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The Law and the Certificate!

Dr. A. H. Krieg

Just because Obozo, with distain and divisively, says its over, and the compliant media concurs, does not make it so. His direct Quote is “We do not have time for this kind of silliness” This is yet another contemptuous attempt to obscure reality, which are the hallmark actions of this administrations behavior from the beginning on day one.

Article II U.S. Constituion Paragraph 6: “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the timer of the adoption of this constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President;”

The open questions remaining are: Was Obozo’s mother legally married? We can see that she was not because polygamy is illegal in Hawaii and Barrack Hussein Obama the father was not a Native American and was already married with child in Kenya at the time of his marriage to the 16-year-old Stanley Ann Durham. The father is listed as African on the birth certificate and a citizen of Kenya, East Africa, making him a British subject at the time of Obozo’s birth. The Child was therefore at time of birth a British subject and citizen of Kenya East Africa. It appears that some time later (date unknown due to sealed records) Obozo became a naturalized citizen. This can be proven through obtaining from the old Immigration and Naturalization Service that was at that time the agency that oversaw this issue, copies of Obozo’s naturalization papers. (No one to my knowledge has made application to this venue’) We also are apprised of the fact that Obozo traveled on an Indonesian passport for many years and had a Fullbright foreign students scholarship at occidental College in LA.

Naturalized Citizen: According to Blacks Law Dictionary is “One who, being an alien by birth, has received citizenship under the laws of the state or nation”. Since the father never became a citizen the son was not a citizen.

Polygamy: According to Blacks Law Dictionary is “The offence of having several wives or husbands at the same time….” This may well be the reason that Obama spent over $ 2 million in an attempt to hide his certificate of birth.

Native: According to Blacks Law Dictionary is, “A natural born citizen by birth…”

Just because Obozo caused the release of a long form birth certificate does not change the fact that he was at birth, a British subject and citizen of Kenya East Africa. The fact that his mother denounced her and his American citizenship in Indonesia and he was issued an Indonesian passport is common knowledge. That in fact is how he came by his Fulbright foreign students scholarship to Occidental college. In further fact that’s the passport he used to get into Pakistan when it was illegal for Americans to go there.

The number of to date issued live birth certificates relating to Obama’s birth now has various problems 1) Certificate of Live birth issued March 15, 2011 number 95 005 almost everything is blanked out on the certificate. 2) (FIRST VERSION latest issue) Certificate of Live Birth # (151) 61 10,641 Dated August 4, 1961. Here is a problem Certificate (151) 10,637 was issued on August 5th to Susan Elizabeth Nordyke, how is it possible that a birth certificate dated one day later has a number that is 4 lower in count? Do they count backwards in Hawaii? 3) Then we have the Certificate of Birth from Coast Providence General Hospital, in Kenya certificate # 32018 listing Barack Hussein Obama II born to Stanley Ann Durham on August 4th 1961, at 7:24 PM. The Kenyan government certifies it. Steve Adams certifying it to be correct also accompanies this certificate with an affidavit. 4) There are various Hawaiian Live Birth certificates that are computer generated and of recent date, all these should be disregarded because they are uncertified copies of a document that none has examined.

There are also other problems relating to the new issued birth certificate. Graphic artists have already stated that there are numerous issues and that the document represents “layered product” in which information appears and disappears depending on means used to examine it. It seems that the document is a poorly made “photo-shop” forgery, possibly produced within the state of Hawaii bureaucracy, or the White House. Alex Jones has a staff of computer experts who took the released PDF into Adobe Illustrator ® that proves the document to be the product of numerous incorporated facts imposed on an original document. This is proven by white outlines around written text when magnified. Joe books of Wireupdate, said, The original birth certificate was probably in a negative form, and someone at the White house took it upon themselves to doctor it up so the form can be readable”. Nathan Goulding writing in the National Review states, ”anyone can open a White House released PDF file in Illustrator and it will break out into layers…. try it yourself”. Among other issues the dates on the certificates have all been altered, the registrar’s stamp has been altered, and signatures on the document are also layered. The certificate number 61 10641 is in separate layers when viewed in Illustrator. Then there is the birth certificate of a female born on the day after Obama with the number 61 10637 no one has explained how that is possible. Verbiage of the certificate presented differs from others of the same date. August is abbreviated and on other forms is written out, the use of Honolulu rather than Oahu for location. The certificate released does not have an official seal that is visible all others of this date do.

Obama’s handlers have chosen a bully, the media, to force a lie on the American public. Obama has spent over two million dollars to prevent the publication of his birth certificate, he has also court-marshaled and imprisoned U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Terrance Lakin a military officer for his claim that Obozo was not native born, and could therefore not be commander in chief. Then they took two and a half years to produce a second rate forgery. My solution is not to argue with a crooked politician letting him drag me down to his level. Being president doesn’t give you any more standing than any other America, regardless of what tripe the media refuses to vent.

By law, to be qualified to be president you must have been born in the United States and both your parents had to be citizens of the United States. Obama was at birth not a citizen of the United States and no one has put forth any contradictory statement. This is further explained in the Naturalization Act of 1790 that was passed by the first congress. “And children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond the sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considerd as natural citizens: Provided, that the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States” Barack Hussein Obama (the father) had a student visa and was never a resident of America. We can look to the writing of John Jay our first Supreme court justice, who said, “The law of nations (Vattel) states: The Natives, or natural born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens”. (1)

The murky matter of Hawaii, which was not a state in 1961, has never been properly addressed. Hawaii was at the time of Obozo’s birth an incorporated territory not a state. While I do not have the expertise to judge these issue, I concur with the experts who believe the document to be a forgery. I make that assumption based on the fact that Obozo lies every time he opens his mouth, why would this question, present a different outcome.

(1) Vattel in book 1, Sec. 212

Dr. Krieg’s new book, “Rendezvous with The New World Order” will be available in May.


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