Friday, May 20, 2011

Osama now officially dead, we need a new boogieman!

Dr. A. H. Krieg

Any totalitarian regime needs to have a boogieman to keep their citizens support. We all know that from 1984 Eric Blair’s book ups; I let “The Cat out of the Bag”; his pen name was George Orwell. (He used a pen name because his Fabian friends did not approve) One of the means that mass movements are controlled is through propaganda, when you consider that the CIA whose budget remains a secret spends 30% of its total funds in propaganda efforts you can begin to understand the enormity of the effort. If that does not suffice consider also that MI-6, MI-5, the Mossad as well as the secret agencies of France, Germany Italy and so forth also have functional operations for the same purpose. I have always been fascinated with Orwell’s book, it was written in 1949 and is an amazing reality in this century. Perhaps like my book “July 4t h2016 the Last Independnece Day” the date was off by a few years but the reality is not.

Fast-forward to May 2011 and Hillary Clinton’s creation of a new boogieman. Bare in mind that Hillary’s Wesleyan senior thesis was a dissertation of some 92 pages (ok, ok it was double spaced on 8 ½ x 11) of Alinskey’s (a communist) book “Reveille for Radicals”. So we know from whence she cometh! Hillary is diligently working on the 7th floor in effort to create the new boogieman, China. Noticeably China is America’s largest creditor with about $1.4 trillion of our debt. For the last five months the Chinese have been dumping the almighty (not anymore after Obozo) dollar in favor of mining assets in Africa. Who the hell could blame them, after all our own Gyoergy Schwarz, ops I blundered yet again, George Soros is doing the exact same thing. The fact of the matter being that anyone who continues to hold dollars when Obozo and Shalom are running (ruining) the American economy has to be crazy. Think about it, theses two bozos spent $4.3 trillion that they then claimed was to produce a million jobs, say, not bad, at only $ 4 million per job. If I were planning to piss away that sort of cash I would have given 40 million American’s $100,000 each that would have really stimulated the economy and guaranteed re-elections for years to come.

With Obozo at the helm, well you remember the guy who had Alinsky (SDS, Weather Underground and felon) write his autobiography, who can possibly blame the Chicoms. After all they are far from stupid and see quite clearly what these radicals are doing to the American economy. With a national debt rapidly pressing the $15 trillion mark and Shalom now targeting federal employees pension funds, well where else can he possibly go, he’s looted the Social Security Trust Fund, the Highway Trust Fund, the Patent office fund, one assumes that after federal employees pension looting he’ll be after IRA’s, 401K’s and then insurance annuities.

You must remember that to these people the prime objectives are to stay true to their livelong communist dogma, that consists of supporting their constituency, and getting re-elected. With close to half of our population now on government dole he’s assured of reelection because when the voters are tallied and half are on the government payroll and of the rest 40% are dependents in the military or employed by the government or work for a large labor union that strongly supports Obozo, he’ll be re-elected and America will collapse. No socialist state in history has survived. And only two function today Norway who finances their largess via North Sea oil, and Israel that keeps afloat through massive (About ten billion per year) foreign aid from America. We will not embarrass the socialists by naming their greatest success Zimbabwe.

Anyway, I digress, Hillary has been on a veritable rampage against China for selling off their diminished in value T-bills and T-Notes. One way she does this is by hauling out the “human rights” issue. When we speak of human rights violations we might well look at ourselves. After all, it is us that tortures POW’s, it is America that started a war in Iraq on precarious grounds, it is we that attacked Afghanistan claiming falsely that the Taliban was involved in 9-11. Then we placed Procurators in charge in both nations, see, we did learn something from Rome! I think someplace in the Bible there is this saying about removing the beam from your own eyes before looking at the splinter in others eyes. America has the largest prison population in the entire world, so large in fact that it exceeds that of China and Russia combined. The hypocrisy of these acts in the face of her bosses and the ueber-left AG’s Holder’s demands for the extension of the American Patriot Act is simply stunning. The militarized Homeland Securities TSA branch daily violates the fourth amendment of over one million citizens, all the while breaching constitutional rights and enforcing illegal acts upon the American population. Texas legislature has stood out as the only legislative body to oppose the TSA and the Lesbo in charge. Ever since G. W. Bush (Its only a G.D. piece of paper [on the Constitution]) “Sodom on the Potomac’s” primary effort has been the violation of our Constitution and destruction of everything this nation has stood for since 1787. Well, that’s what happens in a dictatorship. Vote? What vote? Did you choose the candidate, is the citizen you want for president on the ballot? Did you have any say in the choice of your congressman, Senator, or even school board member?

When I came to America (1952) it was the greatest nation in the world, bar none. Citizens looked to the FBI and the federal government for protection of their rights. Hoover, as Director of the FBI was in charge and nobody screwed with Hover. Agents were courteous, well dressed, articulate and business like. Today they more often than not look like hoodlums they are supposedly chasing. Our borders are unprotected, we have over 20 million illegal immigrant in our nation, and federal police routinely violate our laws, confiscate citizen’s property that they use for themselves, ignore the Constituion and Bill of Rights, and have in fact created a scenario of war between the citizens and the government. Federal agents routinely lie in court and are never prosecuted for it, but if a citizen lies to a government employee he is unceremoniously locked up in a federal prison.

The Supreme Court has handed down one after another-horrible deci
sion, in every case diminishing our rights, strengthening the federal bureaucracy, and destroying the Republic. All this in the name of safety; Dr. Franklin made that issue amply clear when he said, “Those who desire absolute safety from government shall have neither safety nor liberty” In more modern terms a government that can provide everything can also steal everything, and I do hope you have noticed that our freedoms, our liberties, and our mobility are evaporating as you read. When you consider the two recent appointments by Obozo to the court and in light of the fact of their politically leftist positions on every issue, and the fact that the Senate approved them, then I for one am left in a quandary. One of these women belonged to the subversive radical feminist Belizean Grove as well as La Raza (The Race) that espouses the demand that the American Southwest be given to Mexico. One of them had every case she ruled on prior to her appointment overturned by the Court after the fact.

The cause of Hillary’s actions is probably vested in the IMF report that China’s economy will surpass that of the United States sometime in the coming four years. In any event picking your largest creditor as an adversary is simply not just shortsighted it is stupid. It is the act of an arrogant woman who is a self-serving political ideologue that even lacked the intelligence to produce a senior thesis at Wesleyan taking the easy path by doing a dissertation on one of her and her husband’s iconic communist heroes. No originality no inventiveness, and no class.

DR. Krieg’s new book is Rendezvous with the New World Order.


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