Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Jerk in Tucson

Dr. A. H. Krieg

I know with absolute certainty that you are fed up with all the reporting of the shooting in Tucson. But then you’ve not heard my two cents worth! I don’t think that the shooter is a jerk; I just think he’s nuts and should have been committed years ago, to an insane asylum you know. The sheriff is the jerk.

Jarred Lee Loughner has been described as a loner, (I see no problem with that), but when his former classmate Cathy Parker singled him out as a “left wing political radical” a bell went off. Others in his class called him a “pothead” and a great fan of the acid band Anti-Fag. Another person testified that Loughner never listened to the news on TV or radio. His face book page supports all those allegations. Then there’s the matter of his having been kicked out of Pima County College after the sheriff had been called five times due to various class disturbances by Loughner. We also know that many people who said that Loughner had threatened them called the Sheriff on numerous occasions.

Congresswoman Giffords of Tucson had seen her office broken into as recently as March of 2010 Tucson newspapers have removed the story from their site or else consider it not to have been newsworthy. Because the Pima County sheriff’s office web site is infected with mal-ware, reports of the breaking are not available, but we do know that no one was arrested. And then we have the unsettling matter of the killed federal judge a hard conservative who had opposed many Obama initiatives.

My first question was how did this nutcase purchses a gun? We know that Arizona, like Vermont, much to their credit, has no restrictions on the sale of guns with the exception of felons, or those deemed to be mentally unstable. Loughner fits into that category, so why was he not restricted from purchasing the Glock?

The first issue is that the sheriff’s department never followed through on any of the numerous calls they had on record about Loughner. They never arrested him for making death threats; they did not book him for any of the five incidents in which deputies had to go to Pima College to remove Loughner from classes. They did not do their job.

In steps the jerk. Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is 75 years old and he looks it. He is an unapologetic liberal (progressive Democrat) with a political agenda. His behavior relating the shootings and its aftermath are disgraceful, he should step down. Before anyone had even an inkling of knowledge about the shooter, Dupnik went on a media spree against everyone in the world who is not in tune with his own personally warped political ideas. Furthermore he personally attacked scores of people, politicians, commentators, and TV personalities, radio talk-show hosts witch he claimed were the cause of the shootings.

This in my opinion is nothing but a huge cover-up relating to the total performance failure of the Pima County sheriffs department.

Lets just examine some more relating information, all of which seems to have escaped the journalistic efforts of even the “Gray Lady” which neglected reporting the following relevant facts. 1) Amy Loughner the shooter’s mother is a full time employee of Pima County, as a resource specialist for the Pima County Parks and Recreation Department, This couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that the sheriffs office never booked or arrested Loughner could it? 2) Amy and congresswoman Giffords both are members of Chaverim Tucson Synagogue. Now this may not be relevant to the case but as any reasonably well-versed investigator will tell you, this has bearing on any investigation.

It is my opinion that sheriff Dupnik has thrown up a huge smoke screen in order to hide his and his agencies gross mishandling of the shopping center meeting sponsored by the congresswoman. The sheriffs department is responsible for public safety and none was provided at the advertised public meeting. The second part of this smoke screen is, that had Loughner been arrested or charged in any one of scores of incidents that involved the sheriff’s department or at least been flagged as mentally unstable when he was thrown out of college after five confrontations with the sheriffs office or been arrested after making numerous death threats he would have been prevented from purchasing a gun in Arizona. This is not an issue about guns or about politics it is an issue of the failure of a public servant to do his duty as prescribed by Arizona law.

Every progressive Democrat is already screaming about the availability of guns, sorry to bring up an old Cliché’ but, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Naturally the mechanically inept progressives now howl that the problem is automatic weapons, sorry again but the pundits are wrong, the used Glock is a semi-automatic handgun and has been in use since the 1890’s. Others of the left blame multi-bullet magazines another misnomer. I can switch magazines on any semi automatic hand gun an about 2/10th of a second, so if my gun only holds eight rounds, I can fire 16 in less than 4 seconds, and frankly I can’t aim and pick targets that fast, also obviously Loughner’s problem. By the way I shot expert in the military with rifle, carbine and 45 cal pistols, so I do know of what I speak.

The gun is no more the problem than a baseball bat or kitchen knife, virtually any device can be turned into a murder weapon, and the BS about guns being more efficient is also a misnomer, in Japan where guns are virtually unattainable some nutcase with a knife killed half a dozen people in less than twenty seconds.

Our societal problem is our permissive way of dealing with deviant behavior. It is the bleeding heart liberals who are responsible for all these mass murders and most homicides. The country is overrun with people that should be locked up and were forty years ago. The largest portion of murders as well as crimes committed in our society is by repeat criminals that the justice system has paroled or let off. The continuous revolving doors in congress as well as our penal system, and the dragged out ridiculous continuous appeals brought at taxpayers expense are the cause of our violent society.

Institute the death penalty, for premeditated murder, demand trial within a week of the arrest and after a duly organized jury trial, a public hanging within 48 hours of sentencing, preferably on TV and with required attendance of all in prisons, state and federal. I guarantee that the crime rate will drop like a lead balloon in a punch bowel.

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