Thursday, April 28, 2011


By Joan Hough

"In Pakistan, "blasphemy" -- defined as the public profession of any faith but Islam -- is a crime punishable by death. It's the same in Sudan, which imposes a like sentence on anyone who converts from Islam or proselytizes Christianity. And few Western leaders dare object to Saudi Arabia's confiscation of Bibles or the royal ban on Christian houses of worship and public displays of religious symbols -- other than Islam's crescent moon and star. “(Easter in the East by Oliver North)

If Sharia is to prosper in our America, its members must dedicate themselves to the establishment of its every concept throughout our land. They are compelled by their religion to do so. All that you read above can be voted into legality by a highly reproductive population of Muslims and can become the Law of the Land. The fanaticism of their religion is so foreign to present day Americans that we will never know what has hit us until our eyes see the cement below, as our heads fly across the street.

May the Lord be with you and with your spirit--and not only on your child's birth, at Easter, at Christmas, at Thanksgiving, on All Saints' Day, on All Souls' Day, at Advent, at the death of your loved ones, but throughout all the days of your life and, finally, at your death.

On the 4th day of April, in the year 2011 in Shreveport, Louisiana we buried my one and only beloved son. He lies now in a tranquil cemetery by his Dad and his Uncle, two of the Confederate descendants who loved him dearly from the moment of his birth. His funeral was declared by the many folks who attended it as one of the most uplifting ones they have ever known. A wonderfully gifted, highly dedicated Christian Preacher, Bill McCormick, my son's pastor and surrogate father, conducted a glorious goodbye ceremony that brought tears to every eye and hope to every heart. The prayers, the beautiful eulogies and the gorgeous music provided by members of the University Worship Center, surely helped my boy's soul float right up to Heaven and, also, lightened the heart of every sad listener.

How long will the New World Order folks allow the rest of us "common American Christians" to gather together and pray for our loved ones? How long will we be allowed to observe Easter and Christmas? How long will there be a Thanksgiving Day for us filled with prayers? How long will we be able to thank our good Lord for our blessings and ask Him to forgive us of our sins? How long will it be before Obama becomes correct and our nation is no longer a Christian nation? How much longer will it be that the deliberate, totally incorrect interpretation of the Church and State Separation Amendment is considered truth and the law of the land? How long before there will no longer live a single American able to recall that our nation, originally settled by Christian, might well be a “dark continent,” minimally populated, were it not for them? The amazing advances in medicine, science, agriculture and much of all the wondrous things the world knows today might never have been achieved because their creation could be ignited only in a free society that had its foundation in Christianity.

How long before not only the accomplishments made possible by America’s Christians are no longer correctly assigned to them, but Christianity, itself, joins the trash pile wherein Americans have cursed, slandered, and then thrown other things, great and good--including blessed American creations such as the Confederate States of America? How long before Christianity in America is eliminated by the political powers and thrown away?

If the Democrats and Republicans, those grand Progressives, continue their mad rush to the New World Order, unstopped, it cannot be long, can it?

Faith of our fathers, holy faith-- all memories of that--all history of that is being erased because too many of us have been “too highly” educated.

Just as American children will never learn that the freedom of black slaves in the South was never even mentioned as a motive for the invasion of the South by Mr. Lincoln and his Marxist-Radical Republican Army until the VERY MIDDLE OF A WAR BEING LOST BY THE NORTH, American children will never learn that the FIRST REAL THANKSGIVING TO GOD and a Thanksgiving dinner was actually a Southern happening-- given by Christians upon their arrival from England to Berkley, Virginia. These new Southerners gave their Thanksgiving thanks on September 15, 1619-- an entire year before the arrival of the Pilgrims to the North.

Is it not interesting that those who control the history we all learn will not even allow the truth to be told about the real First Thanksgiving? Is it not fascinating how cleverly they saddle the history books and our minds with their "Pretend First Thanksgiving" in Plymouth, Massachusetts? The Northern Pilgrim’s Thanksgiving was 17 months AFTER the one in the South, but who knows this fact? When was this truth erased from public memory? And why?

"We ordaine that the day of our ships arrivall at the place assigned for plantacon in the land of Virginia shall be yearly and perpetually kept holy as a day of thanksgiving to Almighty God."

Actually, prior to that first formal Thanksgiving Dinner, Thanksgiving began on the shores of Cape Henry in Virginia two years before the arrival of the Pilgrims to Massachusetts. In the year 1607, the first English colonists reached the continent. They came, not to the north, but to the South--to Virginia. There were 105 English men and boys, and 39 sailors, among them. With them was the Reverend Robert Hunt. He was the first minister in America. According to Jamestown site historian, Dianne Stallings, he was instrumental in establishing the protestant faith in the new world. The true Thanksgiving origin which follows here is more clearly explained at:

Following a mandate from the king of England, Hunt pitched a cross and led the men in prayer on the beaches of Cape Henry."Titled simply, the "General Thanksgiving", this prayer, in one of its versions was no doubt what was read something like this:

"Almighty God, Father of all mercies, we thine unworthy servants do give thee most humble and hearty thanks for all thy goodness and loving-kindness to us and to all men. We bless thee for our creation, preservation, and all the blessings of this life; but above all for thine inestimable love in the redemption of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ, for the means of grace, and for the hope of glory."

That first group of white men, giving thanks to God and his son, Jesus Christ, was the forerunner of a big Thanksgiving celebration by a second English group of colonists who also landed not in the north's Massachusetts, but in the South's Virginia.

England was dedicated to God, as well as to gold and glory. The English wished to Christianize the Indians. Pocahontas was held captive by this first group of English. She became a Christian, married one of the English leaders and was responsible for the earliest development of Christianity in American Indians.

Two years after the death of twenty-two year old Pocahontas, another group of English folks came to America. They landed in the South's Virginia and held their first Thanksgiving dinner celebration an entire year before the arrival on northern shores of the Pilgrims. After ten weeks at sea, the soon to be Southerners finally landed at the Berkeley Plantation. Virginia Historians declare that this is where the real first Thanksgiving took place. The plantation sits just a few miles from the original Jamestown settlement.

"The Virginia Company had directives given to the settlers and the directives were that upon landing, they were to give thanks and every year thereafter make it an annual celebration in thanks to the Lord for a safe passage," stated Barbara Awad, president of the Virginia Thanksgiving Festival. (Refer to hyperlink presented earlier.)

After those first two groups of Southerners--then came the Pilgrims --and we all know their story of hardship horrors existing until the Indians gave them a helping hand and how, rather than continuing their socialistic-created starvation, the Pilgrims adopted the free enterprise system.

The North’s claim of the First American Thanksgiving has been, is, and will be the only Thanksgiving story ever told America's children--unless they happen to live in Berkley, Virginia and unless they have parents or grandparents, preachers or teachers who read the truth and share it.

The establishment controls the minds of our children, because its controlled communication media propagandizes our children, as do the well brain-washed leaders in academia who persistently indoctrinate our young held as captive audiences in government- controlled, institutions of public education and even in private schools, including some church schools.

Surely one of the purposes of the controllers is that Southerners and all Americans will remain convinced that the North is noble and has always been—even when the north invades a legally seceded South and deliberately murders undefended, helpless Southern women (both white and black), children, old folks, the sick and the lame—and methodically destroys homes, churches, gardens, all food supplies—leaving even babies to the mercy of the elements and to starvation.

(Any reader who refuses to believe this should read some of the eye-witness reports of that time, including some written by Yankee soldiers themselves. Ask for a list if you are unable to locate any books containing such information.)The North justified its genocidal actions by declaring them all necessary against the slave-holding South--as if the North had never held slaves and was not completely responsible for their presence on the continent and as if emancipation /manumission of slaves in the South had not begun long before the Marxist-Republican Invasion of the South.)

This land of ours certainly needs God's blessing if the truth is ever to be uttered by our leaders, so maybe, despite the “thought police,” we should all stop a moment and think of the words to God Bless America as a prayer: God bless America, land that I love--Stand beside her and guide her/ through the night with a light from above....If you've forgotten the rest of the words, shame on you, but if you have never heard the words, shame on the rest of us-- here is a reminder:


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