Friday, December 10, 2010

Pikeyleaks and other foolishness!

Dr. A. H. Krieg

Diplomacy is a long epoch of pretend lies
That both sides are apprised of.
Public knowledge of this game
Spoils it for its participants.

The farce now enthralling the world is centered on leaking information relating to American diplomacy and military policy. The politicians and diplomats are furious, the pundits are delighted to have something to comment on, and the public is mesmerized. While all this transpires a Swedish warrant for rape forwarded through Interpol in England was served and then rejected by the government and then reissued in Sweden and served upon Julian Assange by Scotland Yard, the principle of Wilileaks. Little known, due to media’s journalistic cost reduction programs, is the fact that the totally unsubstantiated rape charge in Sweden, was made by people with ties to the CIA that has been related to a rabid anti-Castro organization. We learn this from Israel Shamir a reliable author and journalist. The charges appear to be political in nature and at the request of the embarrassed American government.

While all this transpires the CIA and NSA have put in lots of overtime sending computer viruses and other shenanigans to disrupt, the site that now remains as the primary Wilileaks distribution point. Assange has however, sent tons of information to over a hundred differing Internet sites, so many that government will find it very difficult to attack them all as the damaging information will already be out. All of this would of course not be news or necessary if the world and particularly America still had any journalistic integrity. After all, all that Wilileaks does is to publicize embarrassing to diplomats information that was in days past the job of newspapers and journalists.

In my opinion all the palaver over leaked secrets is just so much BS. I can easily clarify that. When I was in grade school during WWII my uncle Kaspar was an international currier, the polite elucidation of a spy. He was employed by the Swiss army and plied his trade on all fronts. After the war he freelanced mostly for Indian government arms buyers. Through him I met Gestapo chief East Heinrich Mueller, American spymaster in Europe Allan Dulles, and scores of unsavory characters, that populated Zurich and Bern in the 40’s, as some are still alive we will not mention their names. Also deceased former OSS spy Rose Oertli who worked for Dulles and was my great friend during my teen years. Later when I worked part time for USDC I met the Swiss Ambassador who told me, “The Americans must think we are really stupid tapping our telephones, in our embassies and the ambassadors residence in Washington as well as NY, do they really think we are that naïve’”.

The real fact is, that everyone in the international diplomatic community who has any real-time experience (this would not include Hillary who is on her first real job) on these matters, is well versed in everything Wikileaks has published. The real issue is that you and I are now privy to the odious behavior of American diplomats. Something that drives these people right around the bend. When people like Bill Bennett whose ghost written books and Hillary Clinton whose ghost written books make the talk-show circuit daily and pundits like Shawn Hannity and Bill O’Reilly virtually demand Assange be executed for treason, something that is impossible for an Australian to commit against the United States, one can only wonder. The fact that the little fag pervert, private first class that leaked the documents to Assange, probably did so because of the “Don’t ask don’t tell” scenario has hardly come to anyone’s attention.

The concern with the rape charges from Sweden is another issue. Seems that there are two women, who by the way are friends and members of an ueberleft organization, both filed charges long after the occurrence of the accused event. The first one’s claim is somewhat muted by the fact that she had breakfast with Assange after the supposed rape and then had a party for him at her house where he was staying with her that evening. The second woman who had been introduced to Assange by the first, after the claimed rape story has also produced an unbelievable scenario. Just one more thing the first woman had an Internet site, now taken down, that advises women how to get even if jilted by a lover, by filing bogus sexual innuendo charges against the man.

The issues that everyone seems to have missed here is that the information leaked by these acts do not represent new information to governments or their agents. These bureaucrats, politicians, and diplomats are all aware of all the information contained in the leaks, what irks them is that you now are privy to that information and will draw your own conclusions about the people appointed and elected and your government. Furthermore it prevents the diplomatic game of charades that all these people play when they pretend to be surprised by information.

In my opinion Mr. Assange is doing a great service to the electorate public by exposing the lies and misinformation that these bureaucrats so widely disseminate. A little truth does not harm the public theater, it enriches the drama.


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