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By Greg Evensen

Monday, February 25, 2008

North American Army created – without OK by Congress

U.S., Canada military ink deal to fight domestic emergencies
By Jerome R. Corsi

Non-Negotiable Political Demands

Gary North has a short list.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why Ron Paul?

If McCain has the Republican nomination virtually locked up, why do some of us still campaign actively for Ron Paul? Well, we can look at it from either of two salient perspectives, each both determinative & definitive within its own sphere. While the most important may be the moral perspective--the question of a sworn obligation to uphold the Constitution of the United States, we will begin with the pragmatic perspective:

While McCain may still appear fairly strong in the polls, the tide of contemporary history is clearly against him. There can be little doubt but that a McCain nomination means a Republican defeat in November. Why? Because he has pledged to continue the worst elements of the Bush foreign policy--the folly that refuses to celebrate the fact that we already won the War against Iraq, but which seeks to reengineer Iraqi values and culture, while undermining our friends in the other 98% of the Islamic world--as witness the election in Pakistan yesterday; the folly which forgets how "well" the three plus century British experiment in reengineering Irish society worked; the folly that is destroying the value of the American dollar; the folly that cannot grasp that its avowals are insulting to any patriotic, self-respecting adherent to the continuity of any other tribe, race or nation on earth.

Public support for our continued presence in Iraq has already fallen to about 30%, with all the reasons for that decline from a once clear majority still in place; with every reason for a continued decline between now and November. That the policy was conceived out of a personal wish list--rather than the long term interests of America--is made all the more clear by the
President's current trip through large areas of Africa; where he promises billions of dollars, that have never been appropriated; billions of dollars that do not even yet exist; billions of dollars for projects vainly & vainly intended to make the President look like an international benefactor--a poseur in the fashion of an American Caligula--but which serve no Constitutional purpose whatsoever; yet projects, which once funded out of increased public debt, will further contribute to the rapid decline of the American Dollar. (And projects, which immediately followed the signing of a staggering completely deficit funded waste, promising to "stimulate" the American economy, in the fairy tale--pun intended--manner of the Lord Keynes, the Fabian Socialist economic quack, of the 20th Century.)

No McCain is not the promisor, but he has hopelessly committed to the Bush madness overseas. McCain will bring the Republican Party to a defeat rivaling the almost 2 to 1 drubbing that the Democrats took in 1920, in the fallout over the League of Nation's Issue. Like our Iraqi policy, the League supporters started out with an overwhelming level of popular support. They simply could not hold up under the scrutiny of informed debate.

Yet, there is another, related but more subtle, problem now beginning to fester. The vote for less stability in Pakistan, yesterday, raises very serious questions as to the Bush/McCain policy and McCain's well known explosive & impulsive temper. There have already been semi-hysterical threats about Iran's modest nuclear program. If McCain would wax truculent over the notion that a presently non existent Iranian atomic bomb might be turned over to terrorists, how much greater might be the McCain truculence over Pakistan's known nuclear arsenal. Remember--my older friends--the image of the little girl reaching down to pick a flower before the nuclear explosion went off, used against Barry Goldwater in 1964? The Democrats will really crank up the war scare against McCain.

But that said, what about the other perspective? The moral issue? How can any man or woman of principle; anyone who understands the necessity of honor in discharging the duty to preserve the institutions of a free society, vote for a continuation of policies that ignore the mandates of the Constitution; that ignore the Constitutional limitations on their power, even as they violate the Constitutional mandates and delegations specifically intended to secure the value of our dollar, and the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity? Yes McCain is a certain loser; but there is more to this than one election.

No, Ron Paul will not get the Republican nomination. But he has framed the issues: Every vote for Ron Paul is a statement of principle. It is not the end; rather a new beginning in the ongoing campaign of Conservatives throughout the past 85 years, to return America to the wise course that made us all we have been that was good, all that made us succeed; that unlocked the power of a free society, a free market; that made us the most respected people on earth; that set an example that others might seek to emulate, rather than resent and despise.

The really pathetic thing about the present course in Washington is that it is not only ill conceived and foolish to an extreme; the perpetrators do not even grasp that it has already failed! The President just promised in Rwanda that he would help train their security forces to prevent further genocide. And yet the genocide in Rwanda grew directly out of the Dean Rusk
foreign policy of the 1960s, which promoted "One Man/one vote" Democracy within the old Colonial borders in Africa; which ran roughshod over the reality that people are not interchangeable. George Bush has proven a disaster for Republicans at home. He is certainly no answer to those who love freedom abroad.

William Flax
Cincinnati, Ohio
Goldwater & Reagan Republican

Friday, February 15, 2008


Carl F. Worden

Once again, a “Gun Free Zone” has proven to be a place where everybody there is gun free except the psychopath with the gun. As the bodies were being scraped up and the wounded hauled away screaming, the college staff and campus police of Northern Illinois University declared the incident to be one tremendous success. They had planned and trained for this event after the massacre at Virginia Tech, and by golly, all the systems worked and police responded within 2 minutes!


So if everything worked as planned, how come five people are dead and around 15 more are screaming in local hospitals?

What exactly is this elusive form of “success” these bright souls want everyone to appreciate? Two minutes is an astonishingly fast police response time, but in a close-quarters mortal combat environment like what happened at Virginia Tech and now NIU, two minutes just doesn’t cut it, especially when the victims are completely defenseless and their only hope is that the psycho shoots their friends instead of them.

Now hear this, all you self-righteous and deluded University denizens of higher learning: The only effective defense against a gun in the wrong hands is a gun in the right hands, and only if the good guy has immediate access to a gun. The only way to accomplish that goal is to allow eligible students and faculty to carry guns concealed on campus.

Utah allows its school teachers to carry guns concealed on campus and in the classroom if they qualify for a concealed gun permit, and with all the guns in Utah (I know because I was born there) you’d think at least one school shooting would have taken place, but that is not the case. If you listen to the Brady Bunch, guns cause people to shoot other people, therefore more guns creates more gun crimes, ergo, less guns or no guns means less or no gun crimes committed. Such solid logic leads to the creation of “Gun Free Zones” so popular on most American college campuses, because if nobody on campus has a gun, nobody will get shot on campus, right? Oh yeah, that worked for Virginia Tech!

And we let these idiots teach our young? If they are this pathetically stupid about basic survival issues, why do we employ them and allow them to teach anything at all? Surely their other areas of study and theory ought to be examined if they are that damned stupid.

Within two hours of the Virginia Tech massacre, I obtained the e-mail address for the school’s top dog and sent him this message:

Congratulations, Jackass!

I sent that because it was none other than that man who lobbied the Virginia Legislature to bar guns on the VT campus after another gun incident at VT created a call for eligible students and faculty to carry concealed guns on campus. Alas, the legislature bowed to the man’s wishes and 32 more people died in yet another “Gun Free Zone”.

So the capable folks at Northern Illinois University got their police and emergency response times down to two minutes, and only 22 kids were shot instead of the 32 killed at Virginia Tech -- and we’re all supposed to congratulate them? Try placing yourself in the position of huddling under a desk for a full two minutes while a madman casually picks and chooses who gets the next fatal bullet, and tell me how long 120 seconds is. An eligible student or faculty member with a concealed gun can return fire in less than two seconds, and in every school shooting case where a shooter finds himself facing another person with a gun to stop him, he surrendered immediately. A good guy with a concealed gun can cause the shooter to take cover or run away, at least saving the lives of those students in his immediate area and dramatically slowing the onslaught down.

But when nobody but the shooter has even 30 seconds to kill unarmed and defenseless students, the only equation is how many fatal bullets he can pump into people in the least amount of time.

Congratulations, Northern Illinois University! Now which college campus is next?

What the Revolution Should Do Now

Change Our Focus to House and Senate Candidates and Build the Movement One Ron Paul at a Time
by Bradley A. Porter

Thursday, February 14, 2008


BELLEVUE, WA – The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today is urging gun owners to back legislation sponsored by Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) that would enable private citizens to carry defensive sidearms in national parks.

“This is responsible, sensible legislation,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan M. Gottlieb, “and it is a genuine shame that the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) has mounted a campaign to derail this important effort.

“PEER issued an alarmist press release that mirrors hysteria currently being pandered by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence about Coburn’s S. 2483,” Gottlieb noted. “Their specious argument is that allowing legally-licensed private citizens to carry concealed, defensive firearms inside national parks would contribute to poaching and open the door to sport hunting. That is a pretty flimsy sham to cover their real objection, which is against American citizens exercising their right of self-defense in an emergency on national park property.”

Gottlieb, co-author of America Fights Back: Armed Self-Defense in a Violent Age, noted that an entire chapter of that book is devoted to rising criminal activity in national parks and on national forest lands.

“PEER and their soulmates at the Brady Campaign want to continue operating national parks as victim disarmament zones,” Gottlieb observed. “American citizens do not leave their right of self-defense, not to mention their constitutional right to keep and bear arms, at the gates of a national park, but under current regulations, one-tenth of the Bill of Rights is suspended on national park property, and that cannot be allowed to continue.

“This has nothing to do with hunting or poaching,” he added, “and officials at PEER who issued a public statement against the Coburn amendment, knows it. Rhetoric about poaching and hunting amounts to a red herring designed to divert attention away from the real issue of public safety in national parks.

“For too many years, the National Park Service has been allowed to suspend the Second Amendment on lands it manages,” Gottlieb concluded. “But those lands are public lands, and they belong to all of us, not just some anti-gun park service bureaucrats, PEER gun control advocates or the Brady Campaign. It’s time for the Coburn Amendment to become law.”

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation's premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Common Sense Advice

My purpose here is not to try to persuade the McCain supporters to abandon their candidate, however mistaken I may feel that he is on several issues. The point is to address the self defeating aspect of the McCain campaign, the one that appears eager to suppress continued efforts by Republicans working for Ron Paul (my candidate) or Mike Huckabee, to win support in the remaining Republican Primaries. Such efforts can only lead to ill will among those of us enthusiastically trying to boost other candidates. Yet of even greater potential impact, they appear to indicate an unwillingness to debate stands which should be debated; they appear an effort to sweep differences under the carpet, rather than face them, so that at some point Republicans may come together again on the basis of mutual respect, and a genuine effort to find common ground.

The argument that the McCain campaign is now certain to win, is hardly convincing. A lot can happen between now and the Convention. But whether or not McCain in likely to win, it is just plain silly to suggest that any campaign needs more than a couple of months in the fall to reach maximum potential. On the contrary, the perception of endless campaigning is offensive to much of the public; indeed, calculated to turn off many people who might otherwise vote Republican. And if McCain is afraid to debate his Republican foes, how confident is he that he can debate his Democratic Party foes.

Now I realize that the Senator does not have a consistent philosophy. He does not seem to comprehend the context of his ideas on foreign policy; nor many aspects of economics. But a continued intra party debate could help him overcome these deficiencies.

I am not going to be a hypocrite. Of course, my hope is that McCain will stumble before the Convention. If he does, the numbers of Republicans who will listen to what Dr. Paul has to say will certainly increase. But the damage that McCain will or will not do to Republican prospects should be a matter of interest to all Republicans. If we can't defeat McCain, we must at least try to educate him.

As for the Paul issues, see

William Flax
Cincinnati, Ohio

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Paul--Now More Than Ever!

The seeming rush of Republicans to get on the McCain bandwagon may call for a reassessment of strategy for American & Republican Conservatives, it is hardly an argument to join the Lemmings. If Senator McCain does in fact obtain the Republican nomination, this summer, there will be plenty of time for those who see him as a lesser evil, to endorse him. The issues will be the same. His electability--or lack of it--will not be appreciably altered. But if you endorse him now, you surrender the only real chance to make a statement of principle in 2008--the only real chance to tell the politicians inside the Beltway, how you really feel.

Ron Paul has not had the advantage of a sympathetic press. He has been underquestioned by the media in the debates; less interviewed afterwards less publicized in the daily print and broadcast media. He remains, therefore, far less well known. His support comes not from those who seek favors from Government; nor from those who simply like his looks or personality; nor from those, who seek to get on a bandwagon, to be able to say they backed the winner. Everyone in Washington understands that the Paul vote, be it large or small; reflects people who believe in the Constitution as a sacred compact, wisely drawn and suitable for the ages; believe in the Constitution and the wise system it established, as the key to the dynamic that made us great; as the key to the only sort of dynamic that will keep us great.

Everyone in Washington will also understand that a vote for Paul, is a vote for a sound dollar; for the uniform and steady definitions--the weights and measures on which sound commerce depends;--as opposed to the gimmicks and attempted quick fixes of temporary problems, so beloved by those who put the retention of their political jobs ahead of every principle: That a vote for Ron Paul, is a vote to retain the fruits of a dozen generations of American enterprise for an American posterity, as opposed to an American "after us the deluge" mentality, such as sent the grandsons and granddaughters of equally debauched French leaders to the Guillotine in the generation following the French version of the present self-indulgent stupidity of so
many in our Government.

Everyone in Washington will also understand that a vote for Paul is a vote for a return to the sound Washington/Jefferson foreign policy that made us the most respected people on earth; for the policy that offered trade and friendship to all Mankind, but suffered insult from none; that treated all with respect, but required respect back: That a vote for Ron Paul is a vote to end the incredibly stupid response to international thugs and terrorists, which over-dramatizes their potential, to make politicians over here sound important, but which helps them to recruit new blood to throw against us. That Ron Paul understands that we need to target the actual criminals who do not respect our borders, not over a billion folk who simply reject our theology; that efforts to remake other peoples' cultures by force have failed throughout history--and should fail, because they are fundamentally
wrong; that the cultural progress of any people must come from within; must reflect them, not the Pavlovian experiments of cynical outsiders.

In short, a vote for Ron Paul gives you a chance to be heard: The larger that vote, the louder the statement we can make. And, by the by, a lot can happen between now and the Republican Convention. The wisdom of the Founding Fathers is being endlessly verified in contemporary events. The wisdom that Ron Paul represents in this campaign is being confirmed in the news, every day. It will be yet more obvious, when the delegates assemble. If McCain can be blocked on the first ballot, anything is possible.

William Flax
Cincinnati, Ohio
Goldwater & Reagan Republican

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday Results Presage a Nation Heading for Disaster

Boulder, CO - The results of Super Tuesday show that both major parties are once again on course to promote continued national chaos -- by advancing candidates who are hostile to basic requirements of the U.S. Constitution, and by extension, to basic requirements of the oath of office. Although competency and decency lead an individual to respect his solemn obligations, which an oath of office clearly constitutes, none of the leading candidates appears to have sufficient competency and/or decency to conform to basic and easily recognizable requirements of constitutional law.

The front-running candidates support the Iraq War, notwithstanding the obvious unconstitutionality of the Iraqi war resolution, which illegally delegated to the president the power to make the determination to go to war. Even though they may make minor criticisms of present "Free Trade" agreements, all have indicated support for the clearly illegal delegations of U.S. trade authority in the style of the WTO and NAFTA trade regimes -- trade regulation is the exclusive nondelegable constitutional prerogative of Congress. All support a domestic role for the federal government which is not constrained by the enumerated powers specified in the Constitution, and which usurps the rights of the states and the people, in contravention of the Tenth Amendment.

"Americans who value prosperity and freedom need to support the basis for these benefits," said AFP National Chairman Jonathan Hill, "both in and out of the ballot box. If both major parties are not supportive of this task, then the practical response of truly patriotic Americans should be to cultivate better candidates who will uncompromisingly defend the Constitution, and to build a party to provide the support to get them elected."

AFP Press Secretary JC Schweingrouber stated, "The two major parties are placing our nation and liberties in danger by nominating these poor quality candidates. As long as we elect people who do not respect our Constitution, we should not count on having the benefits of the Bill of Rights. Americans should change direction before it is too late."

The focus of the America First Party is to put America and all Americans First. Our goal is to elect candidates who will restore morality, ethics, and common sense to public service, and return our Constitution to its proper place in our Republic.

America First Party
1630 A 30th Street #111
Boulder, Colorado 80301