Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Martial Law Under FEMA Control

Columbia, MO December 28, 2010 - As more questions surface as to why TruTV pulled the Police State episode, the offices of Camp FEMA/Enemy of the State Producer/Director team Gary Franchi and William Lewis are receiving even more information with regards to FEMA facilities across the nation. Is this why TruTV was coerced to pull the episode? Did the episode provide too much information for "inquiring minds?" (If you missed the Police State Episode, or just want to view it again, see: http://www.campfema.com/jesse-ventura-police-state-episode.html )

Letters coming into the Lewis/Franchi offices are asking questions as well as reporting on and confirming possible FEMA activity. One person who takes frequent trips to the Wichita area for conferences says he has seen a lot of money being poured into the downtown area. From the funds, the area has gained wider streets, a new indoor stadium and large warehouse buildings popping up along the railroad tracks there. Any one of these "improvements by themselves may be innocuous, but this person says that there is a super reinforced wall bordering the main downtown area. He found photos of it on Google Earth. Another concerned citizen from the area reports that massive cell towers are going up in neighborhoods there.

Friends traveling together around the Paulden AZ area wrote us to tell us about a "cement plant in the middle of nowhere." The e-mail says there is no construction going on anywhere in the area, yet it is called a cement plant. The facility is located 20 minutes outside of Paulden on the highway to Ashfork. The contact say, "it has the creepy razor wire tall fences slanted toward the inside (new) and huge smokestacks and a railroad track."

A newcomer to the Bellingham WA area tells us that there is chatter both in the mainstream and alternative news of a "giant, mega-size new prison being planned." The new resident says that comments in the newspaper are very revealing. Comments such as why the county would need such a huge prison facility and the "unusual amount of land for a prison and space for more prisoners than are projected to be filled based on prison population trends at the current facility serving this area." Other concerned residents want to know why there is such a focus on filling the facility, as it has been reported that it would take 10-plus years to fill.

Also noticed since the exposure from the Ventura and TruTV Police State episode, the forum on the Camp FEMA website has been inundated with spammers. Hundreds of potential forum members, after further investigation, have been found to be regular spammers, causing extra time and effort to keep the forums clear of spam-overload.

"These reports, along with the several we have received before, make you realize that there really is something going on out there. Is that why the Police State episode struck such a cord with Cohen and others? Is that why they wanted it pulled?" asks Producer Franchi, whose social networking site, RTR.org was hacked, then restored with minimal damage over the weekend. Another coincidence?

Director Lewis has an idea as to why the episode garnered such attention. "The episode is making people realize there is truly something disreputable going on with regards to FEMA and the very fact that the episode has been mysteriously pulled is adding to the suspicions."

If you missed the Ventura episode that has everybody up in arms, visit Camp FEMA'S Police State episode page: http://www.campfema.com/jesse-ventura-police-state-episode.html Don't forget to visit http://CampFEMA.com for more information, other press releases and a list of topics covered by the Lewis/Franchi films.


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Good post, thanks! Twittered and MS. I saw the Ventura piece, very well done. This follow up supports the hit a nerve hypothesis.

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