #111
Boulder, Colorado 80301

Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society presents: "The Character and Legacy of Thomas Jefferson and its Meaning for Americans Today”

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - The Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society will host a panel of distinguished authors, researchers and nationally acclaimed scholars to explore topics which provide greater illumination of the moral, spiritual and political character, ideals and essential truths of Thomas Jefferson. The seminar will examine "The Character and Legacy of Thomas Jefferson and its Meaning for Americans Today," and promises to provide participants with a deeper understanding and insight into the immense character and legacy of this extraordinary Virginian, American Founder, Author of the Declaration of Independence, Author of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, and third U.S. President. The seminar will be held on Saturday, November 9, 2013, in Charlottesville, Virginia at the University of Virginia Jefferson Scholars Foundation, located at 112 Clarke Court, Charlottesville, Virginia, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Admission to this special event is free and open to the public.

The program will begin at 8:30 a.m., with morning welcome, conviviality and refreshments for all participants; and will include periodic breaks with a 12:00 Noon lunch hour for fellowship and dining at several popular local restaurants within a few minutes’ walk of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation facility. A public question-and-answer, panel discussion will be held following the afternoon lecture sessions. The day will conclude with refreshments and author book signings of The Jefferson-Hemings Controversy: Report of the Scholars Commission; In Defense of Thomas Jefferson; Long Journey with Mr. Jefferson: The Life of Dumas Malone; Jefferson Vindicated; and Rethinking the American Union for the 21st Century.

The Morning Session will be moderated by Dr. White M. Wallenborn, M.D., Past-President of the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society and former Monticello Guide:

9:00 a.m. - Dr. Donald W. Livingston, “Jefferson, Republicanism and the Problem of Size and Scale”

The republican tradition for two thousand years taught that the liberty and virtue of republics could not exist unless the republic was small. It also taught that large territory and great populations inevitably lead to centralized monarchy. These two propositions posed a problem for Americans. How could such a vast territory with an expanding population ever be "republicanized?" Jefferson presented the best solution to this problem. And America followed that pattern until the Civil War. Since then America has become the centralized "monarchy" Jefferson feared it would be. The way back to republican government is to rediscover Jefferson's solution and ask how it can be appropriated today.

Donald W. Livingston, Ph.D., is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Emory University and a Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Edinburgh. He has written numerous articles and books on political philosophy, the most recent being Rethinking the American Union for the 21st Century. He founded the Hume Society, and co-founded the Adam Smith Society, the Eighteenth Century Scottish Studies Society, and the Ciceronian Society. He has published two books on the British philosopher David Hume and has been described as "the greatest Hume scholar of the twentieth century." He is president of the Abbeville Institute, an association of scholars in higher education devoted to a critical study of what is true and valuable in the Southern tradition. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society.

10:00 a.m. - Dr. William M. Wilson, “Jefferson the Theist”

In recent decades, many misconceptions abound throughout academia and the literature with regard to the spiritual dimensions and beliefs of Thomas Jefferson. Dr. William Wilson of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation and distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia, will illuminate the life-long spiritual journey of Thomas Jefferson, providing not only a window into his soul, but also revealing the moral compass for all of his labors as the “Inventor of America” and author of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom.

William M. Wilson, Ph.D., is a Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia, and currently serves as the Director of the Graduate Fellowship Program of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation. He served as Dean of the Echols Scholars Program from 2005-2012, and is the recipient of one of the University's highest distinctions, the Algernon Sidney Sullivan Award for teaching and selfless service. Professor Wilson is the author of many articles pertaining to religion, literature, philosophical theology and three volumes of Lectura Dantes Virginiana, and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Abbeville Institute for the Study of Southern Culture and the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society.

11:00 a.m. – Dr. Clyde N. Wilson, “Looking for Mr. Jefferson”

Generation after generation, misinterpretations of Thomas Jefferson, both positive and negative, have been piled up by people wishing to use his name for their own agendas. When traced to their sources, such ideas reveal more about their perpetrators than they do about Jefferson. For the real Thomas Jefferson, Virginian and American statesman, to be seen many distortions must be exposed.

Clyde N. Wilson, Ph.D., is Historian Emeritus of the University of South Carolina. He is a recipient of the Bostick Prize for Contributions to South Carolina Letters, and the first annual Randolph Society Lifetime Achievement Award. He is also the M.E. Bradford distinguished chair of the Abbeville Institute and founder of the Stephen D. Lee Institute. He is an adjunct faculty member of the Ludwig von Mises Institute; and a long-time contributing editor for Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, and Southern Partisan magazine. Professor Wilson is best known for his expertise on the life and writings of John C. Calhoun, and is the editor of Volumes 10 through 28 of The Papers of John C. Calhoun. Professor Wilson is also the author of hundreds of articles, and the author or editor of over 30 books including, The Essential Calhoun; From Union to Empire: Essays in the Jeffersonian Tradition; Chronicles of the South; Defending Dixie: Essays in Southern History and Culture; and Forgotten Conservatives in American History.

12: 00 Noon - Lunch Break

The Afternoon Session will be moderated by Mr. Richard E. Dixon, President of the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society:

1:00 p.m. - Ms. Cynthia H. Burton, “Myths and Scholarship”

Serious flaws have been documented in the scholarship of certain Jefferson scholars. Evidence has been overlooked, ignored, and/or distorted. Enormous gaps have been filled with imagination. However, speculation is not evidence. Has poor scholarship by leading scholars perpetuated myths affecting the character and legacy of Jefferson? Cynthia Burton is interviewed by Patricia Early. New evidence is introduced, myths are debunked, and poor scholarship is revealed.

Cynthia H. Burton is a professional researcher, veteran genealogist, and she is an authority on Jefferson's private life, his brother Randolph Jefferson, and the enslaved community at Monticello. She has more than 35 years’ experience studying the historic neighborhood and its inhabitants, and she has worked closely with several authors writing about the Hemings controversy. Mrs. Burton is also the author of Jefferson Vindicated - Fallacies, Omissions, and Contradictions in the Hemings Genealogical Search.

2:00 p.m. - Mr. William G. Hyland, Esq., "Long Journey with Mr. Jefferson: The Life of Dumas Malone"

The magisterial “collaboration” over half a lifetime between historian Dumas Malone and his subject, Thomas Jefferson, is the basis for William G. Hyland Jr.’s compelling biography Long Journey with Mr. Jefferson. Malone, the courtly and genteel historian from Mississippi, spent thirty-eight years researching and writing the definitive biography of the man who “invented the United States of America.”

William G. Hyland, Esq., Professor of Law, Stetson College of Law and attorney, is the author of In Defense of Thomas Jefferson: The Sally Hemings Sex Scandal (St. Martins) and the biography Long Journey with Mr. Jefferson: The Life of Dumas Malone (Potomac Books).

3:00 p.m. - Dr. Robert F. Turner, "Parsing the Paradox: Understanding Thomas Jefferson and Slavery"

Modern scholars struggle in vain to reconcile Jefferson's enlightened rhetoric that "all men are created equal" and his early efforts in opposition to slavery with his lifelong ownership of other human beings and refusal, even in his will, to grant freedom to more than a small number of his servants. Words like "sphinx," "hypocrite," and even "monster" have been employed in describing perceived contradictions between Jefferson's beliefs and behavior. This presentation will argue that Jefferson's behavior is less enigmatic than most modern scholars perceive. He was morally opposed to slavery throughout his life, and what set him apart from most of his Virginia contemporaries was his willingness to speak and act publicly against slavery.

Robert F. Turner, SJD, is a cofounder of the Center for National Security Law (1981) at the University of Virginia School of Law. Professor Turner holds both professional and academic doctorates from the University of Virginia School of Law, and is a former Charles H. Stockton Professor of International Law at the U.S. Naval War College and a Distinguished Lecturer at West Point. He has taught both in Virginia's Department of Government and Foreign Affairs and the Law School, and is the author or editor of more than a dozen books. Dr. Turner served as Chairman of the independent Jefferson-Hemings Scholars Commission, and he is editor of The Jefferson-Hemings Controversy: Report of the Scholars Commission.

4:00 p.m. - Panel Discussion, Farewell and Book Signings

About the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society:

The Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society ( ) is a Charlottesville, Virginia-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization which has a four-fold purpose: to further the honor and integrity of Thomas Jefferson, and to promote his vision and ideas, and their application in our times and in the future; to pursue truth in all matters that touch upon the legacy of Thomas Jefferson; to promote the principles of freedom, patriotism and truth, which were hallmarks of Thomas Jefferson's life; and to sponsor and perform research in matters pertaining to the private and public life of Thomas Jefferson. Additional detailed facts documenting the work of the independent Scholars Commission and other distinguished scholars can be referenced at the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society web site.

Directions to the Jefferson Scholars Foundation, 112 Clarke Court, Charlottesville, VA 22903

From Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport:
• Exit the airport and proceed approximately ¾ mile on Airport Road towards US Route 29.
• Turn right onto US Route 29 towards Charlottesville.
• Proceed 6.0 miles. At the intersection with the US 29/250 Bypass, go straight, following the signs for Emmet Street.
• Proceed another 1.9 miles on Emmet Street.
• When the road splits, bear right onto Stadium Road, passing Scott Stadium.
• Turn left at the stop sign onto Maury Avenue.
• Take the first left onto Clarke Court. Destination will be on the left. Visitor parking is provided in the main lot, and passes can be obtained at the front desk.
• Total distance from Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport to the Jefferson Fellows Center is approximately 9.8 miles.

From points east and west via I-64:
• From I-64, take Exit 118-B (US Route 29 North).
• Proceed north on US Route 29. Take the first exit and turn right at the bottom of the ramp onto Fontaine Avenue.
• Make a left turn at the first light onto Maury Avenue.
• Take the first right onto Clarke Court. Destination will be on the left. Visitor parking is provided in the main lot, and passes can be obtained at the front desk.

From Washington, D.C. and points north:
• Take US Route 29 to Charlottesville. At the intersection with the US 29/250 Bypass, go straight, following the signs for Emmet Street. Proceed another 1.9 miles on Emmet Street.
• When the road splits, bear right onto Stadium Road, passing Scott Stadium.
• Turn left at the stop sign onto Maury Avenue.
• Take the first left onto Clarke Court. Destination will be on the left. Visitor parking is provided in the main lot, and passes can be obtained at the front desk.

From Lynchburg and points south:
• Take US Route 29 to Charlottesville. After crossing under I-64, take the first exit and turn right at the bottom of the ramp onto Fontaine Avenue
• Make a left turn at the first light onto Maury Avenue.
• Take the first right onto Clarke Court. Destination will be on the left. Visitor parking is provided in the main lot, and passes can be obtained at the front desk.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Keynes, Orwell, and Multi-Culturalism

Nelson Hultberg

I spent an afternoon the other day strolling through the Valley View Shopping Center in Dallas. Its once fine stores are slowly closing one by one. In their place, quaint Mexican vendors with amateurishly painted signs and sparse stores now hawk their wares as they would in a seedy swap meet.

Valley View was never upscale like ritzy Highland Park, but 18 years ago when I arrived in town, Valley View was a place where one could wander among big name stores and professional marketers. Clothes were always top fashion. The restaurants were havens of delectable eating. One could spend a day there and feel like he was immersed in value. It was an uplifting experience. Today it is Death Valley. Today it is tamales and rap music, velvet paintings of Christ and plump Latina women chattering like magpies. South of the border culture is slowly snaking its way into Dallas. How long will it be before it is encroaching on Yankee environs?

Sure, there are still many pockets of high class and taste throughout Dallas and the country. But the writing is on the wall. A lower culture has invaded a higher culture, and all the pitiful political correctness of our establishment is not going to be able to cover it up if our Republican quislings in Washington grant amnesty to the 15 million illegals spearheading the invasion. With amnesty will come the next wave, which will be 30 million, then 60 million, then death of the America that the Founders envisioned.

Keynesian economics and liberal multi-culturalism have done this to us, and not one in a hundred of our pundits grasps the connection these two ideological perversions have to the death throes such as Valley View. These death throes maculate America like a cultural psoriasis, yet our statist intelligentsia repeatedly conjure up embarrassing justifications for continuation of the economic and social policies that spawn them.

But what else are we to expect when intellectuals have spent their adult lives espousing the dogmas of fiat money printing and open border multi-culturalism as "rational policies" to pursue for America? They will not be eager to face up to the actual denouement of such policies 40 years later when that denouement is the transformation of a great nation into a rash of Death Valleys. They will instead flee from the resultant realities into the house-of-mirrors sophistry that makes up statist apologetics today. Unfortunately there is no lack of herd mentalities among our pundit class who are more than willing to endorse liberal academia's view of the transformation. Where patriots see amateurishly painted signs and an illiterate dumbing down swallowing us up, liberal pundits see "democratic culture" and "egalitarian justice." The squalid decadence and economic tumult of life with open borders and fiat money malfeasance escape them.

Big Brother Obama

Our puppet President chimes in with his contribution to all the tumult and depression by making George Orwell look amazingly prescient. "Perpetual war for perpetual peace" is a major theme of Nineteen Eighty-Four in which its three regional governments of Oceania, Eurasia, and East Asia are constantly at war while claiming peace to be their goal. Have not our wars of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq I, Bosnia, Iraq II, Afghanistan, The Lybian and threatening Syrian interventions validated Orwell's prescience? Have not Big Brother's ruthless spy agencies in the novel manifested in our own NSA and IRS to further validate that prescience?

Winston Smith's job at the Ministry of Truth was to rewrite (i.e., fabricate) the economic statistics so they were more favorable to Big Brother's regime. And our own BLS, the Bureau of Labor Statistics in Washington, is doing the same thing today with massaged "hedonic calculations" for jobs, GDP, inflation, etc. Only rubes and leftist apparatchiks believe their sanitized numbers.

Obama and Bush have turned out to be criminal brothers; but then savvy patriots saw that coming before the Community Organizer took office. Insidious authoritarianism has guided both of their administrations, like it guided the smarmy Clintons and Senior Bush before them. Like it guided the obsequious Carter, the Machiavellian Nixon, the psychopathic LBJ, the amoral Kennedy, and the imperious Roosevelt. Only Reagan avoided capitulation to Orwellian artifice; but even he was more promise than performance. His eloquence covered the tracks of his statism.

What our pundits (and as a result, our people) don't see is that Keynesianism is one of the primary sources of Orwell's "perpetual war for perpetual peace." Ever since 1936, war has been used by American presidents as a means to escape the down cycle of the Keynesian boom-bust economy, or at least mollify its intensity. Why? Because war does three things for a president that is suffering a serious economic downturn, and thus in danger of losing the next election to the opposition and his reputation to the historians.

1) It diverts the people's attention from their economic misery. 2) It unites the unthinking masses with lots of votes behind the president. And 3) it allows his administration to inflate the money supply in spendable currency that circulates easily from war manufacturers to wage earners, to supermarkets, clothing stores, gas stations, bars, and movie houses. It creates a resurgence of the boom, temporary and false though it may be.

Just as the drug addict resorts to more injections of "heroin" in his down cycle to reignite the high he experienced previously (temporary and false though it may be), so also do modern presidents and politicians resort to injections of "liquidity," i.e., money printing, to bring about an attempt at recovery. One is physiological stimulation of the individual's body, and the other is financial stimulation of the nation's economy. But they are both the same in principle and governed by the same natural laws. Keynesians are merely "liquidity junkies" instead of "drug junkies." When Lawrence Kudlow bellows out on his nightly show that the Fed needs to do its job and inject more liquidity, he's playing the pusher to Wall Street and Main street junkies.

The Fabian Source

So Keynes and Orwell were ideological brothers, both Fabian socialists in England during the early twentieth century. Keynes preceded Orwell by 20 years, but each were powerfully swayed by the Communist Revolution and its aftermath, and fell victim to the Marxist misunderstanding of capitalism. Both realized the totalitarian nature of the Marxist-Leninist paradigm and wrote in opposition to it, but did not write in defense of freedom. They wrote in defense of the Fabian form of socialism that was to replace freedom and capitalism with gradual collectivist statism.

Their ideological works have now materialized to saturate all modern societies. Keynesianism dominates mega-state economic policies, and Orwellianism dominates mega-state political structures. Tyrannical collectivism has taken over the world via Keynes' monetary counterfeiting and Orwell's ruthless thought police.


Nelson Hultberg is a freelance writer in Dallas, TX and the Director of Americans for a Free Republic His articles have appeared in such publications as the Dallas Morning News, San Antonio Express-News, American Conservative, Insight, The Freeman, Liberty, and The Social Critic, as well as on numerous Internet sites. He is the author of The Golden Mean: Libertarian Politics, Conservative Values. Email him at:

Thursday, August 22, 2013

FORMER GEORGIA CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR WINS SETTLEMENT IN LIBEL SUIT was formerly a successful political blog following and reporting on Georgia politics until early 2010 when the owners made the decision to publish libelous statements about businessman and then-Republican candidate for governor, Ray McBerry. Because of Ray's strong conservative stand for States' Rights and the Constitution, one of the former owners took it upon himself to publish libelous reports in an attempt to tarnish Mr. McBerry's character and to prevent his growing support in the 2010 GOP gubernatorial primary. Although the owners received orders from Mr. McBerry's attorney to "cease and desist" with the libel, they chose not to do so.

On Tuesday, May 14, 2013, after more than two and a half years of legal proceedings, the domain officially became the property of Ray McBerry as part of a settlement awarded in Mr. McBerry's libel suit against the former owners -- the former owners Jeff Sexton and Tom Knighton (current publisher of The Albany Journal) choosing to settle out of court rather than have a jury of their peers decide the case and the amount of award.

In addition to a cash payment and ownership of this domain, defendant Jeff Sexton also signed a confession and apology to Mr. McBerry in satisfaction of the settlement agreement as ordered by the Court. The first cash payment has already been made to Mr. McBerry.

This website now stands as a testimony to all those who would commit libel -- whether online or otherwise -- that libel will not be tolerated in the sovereign state of Georgia. In addition to the libel suit mentioned above, Mr. McBerry has also won a separate court action against a woman who promulgated lies about his character during the governor's race; and in that case, the judge also awarded Mr. McBerry's attorney fees.

Ray McBerry continues to be one of the most effective public speakers in Georgia, speaking regularly to political and civic organizations on the Tenth Amendment and the Constitution. He is also a father and Christian, as well as a businessman who now owns KBN Television in the Atlanta market. His strong support for States' Rights and nullification has provided the language for legislation passed in several other states in recent years and has been the impetus for groups to continue the push for such legislation in Georgia. He credits his testimony for Christ and his desire to prevent others from experiencing similar attacks in the future as the motivating factors for pursuing his libel suit against the former owners of

When asked for a comment on the successful outcome of his libel suit, Ray McBerry had this to say, "I learned during the governor's race in 2010 why good people rarely get involved in politics. On the evening of the third televised debate of the GOP primary, I received more votes in the straw poll among the 400 participants of the live audience than all of my Republican opponents combined; the very next day, the libelous statements began and did not stop until the end of the primary election. Those committing the libel made the mistake of thinking that my decision not to prosecute the libel case until after the campaign was over was a sign that I would not follow through; they were mistaken. I am grateful to the many friends and family members who continued to support me in spite of the lies which were said about me and for my attorney and friend Todd Harding of Maddox & Harding for helping me to pursue the libel suit and waiving his attorney fees. Thank you, too, for the one who recently took it upon himself to pay for all of my other expenses in pursuing this case; I am sincerely grateful. Finally, thanks to the thousands of volunteers during my campaign who worked tirelessly for Georgia and the cause of restoring States' Rights and limited government; not only did our message affect races throughout Georgia and across America at a time when no one else was talking about the Tenth Amendment, your efforts will continue to be felt in Georgia politics for years to come."

Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Grand Finale: Here Is What Is About To Happen To You...An Economic Love Story, or Fifty Shades of Green?

To the Mods: this is an original piece, written entirely by me, Saddletramp, so there is no link back needed, no copyright violation here...and a gracious thank you to everyone associated with GLP, much appreciation for the work you do and the forum for information you provide.

NOW, On To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming!

Here Is What Is About To Happen To You...

Okay, I’m going to save time for those of you who piss and moan about “Wall of Text” OP’s. I’m going to give a synopsis right up front for all of you Fluoridated, ADHD medicated, passer-by trolls that just come to financial posts on GLP to say, “You Can’t Eat Silver!”

The Synopsis of this thread is: You’re f****d!

There, now you can go on and go view the latest post on Jay-Z, or Dennis Rodman, or the Nobody, or what-the-f**k-ever…Goodbye and God-Speed.

For the rest of you that want to know what’s about to happen to your finances, hell to life as you know it, follow me down the rabbit hole for a moment. I will assure you that the time you take reading this post will be time well spent.

First, let me remind you, I don’t post timing predictions willy-nilly on financial matters. I have a Youtube channel and a Blog that some people actually come to for legitimate advice, so I try to stay away from the “timing game” regarding financial matters as much as I can, because it can always change through unforeseen circumstances and financial moves by the Central Banks. They keep their plans fluid people, and they have all the time in the world. That being said, the reason I feel fairly confident in posting this rough sketch timing of the next big financial event is because it is already in motion...

Second, let’s go over the evidence we have already collected of this well planned financial crisis that is coming at us like a freight train in a tunnel.

The Evidence

I could go all the way back to the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 and bring you forward to the point we are at now, but you already know about this stuff, and if you have any questions regarding long past financial events that relate to our current situation, then I will try as best I can to address those questions on this thread. For purposes of brevity, I’m going to stick to recent financial news and how it relates to the coming financial reset, but please understand, all of those past moves that I’m not discussing here from 1913 to present are still part of this equation, a big part. So keep them in mind as you read on.

2010 to the Present, Capital Controls: In 2010 The United States began printing a new series of $100 bills (for information on that series just Google: The New $100 Bill, and you will get all the info you need), but they don’t begin circulating the new $100 bill, they just printed them by the pallet load and put them in storage. Meanwhile, they enact Capital Controls in 2011 through a hefty sur-tax on money leaving the country and going to places like Belize, and other favorite spots for Ex-Patriots, those capital controls went into effect at the beginning of 2012. Also during this time they are pulling worn and torn $100 bills out of the system at record rates, pulling down the amount of actual U.S. currency on the world market, all while flooding that same world market with electronically generated computer dollars. The bottom line to all of these moves is; DURING THE LAST THREE YEARS CAPITAL CONTROLS HAVE BEEN STEALTHFULLY PUT INTO PLACE AND MADE FULLY FUNCTIONAL IN THE USA!

Also, an interesting side note on the Capital Controls issue, they have decided to release into circulation the new $100 bill beginning in October of 2013, keep this date in mind as you read on.

2010 to the Present, Financial Regulations: In 2010 the United States passed the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act, and similar regulations were passed by England, the European Union, and most other developed countries. Despite all of the “Consumer Protection” hoopla surrounding these financial reforms, they were decidedly not consumer friendly. In point of fact, they were quite the opposite. Essentially what these regulations have done is totally changed the nature of the banking relationship. You are no longer a “depositor” at your financial institution; you are now an “unsecured creditor” of your bank. This doesn’t seem like much of a change until you also put together the way they have changed the method by which they reorganize a “systemically important” bank or financial company when it defaults. In the past, with regards to FDIC insured deposits at banks, if you had more money on deposit than was covered by the FDIC insurance, you might not get all of your money over $250,000 back, but you were first in line to get your money back from the liquidation of the other assets of the bank. Now, you are moved to the very back of the line, and any money over $250,000 dollars will most likely be replaced with stock certificates in a worthless shell company organized by the FDIC to hold all of the banks “bad assets” after post default reorganization. We all saw test runs of this with MF Global, and in Cyprus, and the tests went pretty much according to plan except, with regards to Cyprus, that much of the Russian Mafia money was allowed to flee the country through branches in other countries. These problems were promptly fixed by quiet new banking regulations involving out of country branches of a bank organized in another country.

Also, with regards to financial regulation, the Bank of International Settlements, the shadowy Central Bank of Central Banks, in Basel, Switzerland has passed a new set of Basel Banking Regulations that they began working on in 2010, called Basel III. Now you can read up about Basel III if you like, but in a nutshell what it does is put severe leverage restrictions and increased capital requirements on banks within the BIS structure (which is virtually all of the developed world). Now the European Union and the USA have been tinkering with the wording of these regulations since the last half of 2012, basically not changing them in any real fashion, but more looking for the right time to implement them. It now appears that that timing will be at the end of Q2 or the beginning of Q3, 2013. This will mean that during Q3 or Q4 of 2013, expect to see a massive credit freeze happen. Now, do you remember the date of circulation for the new $100 bill?

If you have any questions about the power of these Basel Banking Regulations you can also see the effects that Basel II and 2.5, mark to market accounting, had on the Housing Markets in the United States of America in 2008. There were many causes for that housing bubble, then housing crisis, but Basel II and 2.5 was most assuredly the pin that popped the housing bubble that led to the financial crisis of 2008-09.

2010 to Present, Financial Events: There have been many financial events that have caused economists and traders to false start, then false start again on predictions of doom, but all of these events have seemingly been blown away by the massive Bull Market in the United States and China. Traders and Economists have complained ad-nauseum that these markets simply don’t seem to have any relationship anymore to the actual economic environment, and they are right. These markets are wholly bought out with massive printing of electronic fiat dollars by monolithic financial institutions associated with the Federal Reserve and fully controlled by high frequency computer trading algorithms. The equity markets, and other fractional reserve markets such as precious metals, bear no relationship to the economy anymore. And despite the Quantitative Easing cheerleaders on the TV and in the financial forums, that is simply a fact.

There are many events in the financial markets that have transpired over the last two years that were signals of impending crisis, in fact so many that I simply don’t have the time, nor do you, to go over all of them. So I will choose three recent events that have been very large signals to me of what is to come for the world economy.

First, Cyprus: As I stated before, Cyprus was a test run of the new financial regulations of the European Union in much the same way that MF Global was in the United States, but it was also a signal to those in the know, that you had better get your money out of the banks! I won’t go over it again, but rest assuredly; this was a major recent signal.

Second, The Orchestrated Take-Down of Precious Metals: This was a move that may have well backfired on the Financial Cartel, in a sense. In seeking to take down the level of Precious Metal to allow for more inflation of these same metals later on (when it is needed to expand a currency that they decide to back with PM’s), they sought to also transfer the remaining private ownership of these metals from what we in the financial world call, “Weak Hands to Strong Arms”. It started with financial talking heads on TV trashing Gold and Silver as an investment for almost two months, and it then culminated with Black Friday in the commodity pits. What they never expected was that stackers would actually try to take that opportunity to load up on metals. They never expected the Physical Market to stabilize, and then push the paper market higher. They never expected the immediate disconnect of spot price in relation to physical price that happened and is still happening almost a month later. However, the move still serves a purpose for the Financial Cartel, it put all of the markets, including the bond markets and derivative markets, on tenuous footing, and it allowed for Banks to load up on physical metals at a cheap price for compliance with Basel III Capital Requirements. Unfortunately for the Cartel boys though, they may well have sacrificed the COMEX, their controlled price discovery system, in this transaction. But I doubt it matters much in the long run to them, as the COMEX was already dead the moment this plan was put into place. This move in PM’s was another huge signal of what’s to come, and if you will bear with me, I will tie it all together as we move through my scenario.

Third, The Ongoing Bond Implosion in Japan: Now this is a financial story that is still developing, but it is progressing at a rapid rate. Japan is the most leveraged country in the world, and their economy has been constantly controlled by the Financial Cartel, and virtually stagnate for almost twenty years now. Japan has been ripe to fall off of the tree for a long time, so it only makes sense that any bond and/or derivative market collapse would begin here. Japan is leading in the race to the bottom of currency degradation in the world currency wars, and they are the trigger that will cause the debt markets in Europe to implode, and then shortly thereafter, the debt markets in the USA. I’ve been saying for a couple of years now, and I still say, if you want to know the timing of all of this, watch Japan.

So, while there were obviously many more financial events that have transpired over the last three years that are slowly leading us to this cliff of financial oblivion that we now stand at the precipice of, these three alone are enough to help us with our conclusion.

Problem, Reaction, Solution; a Hegelian Love Story: So you say, fine, you’ve shown us a bunch of individual and apparently unrelated pieces of evidence of economic disaster, but yet we are still here. We are still standing despite it all.

Here’s where we tie it all together. You see the economic world moves in cycles, just like everything else in the Universe, and when we were using a more modified Austrian model of economics our economies moved in a 20-30 year cycle, but after WWII that all changed, because when the Austrian cycle came rolling around again for the World Reserve Currency in the 1970’s the financial cartel did something that would forever alter the path of human development, they pulled the worlds reserve currency, the U.S. Dollar, off of the gold standard, replaced it with the petro-dollar, and moved all world currencies to a totally fiat Keynesian economic system. This allowed for exponential expansion of currency and capital that was previously only dreamed of in Austrian circles, but it also allowed for the expansion of debt to never before imagined levels. And this is where we are today.

So Here’s The Problem: Debt; more debt has been created under this ever inflating system of Keynesian Economics and it’s fractional reserve banking than can ever be paid off. More debt exists on this planet than money exists to pay it off. So how do we cure something that can no longer be cured through economic expansion? Because you see, economic expansion, inflation, is the only way things are cured in a Keynesian System. So this leaves one to ask, how does the Financial Cartel take down a monolithic skyscraper of debt that they’ve built all they way up to the heavens, but has become structurally unsound at its foundation without taking themselves out in the process?

Controlled demolition, that’s how.

Of course what I’m talking about there is the real problem, not the problem you will hear about in the news.

Hyperinflation is not ordinary expansive inflation like we are used to in a Keynesian system. It’s not even runaway growth. Hyperinflation is the loss of confidence in a currency. In this case, following an implosion in world bond markets, and a subsequent deflation of the world derivative markets, the world will lose faith in all fiat currencies. Hyperinflation will ensue around the world. Economic premises that we are familiar with, that we are used too, financial relationships, like those of inflation to growth in equity markets, will become useless, and will in fact work in an entirely opposite manner of the way they worked before a loss of confidence. Imagine Market deflation while the value of the currency is dropping like a stone. Market deflation while prices for basic commodities and finished products are going through the roof. While interest is being jacked up on a daily basis to try and stave off the ravaging beast of inflation. If you don’t think this is possible, simply look to the fall of the USSR and Argentina for modern examples of this economic time bomb at work. Hyperinflation will be the one and only thing on the mind of every person of the world, and they will be beating that dead horse back to death nightly on every TV screen around the world.

So how does hyperinflation happen? Many people thought printing money would cause hyperinflation, and if that money had actually been let loose in the street economy, it would have. But that money was tightly controlled by a select few and disseminated into the system through financial instruments rather than loans to business. But now the tipping point has been reached, we cannot grow our way out of this mess with stocks and derivatives, and yet we cannot put that money into the hands of small business, they would only ravage big business and steal their market share. The system is full, the over-arching cycles of energy and food production are all moving into decline, and that will in turn move populations into decline. There are simply no “Consumers” left to exploit, the edges of our economic habitat have been found and fully explored. There is simply no where left to grow.

So without growth in the Keynesian system comes deflation, but they’ve stalled that deflation with artificial money printing that has propped up markets that long ago should have collapsed under the weight of their own hubris. So it, the deflation, transfers itself to the only place it can, the credit markets, sovereign debt, bonds! And so the loss of confidence begins in the bond markets, with the losses piling over into the titanic fantasy world of the derivative markets.

Derivative Markets, the only place on Earth where you could find someone to buy an option on Unicorn futures.

The Reaction of the Sheeples: It begins in the Japanese bond and derivative markets, and after that it cascades across the continent back to Europe, and anywhere else that debt exceeds an ever shrinking manageability level. Once Europe is fully enveloped in this credit crisis, expect America to follow suit soon thereafter, probably within six weeks. Interest rates on Bonds will skyrocket, leading to increases in interest rates for Residential and Commercial Property Mortgages. Soon interest will have to increase on all loans, including inter-bank lending. Once Basel III is thrown into the mix, there will be credit freezes due to decreased leverage and increased capital requirement for banks. Banks are no longer allowed to expand their way out of trouble, that’s too dangerous now, too many rogue elements out there for that.

Physical commodities begin to bring an ever widening premium over the paper markets. Electronic cash is still abundant, but actual paper currency becomes harder and harder to come by in this shadow world of capital controls. Central Banks end printing and begin to pull back on the reins, trying to tighten their money supplies. Prices at the gas station and at the grocery store explode, corporate profits implode and the equity markets tank. People’s savings and investments, their ever precious Pensions, 401k’s, and IRA’s begin to evaporate into the cyclone of a deflating debt bubble. People are losing their entire life savings and their house, the main source of their net worth, is now becoming worthless as well because no one can get a loan to buy a house, and even if they could, they couldn’t afford the ever increasing interest, you see because banks are now refusing to fix rates for more than three months because of the spiraling inflation.

Civil unrest follows as people lose their entire life’s work in a matter of weeks. People are demanding a solution to this economic disaster; they are demanding that the same system that put them into this mess be saved so that they can save something, anything, after the fall. Unemployment skyrockets as companies lose market share and credit markets dry up. It’s murder and mayhem, cities are burning, some are even claiming it’s Armageddon.

The Economic powers of the world schedule a meeting to solve this economic debt crisis and bring the hyperinflating major currencies of the world under control.

The Solution, Brought To You By Your Good Friends At The World Financial Cartel: The problem is now clear, forget the debt, forget the credit freeze, forget all the stuff that brought us here, it’s now obviously a currency crisis we face. But it just so happens, they have a solution ready to roll out. Of course they will have to jawbone it for a while to make it look good for the masses, but here’s what they’re going to do, just as soon as you’re hurting bad enough to accept it of course.

So the following is their solution to the problem they created, or something very equivalent.

First: They will create a world body, or use one of their world bodies they’ve already created, to manage world currencies and the amount of those currencies in circulation.

Second: any country that agrees to enter into, and abide by, an agreement to allow this “world body” to control the amount of that country’s, or Union’s, currency in circulation according to rules prescribed in the agreement will receive a huge discount in the amount of their sovereign debt owed. Probably something in the order of an instant haircut to bond holders of 50%, or in some instances, even more. This is probably also the point where governments begin to nationalize retirement accounts. For the people's safety of course.

Third: all participating currencies of each country will from that point on be backed by a basket of commodities specific to that country or union. For instance, Great Britain and China, who lack many natural resources, will probably back their currency primarily with gold and silver, while other countries that are richer in natural resources, like the United States, will probably back their currency with a basket of commodities such as energy reserves, real estate, mineral reserves, and possibly some percentage of gold and silver. These currencies would all be pegged together with this circulation agreement and the amount of currency in circulation would only fluctuate according to the value of the commodities pledged by the country as determined by the open markets.

Fourth: all excess liquidity over and above the prescribed circulation limits in the agreement will be removed from the system. So they will have to have the people using these “New” backed currencies around the world turn in their old currency, at (for example sake only) say $200 old, for $100 new (now again think of why they are waiting until October to release the new $100 bill which they have been printing for three years now), of course this will be easy with your bank account and investment accounts, they will simply slash the amount of money in your account by the prescribed percentage with the keystroke of a computer (and in case you’ve been wondering why all of the bank systems have had so much trouble lately, it’s because the software capability to do this was being installed and the accounts that need to be flagged and watched have already been identified).

Fifth: all of the resources and commodities used to back the currency of the country will be placed under the defacto control of the Central Bank that issues the currency, and thereby the BIS (Bank of International Settlements), so that countries themselves cannot cheat this agreement by pledging or selling off their resources by any manner other than that prescribed by the agreement.

A Hegelian Love Story: So that’s that, and in the end they will control all of the resources of the world because that’s what they always wanted from the beginning anyway. And the people of the world, well most of them will get down on their knee’s to thank them for saving a system that left them almost broke and penniless after a lifetime of work; all because at least some small pittance of their Pension or their 401k was saved and left in their possession. After all, the problem was worldwide, so obviously we needed some vestige of World Government to solve this, right?!?!?

Nathaniel Rothschild said, “Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws.”

Now they will say, “Give me control over a nations resources, and we will destroy that antiquated notion of national sovereignty.”

So when this is all said and done they will not only have control of the currencies of the world, (essentially meaning a one world currency, with familiar national denominations so as not to alarm the Conspiracy Theorists) they will also have control of the resources of the entire world to mete out as they see fit.

If that doesn’t chill you to the bone, then you my friend have not been paying very close attention to the world outside of your office or home recently. Because they will also use this chaotic opportunity to roll out the worst parts of their tyrannical scientific machine of control, all in the public good of course. Only to protect you – and them – from any reprisals from the fringe elements of society that demand things like “Freedom” and “Self-Determination”. Outlaw concepts of a bygone era. And the complaint media will parrot this line, and the people, sad though it may be, when presented with their futures going up in the fires of national currencies, will go along as well. Because the failure of this system would leave them penniless and without means; freedom be damned after all, I might lose my spot at the country club!

For those of you who think this could never happen, you need only research in depth what they've done as far as Financial Reform and Regulation since 2010. Of course the media isn’t telling you what’s going on, so you have to look these things up, but when you look at the evidence, the laws and regulations they’ve passed since 2010, the financial moves they’ve made, objectively; well I challenge you to find any other reasonable conclusion. In writing this I have also relied on other things as well though, such as information from personal friends still in the mix in banking circles. Not surprisingly though with much of this information in hand, even these people, some very high up people, in banking circles, don’t have a full understanding of what’s coming down the pipe. It’s called compartmentalization, and game theory. It’s knowing what you can do to provoke a certain response in your opponent or even someone working for you; they’ve been doing it for ages.

Regardless of the nay-sayer’s that will undoubtedly make their way to this thread may say, I stand firmly by the conclusions I have reached. So much so, that I am betting my livelihood and life savings on it. This scenario is going to happen, I’ve never been more convinced of anything in my life, but when will it happen?

Conclusions and Solutions, Falling Out Of Love: My best guess as far as timing regarding the scenario I have placed before you is that by the end of Q3 2013 we will be in it like a fully involved fire. By Q4 2013 Chaos in the financial markets and on the street will be the order of the day. Tyranny will reign in the name of protection and security. How fast certain elements of this go, I cannot say, there are simply too many variables at play to make a definitive prediction. Just say this, by the end of 2013, you will know the direction this is headed with absolute clarity, and because you took the time to read this, you will know that I was right, and you will at least know what you should have done, or perhaps you will even have done it.

Stop looking for fast money in this market, yes there will still be a few opportunities for a fast buck available, but don’t tie up and waste your resources with that anymore. Buy and hold is the order of the day now. If you have available funds here is what I would do, you can take it as a recommendation if you like, but I have to say, I’m not a licensed investment adviser, so I don’t offer it as recommendation, merely as an example of my financial strategy for the next two to five years.

With any “available” funds, I would first pay off any debt I had. Interest rates will likely be going up in the very near future, and if you were waiting for a signal of that to pay off some cheap interest debt you have, then consider the recent bond movements in U.S. Treasuries and Japanese Bonds as your signal. Interest will be going up in short order, but I also wouldn’t keep a lot of money in the bank. Trying to capture money through interest on savings is liable to become a dangerous game in the scenario I’ve laid out, as there will very likely be many bank closures forthcoming, and credit disruptions in the banking industry.

Second, I would buy non-perishable food. I don’t think you will have to have years and years’ worth in stock according to this scenario, but six months certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Third, I would keep enough paper currency for one or two month’s expenses, the rest I would put into commodities that you can hold physically. For most, that is gold or silver, but if you have land that you can grow crops or livestock on that might also mean extra fuel, feed, seed, or animals for consumption.

Fourth, if I had more saved than would pay for three years expenses, I would take that excess and buy agricultural land. NOT SECOND/RENTAL HOUSES OR COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE. If the agricultural land you choose has a house, so much the better, but don’t buy it just because of a house, or buy anything in the way of land with the idea of re-selling it in the next five to ten years, buy it with the idea of living on it for the next five to ten years, then re-assess your position in relation to the economy.

Well that’s it, I’m sorry it was so long, but it’s a big subject. I hope it will help you and perhaps generate some critical thinking out there. More than anything I just hope it helps. If one person gets a head’s up from me, then I consider my mission accomplished.

Nothing about this is going to be easy, time tables will change as circumstances arise, chaos will be the order of the day. Wars may even start over this. So I hope you will all stay safe, brave new world or no, because remember, in the end; The New World Order will be run by the same people that brought you The Old World Order…

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