Monday, January 31, 2011


Dr. A. H. Krieg

I have absolutely no idea of what you think or how you feel about things as they are, and what’s taking place in America now. But, I will unabashedly tell you I’ve had it. We are continuously lied to by every agency of our government, our elected representatives, and the all-encompassing bureaucracy, and the lies they tell are perpetuated by the lamestream media without hesitation, or the slightest journalistic oversight.

Lie number one: Today in an interview none other than Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson (R, GA) the ass from Atlanta informed us that the government had saved $ 30,000 on his retirement because he got his cheque today, just after his 66th birthday, a year later than before. Johnny, give us all a break, you will get $30,000 in 2011, and while the average SS recippiant gets $15,000. So, should you actually want to save more for America why don’t you and all your legislative jackasses go on Social Security like the rest of us and save another $15,000 each?

Lie number two: last week Obama’s economic advisor the midget from Harvard, Robert Reich informed us that the economy is doing well and was expanding based on GDP at a rate of 3.7% annually, as based on information of the last quarter of 2010. Say Bobbie, do you really think we’re that stupid? The inflation rate for 2010 was 11.4% the increase in sales in 2010 is totally attributable to inflation (higher prices) so in actual fact the economy shrunk 11.4 minus 3.7 = 7.7%

Lie number three: everyone in Disney world on the Potomac has told us relentlessly, that the rate of inflation was 1.3% annually every year in the last three years. Well, by eliminating all foodstuffs, all motor fuels, and heating oil from the equation you still get 5%, but when you add in all of the things left out by bureaucratic statisticians the real inflation number comes to 11.4%

Lie number four: The only way we can balance the budget is by cutting government benefits like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Rubbish! Eliminating the US Department of Education (1980) whose hallmark accomplishment has been lowering since 1980 the national student competency from fourth in the world to 34th ($71 billion). Eliminating the Department of Energy (1980) whose hallmark is to have reduced domestic energy production from 78% to 24% ($28.4 billion) Eliminate the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. ($22.5 billion). Elimination of all foreign aid (unable to get the amount from State Department) Cut the congressional salaries to $84,000 double national average, eliminate congressional, including aids pensions and healthcare. (Estimated about $100 millions)

Lie number five: By variance unemployment is calculated as M-3 at 9.4% this however counts only those drawing government cheques. M-6 which is the same statistic used in 1933 (top of the Great Depression 24.4%) which today is 25.2% that counts all those assumed to want jobs.

Lie number six: We are over the hump as demonstrated by the falling unemployment statistics. Rubbish! The last reported information indicates that we had decreased unemployment by about .02%. This is not correct because it did not count those 500,000 who wanted jobs but had lost their benefits, actually the economy lost another 300,000 jobs in December 2010.

Lie number seven: There is no inflation. Hell no, gas has gone up from $2.60 to $3.10 in the last six months that is definitely not an increase! Milk has risen by .50C not an increase? Eggs from $1.00 to $ 1.40 not an increase? On the wholesale side corn has gone up 40%, cotton 70%, gold in the last ten years 530% this is definitely not inflation, it must be greedy businessmen upping their profit margins.

Lie number eight: The Dow Jones is up things are great! Nope, sorry, in real value the Dow Jones is down by 50%. In December 2000 gold sold for $273.60 in December 2010 gold sold for $1,450.60, this equates to a rise of 530.19% in the price of gold over ten years. The Dow in December 2000 was 10,373.54 and in December 2010 11,491.91 a gain of 1.107%. Thus if we accept the value of gold to be constant then the actual value in constant terms of the Dow Jones in December 2010 is 5,398.91 a loss of 4,974.63.

Lie number nine: We have about 10 million illegal immigrants who must be given citizenship. (Amnesty) Rubbish!. We have 24 million illegal and 14 million legal immigrants in America, about 13% of our total population. All illegals should be deported and be given the opportunity to apply for a green card, which will be issued based on a strict quota system. Eisenhower did it why can’t we do it?

Lie number ten: The census indicates that we have a national population of 320 million. Sorry to disappoint you again. The reason for the centenary census taken every ten years is for congressional apportionment of the House. Thus only citizens of voting age, or those who will in the coming ten years become eligible to vote should be counted. Census 2010 counted all children from age 6 months they should only have counted children that reach their 18th birthday by 2020 in other words children born after 2002. They counted all illegal’s that’s 24 million, they counted all green card holders who are not allowed to vote 14 million, they counted all diplomats that are resident who are not allowed to vote, due to their system for ‘group quarters” they double counted most people in hospitals. The total census count for 2010 is off by about a 40 million over count. The real population of America is 280 million give or take two million.

Lie number eleven: There are Americans that are being persecuted due to racial hatred. These are primarily blacks and Jews. Sorry wrong again, our president if you have not noticed is a black man. We have the congressional Black caucus consisting of 43 members, and then we have the AIPAC caucus of over 40 Jews in congress. In the executive branch Obama has 32 Jewish advisors, 15 Jewish Czars, The FRS has 7 Jewish directors, FRS district president has 6 Jews, International affairs 13, Foreign policy team 6, which numbers are far and away greater than their joint numerical portion of the American population which is 14.5% for blacks and 3% for Jews.

Stop the BS please!!!. Read my books and all booksellers.


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