Friday, January 16, 2015

U.S. Department of Justice Shuts Down Major Aspect of its Civil Forfeiture Program

Property Rights Protected, but More Needs to Be Done

Holder's order
Department of Justice release
Washington Post story that broke the news
Arlington, VA.Marking an important shift in federal law enforcement policy, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced today that the U.S. Department of Justice’s adoption program—which permits state law enforcement agencies to turn seized properties over to the federal government for forfeiture—will be suspended.

But the Justice Department policy does nothing to limit the widely used and sweeping power of the federal government, or joint federal and state task forces, to seize Americans’ property based on nothing but suspicion.

“This important change in policy will strengthen protections for property owners who stand to lose their cash, cars, and other property without being convicted of or even charged with a crime” said Scott Bullock, a senior attorney at the Institute for Justice, the nation’s leading legal advocate against civil forfeiture. “But it is essential that greater protections for property owners must follow at the federal level and in the states to ensure that Americans are no longer victimized by civil forfeiture.” 

The announcement by Attorney General Holder follows a growing wave of criticism and outrage about the government’s forfeiture practices. Federal legislation that would sharply curtail the federal government’s civil forfeiture program, including adoption, was introduced last session and is expected to be introduced again soon.

Under civil forfeiture laws, law enforcement can take property suspected of involvement in criminal activity without convicting or charging the owner with a crime. At the federal level and in most states, agencies involved in the forfeiture, including prosecutors and police departments, can keep some or all of the proceeds for their own use. 
Today’s announced policy would stop the process of adoption, where state and local officials use federal law to forfeit property without charging owners with a crime and then profit from those forfeitures, regardless of whether those forfeitures are permitted under state law.  But the new policy leaves open a significant loophole, as state and local law enforcement can still partner with federal agents through joint task forces for forfeitures not permitted under state law, and state and local law enforcement can use such task forces to claim forfeiture proceeds they would not be entitled to under state law.  Moreover, the federal government can still pursue its own civil forfeiture actions, where property owners face very significant burdens.  And the policy does not change state forfeiture laws, many of which burden property owners and permit policing for profit.

IJ is the nation’s leading legal advocate against civil forfeiture. IJ launched its initiative against civil forfeiture in 2010 with the publication of its path-breaking report, Policing for Profit.  That report first exposed the federal government’s pernicious practice of equitable sharing and adoption procedures.  IJ’s initiative against civil forfeiture consists of cutting-edge court battles on behalf of property owners facing civil forfeiture, strategic research, and grassroots activism calling for ending or radically changing civil forfeiture law.  In 2014, IJ launched, a wide-ranging online initiative to educate and activate citizens and legislators to fight civil forfeiture.

“Civil forfeiture should not exist in a country that values the principles of private property rights and due process,” said Chip Mellor, IJ’s President and General Counsel. “Now is the time to enshrine today’s policy change into the law and to pass further reforms to ensure that no American loses their property without being convicted of a crime.”

Monday, January 05, 2015

Taking Over the Republican Party

Nelson Hultberg

One of the biggest fallacies in politics today is the claim that we, as conservatives and libertarians, can only be effective if we stay loyal to the Republican Party and work to gain control of it by electing more free-market conservatives every election year.

We at AFR believe such thinking to be tragically misguided. To expect the Republican Party to challenge the modern day juggernaut of statism is as foolish as expecting socialist professors to instill Americanism into our youth. It won't happen anymore than the planets will one day reverse their orbits. This is because the members of the GOP hierarchy who control the party have bought into the  collectivist ideologies of Karl Marx and J.M. Keynes. Thus they want the same thing that Democrats want - a society in which "equality of results" replaces "equality of rights." They merely want it to be established more gradually than do the Democrats.

Conservatives have been trying to take over the GOP for more than 40 years now by electing "conservative legislators" to Congress; yet nothing has changed. The Republican Party continues to give us relentlessly expanding government. It continues to exploit, lie to, and make fools out of conservatives.

Those who continue to cling to the hope that they can transform the Republican Party into an engine of freedom are like battered wives who continue to stick around to take their husbands abusive beatings. The marriage is over. Conservatives, libertarians, and patriots must abandon the GOP.

The GOP Hierarchy

The problem with the conservative strategy is that electing conservative legislators to Congress can never bring about a takeover of the party because the GOP hierarchy buys off 90 percent of the legislators that we send. Who and what is this GOP hierarchy? It is the vast network of elite intellectuals, bankers, and corporate leaders throughout America that make up the "neoconservative establishment."

The intellectual sector of this hierarchy is comprised of prominent scholars and pundits such as William Kristol, Robert Kagan, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Norman Podhoretz, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Charles Krauthammer - prestigious organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Hudson Institute, and the Foreign Policy Initiative - scholarly magazines such as Foreign Affairs, Commentary, Public Interest, and The Weekly Standard.

Completing the hierarchy are the major bankers of the Federal Reserve system and the myriad of corporate moguls throughout the nation. The members of this GOP hierarchy call themselves "neoconservative" because it makes it easier for them to sell massive statism to the American people. Unfortunately allegiance to the founding principles of America is not in their lexicon.

These prominent scholars, pundits, bankers, moguls, and institute heads are not true conservatives (and they are certainly not libertarian) because they don't believe in the fundamental base of America - which is the Founders' spirit of free enterprise and limited government. Yet this GOP hierarchy continues to claim that its Republican Party is a vehicle for freedom and adherence to the Constitution. They make such a claim because they know Americans still adhere to such values. But their claim is as deceptive as the pickpocket's brush against your coat in a crowded subway.

The scholars, pundits, bankers, moguls, and institute heads of this hierarchy wield great power, both ideologically and financially - enough so to buy off most of the incoming patriotic congressmen. Such newcomers to Washington adopt the GOP hierarchy's "pseudo conservatism" soon after their arrival in the capital because they know if they don't vote in step with neoconservatism, they will receive no ideological and financial support for re-election from the party and its influential hierarchy.

Preferring an easy road to re-election, almost all new patriot arrivals, thus, sell out their "true conservative" principles to stay in Washington. They cross over the aisle and gradually turn into advocates of statism. This is why sending conservatives to Congress has gotten us nowhere over the past four decades and will get us nowhere in the future. Incoming conservatives don't stay conservative; they are bought off. Lord Acton told us why over a century ago.

Thus it is impossible to take over the Republican Party by just sending more conservative legislators to Washington. To get control of the GOP, we first have to replace the neocon ideologues who control the party - i.e., the hierarchy. A whole new generation of scholars, pundits, bankers, moguls, and institute heads will have to be ushered in. This will require 70-80 years to bring about. Shifts of this magnitude take many decades. America doesn't have this kind of time.

Ideological Change Works Slowly

As proof, let's examine the time span of liberalism's takeover of the Republican Party. The actual political takeover began with Richard Nixon in 1968. But liberalism's "political takeover" of the GOP had to be preceded first by its "ideological takeover" of the educational institutions of America - the schools, the churches, the media, the publishers, and the movie industry.

This is why converting the Republican Party to "freedom and conservatism" (as many Tea Party members and other activists are trying to do) can never happen. Because conservatives do not control the schools, the churches, the media, the publishers, and the movie industry in this country. These were the vital factors in liberalism's takeover of the GOP during the 20th century. These five institutions relentlessly spewed out collectivism, which shaped the minds and motives of the scholars, pundits, bankers, moguls, and institute heads who joined the GOP and formed its present hierarchy. Without this "mind shaping," liberalism could not have taken over the Republican Party.

Thus if conservatives are to take over the GOP, it will require that we first gain ideological control of the the schools, the churches, the media, the publishers, and the Hollywood movie studios so as to shape a new hierarchy. This will require at least 70 years to accomplish (assuming we can actually do it).

The liberal takeover of these cultural institutions was a 70-year process that began in the early 20th century with the Progressives' encroachments into our school system and then throughout the rest of our society. Seventy years later they had gained control of the GOP during the Nixon-Ford administrations and made it the little sister to the Democrat Party. But they were only able to do this because they had also gained control of the schools, churches, media, publishers, and Hollywood.

Turning a political party around is like turning a huge aircraft carrier around. There is a delay between the time you start turning the steering helm to when the ship finally completes its turn. The steering helm of a political party is the ideology of its hierarchy, which is determined by the schools, churches, media, publishers, and movie industry. These five institutions must be turned first if the party itself is to be turned. This cannot be done overnight.

Therefore, if conservatives intend to take over control of the GOP, they must prepare for a 70 year struggle. Unfortunately, America doesn't have this kind of time. Economic collapse looms over the horizon. And tyranny looms on the other side of the collapse like it has with all political-economic breakdowns of countries throughout history. In times of disintegrating chaos and peril, people who are ignorant of the causes of their chaos and breakdown always opt for order and stability in the form of regimentation and dictatorship.

Freedom's Last Stand

There is a chance, however, to save the country if we can avoid the dictatorial takeover that is sure to be promoted in the aftermath of the coming collapse. But to do this, the American people must be told the truth about what has brought on the economic crises we are experiencing at present, and what must be done to properly climb out of the economic mega-crisis that looms up ahead.

We must climb out of the coming collapse in the direction of the Founding Fathers and decentralized government, not in the direction of the globalists and World Government. Unfortunately the Democrat and Republican hierarchies are committed globalists, ideologically poisoned by the Marxian-Keynesian brainwash that has been seeping into America for many decades. They will never work to return to the Founding Fathers; they will work fervently to usher in a New World Order, a World Bank, and the elimination of American sovereignty.

But there is still a chance to save freedom because a sizeable sector of the people still favor freedom. Most conservatives, libertarians, independents, and blue-collar Democrats (50 percent of the voters) remain opposed to Marxism-Keynesianism if the rudiments are clearly explained to them. They still believe in "honest money" and "limited government." All they need is a courageous, conservative political candidate to explain how we must get back to such values.

Thus we must bypass the Republican Party and go directly to the people. We must launch an Independent political campaign that will tell the truth to American voters about the Democrat-Republican monopoly and how it is smuggling us into a centralized dictatorship via Marxism and Keynesianism.

Stopping the Drift

In conclusion, trying to take over the Republican Party by voting in more true conservative congressmen will never stop America's dictatorial drift. We've been attempting to do this for over four decades now. And the freedom advocates we send to Washington continue to get bought off by neoconservatism as fast as we send them.

There's a much better way to fight. Our goal at AFR is to recruit a prominent free-market conservative such as Ted Cruz or Mike Lee or Michele Bachmann to run an Independent campaign on AFR's Four Pillars of Reform for our tax, monetary, immigration, and foreign policy systems in the next presidential election (like Ross Perot in 1992). By going directly to the people with the truth, such a patriot, conservative campaign would give us a chance to save the country.

In this way we can challenge the Washington establishment and unify all conservatives, libertarians, independents, and blue-collar Democrats into a vibrant grassroots force. We believe a nationally-known, free-market conservative, running as an Independent, would get 40-45 percent of the vote and win the 2016 election. In doing so, his campaign would act as the launch for a new political party - the NATIONAL INDEPENDENT PARTY - that would further the fight into the future. For more information on this cause, go to our website,

Nelson Hultberg is a freelance scholar/writer in Dallas, Texas and the Director of Americans for a Free Republic His articles have appeared over the past twenty years in such publications as The Dallas Morning News, American Conservative, Insight, Liberty, The Freeman, and The Social Critic, as well as on numerous Internet sites such as Capitol Hill Outsider, Conservative Action Alerts, Daily Paul, Canada Free Press, and The Daily Bell. He is the author of The Golden Mean: Libertarian Politics, Conservative Values.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Does Freedom Matter?

What was the purpose of the founding of these United States of America and the creation of our Constitution? Before the migration from Europe to this newly discovered land, all people of the civilized world were ruled by Kings. Even the original thirteen established states of this new land were ruled, as a colony, by the King of England.

Then something very profound and monumental took place, Independence was declared and the American Revolution was underway, a war for the freedom of man ensued. A group of men bent on their desire to be free and rule themselves in a land where the government answered to the people and not the people answering to the King and his court, rose up and risked their lives and fortunes in an attempt to end government dictating to, taxing at will, and over regulating the people. Through the shedding of their blood and fortunes the American Constitutional Republic was born, an experiment in self government. As you know the opening shot fired in that revolution was called, "The shot heard round the world."” It was so called because it was "the people" in rebellion against, not only the King of England, but against mankind being ruled by kings.

Kings and dictatorial leaders all over the world heard that shot. They heard the shot that proclaimed that men were now in rebellion to being subjects of a government, or King, and willing to challenge it.

We Americans celebrate on July 4 every year, the marking of American independence from England and its King, a very radical departure from governments which prevailed all over, “"round the world",” at that time, and for thousands of years before. Never before in those thousands of years had the rule of Kings ever been challenged. Kings challenged each other, but never had the people challenged the Kings and their rule.

Is the United States an exceptional country? Barack Obama has stated publicly that he doesn't think it is. I quote Thomas Sowell, "“You couldn't be more exceptional in the 18th century than to create your fundamental document, the Constitution of the United States, by opening with the momentous words, “We the people…”."

Those three words were a slap in the face to those who thought themselves entitled to rule, and regarded the people as if they were simply human livestock, destined to be herded and shepherded by their betters. Indeed, to this very day, the elite who think that way, and that includes many among those who regard themselves as the educated and enlightened class, as well as the Liberal news media and political messiahs, find the Constitution of the United States a real pain because it stands in the way of them imposing their will and their presumptions on the rest of us.

Barack Obama stated in a public interview on T V, "If Congress doesn't do what I think is necessary, I won't wait on them, I'll do it anyway." And we all heard him say, "We're not just going to be waiting for legislation. I've got a pen and I've got a phone. And I can use that pen to sign executive orders." Never before in American history has any president so blatantly and openly shown such disregard and out and out contempt for our Constitution as the rule of law. He just simply ignores it, as he just did with an Executive order changing our immigration laws. It is very apparent that his swearing to "uphold and defend" it, upon taking the oath of office, means absolutely nothing to him.

Our Constitution was designed to create a framework for a Federal Government,— and worded to keep the government inside that framework. In other words, the very existence of the Constitution is for the sole purpose of laying out in detail the limited powers it is ALLOWED BY US to have, and reserving all other powers to the states or the people. Let us ask ourselves, does the Constitution matter? I submit to you, if it doesn't, then neither does our freedom. If it doesn't, America, we are on a collision course with full blown Socialism.

As you know, on November 4th we took charge and hired people to go to our seat of government and try to stop Barack Obama and his Socialist leaning supporters there from destroying our Constitution. Not only is he ignoring our Constitution, he is ignoring us also. He will not even recognize that election result. I am very concerned about the drums beating on all news networks, including Fox, for those people to compromise and work with the president and the Liberals (Socialists) so as to "get something done." We should never comprise with the shredding of the Constitution, further loss of Individual Liberty, and the Federal Government growing even more powerful. If this kind of compromise happens, Barack Obama will have two more years to complete his burning mission to turn this nation into the Socialist States of America. The Constitutional Republic of These United States of America will no longer exist and our Individual Liberty, to make and be responsible for our own decisions, will be gone from our lives forever. I, for one, do not believe for a moment that the people intended for our Constitution and Individual Freedom to be compromised for the sake of "getting something done."

I pray that God bless America and keep us free.

Please feel free to forward to all you wish, in any manner you wish.

John Porter

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Alien Tidal Wave Now Assured

Nelson Hultberg

Reason flees; pygmies rule. Our intellectuals and legislators on both sides of the spectrum have abandoned all sanity regarding immigration, culture, freedom, and common sense. Our country is in free fall. Collapse lies over the horizon like grinning Death with its blood stained Scythe. Pity our children. They must live in the desolate country we are creating for them.

Those who hold intellectual and legislative power in America today, no doubt, think of themselves as noble and brave in pursuit of justice and progressive purpose to advance the values of our great nation. They imagine that they are doing the “people’s will.” They please themselves in front of the morning mirror thinking that the world’s a better place because of their presence and acumen. But it is a cunning lie.

The highest of our leaders, our President, has just come in front of us to set in motion a leprosy of executive actions that must tear down our safety, stability, and legitimacy as a culture. He has inserted a Trojan Horse of deception and perfidy into our society that puts him on the path of history’s mega-tyrants. Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini, and Robespierre may have been far more ruthless and blatant, but the lawless policies of Barrack Obama are huge steps toward dictatorship, and will prove to be, in the long run, lethal to the decency and freedom that a just society is built upon. We are being assailed with the tyranny of the velvet glove rather than the iron fist; and those who man the media desks and the schools of America cannot grasp the subtle hidiousness of it.

Liberals are overjoyed with Obama’s egregious reach for power. “Way overdue,” “Compassion dictates this,” “Finally some action,” are the comments culled from the left. What do we hear from the right? Charles Krauthammer exemplifies the pusillanimity of the right. He informed Fox News that he would go along with bringing the entire 11 million illegals into citizenship. But we are a nation of laws, and we must do this the right way (via action by Congress), not the way Obama is doing it.

Can They Not See?

Holy mother of God! Cannot the neoconservatives see how craven they have become? Can they not see that the issue is not just right procedure via the Constitution, but also right reform itself? And right reform is not “clearing a path to citizenship” for illegals, but “withdrawing the magnets” that are bringing the illegals to America to start with. Cannot these phony conservatives see that it is only frauds and fools who appease their enemies, which is what they are doing to oppose the left’s autocratic immigration mandates? Can they not grasp that if we are to solve a problem destroying us, we must go courageously to the root cause of the problem? – which means eliminate the magnets. Can they not see that you don’t stop fire ants from invading your back yard unless you withdraw the honey pots? Can they not see that what is required here is simple wisdom and human courage?

There are four solutions to the catastrophic immigration dilemma confronting us today. They will require an intellectual toughness that is clear-eyed and steadfast. They are:

1)  Enact E-Verify into law so employers know who is legal and who is not.
2)  Disallow welfare services and schooling to all illegals.
3)  Make English the official public language used in our courts and schools.
4)  Eliminate the anchor baby loophole with Constitutional clarification.

The above policies, if enacted, would eliminate the magnets that have brought us to today’s illegal immigrant crisis. They would solve the problem genuinely for the long run, not just palliate it and kick the can down the road. But the above policies will never even be considered, much less enacted, if conservative intellectuals and legislators do not talk openly and courageously about them to all media outlets. This means with outrage, not with mealy-mouthed acquiescence.

Unfortunately we do not see conservatives speaking this way at all. They are, like Charles Krauthammer, mouthing all the wrong answers. They are assuring their questioners that they want also to “clear a path to citizenship” for all the unfortunate aliens “doomed to live in the shadows of American life.” What else is this but the promise of amnesty for criminals? Be patient my darlings; we will reward you.

Such appeasers believe all we need is to shore up the border, then amnesty can safely be granted. Post more guards and erect better fencing. Then the 11 million aliens can be given amnesty because that will be the last of it.

The website,, says the government is lying, and that the true figure is not 11 million illegals, but more than 20 million. Imagine that; the government is lying. Psychologists have a name for the Republicans’ mindset: delusional. No fence will solve the enormity of this invasion. Clever humans will always find their way over, under, and around fences. Only removal of magnets will solve the crisis.

There is surely dancing in the streets these days throughout Central America. Jean Raspail’s apocalyptic 1973 novel, The Camp of the Saints, dramatically warned the West that continuation of its nations’ soft policies on immigration would bring their cultures to ruin with armadas of aliens eventually descending upon them.

Conservative, Peter Brimelow, stunned America with his own apocalyptic vision, Alien Nation, in 1995. And libertarian, John Hospers, emulated Brimelow with briefer, but equal fire in “A Libertarian Argument Against Open Borders” in the Journal of Libertarian Studies in 1998. The collectivists have smeared them all as racists. But their searing prose and frank courage would well serve our conservative pygmies in Washington today who are whimpering to the media about Obama’s lawlessness.

Appeasement never ends a problem; it always magnifies it. By 2035, the human hordes camped south of our border from Caracas to Tijuana will bring 40 million aliens to storm our gates adding to today’s 20 million. And larger and larger waves will then follow in the ensuing decades until California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas have been thoroughly “Mexicanized.”


It’s called Reconquista (reconquest). The powerful National Council of LaRaza (supported by Mexican Presidents, Ernesto Zedillo, Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderon, and now Pena Nieta) boldly asserts that the real Mexico extends into these states of America which Mexicans say were stolen from them in the 19th century. The National Council of LaRaza fully intends to take them back, not with military invasion of course, but with relentless cultural invasion that the American left appeases so eagerly.

Phyllis Schlafly, has exposed LaRaza’s false history in her article, “Is it Assimilation or Invasion?” [ nov01/01-11-28.shtml ]

The United States,” she informs us, “acquired the Southwest a century and a half ago in three ways: part by the 1845 annexation agreement with Texas, which was then an independent republic, part ceded by Mexico in the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo after the Mexican-American War, and part by the 1852 Gadsden Purchase.

“Mexico's claim to the Southwest originated with the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas, which drew an imaginary line on the map to divide the Western Hemisphere between Spain and Portugal....Other countries never recognized this treaty, and Americans consider it ridiculous even to talk about giving the Southwest to Mexico....

“Mexicans…hope is reconquista by migration, both legal and illegal. According to Mario Obledo, founder of the Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund, ‘California is going to be a Hispanic state and anyone who doesn't like it should leave.’"

Will Mexicanization stop at the border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas? Highly doubtful. It will overflow into Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Perhaps further north and east. Central Americans out breed Americans heavily, three births to two.

Exposing the Ideological Rot

Evil comes to us in a thousand disguises throughout our lives and throughout history. Perceptive minds know this, and thankfully are ceaselessly on guard against it. America now desperately needs such perceptive patriots to come forth. America needs a modern Thomas Paine / Patrick Henry type of leader who will speak truth to power and expose the rot in the ideological structure that guides our nation today.

This will require the likes of Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, Ben Carson, Mike Lee, Jeff Sessions, and so many other perceptive conservatives to quit thinking of their political careers, and start thinking of America’s political future. If we don’t stop this Marxist tyrant in the White House, we will not have a country worthy of passing on to our children. Impeachment is what is called for. Of crucial importance are patriot visionaries to honorably lead, not neoconservative hacks to cravenly accommodate.

From the beginning, it was obvious Barrack Obama was a dangerous man, as all Marxists are. This is because they do not share our concept of freedom. They believe that freedom is not the “absence of coercion in life,” but the “absence of difficulties in life.” And they mean to bring it about with massive government centralization. They hate the America of the Founding Fathers; they seek a Brave New World where equality of results rather than equality of rights prevails. They believe a government dominated society is not tyranny; it’s a “new kind of freedom,” as Marx declared.

Barrack Obama wishes to destroy America. Nudging us into a more egalitarian system will not satiate his narcissism and perversity. What is needed to make this hubristic charlatan’s life meaningful is to raze the American system while he is in power. Or at least create chaos and confusion on such a scale that it brings massive centralization. If economic depression, tanks in the streets, riots, and pervasive societal malevolence are the result, then this is what Lenin meant when he said “one does not make an omelette without breaking some eggs.” This is what all Marxists believe and are willing to tolerate in order to purge capitalism from the earth. The coming social malevolence is merely the means to a quicker obliteration of the Founding Fathers’ vision.

Wake up America! Evil comes in a thousand disguises. One of its grisly advocates spoke to us Thursday night, November 20th. He spoke of compassion, fairness, entrepreneurial spirit. He quoted Scripture and pontificated via the lexicon of the patriot. This, of course, is what good Marxists are trained to do. This is what Barrack Obama learned in Hawaii in his youth from the communist apparatchik, Frank Marshall Davis.

Mainstream conservatives are up in arms and have sworn to fight this tyrannical humbug. But they are rushing into battle like pampered Boy Scouts running into the forest to play campfire games and earn merit badges. The liberal dominated media dragon will gobble them up. They don’t even know what the battle is about, let alone what weapons to employ in fighting it.

There are four weapons that we need to stem the evil that sits outside our gates. They are the four policies listed above. To enact them will require immense courage and intellectual clarity. Do our conservative leaders possess such attributes?

Patrick Buchanan’s powerful book, Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive To 2025?, now looms ominously before us. Barrack Obama has shown us the overwhelming nefariousness of his dreams. Will conservatives rise to the challenge with a muscular and rational confrontation? Or will they prove to be just more fodder for the Orwellians that we have seen from the right since the gruesome days of Richard Nixon?

It is from such questions as these (and how a society answers them) that great nations rise or fall. One hopes fervently that the intelligentsia of the greatest country in history can rally itself to fend off the deranged traitors among us. The first step in that rally will be to admit that we are up against “deranged traitors,” not misguided Americans. We are confronting stark evil, not innocent error.  

Friday, October 24, 2014

America's Death March

To Americans everywhere:

I published and emailed a short letter the day following the election of Barack Obama for a second term in 2012 in answer to a friend's question, "what do we do now?" A few asked me if I was going to give up up my fight to help save our Constitutional Republic.

Needless to say, I was saddened and very disheartened. I still am. I am sad because at age 76 I'm living the last chapters of the book of my life in a country that I no longer recognize.  I am sad because the generations who follow me will not be privileged to live in the country which I grew up in and came to love so much. I am saddened because, as I stated in that letter, "I believe the chance we had to turn away from Socialism and back toward Individual Liberty and responsibility by not returning Obama to the presidency, was lost for a long time to come. That ship has sailed".  However, let me say to you, if all will work harder than ever before, we just may be able to sink it.

Barack Obama has another two years. You may like it or not, that is a fact. I believe he will not allow the Constitution or the United States Congress to stop him from transforming America into a full fledged Socialist nation. AND HE HAS THE FULL SUPPORT OF HARRY REID, our Senate Majority Leader. And that powerful support will remain if Harry Reid's power is not stripped from him by taking the senate majority away from the Democrat Political Party.

As dangerous as Obama is in that respect, the real long term danger to the Constitutional Republic of America is not Barack Obama, but a voting citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. Even though very difficult, it will still be easier to undo the Socialistic inroads of an Obama presidency than to restore the common sense and good judgment of Individual Freedom and self reliance to an electorate willing to allow such men as Barack Obama and Harry Reid to hold those offices in their government.

Our problem goes much deeper and is by far more serious than Obama. Ladies and gentlemen, as you are aware, in this country we choose our leaders. Obama is nothing more than a symptom of what ails America. He is the chosen symbol of the thinking of the majority of Americans who voted in November, 2012. It seems there are now more people in America who desire the government to be responsible for them and take care of them, than there are those who desire to be responsible for and to take care of themselves. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, a mere symbol. It cannot survive a multitude of people who desire to be taken care of by the government, and made him their president.

I believe November 6, 2012 will live in American history as the day we embarked upon the last steps of America's Death March. The death of The Constitutional Republic of The United States of America. I believe that election had very little to do with America's massive unemployment, our massive debt, soaring gas and food prices, or the Islamic threat. It was, I believe, about the dramatic social change in most Americans who voted. The desire to be taken care of. It is about the decline of morals. If you are keeping up with events at all, you can readily see we are living in an atmosphere of lies and deception, anything goes, no rules, no values, zero personal responsibility.

America is on the brink of total financial and moral collapse. We are living in the era of the entitlement state. Those who work hard are scoffed at and ridiculed because their hard work made them successful. One's personal financial gain is to be shared. Why work when you don't have to. Someone wrote that, "Obama will do his level best to turn America into a one size fits all nation." That has never worked in the history of man.

On November 6, 2012 the majority of Americans who voted made their choice. It doesn't mean we stop fighting, stop praying, or stop being engaged in our country. I had a brother who died in battle, along with many others, in the Philippines so that we may have that right. Well, here we are two years later on November 4, 2014 with an opportunity to at least transform our senate from one in support of Barack Obama's Socialist actions into one which may help us to stop him or at least lessen the lasting damage he intends to inflict upon us and our Individual Freedom. In many states, as in mine here in Arkansas, early voting is underway and many of us are working to retire Mark Pryor, our Liberal Democrat supporter of Obama with another man, Republican Tom Cotton, in our effort to remove Harry Reid from power and weaken Obama's efforts to destroy the American people's Individual Freedom. People, people, people go to work in every way that YOU can to help save our Constitutional Republic.

There is a movie titled, "The Long Goodbye." If we must say goodbye to America, I assure you, I will not go gently into that goodbye. I will not go quietly. I have not forgotten, nor will I abandon, the values of freedom and self reliance instilled in me by my mother and father and defended by my brother, nor will I hush my voice. Socialism be forewarned, I am not going away.

Please forward this all over America by any method you choose.

Until next time:

Your friend in freedom;

John Porter
Harrison, Arkansas

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why the Libertarian Party Fails

Nelson Hultberg

Many in America's freedom movement still hope that the Libertarian Party will one day become a power on the political scene to challenge the Democrat-Republican monolith. But in 42 years it hasn't happened, and it probably won't happen. There are some very distinct reasons why the LP and all other alternative / independent parties fail. This essay will examine them.

Let's take, for example, the top independent parties out there: the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party. Even though each of them have appeared at times to be a start toward genuine political reform, they repeatedly fail because they have structured themselves upon the mistake of instant idealism, which leads to their marginalization.

Instant Idealism

This mistake is made because these two parties both have "ideal visions" of the way they feel society should be politically organized, and they attempt to implement their visions all at once through the political process. They ignore the fact that politics is a game of incrementalism, that it is not an arena in which an "ideal society" can suddenly be voted into place. Because they try to do this, they are perceived by the public as not living in the real world.

For example, when asked what tax policy they advocate for the country, libertarians reply that the income tax should be abolished and government should be stripped down to a minimal state that can exist upon excise taxes and tariffs. This would be the limited government that the Founders advocated, which, of course, would be wonderful to have. But it is not a credible political platform to be gained through a political campaign today. It is rather an "ideal" that we can approach over the next 50-100 years. The members of the Constitution Party respond in the same way. Both of these parties wish to instantly implement their visions of the ideal. There is no acceptance of the need for incrementalism upon which all of politics is based.

As a result, both of these parties frighten the electorate with dissolution of the welfare state. Consequently they are marginalized as foolishly utopian. They end up getting at best 1% of the vote on Election Day. They remain obscure fringe voices. No national media pursue them, no nationally prominent candidates seek to run under their banner, no big money flows into their coffers, and most importantly they are never invited to the national TV presidential debates.

How We Solve the Problem

This is the crucial mistake that any independent party challenge of the establishment must avoid: instant idealism. If an independent party wishes to become viable and succeed, it must offer radical enough change to separate itself from the Democrat-Republican monopoly, but not so radical that it frightens the voters and becomes marginalized.

This is how the National Independent Party is structured. Its Four Pillars of Reform for our tax, monetary, immigration, and foreign policy systems will stop the growth of government, but will not create fear among the voters and lead to marginalization. This will allow the party to attract a nationally prominent candidate to head the ticket who can command 30% plus in the polls (like Ross Perot in 1992), which will mandate that he be invited to participate in the national TV presidential debates. This will bring major media to hang out on his front doorstep as well as major money into the campaign's coffers.

Blending Idealism and Practicality

To bring this about will require a blend of idealism and practicality, which means incremental policy proposals. For example, the National Independent Party candidate cannot campaign on "ending the income tax and the Fed" like Ron Paul did. This will marginalize him (as it did Ron Paul) and bring him only 10%-12% of the vote, which will keep him out of the national TV presidential debates. Absence from the debates guarantees failure.

What needs to be done is to recruit a prominent free-market conservative such as Ted Cruz or Mike Lee to campaign on the Four Pillars of Reform upon which the National Independent Party is structured. These Four Pillars are:

1) Enact a simplified 15% flat tax, explaining that it is the only tax compatible with our founding principle - "equal rights under the law." By ending progressive tax rates, we will stop the redistribution of wealth that allows government to grow so relentlessly.
2) Enact Milton Friedman's 4% auto-expansion plan for the Federal Reserve. By ending the arbitrary expansion of money by the FOMC, we will reduce annual price inflation in our economy to zero.
3) Vigorously crack down on illegal immigration by eliminating the magnets of jobs, welfare services, education, etc. that draw illegals to America. No amnesty will be granted; self-deportation will be implemented.
4) End our militaristic, police-the-world foreign policy that is bankrupting us both financially and morally. The dangers to America do not lie in foreign lands; they lie here at home in Washington.
The above four reforms do not achieve the ideal. But they will dramatically stop the runaway freight train of government growth and restore freedom and sanity to America.

Yes, Ron Paul is right. We eventually need to abolish the income tax and the Fed. But this will take 40 years to bring about, maybe longer. A whole new generation of scholars and pundits will have to be ushered in to educate the people as to the merits of such goals. These proposals are not something that a political candidate can base his campaign on today if he wishes to get into the national TV presidential debates, which he must do if he intends to be effective. No candidate or party has a chance unless they are in the debates. 

This means the national "election" debates, not the primary "nomination" debates. The primary nomination debates, are viewed by only about 15 million viewers on cable TV and are minor league affairs. Also they are not mandated to give equal time to all candidates. Thus the statist moderators can ignore a freedom candidate, which is what they did to Ron Paul.

The national election debates, with 70 million viewers, are carried by the major networks and are big league affairs. Also they are mandated to give equal time to all candidates. A freedom candidate cannot be ignored. This is why the national debates are so important in the fight to save freedom; they give us a means to dramatically reach the people.

Crucial Facts of Reality

The Libertarian and Constitution Parties appear to be oblivious to these crucial facts of reality about politics in America. As a result they get only 1% of the vote on Election Day. If freedom is to be saved, it cannot be marginalized. It must be portrayed in a sane, non-threatening manner. Unfortunately, the Libertarian and Constitution Parties do not do this, and consequently they fail.

Tragically our media pundits don't think these things through and, thus, ritualistically condemn alternative / independent  political parties to the American people. They fail to see that it is not independent parties that "will never work." It is independent parties that marginalize themselves that will never work.

Avoid marginalization, and an independent party challenge to the Democrat-Republican monopoly would sweep to victory. The American people are ready for such a challenge. The latest Gallup poll in January of 2014 shows that 42% of voters identify as "independent," while only 31% identify as Democrats and 25% as Republicans.

The people are overwhelmingly with us, but just don't know it yet because nobody has come along to explain it to them. This is what a National Independent Party candidate (such as Cruz or Lee) would do. Subconsciously Americans are sick to death with the Democrat-Republican monolith. An NIP candidate will bring all this to the surface in tens of millions of voters.

Ross Perot showed us the way strategically in 1992. By getting into the national TV presidential debates, a candidate can tap into the massive antagonism toward the Democrat-Republican monopoly lurking in the American voters' minds. All we need to do to improve on Perot's performance (and win) is run a nationally prominent conservative candidate that espouses "freedom" instead of the "vague reformism" that Perot preached. The American people are ready for this. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, this revolution is coming to America. Victor Hugo said it best: "There is nothing more powerful in history than an idea whose time has come."

Nelson Hultberg is a freelance scholar/writer in Dallas, Texas and the Director of Americans for a Free Republic His articles have appeared over the past 20 years in such publications as The Dallas Morning News, American Conservative, Insight, Liberty, The Freeman, and The Social Critic, as well as on numerous Internet sites such as Capitol Hill Outsider, Conservative Action Alerts, Daily Paul, Canada Free Press, and The Daily Bell. He is the author of The Golden Mean: Libertarian Politics, Conservative Values. Email him at:

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Why Our Constitution Is Being Destroyed

Even by the Very Americans Sworn to Uphold It

By Joan Hough

John Adams told us that our government does not have the “power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion.” He explained:   “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” [Emphasis added.]

Today I am reminded of a truth brilliantly expressed by Dr. Douglas Young.  Writing for the Georgia Heritage Council, Dr. Young, in a remarkable commentary, entitled “Secular Political Fanatics”) added to the Adams statement.  Young tells us that down through history secular political fanatics have done far more harm because they lacked humility before a judgmental God and did not possess his rules to halt them.  Theirs is the desire to create a heaven on earth because that’s all they think there is--to do that they must remake society.   [Obviously their concept of heaven is vastly different from that of all Christians!]

Young then adds:  “And what a horrific toll many political true-believers have wrought. Without religion to rein them in, they created the first totalitarian dictatorships in which the party-state (national secular church) proscribes every aspect of citizens’ lives. Inspired by the French Revolution’s Jacobins who sought to create “a republic of virtue,” 20th century communists strove to forge a new “revolutionary man.” Marxists in Russia, Eastern Europe, North Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Cuba criminalized all religious, political, social, and even personal conduct deemed “ideologically incorrect.” A Bolshevik once asked Joe Stalin to execute a group because “They have no [communist] faith.” The stridently secular Nazi Adolf Hitler declared, “Anyone who interprets National Socialism merely as a political movement knows almost nothing about it. It is more than religion; it is the determination to create a new man.’”