Saturday, May 07, 2011

Osama’s Dead? Again! Still?

Dr. A. H. Krieg

Expanded on 05.06.11

Machiavelli, (The Prince) in his grave, laughed so hard that it caused a minor earthquake in Italy, when Obozo gave his speech on Sunday last. Osama, it seems has more lives than a cat. In an interview of Benazir Bhuto former head of Pakistani’s People Party and Pakistani PM, by David Frost in 2007 on al Jazeera, (also played on BBC) the later assassinated Bhuto clearly stated, that Osama had been dead for some time, as he was killed in 2000. In her opinion, his son Hansa bin Laden had been managing the operation for years. This has been backed by Pakistani retired intelligence general Hamid Gul who on 5.2.11 on syndicated US radio, stated that Osama had been dead for some time and that this was a make believe drama for Obama’s re-election campaign. The Frost program aired on the BBC on November 2nd 2007. Frost did not challenge the death assertion on the program. Dale Watson FBI counter terrorist proclaimed Osama to be dead in 2002. Hamid Karzi proclaimed Osama to be dead on CNN in 2002. In 2006 the French Secret service proclaimed Osama dead. Senator Harry Reid proclaimed he was dead in 2005, and Angelo Codevilla in 2008.

DNA testing as carried out by reliable labs takes 24 hours to complete but the Navy Seals were able to conclude DNA tests of Osama in three hours. The body was then immediately dumped out of an airplane, at sea, oh, that’s after a 45-minute Arabic Islamic funeral held in the airplane? All this before any forensic tests could be made. This was, we are told, so that Islamic burial procedures would not be violated. If you believe that you are more than just gullible. But wait, it gets better, in a parody of the Keystone Cops the Director of the CIA, Leon Penetta, stated on Wednesday morning 5.4.11, that there was no live video link with the Seal Team and that everyone in the much shown picture of the situation room was looking at a blank screen. All those photos of the president, secretary of state and VP were nothing but more campaign efforts.

It is noteworthy to mention that Osama was diagnosed with kidney failure in 1988, had hepatitis B, and was a diabetic, this much we know from CIA files, which considering that he was a CIA asset (Tim Osama) from 1980 to 1989 during the Russian/Afghan war, we may accept that as fact. So, I have a question, did the Seal-Team also shoot the dialysis machine, and the refrigerator containing the insulin and anti-biotic and the generator? This guy actually lived with kidney failure, hepatitis B and diabetes in a location that provided him no basic medical infrastructure, for 23 years? By –the-way this compound in Pakistan was over four acres, had it’s own electric generating plant, and it took the CIA who can locate a package of cigarettes in my backyard from space ten years to find? Well not really, CNN reported its existence in 2007. The matter of scores of computers reputedly found in the compound strikes a peculiar note, when we are informed that the facility had no telephone, telex, or Internet connection, was Osama perhaps talking to his wives in different rooms on all those computers?

Now, a few days later we have the following inconsistencies from observer participants in this made-for re-election drama. First Bin Laden was armed then he was not armed. Then there were weapons and then there were no weapons. Then he used his wife as a shield then he did not. Then Bin Laden was shot on sight then he was shot after capture. Then the compound was a plush palace and then it was a dirty house with out air conditioning and second hand furniture. Lies, it seems have the uncanny ablity to expose the liars, especially when they lack the acumen to get their stories straight.

There appears to be yet another problem with this fable. British Daily Mail, London Times and The Guardian, have all removed photos of Osama’s body pronouncing it as a fake. This took place after New Zeeland’s largest paper revealed that the image provided by the American government was a photo-shopped combination of two pictures, one of Osama in 1998 and one of an unknown victim. These images have been on the Internet for over two years, having first appeared on April 29,2009 by a Middle Eastern Internet site, exactly what government security service they are related to we can’t at this time say.

Victory is inevitable when the victors control the source, media, and action, and since victors write the history, this just as the birth certificate, is a done deal. The absolute gullibility of Americans is nothing short of astounding. I wrote of Osama’s demise ten years ago and was called a cook, had I the media in my pocket like this administration, we would have moved on long ago.

I must say this is very convenient, not only for Obozo’s campaign but also to support his promised troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. This orchestrated illusion is one of many that have become the mainstay of modern journalism and this administration. We learn from Sun Tzu (The Art of War) that victory is certain if you attack something that cannot be defended. Better yet, al Qaeda is an idea verbiage that was first floated by Zbigniew Brzezinski shortly after he successfully got Bonesman David Rockefeller, who was at the time the Chairman of the CFR to start the Trilateral Commission, fellow Bonesman George Bush (Sr.) headed up the CIA at that time.

I was in Pakistan, Peshawar, and Islamabad, which is very close to the location of this sited compound in the waning years of the Russian/Afghan war and I can confirm that the leaders of Pakistan are very serious people. They may well have differing goals from us but they are educated with considerably more international acumen than the fools running our nation. As they are certainly closer to the action than our Sodom on the Potomac crowd, I accept their pronouncement that Osama was killed or died of kidney failure in about 2000 and that all of this is very grand theater, which has ulterior motives.

The war on terror must be continued and expanded, how else can the principals of the military-industrial-complex continue to fund the president’s campaign for re-election? This entire event is beginning to take on the mantle of the Pentagon fabricated Jessica Lynch story, that was used to prop up military support in the Iraq war. Or better yet the testimony of Nayirah al-Sabah the daughter of Kuwaiti ambassador Sud bin-Nasir who claimed that the Iraqi’s were bayoneting babies in the Safat hospital with tutelage from Hill & Knowlton a DC ad agency when she was actually a student in America and had not been in Kuwait for the invasion. Then there was the Pat Tillman story a sports athlete who in a patriotic fervor after 9-11 turned down a 3.6 million dollar contract from the Cardinals to enlist in the Army. Seems that he was disenchanted with the war after his second deployment to Iraq and had a set up interview with Norm Chomsky, the infamous anti-war author. Tillman never made it back to America alive, an army medical report stated that he was shot in the head three times at a range of 10 yards with an M-16. I leave the conclusion up to the reader, but deduce that the military is not as lily white, as they like to have us believe.

But then you will be assured that all this is just silly conspiracy theory!

Dr. Krieg’s new book, “Rendezvous with the New World Order” will become available in May.


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