Friday, February 18, 2011

A Tale of Horror

Dr. A. H. Krieg

On the 15th of February 2011 our grandchildren who were visiting us asked if they could be taken to Bush Gardens. Having visited there about eight years ago we readily approved their request and departed at 9 AM toward Tampa. We had purchased three adult and two children’s tickets for just over $400.00 a hefty price considering it was almost half that eight years ago. For prepaying we were allowed to stand in line for just 20 minutes to get our passes verified and then after biometric screening (that I consider a violation of my rights) were allowed entrance. On retrospect this was the lowest attendance we have ever seen at Bush Gardens, proving the incompetence of the new management, if it were not for a very large South American contingent of teenage girls the place almost would have been empty.

The Bush brewery family had opened Bush Gardens eons ago and had run it very well until they sold the entire Bush beer empire to the world’s largest brewery located in Belgium. One of the real feature presentations was the Clydesdale horses. They were gone. It turns out that Bush Gardens (BEC who operated 10 amusement parks) was then sold to the Blackstone Capital Partners V.L.P. (Blackstone) for USD 2.7 billion, getting that information was no simple task. It would appear evident that the previous BEC management team is no longer in charge based on the massive changes made since the takeover. The usual suspects were identified as finacial advisors to the transaction, Merrill Lynch, Barclay Capital, Blackstone Advisory, Deutsche Bank Securites, and Goldman Sachs, & co. one only wonders, when the Obama administration will get involved with a bailout?

Some dramatic changes in Bush Gardens were, Most of the beautiful flowers were gone, fewer animals, shorter rides, no less than five rides shut down, most others shortened, blatant advertising everywhere including billboards, and Sky ride over Serengeti shut down, the train trip only went around half way, entire Egypt shut down. We had told our grandchildren about the great Rhino Safari, it was not great it was half the ride it had been. The main restaurant that had always been excellent under Bush management was shut down and other available eateries were horrible and grossly overpriced. Beer tasting was history. We ate at Stanleyville paid $ 64.50 for a sandwich, 1 salad, 1 cup of grapes, 1 ice tea, 1 lemonade, 2 bowls of children’s spaghetti, 1 coffee, self service cafeteria style on wooden tables and benches. We sat at communal tables, with, in our case, about ten teenagers from Argentina; the food was so gross that no one on the table including us finished their meal. Oh, I almost forgot there was entertainment but it was so loud that we decided to wait until it was over, this was a good decision, because if an OSHA inspector would have been there they would have been fined for exceeding allowable decibel levels. Want a Tee shirt; they are available from $ 35 and up! All the clever curios sold under Bush management were also gone replaced by cheap imported junk, but for a penny and 50 cents you could make your own keepsake by squashing a penny.

Other changes included scores of places where you had to pay cash for other than food, beer tasting was gone, the wonderful Clydesdale horses were gone, the brewery was gone, and every time you turned around another pay-as-you go service appeared. The dolphin show was gone and replaced with a 3-D movie advertising Sesame Place amusement park in Langhorne PA another BEC property.

It appears that the Blackstone Group’s primary interest is in milking every cent possible out of Bush Gardens and changing it from a viable educational experience, sort of semi-zoo to a horrid teen-age mammon vacuum cleaner. You could hardly expect anything else from one of the leading Hedge fund management firms whose offices are in NYC and London.

Giving this thought, I consider it to be the example of exactly what has been taking place in the American economy over the last three decades. The gluttons of fiancé and banking are into everything in America and have but one serious thought; how to optimize their profit margins at the expense of those stupid middle class people. The effects of all these combined issues of multiculturalism, globalism, environmentalism, and multinationalsism, when combined with the relentless corporate consolidations are having serious deleterious effects on our society. The hallmarks of these programmed “isms” are high unemployment, material and energy shortages, increased crime, and a reduction of American manufacturing capacity to 10% of the economy, and the relentless export of American jobs to the third world. All this results in a declining standard of living, longer work hours with lower pay, at least two family members full time employed with one having multiple jobs, causing the gradual destruction of the family group. It is a fact that since 1950 American labor has seen its real term on fixed value basis income decline every single year for the last 66years.

These policies that are nurtured by our government have resulted in an increase of personal debt from 1981 to 2005 of 310 %. The rise of the value of gold, or if you prefer the truth, decline in the value of the dollar of 530.19% from 2000 to 2010. The drop of American manufacturing from 1950 when it was 28.4% of our economy to 10.5% in 2011, when imported components of manufactured good are counted. And we have a present unemployment level of 24.5% (M-6) and an inflation rate of over 11%. The fixed term value of the DOW when calculated in fixed value 2000 dollars sits at 5,398.91 as of December 2010. To wallpaper these horrific statistics over, the various branches of our government issues monthly reports that are about as useful as lead balloons, through the act of omitting half of the applicable statistical information.

So, we see in Bush Gardens as microcosm of our national governmental policies. A voracious finance sector appetite coupled with a media blackout of journalistic reporting, in collusion with a government that is bought and paid for. The result is our present depression, which at this point shows no likely improvement in the foreseeable future. The probable collapse of the dollar as well as the Euro, and the then planned New World Order that has been the schlagwort of the elites for our entire remembered lives would become reality with all its horrific implications.

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