Friday, February 18, 2011

The Crazy Czar

Dr. A. H. Krieg

In the annals of American history the Republic’s founders would be mortified just by the mention that a president had appointed someone called a Czar. After all, the idea of a Czar is an all-powerful king the very idea is an anathema to republican governance. Regardless of what you happen to think on this topic, there is one Czar that is decidedly out of control, he was appointed by our de-barred un-licensed, never a professor, born in Kenya president.

While virtually everything about Obama is a lie from his phony, fictitious ghostwritten autobiography that was actually made up by Obama’s great friend confidant ex-con, communist, SDS and Weather Underground member, Bill Ayres. So, I suppose, we should not be surprised by the appointment of Ashkenazi communist “constitutional law” professor Cass Sunstein as his Czar of roving Czars, with the title of “Office of Information & Regulatory Affairs” say, was that the same title as the Nazi Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels?

This fruitcake, and I really don’t know what else to call him, has issued a statement that in his opinion there are far too many rumors and that these rumors represent a threat to our democracy, well, I wouldn’t expect a mere law professor to know the difference between a Republic and a Democracy after all some Supreme Court justices apparently don’t know the difference either. In any event, the rumor is, any fact on the Internet that has not officially been approved of by the Obama administration. Let me clarify that, any statement no matter how ludicrous a statement might be, if made by any member of this administration or one of its Czars, is a verified fact and any utterance diminishing or disagreeing with administration policy, or statements is a rumor. Sunstein the Great Bolshevik Commissar, has optioned that such “rumors” are unnecessarily agitating the populace. These “rumors” instill distrust, in gullible citizens thereby creating anti-government sentiments. Any and all such rumors must be suppressed, to hell with the first amendment; it was probably not in Sunstein’s college teaching curriculum anyway, or maybe some flunkey lecturer like Obama stood in for Sunstein during the amendment lectures.

If that does not suffice, well, then there’s always the “Fairness Doctrine” you remember we tried that once before. The fairness doctrine instructs that all commentary regardless by whom must be represented with equal time for any opposing view. The way this works is that every Christian minister carried by a radio or TV program, must see the broadcaster give equal time to Wicca program, Jews must give time to Muslims, and I suppose that the logical conclusion would be the straights must give equal time to queers, and pedophiles must be grated equal time to straights. Since the greatest majority of Americans are not interested in listening to left wing babble any more than to communist and socialist propaganda and because these maven’s of the left are unable to obtain sponsorship for their drivel, we must legislate their fair and equal access to the airwaves. Rubbish! If these fools are unable to obtain commercial support for their propaganda let them rot in hell. The idea that the public forum be equaled to allow all sides of issue to be represented would not be as outrageous were it not for our skewed electoral system, that with support by the media prevents third party access to public debate. Where Commissar Sunstein stands on the issue, we don’t know because he won’t say.

These novel censorship issues are not new at all; in fact the Jewish community has been hard at work for well over a hundred years on this very project. “Hate Laws” that have been enacted under Ashkenazi pressure have been activated in many nations where Jews represent more than 5% of the population. Several states and municipal jurisdictions have enacted “Hate Laws” For a clear understanding on this issue I recommend reading “1984” by George Orwell, who will also introduce you to the concept of “Thought Police” that may well be Commissar Sunstein’s next proposal, “Big Brother” we already got! Someone has to inform these fools that the truth stands on its own, only lies require government laws in their support. Previous to this, the possession of a copy of the “Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion” was a death by execution event, in the entire Soviet Empire, and is still a crime in a score of West European nations. These are similar public suppression of information issues; they have no place in our or any other Republic.

Sunstein is probably influenced by the fact that Israel as well as the Jews in general, have been the recipients of scores of billions of finacial gains based on the holocaust issue, whose supporting evidence is feeble as demonstrated in “The Holocaust Industry” by Professor Finkelstein, and hundreds of books and articles by revisionist historians like Juergen Graf, David Irving, Udo Walendy, and others. When we now compare the Obama administration to the aforementioned issues we see a developing similarity. Obama represents the penetration through the media of the most prolific lies ever presented to the American public, exposure of which will end their government. The fact that every statistic issued by this government is a blatant lie cannot be allowed to become common knowledge, as it would be fatal to the powers in the Washington cesspool.

Sunstein’s efforts to eliminate opposition to the plans of the communists of this administration have run into a roadblock called the Internet. Anyone with a modicum of understanding its workings is able to get to the truth of any issue through a simple search. Why do newspapers, that have consolidated from 3.400 in 1950 to under 300 in 2011 continue to lose subscriptions, at what can only be considerd-alarming rates? They, the news issuers, have become mouth pieces for the government that repeat the same lies over and over again, hoping as Dr, Goebbels so aptly put it; “If you repeat a lie often enough the public will come to accept it as the truth”. This may well have worked in the 19th and 20th centuries but no longer today, the Internet is the great liberator for truth, as guns are the great liberator of the weak, which will not be bridled or censored by any leftist Czar or Administration.

Cass Sunstein represents the very worst of human behavior he is the messenger of hateful censorship, book burning, and the great supporter of government propaganda to curtail the masses and feather his own bed with continued political power.

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