Friday, March 25, 2011

The Most Evil of Men

A. H. Krieg

Many years ago two men named Lord Milner KG, GCB, GCMG, PC, (1854-1925), and Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) separately set about to change the world as it then existed. While they went about their tasks in differing ways, the desired end result was their utopian vision of an Anglo-American cabal ruling the entire world in a Fabian socialist state. This much at least is not arguable. Milner set about by funding and founding, the Round Table, Milner’s Kindergarten, and establishing RIIA, the Royal Institute on International Affairs that would some time later spawn the CFR in NYC that then in turn spawned the Trilateral Commission. Rhodes, was active by funding the Fabians, i.e. Sidney and Beatrice Webb, the Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University, whose primary function is to take young men and convert them into Fabian Socialists and departing this world leaving behind over 30 trusts, for funding anti-societal causes. The direct result of these actions was the founding of the British Labor Party and in America the progressive (socialist) Democrat party.

In the 20th and 21st century Milner and Rhodes have been replaced by Gyoergy Schwarz alias George Soros. Like most prominent Ashkenazi Khazars of Hungary he changed his name. This may well have something to do with his and his father’s part time occupation during WWII in which Gyoergy and his father were active employees of the Nazi SS who on a commission basis ratted out Jews for internment in labor camps. Gyoergy said of this; “It was the best time of my life”.

This man has a CV that will make the average man’s hair stand on end. On Sept 16, ’92 (Black Wednesday) Soros’s Open Society Foundation and Open Society Institute (501 (c) (3)) US tax except) causes Soros’s controlled finacial organization, The Soros Fund Management LLC to short the British pound by $ 10 billion. Then in ’97 he expanded his Ponzigoniff actions by shorting the Thai baht and the Malaysian ringgit causing ASEAN, GDP to fall by $9.2 billion in ‘97 and then $218.2 billion in the following year. Total loss to the ASEAN nations was 31.7% of value. Millions of people around the world have suffered finacial loss, loss of pensions, and loss of savings, at the hands of this evil megalomaniac. Why are these things done? Because Gyoergy then puts on his white hat rides into the scene to (“[I’m] here to save your economy”) and buys up everything in sight at 68 cents on the dollar. He is now playing with the dollar and America. Open Society Foundation has plowed $ 8 billion into social programs to alter our Republic into the socialist democracy that Gyoergy envisions. Considering that this man is an immigrant to our nation and is hell bent on destroying it, one becomes indignant that the powers to be in Sodom have not deported him. The fact that there is hardly a nation in the world that would welcome him, and that includes his homeland of Hungary, should not surprise!

On April 8, we are informed, Soros is sponsoring an economic conference to as Gyoergy says, “establish new international rules and reform the currency system”. I can only assume that means to get rid of the dollar as the world reserve currency and replace it with something of his invention. The event we are told will bring together more than 200 academics, business and government policy thought leaders. Well, we had one of those in 1944; it was called the Bretton Woods Conference in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, with the participation of 730 delegates from 44 nations. That meeting resulted in the adoption of the now totally failed fiat money system that Lord Keynes the Fabian Socialist sold to the world as Keynesian economics. We will now get Schwartz economics, which will in all likelihood be even worse, if that’s possible. The amount of mammon Gyoergy has sunk into this conference is unbelievable $ 50 million, a full two thirds of the speakers are socially, financially or politically tied to Soros. Then the man himself states, “ The main enemy of the open society, I believe, is no longer the communists but the capitalist threat”.

Not a heartbeat after his op-ed in the NY Times in which he stated, “a new Bretton Woods conference, like the one that established the post-WWII International financial architecture”. Fascinating the Fabian Socialist Keynes has been obliterated from the entire Soros commentary. But the meeting went on; The Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) met at the Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire’s White Mountains the exact same place where the meeting of 1944 took place. Not long before that the INET met in Budapest’s Central European University after CEU got a $206 million grant from Soros. The primary idea is the people like Paul Volcker, Jeffrey Sachs of the $50 million funded by Soros, U.N. Millennium Project, Joseph E. Stiglitz formerly with the World Bank Rob Johnson, and Gordon Brown among others, will produce a great deal of “high quality, breakthrough thinking”. 79 speakers are listed as of this date but 200 are to attend. Soros also funds the Open Society Institute that is the parent of Project Syndicates the largest source of original op-ed commentary in over 456 news sources in 150 nations.

Sorry but academics and politicians are not at the cusp of breakthrough anything, it is exactly this sort of fools that gave us the 1944 convergence and its horrific consequences. Gradually we are then introduced into the agenda by INET board member Robert Skidelsky (I’m beginning to wonder why the meeting is held in Christian New Hampshire it seems to me that an NY reformed synagogue would be more appropriate) that informs us “ [that] currency issues and tensions between the US and China are renewing calls for a global finacial overhaul”. Just speculation here: is there a possibility that Soros has found a willing and able ally to bring down our economy?

In 2009 Soros in a widely circulated (By Project Syndicates) Op-Ed enlightened us yet again with his brilliance; “another stark choice [is] between two fundamentally different forms of organization: International Capitalism (free world) and State Capitalism (communist world). The he informs, “We need a global sheriff” probably Gyoergy Schwarz in his bloated mind.

It becomes absolutely demonic when we learn from various sources that Gyoergy want to restructure and re issue a new global currency, reconstitute the IMF, restructure the UN, Change the UN Security Council, and that he has a established relationship with The Chinese Academy of Social Science, Chinas banking Regulatory Commission, and the director of the Center on U.S. China Relations. Yes sir, he has a new ally, America’s greatest adversary.

I hope you see where all this is going. This is simply an expansion of the Free Trade scenario, which is at the heart of free market and Western economic demise. Multinationalists like Soros don’t really care about anyone but themselves and their inordinate appetite for power and mammon. This Ashkenazi bastard does not deserve to live in our country and I make that pronouncement as an immigrant. He should be deported and his assets confiscated to pay down the national debt!

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