Friday, May 20, 2011

The situation is desperate!

Dr. A. H. Krieg

Let me briefly give you input from LA Times columnist Burt Prelutsky. He wrote….”we (Californians”) have a strange urge to elect really obnoxious women to high office. I’m not bragging but…no other state including Main even comes close. When it comes to sending left wing dingbats to Washington, we’re number one. There’s no getting around that, the last time anyone saw the likes of Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi they were stirring a cauldron in Macbeth. The four of them like are like jackasses who happen to possess the gift of gab….” Then there’s Roger Keats from Chicago, who kindly lets us in on Illinois and why after 60 years he’s departing with, “I remember when Illinois had 25 congressmen now we have 18. We have lost ¼ of our population. Our credit rating is below that of junk bonds. The state is listed as number 50 for fiscal policy. 47th in job creation, first in unfunded liabilities, 2nd in budget deficit, first in failing schools, first in bond indebtedness, highest sales tax in the nation, most judges indicted, five of the last 9 governors indicted, and our state income tax just was increased by 67%, 32 Chicago alderman indicted, a new world record, and over 1,000 government and municipal employees indicted. We are a joke for stand up comedians”. And then to top that off Americans elected one of the principal fools of this state as their president. These states are over 2,000 miles apart but share the identical problem. The people elect progressive crooks, morons, and incompetents to public office and then re-elect them time after time. Worse yet is the fact the people elected a president from the most corrupt mismanaged state in the union, who then promptly appointed one after another of the same ilk. Our Secretaty of Education came from Cook County IL arguable the worst and most mismanaged school system in the world.
Well, that’s the problem with democracy. The general population that has been dumbed down relentlessly for over four decades has but one overriding interest, to get the same sort of government largess that their leaders have given themselves. Just about half of America’s population is now dependent upon government for their subsistence. Food Stamps, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, unemployment, WIC program, aid to dependent children, and what have you, coupled with the largest growth of government employment in American history is turning the tide. There is an old saying about socialism; you can rob Peter to pay Paul until Peter is also broke. The danger comes when everyone is broke and the government to stay in power expands the police state (Polizeistaat) as they have been doing for the last 20 years. They know that they must create the police state or they will be deposed. Today just about half of America’s population is dependent on government, and people always vote in support of their livelihood.

Well-to-do Americans and citizens that formerly employed others are departing our country at the rate of over 30,000 per month. Many are denouncing their citizenship to get out of the tax-burdens. I wrote “July 4th 2016 the last Independence Day” in 1998 and Hallberg published it in 2000. I was right on target, perhaps a bit too optimistic. Government as my wife Audrey says, in this century, has become the least productive and self-serving industry in the nation.

California and Illinois the afore examples are the worst of the bunch but on a national level there is only one state with a surplus and only one state that is well managed. The question to be asked is why? The response is education, and more exactly the public schools that have been captured by the federal government through the Carter Department of Education, which in 31 years has with the able aid of the AFT and NEA, lowered our student’s competency from number four in the world to number 34. The curriculums were greatly expanded (diversified) to meet the ever-increasing pressures of multiculturalism, diversity, globalism, one-worldliness, and other non-operative anachronisms that are valueless. Instead of concentrating on the classics and core subjects the curriculum was vastly expanded and matriculation requirements were changed. Today a child can graduate from HS without having taken, algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, biology, art, music, economics, American government, and only a cursory introduction to world and American history. There are HS in which you can graduate in diving!

Then we give these kids a diploma that is in fact, worthless because among other things we did not teach them critical thinking or problem solving, instead filling their heads with a lot of useless crap. Then we tell them they are now citizens of the greatest nation in the world and that they have the freedom to vote themselves benefits at the expanse of their fellow citizens, something they rather enjoy doing. PS as there are no jobs and the government has so screwed up higher education by paying professors ridiculous salaries, they can join the military because these are the only jobs available, and they can’t borrow enough to go to college, all this to expand the bankrupt empire.

Why is this happening? Because socialism which is what Obama and all his mates espouse, as the CHANGE and HOPE they have peddled, are non operative social and political systems that were the product of academics, and that have never in history worked. For those who disagree please do send me a list of financially stable operating socialist nations. But before you go to the effort of locating any let me give you a partial list of those, which failed. Germany in the 30’s, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Japan, Rumania, Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Chekoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Serbia, Croatia, China. Mongolia, Greece, England, Sweden, etc. There are in fact two nations operating as a socialist state, Israel because it is able to stay afloat due to massive world but mostly American aid, and Norway because it is able to finance their socialist programs with North Sea oil.
Socialist systems are incapable of sustained life without huge outside finacial stimulus. Sir Winston Churchill said it best; “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. Socialism is what our educators are teaching our children in all those failing public schools. It is why they elect people like those in this article; it is why America is a nation in decline.

Right now we are all witness to the decline, or dare I say it, collapse of America. Sadly most of our fellow citizens do not understand what is upon us, and in fact believe the lies that the government and media continuously tell them. I cannot tell you the countless number of people that still believe everything will be OK and that the upcoming 2012 elections will fix it. Let me clarify it all for you. Did the Republicans after the 2010 elections, which they won in an avalanche change anything? Did they de-fund Obamacare, which they could have done? Did they cut the budget by anything but pittance? Will they refuse to expand the deficit? No! Because there is only one political party the Republocrat party, whose only interest lies in getting re-elected in which they have an 87% success rate.

While Obozo and Shalom relentlessly tout economic recovery, and other BS the lamestream media does their best to cover their proverbial butts. Americans are befuddled; in a continuous stream of lies from every department of government, relentlessly touted as fact by lamestream, that has become so pervasive, the population has become unable to discern the truth on any issue. Facts are; Osama died in 2000, (Kidney failure, Hepatitis B, and Diabetes) unemployment is just under 30% when all are counted, inflation March 2010 to March 2011 is 28%, 44 million Americans are getting food stamps, Long term unemployment (over 28 weeks) is up 147%, and the list goes on! The middle class has all but disappeared, the poor are getting poorer and the rich are departing to foreign shores. Our people require being shocked out of their sports, beer and entertainment stupor and bringing immediate change to our nation now!!~!

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