Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Diabolical Changes

By Dr. A. H. Krieg

We hope you are aware of the fact that Obamacare is functioning and is already costing the nation $ 250 million per day, and that the executive has by now issued over 6,000 new regulations relating to healthcare. In keeping with Obama’s relentless and unending plans to bankrupt our nation, the dollar is on the verge of collapse. The Stock Market, as the DOW Jones is when based on 2000 gold value, down 530% giving us a present DOW Jones of 5,398.91 not the reported 11 thousand plus. Inflation is up to about 14%; unemployment when all are counted is up to 31%, and the dollar vs. the Swiss Frank has fallen by 14% in the last six months. On the 30th of March Obama gave a speech in which he stated that he intends to cut our dependence on foreign oil from 11 million barbells by one third by 2020, by using statistics from 2000 with present consumption at 9 million he’s already one third of the way to his goal. The idiot in charge has just today announced the beginning of his campaign to run for re-election.

We are in the age of Obama, the land of double standards, special interest, and group rights. Individuals have no rights, self-reliance is a dirtily phrase, being self-employed or legally married to one of the opposite sex, is penalized, America is an empire, and state rights are no longer in existence.

Freedom, as Professor Quigley predicted in his book Tragedy and Hope, is constrained to very tight parameters. Should you commit the ultimate sin and lie to any federal bureaucrat it is a felony punishable by a long prison term, but if your president lies to you, which he does every single day, a police agent lies to you, your congressman lies to you, its perfectly OK, and is not a punishable offence.

Should you express a dislike of Obama, you are a racist, but when Eric Holder, who is a blatant racist, refuses to prosecute the New Black Panthers for videotaped voter intimidation of whites, First Amendment rights protect them. Should any student dare to use the words God or Jesus or Christ in any public school, the student will be expelled, probably while the teacher is instructing on the benefits of being queer. The very same group of fools protest the execution of murderers but support the practice of infanticide Our national historic practice is not to burn books but instead to re-write history to bring it into agreement with all the Cultural Maxims on the public stage. Obama and his minions have removed the words communist and socialist from the daily vocabulary and replaced it with progressives. Our southern border with Mexico is as porous as a sieve, but our military had no problem sealing the longer border between Syria and Iraq. Should you dare to protest Obama or his out of control policies you can be branded as a terrorist, if however you burn an American flag in public, or burn any republican image or blame George Bush for everything it is your first amendment right to do so. We have the right to view pornography anyplace and at any time, but should you dare to place a nativity scene in any public venue’ the Jews will have a fit and the ACLU will sue you or your community. America no longer has criminals, they are simply sick people, if particularly heinous they plead insanity, which the courts then agree to, and we are allowed to pay for them for the rest of their lives. Pedophiles are not castrated, that would be cruel and unusual punishment, instead we incarcerate them, let tem out, and they do it over and over again. We take the income from wage earners and redistribute it to those who won’t work. We tax those who work harder at a higher rate than those who loaf, just for fairness.

Our Constitution the basis of our Republic, was by George W, Bush called “just a G. D. piece of paper”. Our government only supports the Constitution if and when it meets their outcome goal. None of us have freedom of speech because if we violate the PC dictums of Washington we could go to jail.

This is not my country! This is the verbal description of an insane asylum. Before we speak of corrections let’s look at what else is wrong. Since the enactment of the 16th amendment (1913) to the Constitution and the establishment of the FRS the dollar has lost 97% of its value. Since 2002 American total employment has fallen from 64% to 58% the result of “Free Trade” and NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, GATT. Bankruptcies are up 9% in the last two years. Our national debt is just about to exceed $15 trillion. In 1974 24.7% of American employment was in manufacturing, today it is about 9.4% in 2006 there were no bank failures in 2010 there were 157. Chinese imports to America have grown by 4,652% in the last 25 years. We now have over 43 million Americans on food stamp supplements.

Once more this horrific information is not restricted to just government. Charities, which are supposed to represent the backstop for those in need, are as bad as government. The American Red Cross CEO Marsha Evans (03) salary $ 651,957.00 plus expenses, Brian Gallagher United Way CEO $375,000 plus expenses and benefits, UNICEF, CEO $1,200,000.00 plus expenses, The Salvation Army Commissioner Todd Bassett that manages a two billion dollar charity gets $ 14,700.00 per year plus housing and a pension, at least you now know who to give what to.

It is our assertion that everything that can has gone wrong for America. The progressive wing of our political system has taken control. All this started with president Wilson and has since then been expanded upon by Democrats as well as Republicans relentlessly. Internationalists, globalists, multiculturalists, and a rag-tag retinue of leftist follower groups have co-opted America. We have changed from being a Republic to becoming a democracy. The problem with democracies, as we all should know, is that the moment people realize that they can vote benefits for themselves the system begins its long decline. It is that decline we are now in. People like our president utilize the established system to induce voters to vote themselves more benefits, which Obama and his friends guarantee to provide if re-elected. All these people are followers, government employees, unionized workers, and ardent supporters of group rights. The problem is, that in a Constitutional Republic as America was, there are no group rights. Read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You are not guaranteed a job, pension, healthcare from cradle to grave, lunch, or anything else, it is up to you to provide these things for yourself.

The misdirected, by progressives’ notion that society is in some way responsible for your welfare is bogus. You and only you and your family are responsible for yourself. Our population due to very poor public education that now lags behind 34 other nations has fallen into the trap of socialism. Uneducated people especially in economics and civics are easy pray for the socialists. Their reliance on government, which is garnished by politicians, and promoted by the bureaucracy, has for many Americans become a way of life. We won’t even address the millions upon millions of civil servants, bureaucrats, and elected officials. To wean these people off this dependency is incredibly difficult as is evidenced in Russia, where 40% of the population is unable to fend for themselves, in Greece, England, France and Wisconsin where they are rioting.

One of our problems lies in the CHANGE, that people are readily willing to accept as they envision the change to be beneficial for them. The prophet’s of change never, ever tell you what they foresee as change. The social participation in a mass movement is another drawing card, in that it allows participants a communal atmosphere. The poor, unemployed, unionized, misfits and minorities are progressive’s cannon fodder, to whom they make huge promises that are after election never realized. Many are whipped up into a frenzy of fanaticism and Class Warfare, which the politicians garnish. All this has become a mass movement for the retention of office by progressives; the people are played like a fine Stradivarius, dancing to the tune of the political fiddler.


Blogger Val Proto said...

Started before Wilson...long before him. It started with Jackson and his war against nullification and the Cherokee where the US Government decided it didn't like states' rights and didn't have to fulfill treaties to the Indians. While the nation was still reeling from Old Hickory, along came "Rail-spiltter Abe" and the whole thing went down the toilet. What we're seeing today is merely the ring around the tub.

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