Saturday, March 26, 2011

American Terrorist Drill Canceled Due To Public Backlash

A terrorism drill in Iowa that depicted a future of unrestrained illegal immigration in America where gun owners and border security advocates are portrayed as mass murdering child killers who attack schools has been canceled due to public backlash.

While one administrator claimed that threats against employees and buildings were the reason for the cancellation, unexpected exposure and the public outcry is the most likely reason for the cancellation.

"Three hundred emergency responders, local police, and Federal police do not back down because of bomb threats, which unfortunately schools receive on a common basis," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "The details of this exercise were not for public eyes according to the documents and when Americans found out what they were trying to do in Iowa, it ignited a political firestorm."

Although no terrorist in America has ever been motivated by gun rights or border security concerns, these mainstream American issues supported by a majority of American citizens were listed as the motivation for the terrorists in the Iowa drill. The Department of Homeland Security, under Obama and Napolitano, have been providing false information to local police for two years depicting conservatives as homegrown terrorists who are threats to the lives of police.

Islamic radicals, immigrants from other nations, and illegal immigrants who have been attempting and committing mass murder of Americans were excluded from the drill profile.

"We decry violence and inappropriate language like 99% of Americans do," said William Gheen. "But the real responsibility for this outrage in Iowa lies with the person and agency that is responsible for the contents of page 13 of Operation Closed Campus."

The threats authorities claim to have received in Iowa came in before Americans for Legal Immigration PAC sent out a national press release titled "Authorities Asked To Cancel American Terrorist Drill."

A few hours later, ALIPAC was informed of the cancellation.

"Every American that supports the US Constitution, Secure borders for the United States, our amendment rights, and a government that protects its citizens instead of targeting them based upon their mainstream political views, needs to take note of what almost happened in Iowa today," said William Gheen. "Page 13 of Operation Closed Campus is propaganda coming from our own government as a form of political warfare against the American public."

In January 2011, parts of the Department of Homeland Security circulated false information to the public via a memo claiming the Tucson Shooter Jared Loughlin was motivated by issues surround illegal immigration. This information was false.

In 2009, leaked documents showed that the Department of Homeland Security, working with far left political groups like the SPLC and ADL, were sending barrages of official looking documents to police officers across America claiming that American citizens should be treated as suspected domestic terrorist based on their popular political beliefs.

Who is to say that any of you reading this national press release may have political views soon to be labeled as an 'American Terrorist.'

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