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American Terrorist Drill Canceled Due To Public Backlash

A terrorism drill in Iowa that depicted a future of unrestrained illegal immigration in America where gun owners and border security advocates are portrayed as mass murdering child killers who attack schools has been canceled due to public backlash.

While one administrator claimed that threats against employees and buildings were the reason for the cancellation, unexpected exposure and the public outcry is the most likely reason for the cancellation.

"Three hundred emergency responders, local police, and Federal police do not back down because of bomb threats, which unfortunately schools receive on a common basis," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "The details of this exercise were not for public eyes according to the documents and when Americans found out what they were trying to do in Iowa, it ignited a political firestorm."

Although no terrorist in America has ever been motivated by gun rights or border security concerns, these mainstream American issues supported by a majority of American citizens were listed as the motivation for the terrorists in the Iowa drill. The Department of Homeland Security, under Obama and Napolitano, have been providing false information to local police for two years depicting conservatives as homegrown terrorists who are threats to the lives of police.

Islamic radicals, immigrants from other nations, and illegal immigrants who have been attempting and committing mass murder of Americans were excluded from the drill profile.

"We decry violence and inappropriate language like 99% of Americans do," said William Gheen. "But the real responsibility for this outrage in Iowa lies with the person and agency that is responsible for the contents of page 13 of Operation Closed Campus."

The threats authorities claim to have received in Iowa came in before Americans for Legal Immigration PAC sent out a national press release titled "Authorities Asked To Cancel American Terrorist Drill."

A few hours later, ALIPAC was informed of the cancellation.

"Every American that supports the US Constitution, Secure borders for the United States, our amendment rights, and a government that protects its citizens instead of targeting them based upon their mainstream political views, needs to take note of what almost happened in Iowa today," said William Gheen. "Page 13 of Operation Closed Campus is propaganda coming from our own government as a form of political warfare against the American public."

In January 2011, parts of the Department of Homeland Security circulated false information to the public via a memo claiming the Tucson Shooter Jared Loughlin was motivated by issues surround illegal immigration. This information was false.

In 2009, leaked documents showed that the Department of Homeland Security, working with far left political groups like the SPLC and ADL, were sending barrages of official looking documents to police officers across America claiming that American citizens should be treated as suspected domestic terrorist based on their popular political beliefs.

Who is to say that any of you reading this national press release may have political views soon to be labeled as an 'American Terrorist.'

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Most Evil of Men

A. H. Krieg

Many years ago two men named Lord Milner KG, GCB, GCMG, PC, (1854-1925), and Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) separately set about to change the world as it then existed. While they went about their tasks in differing ways, the desired end result was their utopian vision of an Anglo-American cabal ruling the entire world in a Fabian socialist state. This much at least is not arguable. Milner set about by funding and founding, the Round Table, Milner’s Kindergarten, and establishing RIIA, the Royal Institute on International Affairs that would some time later spawn the CFR in NYC that then in turn spawned the Trilateral Commission. Rhodes, was active by funding the Fabians, i.e. Sidney and Beatrice Webb, the Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University, whose primary function is to take young men and convert them into Fabian Socialists and departing this world leaving behind over 30 trusts, for funding anti-societal causes. The direct result of these actions was the founding of the British Labor Party and in America the progressive (socialist) Democrat party.

In the 20th and 21st century Milner and Rhodes have been replaced by Gyoergy Schwarz alias George Soros. Like most prominent Ashkenazi Khazars of Hungary he changed his name. This may well have something to do with his and his father’s part time occupation during WWII in which Gyoergy and his father were active employees of the Nazi SS who on a commission basis ratted out Jews for internment in labor camps. Gyoergy said of this; “It was the best time of my life”.

This man has a CV that will make the average man’s hair stand on end. On Sept 16, ’92 (Black Wednesday) Soros’s Open Society Foundation and Open Society Institute (501 (c) (3)) US tax except) causes Soros’s controlled finacial organization, The Soros Fund Management LLC to short the British pound by $ 10 billion. Then in ’97 he expanded his Ponzigoniff actions by shorting the Thai baht and the Malaysian ringgit causing ASEAN, GDP to fall by $9.2 billion in ‘97 and then $218.2 billion in the following year. Total loss to the ASEAN nations was 31.7% of value. Millions of people around the world have suffered finacial loss, loss of pensions, and loss of savings, at the hands of this evil megalomaniac. Why are these things done? Because Gyoergy then puts on his white hat rides into the scene to (“[I’m] here to save your economy”) and buys up everything in sight at 68 cents on the dollar. He is now playing with the dollar and America. Open Society Foundation has plowed $ 8 billion into social programs to alter our Republic into the socialist democracy that Gyoergy envisions. Considering that this man is an immigrant to our nation and is hell bent on destroying it, one becomes indignant that the powers to be in Sodom have not deported him. The fact that there is hardly a nation in the world that would welcome him, and that includes his homeland of Hungary, should not surprise!

On April 8, we are informed, Soros is sponsoring an economic conference to as Gyoergy says, “establish new international rules and reform the currency system”. I can only assume that means to get rid of the dollar as the world reserve currency and replace it with something of his invention. The event we are told will bring together more than 200 academics, business and government policy thought leaders. Well, we had one of those in 1944; it was called the Bretton Woods Conference in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, with the participation of 730 delegates from 44 nations. That meeting resulted in the adoption of the now totally failed fiat money system that Lord Keynes the Fabian Socialist sold to the world as Keynesian economics. We will now get Schwartz economics, which will in all likelihood be even worse, if that’s possible. The amount of mammon Gyoergy has sunk into this conference is unbelievable $ 50 million, a full two thirds of the speakers are socially, financially or politically tied to Soros. Then the man himself states, “ The main enemy of the open society, I believe, is no longer the communists but the capitalist threat”.

Not a heartbeat after his op-ed in the NY Times in which he stated, “a new Bretton Woods conference, like the one that established the post-WWII International financial architecture”. Fascinating the Fabian Socialist Keynes has been obliterated from the entire Soros commentary. But the meeting went on; The Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) met at the Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire’s White Mountains the exact same place where the meeting of 1944 took place. Not long before that the INET met in Budapest’s Central European University after CEU got a $206 million grant from Soros. The primary idea is the people like Paul Volcker, Jeffrey Sachs of the $50 million funded by Soros, U.N. Millennium Project, Joseph E. Stiglitz formerly with the World Bank Rob Johnson, and Gordon Brown among others, will produce a great deal of “high quality, breakthrough thinking”. 79 speakers are listed as of this date but 200 are to attend. Soros also funds the Open Society Institute that is the parent of Project Syndicates the largest source of original op-ed commentary in over 456 news sources in 150 nations.

Sorry but academics and politicians are not at the cusp of breakthrough anything, it is exactly this sort of fools that gave us the 1944 convergence and its horrific consequences. Gradually we are then introduced into the agenda by INET board member Robert Skidelsky (I’m beginning to wonder why the meeting is held in Christian New Hampshire it seems to me that an NY reformed synagogue would be more appropriate) that informs us “ [that] currency issues and tensions between the US and China are renewing calls for a global finacial overhaul”. Just speculation here: is there a possibility that Soros has found a willing and able ally to bring down our economy?

In 2009 Soros in a widely circulated (By Project Syndicates) Op-Ed enlightened us yet again with his brilliance; “another stark choice [is] between two fundamentally different forms of organization: International Capitalism (free world) and State Capitalism (communist world). The he informs, “We need a global sheriff” probably Gyoergy Schwarz in his bloated mind.

It becomes absolutely demonic when we learn from various sources that Gyoergy want to restructure and re issue a new global currency, reconstitute the IMF, restructure the UN, Change the UN Security Council, and that he has a established relationship with The Chinese Academy of Social Science, Chinas banking Regulatory Commission, and the director of the Center on U.S. China Relations. Yes sir, he has a new ally, America’s greatest adversary.

I hope you see where all this is going. This is simply an expansion of the Free Trade scenario, which is at the heart of free market and Western economic demise. Multinationalists like Soros don’t really care about anyone but themselves and their inordinate appetite for power and mammon. This Ashkenazi bastard does not deserve to live in our country and I make that pronouncement as an immigrant. He should be deported and his assets confiscated to pay down the national debt!

Dr. Krieg’s new book coming this summer “Rendezvous with the New World Order” $25 to preorder to

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Obama Has No Constitutional Mandate to Protect Libyan Civilians

Boulder, CO - In 2007, candidate Obama stated, "The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation." He was right! And yet, he has now trampled that principle by attacking Libya, doing so without the necessary congressional Declaration of War, which the Constitution clearly requires.

Instead, President Obama merely consulted with some congressional leaders, and has not sought an act of Congress, while pointing to the U.N. Security Council resolution 1973 as justification. He states, "I've acted after consulting with my national security team, and Republican and Democratic leaders of Congress." On Monday, he referred to "an international mandate from the Security Council." Pointing to the global community, he spoke of
"international legitimacy."

President Obama, many of his predecessors, and most in Congress seem clueless about the most rudimentary constitutional principles governing U.S. foreign policy. Even if Congress issued a Declaration of War in this matter, it would not be legitimate, as Congress is only authorized in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution to collect revenue for three purposes: to pay the debts, and for the defense and general welfare of the United States. There is absolutely no authority granted to spend federal dollars on using our military as a global police force, including to protect the people of Libya.

Constitutional scholarship recognizes that treaties have no precedence over the U.S. Constitution. It follows that the United Nations has no authority to direct the U.S. military to initiate warfare, as this authority is reserved for the Congress under our constitutional system, regardless of any statement to the contrary in the U.N. Charter.

"The harm caused goes beyond the estimated $100 million cost of cruise missiles fired at Libya," stated National Chairman Jon Hill. "The strike at Libya is a strike at our constitutional system -- a key to our national stability."

National Secretary John Pittman Hey stated, "The decision to go to war is one of the gravest to be taken, and yet President Obama has failed to stay within the most basic constitutional legal framework. Outraged Americans should call for his impeachment."

America First Party
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To all our readers and ANU members

Dr. A. H. Krieg

Most of you are familiar with my writings that have regularly appeared in The Nationalist Times. I don’t pull punches and commonly call things as they are. You also know, that truth and ethical behavior has become a rare commodity in journalism and government. Take this one seriously because it is a warning.

I am now absolutely convinced that Obama is the instrument of an organized cabal of insiders whose goal is the destruction of America. Just think about the short time since the earthquake in Japan the turmoil in Egypt, civil war in Libya, continuing war in Afghanistan, continued occupation of Iraq, the national debt crisis now soon to exceed $15 trillion and how Obama has reacted to all those horrific events. What was our leaders response to these things? Gates our Secretary of war canceled his overseas trip just so that one member of the administration would be in Sodom. The president, publicly picked his choices for the upcoming basketball tournament, played golf three times, took several smoking breaks, and then took off for his 14th vacation (Spring Break, he probably thinks he’s still in college) of his 28 months presidency. I personally as CEO of my own company did not have 14 vacations in 37 years and I worked an average of 15 hours a day.

Let me be plain. While the entire world is on the verge of finacial collapse, this idiot is told to take another vacation and totes off to Rio with wife, family and at least twenty Teleprompters in tow, most probably adding another few million to the deficit. In Retrospect they probably sent him away so he would not screw up anything else in Sodom, in any event, they now always make sure that he has lots of teleprompters so that he will not sound as stupid as his VP.

I believe that the dollar i.e. our monetary system will collapse sooner if not later. Our government has, under Obama’s budget expanded borrowing to heights never before reached in world history. Worse is the fact that much of this borrowing has been short term, requiring constant turnover of debt. The government is now monitorizing this debt because they are unable to get anyone to purchase government notes at their proposed interest rates. Monitorizing is the dishonest process of issuing bonds and then buying them yourself when you can’t sell them. They have even tried to issue a new type of discounted government bond that they claim is insured against inflation. No one believes this, because it is the government statistic that is used to index inflation and everyone above fourth graders has already figured out that all government statistics are now only lies. I believe that by late fall 2011 the government will default on interest payments on the outstanding debt. I also believe that before that takes place they will begin inflation the dollar at hyperinflationary rates.

Statistically as of March 2011 inflation for the previous 12 months is over 11%. Some items especially commodities have risen from 70% for gasoline to 165% for cane sugar. These increases are the direct cause of the deficit; government causes inflation with the acquiescence and aid of the banking cartel. This has now reached the point where if the government taxed your entire income at 100% they would not be able to meet their finacial obligations to their bondholders.

The incredibly stupid blank cheque given to Freddie and Fannie by Obama ensures that the artificial real-estate bubble caused by the progressive Democrats (Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd) who issued mortgages for amounts to people that could not under any circumstance ever re-pay these loans, will require well over $1.5 trillion by fall of 2012 on top of all the other already committed deficits. Added to this as of March this year the real-estate inventory of homes market nationally, has an existing inventory at present sales rates that runs into February of 2012. New housing construction is therefore dead until March 2012, and if the present foreclosure boom continues well into mid 2014.

Were it not for the FRS’ ability to simply print more money the S&*% would have hit the fan in 2008. The redeeming feature of government is its ablity to simply increase the debt and devalue its taxpayers property, pensions, savings, while at the same time increasing all their costs. The problem with printing more and more money, as they are doing, is the more you print the less its worth and the product of that policy is called inflation.

Because the dollar is the world’s reserve currency we have been on an international free ride. You see, if you are a European nation and want to buy oil, per example, you first buy dollars and then buy the oil with the dollars you bought. That is because the dollar is the world reserve currency. So, conversely when we want to buy oil we just spend our dollars and if we are short we just print some more.

Unfortunately the rest of the world’s governments are not all that dumb, especially those that are exporting a commodity that we need. Consequently there has developed a strong move away form the dollar and into some other form of exchange. Russia now only accepts Euros for their energy products, Iran no longer accepts dollars, and Venezuela is teetering. Soon prime raw material exporters will not want to be paid in dollars because the value of the dollar has been continuously falling.

Lets understand this in very basic terms. In December of 2010 the DOW Jones index was 10,373.54 and gold was $ 273.60 per oz. In December 2011 the Dow Jones was 11,491.91 and gold was $1,450.60 per oz. Was this a 530.19% rise in the value of gold? No it was not, the value of gold is always constant. This was a decline in the buying power of the dollar by 530.19% in ten years. So we must adjust the DOW Jones index because stocks are valued in dollars. The actual real time DOW Jones index on December 15th 2011 was 5,398.91, not 11,491.91.

The FRS was established with the 16th amendment of the constitution in 1913. Since then the dollar has fallen by 97.6% in value. (Purchasing power) When the bankers induced congress in winter of 1913 to pass the 16th amendment their argument was that they would safeguard the currency, prevent market fluctuations, and stabilize markets and prices. What the Ponzigonifs instead did was to take America on a one hundred year finacial rollercoaster ride that is now poised to destroy our currency for the profit and joy of the Ponzigonifs running our economy. Perhaps you have not noticed but the rich are getting richer and the rest of us are getting poorer.

Government debt has simply exploded. In 1970 our national debt was $800 million today its $15 trillion, anyone thinking this to be sustainable is nuts. Most of this is foreign wars, mismanagement, and misappropriation; do not be duped into believing that the cause is entitlements, because it is not. The reason that there is no money is because congress and more exactly the House of Representatives wasted the funds of the Social System. The reason that everyone in the media and in congress keeps claiming it to be an entitlement issue is because they don’t want to be exposed as the people who are in fact responsible for the shortage. Besides everything else they have raised their incomes every year for the last ten by about $3,500 a year. Besides all the perks Congressmen now earn $ 174,000.00. They provide disability payments to people four times the amount that they pay to socials security recipients. They give Mexican whores that come here for childbirth full social benefits including welfare, child support, WIC, housing, heating/air-conditioning, food, telephone service, and even cable TV. Don’t believe me, go to your social security office a look at the waiting room.

If you think things are bad now just wait until the dollar is no longer the world reserve currency. I see gasoline at eight dollars, milk at six, eggs at five a dozen.

While the average American earns about $34,000, the average government employee earns $74,000 and if located in Sodom over $110,000 the Ponzigonifs in Jew York are pulling down millions. What a wonderful world!

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Foreign Affairs
March April issue 2011 Essay on the Tea Party
The Tea Party and American Foreign Policy.
By Prof. Walter Russell Mead, (CFR) Prof. of Foreign Affairs & Humanities at Bard College.

Commentary on Russell’s essay by Dr. A. H. Krieg CMFGE

Part one
One would really think that a professor would at least be scrupulous in his research before writing for such an academic publication as “Foreign Affairs”. Apparently not the case here! Who is the editor? Why has this essay not been edited? To writ:

The Boston Tea Party was organized on Oct 23 1773 and carried out on December 16 of that year by the “Sons of Liberty” who were an outgrowth of a Masonic organization that called themselves “Caucus Pro Bono Publico” Their spokesman was William Molineux. All participants were members of the Lodge of St. John of Boston Massachusetts who for this occasion dressed up as Mohawk Indians. Sam Adams was one of the leaders and a member of the Lodge of St. John There is nothing ambiguous about these facts.

The Edenton Tea Party that was organized by women on Oct 25 1774 was essentially a boycott of English produced cloth. Its leader was Penelope Barker who has recently been brought to the forefront by the gender equality movement (The Feminists) as the great heroin of the Revolution, before 1970 she was totally unknown. (We must be PC)

The statement made in paragraph 3 relating to the Tea party (backed by wealthy sympathizers) is second-rate propaganda. Making such an unfounded accusation is not even good propaganda, especially if it is not backed up by naming any of them. . The then anticipated attack on FOX news simply places the author on the far left political spectrum. FOX is the only network that employs commentators identifying with the political left, as well as right and Democrats as well as Republicans. A situation that is most certainly not applicable to MSNBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, (who just fired Juan Williams for not toting the progressive line) or NBC.

Paragraph four states that “The Tea Party has been the most controversial…” Pray, please; tell us exactly what is controversial about the Tea Party. Then the slander begins again naming the source as “opponents” Please, Please you are supposed to be a professor, you claim the mantle of academia, give us a break, if you have no source shut your loud mouth, “racist” where did that come from Nancy Pelosi? Reactionary, really (one who favors reaction, esp. in politics and policy) [Miriam Webster] I must assume that you are using the term in the light of the communist interpretation, [Russian Revolution Lenin] which would mean opposition to the established cabal? “In a futile protest against the emerging reality of multicultural, multiracial United States and a new era of government activism”. [Government activism = socialist progressivism] Really, did you perhaps miss the black entertainers and speakers, on the podium? Did you notice the last mid term election? So according to your academic views it’s all over, America is to become a multicultural socialist progressive crime infested cesspool just like the southern part of Africa. I hope not to be around to witness it, but you being younger will see your wish come true if not in reality, then in your liberal mind.

In paragraph five you continue your slanderous attack, I’m just sorry not to be a member of the Tea Party, because it would give me grounds for one hell of a slander suite. According to you the Tea Party is made up of: “unreconstructed racists” name one! “Fiscally conservative housewives”, well let’s just slander everyone including our mothers; also please do tell us what and why you don’t like housewives. My mother was one, as is my wife, and both are a lot smarter than you judging from this article.

In Paragraph six we are informed that Glen Beck is the most visible spokesperson (well we could not possibly call him a spokesman that would not fit into your little PC [Cultural Marxist world], now would it. Beck is an opinion jockey and is a damn sight brighter then you are sir, but he is most certainly not the spokesman for the Tea Party. By Ayn Rand, I assume you mean the author Alice Rosenbaum of Libertarian and Atlas Shrugged fame. Then we learn that Glen Beck has an audience of only 2.6 million average, too bad you could not put that in light with the time and with other hosts, say on MSNBC that have a listener ship of substantially less than half a million. I’m getting to the point here that I hope you can visualize, that your article is not exactly an objective piece of journalism, but then you are not a jaded journalist are you, more like a CFR propagandist.

As I could have predicted in paragraph 7 you then “target” (ups sorry) Ron Paul, and his Senator Son Rand Paul and claim them to be “resurrecting isolationism” Say you would not just want to put up or shut up, would you? I have known Ron Paul for many years and have never once heard him espouse any isolationist rhetoric. (Is that the very same Ron Paul who won the C-PAC annual get together presidential poll by a huge margin for the second time)? Perhaps you should simply stop listening to the pundits and academics and simply listen to the facts as espoused by the speakers, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, and Glen Beck, Bill O'Reiley rather than repeating the same tired progressive propaganda arising from pundits who also did not listen to their programs. Your comment relating to Sarah Palin having an Israeli flag in her Alaska governors office is a low blow, considering that the CFR and AIPAC have more in common that a pair of Siamese-twins (sorry again).

I’m truly crushed that you also dislike Christine O’Donnell, what can I say, I do know it’s hard for you lefties after all your women are dogs, think of Bella Abzug, Betty Freedman, Gloria Steinem, Germane Greer, Gloria Anred, Naomi Wolf, I’m sorry just the thought of waking up next to one of those mavens of the left the morning after, could be cause to chew your arm off before seeking out the door. .

To then claim in paragraph nine that the Murkowski win in Alaska is reason to disqualify Palin’s picks, when her chosen for supporters won almost all electoral contests, as well as disqualification for the Tea Party is so blatantly stupid I won’t even comment on it. Especially since the Alaska election was very close and there is ample reason to suspect considerable vote rigging. The additional fact that Tea Party candidates virtually swept the House in the biggest upset election since 1938 appears to not have impressed you at all.

Propaganda peaks in paragraph ten where we learn that the Tea Party is the party of “NO”. And furthermore is an evil populist and nationalist political insurgency. Gee-whiz, I was not aware that being a populist [member of the people’s party, or doctrine of the people (Merriam again)] carried some derogatory connotations, but then I’m not an academic progressive all of whom look down their disjointed noses at the people. I was under the impression that being a nationalist was a good thing, but of course all those people are simply hateful opposer’s of the 24 million illegal’s we now have due to government policies that cost us billions in additional taxes. And I thought that an insurgency was from the outside, so how could a populist (peoples) nationalist (of America) be an insurgency? Oh, and just by the way, if you think of the Tea Party as the party of “No”, then let me put that into an idealogic perspective for you; No to more spending, No to larger government, No to higher pay for academicians, No to tenure, No to sabbaticals, No to more and higher taxes, No to more fees, No to new taxes, and No to you!

Getting to the nitty gritty, we learn in paragraph eleven, that the Tea Party has a crude understanding of the politics of the American Revolution. Well, in all probability as we learned from the first paragraph in this response probably less crude than your own understanding. By the way I was not aware that the American Revolution was part of the discussions held by Tea Party members at any of their functions, do you perhaps have some new insight into this, and would you be willing to share that with us? You know, instead of just making vague and unsupported statements, how about some meat and potatoes of real facts. And a huge yes to “resentment” of the people to an “overpaid, well-connected” not so well bred, [CFR, TC, The Order, Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grove, WEF cabal] who is lording it over the people that frankly have just about had enough of it.

In paragraph 12 we learn that one of the true heroes of America, Andrew Jackson (Old Hickory) was an evil man for shutting down the second attempt by the Rothschild’s with aid of their American counterparts [Nicolas Biddle of Philadelphia] to take over the American economy, The Second Bank of the United States. [Might I suggest that you read up on the three attempts on Jackson’s life by these “Bankster Ponzigonifs”]? But I fully understand that in your mind the FRS instituted by Wilson, under the tutelage of his alter ego and agent of the Rothschild Banks of Europe, Colonel House, the ultimate progressive socialist was a windfall for our nation. After all they have since February 1913 manipulated one financial disaster after another and have personally come out on top every single time, while that hateful mob the people of America got the shaft each time. Perhaps you have not noticed that the rich are getting richer and the rest of us poorer. Being somewhat insulated in your academic cocoon, you were probably not be apprised of this. Then we learn from your abundant knowledge of history that populists engaged in lynchings, just as a favor could you please site some examples, especially in this century?

We have now learned that the Tea Party is to be called the Jacksonians. Thanks, I think just based on the name, I’m inclined to join. Unfortunately your very next issue of paragraph 13 (you must be beginning to think this was an unlucky effort) I found out another new fact that seems to have been overlooked by the Tea Party members, I refer to their lack of enthusiasm in cutting middle-class entitlements. See here; I have some serious problems with all you academics. I’m on Social Security and while the economy is crashing all about me and inflation is at over 10% I have not seen an increase of my payments for the past two years and have been told there will be none through 2012. Oh, and just so that you understand, I paid into the system for 37 years, my wife for 22 years, I was self employed all that time so I paid double, none of us were paid interest on the monies that the government confiscated over the time and we get a lousy $1,800 between the two of us per month. Perhaps that’s because the SS Trust fund was raided by congress [now containing only IOU’s] to provide monies for among other things the outrageous salaries and benefits, sabbaticals and teniure granted to academics. And don’t try to counter that, I lived in Woodbridge, CT outside New Haven for 19 years.

Jacksonians we learn in paragraph 14 regard “supposed experts” with suspicion. Brother you finally got something right. You go on to say that the populace (us) believes that these people are on an agenda to advance their own class. Right again. After all what is the purpose of all those secret and semi-secret organizations that periodically meet keeping us out through their close relationships with police agencies that they control. You know you are a member of the guys on 68th street in NYC just one of those agencies. You also know the others, the Bilderbergers, The Bohemian Groove (probably above your finacial ability to apply for membership to) The Trilateral Commission, and of course The Order (but then even you did not possess the connections to be granted membership at your Alma Mater) if you can afford a trip to Davos the WEF might have you. I hear it already, “Conspiracy Theorist”, OK, I don’t mind, because by this time all the intelligent populace (us) fully understands that there is a conspiracy and it is headed up by the banking cabal monopoly and supported by their academic and media toadies. Just check out the leadership of the CFR and their memberships in other clandestine operations, and in banking.

I’m sorry to be so critical, but your economics understanding is rather weak, not to worry, you can still teach it, after all our president taught Constitutional law for years and knows next to nothing about it. Your assertion that, “the federal deficit produces economic growth” is the assumption made by John Maynard Keynes the Fabian socialist who introduced his false and since then proven failing economic theory in July 1944 at the Bretton Woods conference in The Mt. Washington Inn in NH. The American Delegate to that meeting was Harry Dexter White a Soviet communist agent. [i.e. a socialist]. The falsely propagated in academia and distributed by the media, theory that spending money you don’t have, borrowing it from Banksters at inordinate interest rates (The National Debt now consumes over a quarter of all collected taxes) and shipping all your manufacturing enterprises to foreign shores, [Free Trade] is best explained by a quote from Thomas Jefferson. “Those who do not manufacture will become the colonies of those that do!” The theory, and its not even worthy of that epitaph, that exporting manufacturing jobs raises the standard of living can only be labeled ludicrous! It is as we understand a viable belief in academia, but then, none of you have ever met a payroll, had to pay your quarterly federal payroll deduction taxes, had to make a profit while facing enormous competition, or manage anything but a simple classroom full of students, while being overpaid for the effort.

In paragraph 15 we learn that Jacksonians reduce the abilities of the elites to make policy and shape national debates. Well thank God (sorry) that we the people still have voice. The unparalleled incompetence and arrogance of the elites has led this nation to near collapse. Your comment that, “the rejection of the scientific consensus (is that in your mind, or is it just academics in Sodom on the Potomac) on climate change…” (Say last week it was global warming) which is not a consensus anyplace but at the UN and has been disputed by over 1,000 real scientists, not lecturers, readers, or teachers of humanities. You bet, and if you also tell us that this has been one of the coldest winters in four decades and the reason for that is global warming, then I’m sorry for the students that have to suffer listening to your drivel. The high time for the academics, elites and members of the self appointed intellectuals has arrived, it would be nice if you all could just sit down and shut up, there is no way that the people of this nation could screw up things any worse than what your clique” has accomplished in the last five decades.

In 16 we learn that our notion that Washington is corrupted beyond a realistic comprehension and that Washington’s acts and means are not misguided or corrupt must be news to every reader that has any common sense. What you seem not to grasp from your ivory towers is that the people have had it with you and your toadies. You teach our kids stupid, failing, socialist crap. You walk around with your noses in the air, faintly looking down on Americans. You are a bunch of arrogant ner-do-wells who without tenure would probably be cleaning out stables. Not one of your ilk could run a two person candy store and make a profit. And you’re right you had better see about the consequences because if we win and any of my sons or I are in charge you will all be looking for new employment, one in which you will have to actually work.

Part two. The Populist Cold War

In paragraph one of the second part of your essay I have learned that I am a Westphalian in my worldview. I’m perfectly happy with that. I think we should mind our own business, and as TR said, “carry a big stick “ and frankly beat the hell out of anyone who tries to do us harm. I do not believe in limited wars as in Iraq, Afghanistan, or anyplace, the reason for war is that when diplomacy has failed you beat the crap out of whoever did something to you and then you go home and forget all abut it. The concept of bringing democracy (and just by the way America is a Republic not a Democracy) to any third world hellhole is a waste of our time and resources.) Vietnam and Korea was the failure of the elites in the 20th, and Afghanistan is the failure of the elites in this century, Iraq we don’t yet know. So long as your policies of limited wars continues we will have one after another of these fiascos. Didn’t Geroge Vidal say something about that? Oh, yes, “Perpetual war for Perpetual Peace”, you should read it.

In paragraph two I was surprised to learn that your knowledge of WWII is even more vacuous that that of the American Revolution. “The Japanese solved Roosevelt’s problem by attacking Pearl Harbor” Well, they did do that, but only after FDR made it impossible for them to continue living without doing so. Have you, per chance, read the over 20 points as presented to Japan for the continuation of peace? Are you aware that the Nazis had the transatlantic cable bugged and listened in to Churchill telling Roosevelt on November 28th that the empire of Japan would attack Pearl Harbor in the beginning of December? [Read Gestapo Chief East by Gregory Douglas] Roosevelt whose entire administration by its second term was run by and controlled by the CFR forced the war in the Atlantic as well as the Pacific. [Read Prof. Carroll Quigley’s book Tragedy & Hope) Are you aware that the Diaspora declared war on Germany in 1933 one year before Hitler’s election to the Reichstag? Did you know that FDR’s VP Henry A. Wallace was forced from office because he was a friend of Stalin (Uncle Joe to you leftists) one of the greatest mass murderers of all time, and was a card caring communist. The thought that a ueberleft like FDR would even consider a harder line with Stalin is silly, Churchill, yes Stalin no. FDR was literally in love with Stalin, consider the fact that he supported England and France against Germany based on the German invasion of Poland that was invaded at the same time by the Soviets, why didn’t they declare war on Russia at the same time? . Could it have been because the Diaspora was located in London and was in the midst of moving to NY?

In the third and fourth paragraphs we are finally treated (oh, but Prof. Quigley (CFR) would be so pleased) to the “Great Revelation” no—admission of the ever-present desire as outlined in Zbigniew Brzezinski’s (CFR, TC, Bild. BG) “The Anglo American Establishment” of the yearning by the elites of England and America to rule the world. None other than Dean Atchison (CFR) is the assumed bearer of those tidings, which you so aptly phrased. Thank you for confirming the reasons for our very deepest distrust of the CFR. Arthur Vandenberg’s (CFR) incursion later resulted in the dubious CIA (The agency that took over the OSS because Truman had to disband it due to the fact that most of its agents were card caring members of the communist party) practice of inflating Soviet abilities thereby scaring the poop out of Joe citizen, so that the military industrial complex could continue to reap maximum profit from the American middle class for the entire duration of the “Cold War”. The middle Class has always been the sucker in the end. Then came the Marshall Plan out of a secret study group at the Pratt House, all this may be verified by a series of CFR reports beginning in 1941 with P-B23 to E-B34 that you may verify through (minutes S-3 6 May 1942 Notter File) The CFR boys of this venture were Bowman, Davis, Hull, Pasvolosky, Tailor and Wells all of whom reported directly to FDR.

As we now learn all of these machinations worked very well for you guys until the “Sleeping Dogs” began to awake. Most of us now fully understand the variance between the Soviet Empire that has been traded for Terrorism (Fourth Generation Warfare) so as to keep yourselves in power, maintain the production capacity of the “Military Industrial Complex” and the middle class at the brink of poverty, dumbed down by a worthless education system, and a spiraling debt to your banker associates. Very good reality, the Soviet fabrication was a nation that could be defeated; terrorism on the other hand is an idea, which is self perpetuating thus having an almost infinite life. You guys must have read Geroge Orwell’s 1984 and I suspect even Eric Hofer’s, The True Believer.

As you state, the success of Mao Zedong’s revolution in China was the fault of Truman who stopped supplies to the Republic of China that was in fact winning the war until your favorite “Uncle Joe” came to Mao’s aid. No use crying over spilt milk. The then, in the 50’s appearance of the much-maligned Senator Joseph McCarthy whose every pronouncement was later supported by the Venona papers (Feb. 1 1965 FBI release) seems however to be missing from your dialogue.

I’m so sorry for yet another correction in paragraph seven. GATT (The General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs) had nothing to do with the Soviets or foreign policy. GATT was initiated as the first step in a series of moves to de-industrialize the West. Others were WTO, then NAFTA then CAFTA to destroy America’s ability to manufacture. In 1950 American industry (industrial manufacturing) accounted for 24.7% of American employment today when imported components are removed from the numbers American manufacturing is down to 10%. Soon we will only have lawyers, academics, and politicians, and we will be a colony of China. The Marshal Plan by the way had absolutely nothing to do with Latin America, Africa and Asia.

The last part of this section is infantile. To mention the collapse of the Soviet Empire without even mentioning the man responsible, President Ronald Reagan is a travesty. And to then claim that the Soviet Empire collapsed because of trade polices as instituted by the CFR is laughable. I at first though that this was an intellectual exercise but now understand that it is nothing but cheap propaganda. Your repeated dream of creating a New World Order, your words “liberal and cosmopolitan world order”, actually stems from speeches made by Mussolini, You can verify that by reading (sorry its only available in German) Mussolini Lebensgeschichte by Sarfatti (Hese & Becker Verlag Leibzig 1927.

Part three After the End of History

Paragraph one; Seems to me (again) that the Soviet empire did not collapse in 1991 due to some inexplicable reason, it collapsed because president Reagan forced them to spend themselves into bankruptcy. I fully understand that liberals hate Reagan, but rewriting history to meet your personal outcome goals is not a viable option. Your new name for the New World Order (Liberal World Order) will not wash any better than global warming and climate change, we all understand what you guys want and we are going to resist that to our last dying breath. It is now also common knowledge that you simply replaced the “Evil Empire” with Terrorism to allow you to manipulate society of the West, and stay in power.

I must say that in foreign policy the entire CFR and all its TC and other auxiliary organizations remain as clueless today as you have demonstrated being, for the immediate past. It seems to me, as an outsider, that policy is driven by factors that I would not even consider in reaching a decision. The entire concepts of U.S. CFR policymakers seems based on perception of world governance, world military strategies, and rather than initiating policy they operate on a reactionary footing. You cannot be a world leader as a reactionary; leaders don’t react to situation they cause the situations to happen. But I am remiss, we have no leadership in congress or the executive and that is our primary problem.

In paragraph 3 you indicate that there is much obstruction to CFR worldview indicating this to be an anomaly in CFR planning. You site Senator Jessie Helms (why did this wonderful man have to die? He was the ultimate nemesis of everything you guy’s stand for). Pay UN dues? Hell no! Get us out of the UN; it is a worthless debating society, whose principal purpose is the employment of scores of bureaucratic diplomats, whose primary function seems to be scofflaws in NYC for parking tickers. What has the UN accomplished since its foundation—well, if my calculations are right about 100 wars. The senate recoiling from the Kyoto Protocol was one of the only bright things of that year. (Ozone Al was dismayed, but hardly as much as when his phony climate exchange in Chicago and London went belly up) (I hope you were not one of the foolish investors) This then brings us to NAFTA.

NAFTA was the worst agreement that the United States engaged in, in the nations history. Clinton’s folly was only surpassed by the stupidity of G. W. Bush, in enacting CAFTA. So that you and you cohorts can become acquainted with unpublished but by me, facts relating to NAFTA, let me educate you.
• Before NAFTA was enacted the United States had a trade surplus with Mexico of $5.7 billion per year.
• This trade surplus rapidly fell and after two years was in deficit.
• After six years the deficit was over $ 50 billion per year.
• Today the Mexican trade deficit runs between $60 and $70 billion annually.
What NAFTA did was to turn a positive situation of 5.7 billion dollars trade surplus with Mexico, in our pockets, to a catastrophe of an almost 80 billion dollar loss. Then to compound the stupidity the CFR they got gormless G. W. Bush to expand that failure with CAFTA. Yes I know you’re not finished, Obama another CFR controlled fool, is now in the act of expanding “Free Trade” you’re “Trojan Horse”, of America’s deindustrialization to South Korea. (Boy the auto industry especially Government Motors, of which we own 61%, will be delighted) All this leads me to a very relevant question; does anyone in your organization know how to add? Yes, Yes you succeeded with WTO and liberalized international trade. The problem is, that like all trade agreements it was written by lawyers employed by the NGO’s who are the only beneficiaries of it. WTO is a treaty made by and written by multinational corporations, for their benefit, and in order to freeze small business out of international markets. Since the enactment of WTO, NAFTA, and CAFTA America has lost thousands manufacturing enterprises and about 10 million manufacturing jobs, the highest paid employment in the blue Collar trades. (You did well)

9-11 certainly did bring changes, but before we even continue, I think I should be up front and point out that I do not believe the government version of it, along with over 1,000 architects, engineers, and scientists. So, in my mind any discussion on this issue should be prefaced with a statement that we do not know who was actually responsible and that most of the reported information can be proven to be bogus. The fact that there is a large segment of the population (over 50%) that thinks this was a false flag operation cannot be overlooked. As Ronnie used to say “there you go again”! G.W. Bush (The Order) should have done what Truman did, (what he was told to do by the CFR). Energizing the American people to support a far-reaching program of building, yes, yes your “Liberal World Order”. Say, this is getting somewhat repetitive. Were you in a previous life, at one time in the Roman Senate? I seem to remember someone there who ended every paragraph with the same slogan. Ahh, now I also recall, someone who said “If you repeat the same lie often enough people will come to believe it” lets see, oh yes, it was Dr. Goebbels. To then claim it was the conservative right that wanted a war with Iraq is simply beyond the pale. It was the neo-cons, a bunch of rabid zionist CFR, TC, Bilderberger and Bohemian Grove members along with AIPAC and the entire Israeli lobby who wanted this war. You can’t possibly say that you don’t’ remember the New Jerusalem (New American Century) report, the documents from Richard Perle and the bizarre false accusing by your CFR chum Colon (well that’s what I think of him) Powell. (Half hour presentation to the UN general assembly, all lies) It was certainly not the political right or the political left (Ron Paul (R) and Denis Kucinich (D), both anti war, both presidential candidates 2008) that were vociferously opposed to the war. The war was the result of Mossad misinformation accepted by the CFR who then had their water boy Powell set the war up in the UN.

What you seem to think you know about the Obama administration is based solely on misinformation, propaganda, and second rate journalistic reporting. Obama is not a leftist he is a stalwart socialist if not communist. He unflinchingly wants to secede American predominance in military, political and social issues to an international cabal, as has been the policy of the CFR from day one of their inception. Wilson was without doubt one of America’s worst presidents. He was the dupe of his alter ego Colonel House, an agent of the Rothschild’s of Europe. (Read his book Philip Dru Administrator to understand that issue) It was Wilson who tried to get America into the League of Nations in Geneva that thank God (sorry) the Senate dumped. We were not so lucky the second time around, and the great useless debating society (full employment for diplomats) was joined, costing America billions in the bargain for no political gains or peace whatsoever. The Global War on Terror, i.e. Terrorism, (fourth generation war) is by the way, the direct response to American foreign policy as conceived by the CFR “Study Groups” which in the latter 20th century came to be under the control of the zionist neo-cons. Terrorism is caused solely by American foreign policy, which since 1948 has been so one sided in favor the zionist socialist theocracy of Israel, as to make one blush. Remember if you’re old enough that before 1948 America did not have one enemy in the entire Middle East, it took Truman’s acceptance of $ 500,000 for the DNC to recognize Israel to do that.

To then imply that Obama has a foreign policy is ludicrous. His Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s entire foreign policy experience is eight years as the wife of the president; she does not even to my knowledge speak one foreign language. There are in fact no policies in this administration save a concerted effort to destroy this nation and what it stands for. Foreign affairs, Energy, Domestic policy, Manufacture, Agrarian, Infrastructure, Education, every issue that confronts America has seen the appointment of Czars that have never worked in any of the fields, and if they did, like Amy Duncan, administered the greatest failures of America, resulting in nothing but disappointments. This administration is and has been running for office for the last four years, and has continued to run for office in its entire first term. The liberal left has made a shambles of America, a mess out of our nation, and is directing this nation into a socialist catastrophe. There is not one, NO, socialist system that has succeeded in world history, regardless, you and your brain-dead academics are at the forefront of pushing this failure on us.

Part three The Tea Party Challenge.
Attempts to forecast anything, even if a crystal ball is available are foolish exercises. But I can tell you that the rule of American Foreign Policy by academics and the CFR will become very limited if the Nationalists and Tea Party are successful. The accumulated failures of these elitists have reached the point of intolerance for the rest of us. Perpetual war for Perpetual Peace is no longer an acceptable means of managing America’s foreign policy. Stationing American soldiers in over a hundred nations and the costs this produces is not a continuing option. Placing American soldiers in Europe, and Japan which are more than capable of defending themselves is out. Wars of conquest are out and done with. And we are not the world’s police force. Attempts to clothe these issues in fancy language like Wilsonian, Jacksonians, and other anachronisms will not work either. The then brought in conclusion that Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, and Bill O’Reilly represent some sort of uniform opinions relating to American foreign policy is so badly mistaken, that I won’t even comment on it. These three people are miles apart on the issue of foreign policy; in fact I don’t even think Sarah Palin has with the exception of unilateral support of Israel, a foreign policy position. It would appear to me that you listen to commentators and pundits that blather about the political opposition rather than listening to what that opposition is actually saying. Listening to the “lamestream” media is not particularly intellectually edifying.

The assumption that the political right is split on the issue of Middle East policy is accepted as fact. But, America’s relentless unflinching policy of supporting Israel regardless of what that nation does is running out of time. This charade that was begun in 1948 has seen unflinching support of Israel even after the USS Liberty, Pollard, Rosenberg, and an endless Mossad directed policy against America incidences, is in my opinion on its last leg. The principal issue is not related to foreign policy at all, as we all know, indeed it is the issue of the huge payola political contributions by Jews (AIPAC) to elect Jewish legislators, and to the CFR and TC. Over 40 legislators at this time in congress and over 70 in the executive, we won’t even address the judicial branch at this time. This in fact is not that un-similar with Germany in the 1920, and we see what the outcome of that was. Terrorism as stated before is not a real issue. Terrorism was instituted through clever political manipulations in order to replace the “Evil Empire” as the adversary so that the Hegelarian Dialectic can continue to be used to manipulate the Populi. (Shades of 1984)

The belief that the public will continue to support Middle East incursion is relenting. I do not think that the public will continue to support these wars in favor of Israel’s planned hegemony of the Middle East. (Greater Israel) Their and the CFR’s attempt to involve America in a war against Iran has to date failed, but not without extensive misinformation published by the Mossad and distributed by their media empire.

It seems to me that you confuse nationalism and self-preservation with isolationism. American foreign policy should be first about America, second about America, third about America and after that other considerations. The CFR has followed a policy of internationalism, globalism, and multiculturalism, for the last 60 years, certainly since after WWII. This has led us to near bankruptcy and economic collapse; we can do better by perusing a new and different direction, one that favors “America First”. The “Trojan Horse” of the CFR, TC and all the rest of the elites of the “Free Trade” scenario are gradually being exposed as the plan to de-industrialize the West, for the profit of multinational business, something you should be well aware of, as it is a CFR construct. The idea that this will lead to isolationism is wrong, what it is intended to lead to is honest trade policy (free trade without government interference) that is favorable to America rather than some foreign state. We all fully understand that WTO, GATT, NAFTA, CAFTA and all the rest of that garbage was written for and by NGO’s in order to eliminate their smaller and more nimble small business adversaries and has been incredibly successful in this endeavourer. Since the enactment of NAFTA we have lost thousands American manufacturing plants and well over 7.5 million blue-collar jobs. I well understand that as an academic with tenure you could care less about blue-collar labor, but as one who for 37 years employed over 100 of these fine Americans I can only say that I remain dismayed by your attitude.

The fact that Jews have been the predominate factor of American foreign policy does not come as news to anyone. They also control the media, banking, and in large part the political dialogue. As stated before, much as they did in Germany in the 1920’s. All this has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with zionism. Zionism contrary to commonly accepted opinion, not a religion, not a race but a nationalistic outlook with perseverance to Israel, a socialist theocracy. So long as the CFR refuses to acknowledge this fact no progress will be forthcoming in the Middle East. We see therefore, that contrary to your thesis, it is not Reagan Democrats, Roman Catholics, Tea Party, Jacksonians or anyone but the zionist that hold the key to resolution to this issue. The fact of the matter being, that so long as America continues to allow itself to be politically, in foreign affairs, be controlled by a foreign power which by revolving foreign aid funds (payola) to American politicians, controls the political process and therefore the aid, nothing will change. Notwithstanding the fact that we give Israel about $3 billion in foreign aid and $4 billion in military aid, and who knows how much in tax breaks for Israeli bonds, a country that can boast the 15th highest per capita income in the world. These people certainly have the ability to defend themselves. If necessary we could always guarantee their border integrity. But as you will come to learn as Americans become equated with these facts they will rebel against any further aid to such a poor ally.

We all know that the Iranian nuclear program is a red herring, at least those of us that study foreign affairs. It seems to me to be an exact repeat of the Iraq, has chemical bacteriological, nuclear, and what have you weapons, all of which proved to by Mossad concocted lies to get America to eliminate Israels prime Middle East adversary. More than 50% of American’s who believe that America should defend Israel against an Iranian attack is the brain dead portion of America. This is simply another effort by Israel, who has at latest count over 300 nuclear warheads and is the only power in the Middle East capable of delivering them to its opponents, to have us pick their coals out of the fire. Our policy regarding Israel should be completely re-vamped. We should tell them to make arrangement to get along with their neighbors forthwith. And if they refuse, cut all foreign and military aid and tax Israeli bonds. The Likud (War Party) would rapidly lose their now established superiority and control of the Knesset and as a collation of other parties comes to power that actually want peace; the direction of the Middle East would change for the better. Just so you know, a number of Israelis have proposed exactly that, an effort I heartily support.

I sincerely hope you are correct in your assumption relating to international globalist plans and the likelihood that the U.S. Senate will oppose any new treaties. The one’s we have are not in our best interest and any additions are most likely to be the same. I do hope you are right in your thesis that the power of the CFR and all its assailers will see their power waning; absolutely nothing would more please the public.

Your last paragraph of part three is the first item I wholeheartedly agree with, there may yet, still be hope for you.

Part Four Populism in Perspective
The use of the Hegelarian Dialectic in offering only two alternatives to the tricky problem of American foreign policy is duly noted. Unfortunately as all problems there are scores of solutions not just two as you indicate. Likewise the Nationalist/conservative/Tea Party wing of our political structure has many more options, or opinions on the table than just the two you address. If I were to sum up what I believe to be acceptable to most Tea Party members relating to foreign policy I would say the following things.
• Eliminate all foreign aid
• Mind your own business.
• Keep out of foreign entanglements.
• Mind American interests.
• Structure foreign policy to benefit American economic interests.
• Get out of the UN.
• Re-negotiate WTO, GATT, NAFTA, CAFTA so that the outcome will be beneficial to small as well as large business.
• Eliminate the 16th amendment and the IRS set up a flat tax.
• Cancel The American Patriot Act immediately.
• Eliminate Obamacare and replace it with a ten page healthcare act.
• Eliminate the Departments of Education, Energy, and HHS.
• Disassemble the Department of Homeland security.
• A Balanced budget amendment to the Constitution
• Bring our troops home and put them on the Mexican border.
• End all military presence in Europe, Japan and Okinawa.
• Drastically reduce the size and scope of the government
• Produce a viable energy policy beneficial to America not to business.
This would be a fine start.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Presidential Incompetence hits the Top!

Dr. A. H. Krieg

And just when you thought, “It can’t possibly get any worse!” Well it is, and the speed at which it’s moving ensures America’s economic collapse before the end of Obama’s first term. He does not want a second term, because he fully intends to so destroy America just like humpty-dumpty, there will be no putting it back together again.

In the week of February 20 our national debt exceeded our total annual national economic output. In the face of this Obama has proposed a budget that is $1.4 trillion greater than the 2010 budget a total budget of $ 4 trillions. Furthermore his proposal for 2012 is about the same, thus completely ignoring the 2010 election results. As of February 2011 based on fourth quarter 2010 polls with a state-by-state variance of from 59% to 91%, American homeowners disapprove of the way Obama is running this nation. In the food sector government auditors have determined that there are 18 agencies regulating this industry whose actions overlap each other. This is costing taxpayers a total of $ 62.5 billion. Obama’s solution is to increase the budgets of all agencies part to this travesty, the FDA to $ 4.3 billion a 6% increase over 2010. 1,251 more regulators will also increase personnel at FDA; the IRS will also hire over one thousand more agents, in progressivisms this is the means of cutting costs, while reducing unemployment!

To cut costs Obama has increased the budget for 2011 by a mere $1.6 trillion. On a personal note Obama flies his personal trainer from Chicago to Washington twice a week for his bi-weekly training session, while his wife’s personal staff is now at 47, which to best of my understanding is 40 more than Marie Antoinette under Louis the XVI. Oh, and just by the way, besides manicurist and hairdresser there is one position titled shopping assistant. With just 16 months in office Obama has taken 13 vacations, a totally new record in the annals of the American executive, or any management team I have ever heard of.

We have learned this week that AIG, Goldman Sachs, City Corp, and the now discredited Lehman Bros. along with Freddie and Fannie issued mortgages to consumers at 99.3% of net property value, without any down payment, all of which mortgages were bailed out by taxpayers. All the aforementioned firms made massive millions of political contributions out of the taxpayers bail-out-money to Obama and his progressive cronies. None are under investigation and nobody has been charged or indicted for anything.

In a totally diabolical move Obama issued instructions to the Treasury to send bankrupt Fannie and Freddie any money needed to prop up the failed Progressive Frank/Dodd finacial fiasco. We do not know how much money has gone into this bottomless pit because the Treasury refuses to tell us, we are however cognizant that it is well over $500 billions.

In his latest state of the union address Obama told us that we needed to spend, spend, spend, on; high speed rail, the infrastructure, to improve internet access, wind turbines (bird swatters), solar power (agrarian disrupters) and to increase the number of electric cars. In fact the entire speech was not about fiscal restraint, budgeting, cutting costs, balancing budgets, or any other common sense issues, it was about spending, group rights, special interests, like his friends at GE and GM, (1) and double standards.

In another bizarre twist NYC is spending millions of Federally granted dollars for a campaign for New Yorkers to stop drinking sodas, eat more celery, stay away from fast foods, not to use salt, and so forth, all in an effort to alter New Yorkers eating habits, which by the way are none of the governments business.

On the immigration issue, especially the illegal immigrants Obama has done a total of nothing. In fact his distinct lack of action is an encouragement for more illegal immigration. Not only that but Eric Holder his AG has refused to enforce existing law even going to the extent of bring a law suite against Arizona who is tying to enforce the federal laws. Janet “the dumbo” Napolitano, is the second most inept members of the administration and has not carried out any of her duties either. The Mexican border remains as porous as ever, wall construction was halted, national guard posted to the border were purposely unarmed and not given power to arrest or detain, while the border patrol that was scheduled for personnel expansion was not. All this is taking place, in the face of a virtual civil war between the drug cartels and the Mexican drug-republic government.

The worst and most ineffective department of this government is the Department of Education. Amy Duncan the man who in previous occupation ran the worst school system in America, Chicago, heads it up. The Department of Education established in 1980 by Jimmy (the twit) Carter provided America with the 4th highest international student competency in the world in 1980. Today, 31 years later we are regrettably number 34, which is cause in Mr. Obama’s mind to increase spending on this department for 2011 and 2012 by 38.5%. The progressive mind set being that throwing more money at any failed problem will undoubtedly fix it.

The Department of Energy whose two achievements have been long gas lines 1981 and 2008 and the reduction of domestic energy production thought a policy that hurts not only Americans but also our entire economy. In 1980 we imported 26% of oil consumed today we import 66.9% of oil consumed. This is not due to diminishing supplies it is solely due to Department of Energy policy. America has no viable energy policy and that is the direct fault of the Department of Energy and the Bush and then the Obama administrations. Obama’s solution to this dilemma is to keep funding the Department of Energy, stop oil drilling, shut down Alaska, not build any reactors, and not build any coal liquidation plants, assumedly so that he can screw-up the economy even worse.

The deficit commission appointed by Obama consisted of the same sort of political hacks found in every appointed commission and all the Czars. These politicians made bizarre and worthless recommendations that have now been totally ignored by everyone as being worthless an outcome-based result.

With all these issues the administration has indicated the economy is on the mend and that they anticipate a 61% increase in collected revenues from taxes in 2012. Someone is obviously crazy. The Obamacare plan that congress will hopefully deep-six, would add another 500% cost increase to the coming budgets for the next ten years. His proposed spending freeze will do nothing because in Washingtoneses a spending cut is a lower percentage of increase. The way this works is that if this year’s budget is ten dollars and is projected to $10.50 in the coming year and you restrict that growth to $10.45 then you have cut the costs.

The entire Obama plans if enacted will force huge tax increases in business, private, and also in fees, licenses, permits, and anything else that the bureaucracy can come up with, including an new VAT tax. This will expand and enlarge the depression, further just as those same actions did under FDR, reduce middle income, and destroy the American economy what little is left of it.

(1`) GE is one of Obama’s staunchest supporters, their president has just been named to the administration, and GE is the largest domestic producer of bird swatters. GM (Government Motors is still 61% owned by taxpayers.

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The Bizarre Antics of the FDA

Dr. A. H. Krieg

In the annals of government there is no possibility of an agency as bizarre as the American Food and Drug Administration, with the possible exception of the Obama White House budget office that is projecting a 61% increase in tax revenues for 2011. As of February 2011 the national debt exceeds the entire national annual economy. FDA employs a total of 13,586 regulators and an anticipated increase for 2011 of 1,251 more in an a-typical move by the Obama administration at cost cutting and reducing the size of government. After all the new budget by the President is only $ 1.6 trillion larger than last year, making me speculate if Obama has immediate plans to outdo King Louis the XVI with possibly the same outcome? The FDA is part of HHS deriving its power from Sec. 361 of the Public Health Service Act. The FDA is an outgrowth of the Bureau of Chemistry [1901-1927 USA Established in 1862] The projected budget for the FDA for 2011 is $4.03 billions, reflecting a 6.0% increase over 2010. In 1990, the budget for FDA was a mere $601 million. Some new budgeted items include massive expansion into new regions of regulating, including small family farm stands, individual holistic medicine, vitamin supplements, medical instrument expansion, and regulation of products that have safely been on the market for over 100 years. The verified by this author fact, that there are 18 federal agencies that has overlapping food safety programs totaling over $62.5 billions has not been considerd in budgetary discussions. HHS, FDA, and the Dep. of Agriculture, as well as many food safety groups, among other agencies prosecute food safety.
In general terms, to understand the Obama’s Nanny State plans we see that it began in 1932 with FDR, scaled down to 1940 due to the war and came into its own in the mid 50’s. From 1954 to 2009 the per capita fixed dollar expenditure on state welfare spending is 18.6 times what it was in 1954. It is doubling about every 18 years. This does not include HHS or the FDA it is only direct pay out programs to citizens or on behalf of citizens. It is of course the primary reason for the dramatic increase in medicine, and medical procedures naturally along with Obamacare, another cause for alarm.

America has become the ultimate Nanny State, the land of special interests, the nation of group rights, and the home of double standards. So if the FDA lies to us, it simply an error, but if we lie to the FDA, it’s a crime. If we’re Caucasian males we are automatically racists, but if we’re Black, Jews or Hispanics we are incapable of violating white rights.

Public opinion on the FDA is uniform in that over 80% of the people believe that the pharmaceutical industry has undue influence on FDA policy relating to drugs, food, as well as testing (1). This is certainly borne up by facts as outlined later in this essay. 60% of Americans think that doctors and scientists who have investments in pharmaceutical companies should not be allowed on “FDA advisory boards” which they do paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to such people. (2) There is overwhelming opposition, almost unanimous, to FDA incursion into regulating vitamins, food supplements, and farm stands. There are scores of regulatory foul-ups; we will only list some of the most egregious.

All cases as reported here see their prices at unconscionable costs from between 500%to many thousands percent higher than Europe and Canada, where the FDA has no access. Our society is being driven to bankruptcy due to the cozy relationship between the pharmaceutical industries and the FDA.

Some examples of this are:
Drug Quant. Potency USA EU Can.
Augmentin 12 500 mg 55.50 8.70 12.00
Coumadin * 100 5 mg 64.80 15.00 24.00
Pravachol 28 10 mg 85.60 20.00 40.00
Prozac 20 20 mg 91.80 18.00 20.00
Zocor 28 10 mg 123.00 28.00 45.00
All prices converted to US Dollars * rat poison

Profit margins by percent:
Drug Profit Margin
Celebrex 22% X 10 5th power
Norvasc 134% X 10 5th power
Prozac 255% X 10 5th power
Xanax 570% X 10 5th power

Genital Herpes is a virus suffered by 20% of the women 14 to 49 years of age in America; there is an assumption that 80% of the cases remain unreported. It is not unrealistic to call it an epidemic. The primary treatment for this malady is Valacyolovir ® (Valtrex ®) it previously sold for $ 3.00 per tablet. It is now $ 7.40per tablet and the generic product is almost the same price. Since it must be administered daily the annual cost is about $ 2,400.00. The actual cost of making Valtrex ® for a thirty day supply is 0,60 cents. Total production cost may be assumed to be about $2.10 for 30 tablets of 500-mg. producing an obscene profit margin of 9,523%. All this came about because the FDA grated certain specific rights to the produces of Valtrex after the patents ran out. (3)

Gouty arthritis is a common illness. It has been treated with Colchicine since the 19th century its origin as a treatment goes back 3,000 years. Never mind all that, the FDA had to get a rake off, so they instituted a totally unnecessary three-year study relating the efficiency and safety of it. This would be about akin to testing salt. The study by NIH gave the testing companies certain special rights to produce the drug. The net outcome was a 50-fold price increase and an additional burdens to the taxpayers in the form of an increase to Medicare and Medicaid of $49 million a mere 5,000%.

The FDA is an out of control arm of government that must be reigned in. Healthcare costs even without Obamacare are totally out of control. The reason is the FDA. Healthcare costs are rising at exponential rates that exceed the rate of inflation at over 400%. This agency through it inordinate regulatory powers is causing all medical costs to skyrocket. If you have employer based healthcare coverage his costs have risen by 100% in the last ten years (4) Healthcare costs are crushing Small Business according to the Wall Street Journal. In the public sector states that guaranteed workers 100% healthcare coverage are going bankrupt. Worse yet is the fact that the pharmaceutical industry has seen fit to increase prices by 9.1% for pharmaceuticals and 11.5% for biotech products in a downturn economy not based on costs, just greed. What the FDA in fact is, is an insulator and protector of pharmaceutical manufacturers, guaranteeing their unheard of profit margins for the rerun favor of political contributions, kick back schemes to advertise the benefits of Obamacare, and the continued expansion of their power and growth.

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