Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The State of the Union Speech 2011

DR. A. H. Krieg

Realism is always preferable to unbridled optimism!

I cannot say I did not like the consolatory speech as usual the presentation was fine and it would appear the president has seen the light of the 2010 mid term election. Having said that I must comment on another issue.

Speeches written by a committee, especially when its authors are on differing pages, do not produce a coherent outcome!

We cannot have it both ways, for the president to suggest that we can cut taxes while at the same time increase spending in several different regions of the economy is unrealistic. A five-year freeze of spending of about $400 billion over a long time is not even a drop in the bucket of a $14 trillion plus, on the books deficit, never mind the $202 trillion off the books deficit. This amounts to a slowing of growth and no actual cuts. Mr. President spending the same you did yesterday does not reduce spending all it does is freeze it at our present unacceptable and unsustainable level. It would seem to me that Paul Klugman of the “Grey Lady” is the house monkey, sorry economist of record.

I did want to comment on the new buddy system of having the congressional members sitting together, this false attempt at bi-partisanship is the left’s attempt to take the wind out of the Tea Party sails, and as good conservatives can always be counted on to do the wrong thing in the name of compassion it fits the bill. That brings me to the black and white ribbons, while we are all saddened by the attack in Tucson; this sort of kumbiah effort is a waste of time and effort, it is not substance it is show.

The efforts of the speech seem to have come from an explanation of where we have been and where we are heading. Based on the number of CFR members in the audience and the floor we can already surmise that all we need do is to read “Foreign Affairs” to answer that question. The President started his speech with his first error when he said; “We have a robust democracy” then compounding the error by repeating it at the end of the speech, sorry Mr. Constitutional professor, America is and has for the past 233 years been a Constitutional Republic. If our president does not even know what form of government this nation has we are in deep trouble. Will cut him some slack considering that he went to Harvard and had Allan Dershowitz as a law professor. Then we learned that multiculturalism sets America apart from other nations; perhaps the speechwriters might want to spend some time on international travel because in the 21st century, multiculturalism has been foisted on the entire West with the devastating consequences that it has brought us.

He told us we must move ahead, we must institute tax cuts, we are poised for progress, and he would create a million new jobs, is this just the same as the three million lost in 2010, or the promises of the 2009 State of the Union address? Then we learned that the recession’s back has been broken. Well now, that’s good news; perhaps it would have helped if he provided any evidence of that. Something along the lines of a reduction of foreclosures that will spike in March, or an actual reduction in the planned budget to be voted on in spring that will see the debt ceiling expanded once again, or perhaps that the dollar has gained in strength, when it will drop even more as more will be spent by the administration.

The future is ours to win! Very nice, the continuation of such exhaling rhetoric and optimism makes us all feel good but leads to false hope and the inevitable fall from grace when reality is eventually faced.

A list of initiatives then emerged, American innovation, well as a patentee with over 20 patents and a business owner for over 50 years I am more than qualified to say the problem with innovation in America is Government interference, government over-regulation, and the legal profession that has driven costs through the roof, and tort laws that add an average 10% to 15% onto every American made product to cover the cost of product liability insurance.

Then came energy policy. Unfortunately the speechwriters did not investigate Spain, who went that way about ten years ago. Additionally these people’s myopic view of energy production and their more than apparent total lack of understanding of this industry speaks for mountains of misinformation. Spain now has an unemployment rate of over 20%, is about to financially collapse and has one of the highest energy costs in the EU. The plan to by 2035 produce 80% of our energy through bio-fuels is unattainable, uneconomical, and scientifically disastrous, and an environmental catastrophe to boot.

The brought forward idea of spending even more on education, the Department of Education has proposed a budget of $ 71 billion for 2011, which is a 20% increase over 2010, is stupid. Jimmy Carter established the departments in 1980 at that time our students were 4th in the world, today after 31 years of operation we have fallen to position number 34. What we should do is to fire Mr. Duncan and shut down the entire agency. Not only would we save $ 71 billions, but also education would return to local jurisdiction where it did so well for many decades.

The usual to be expect amnesty for illegal immigrants all 20 plus million of them came next, I have no idea why, everyone knows that this is a bird that will not fly.

High-speed rail, please, please give us a break. This would be fine if like Eisenhower there was a published national plan linking major metropolitan regions. But this piecemeal disorganized plan between a couples of cities without linking or a national strategy is unworkable. To then propose without any mapped out plan that we will have a national high-speed rail system by 2050 is ludicrous.

Then came the first good idea cut the corporate tax rate which is the highest in the world.

I still by this time almost an hour into the speech had heard nothing about cutting the deficit, cutting the size of government, any factual basis of reducing the national debt in fact on the economic side there was not one caveat for the conservative, libertarian, or common sense part of the population. Nothing would come either. The usual class warfare of let’s sock it to the rich by forcing the 2% highest earners to pay a higher tax rate, hey after all we must stick to our socialist plan and punish success, to fund failure. Then came the anticipated Gay’s in the military, where it was very noticeable that not one military person at the affair stood up or even clapped his or her hands, as a vet I am also totally opposed to this piece of social engineering. The military is not a social experiment it is an organization designed to kill our enemies anything that interferes with that is no dammed good.

The last statement by the president “The State of the union is sound,” bespeaks volumes of denial and a total lack of understanding relating to Americas present economic situation.

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