Saturday, February 09, 2008

Paul--Now More Than Ever!

The seeming rush of Republicans to get on the McCain bandwagon may call for a reassessment of strategy for American & Republican Conservatives, it is hardly an argument to join the Lemmings. If Senator McCain does in fact obtain the Republican nomination, this summer, there will be plenty of time for those who see him as a lesser evil, to endorse him. The issues will be the same. His electability--or lack of it--will not be appreciably altered. But if you endorse him now, you surrender the only real chance to make a statement of principle in 2008--the only real chance to tell the politicians inside the Beltway, how you really feel.

Ron Paul has not had the advantage of a sympathetic press. He has been underquestioned by the media in the debates; less interviewed afterwards less publicized in the daily print and broadcast media. He remains, therefore, far less well known. His support comes not from those who seek favors from Government; nor from those who simply like his looks or personality; nor from those, who seek to get on a bandwagon, to be able to say they backed the winner. Everyone in Washington understands that the Paul vote, be it large or small; reflects people who believe in the Constitution as a sacred compact, wisely drawn and suitable for the ages; believe in the Constitution and the wise system it established, as the key to the dynamic that made us great; as the key to the only sort of dynamic that will keep us great.

Everyone in Washington will also understand that a vote for Paul, is a vote for a sound dollar; for the uniform and steady definitions--the weights and measures on which sound commerce depends;--as opposed to the gimmicks and attempted quick fixes of temporary problems, so beloved by those who put the retention of their political jobs ahead of every principle: That a vote for Ron Paul, is a vote to retain the fruits of a dozen generations of American enterprise for an American posterity, as opposed to an American "after us the deluge" mentality, such as sent the grandsons and granddaughters of equally debauched French leaders to the Guillotine in the generation following the French version of the present self-indulgent stupidity of so
many in our Government.

Everyone in Washington will also understand that a vote for Paul is a vote for a return to the sound Washington/Jefferson foreign policy that made us the most respected people on earth; for the policy that offered trade and friendship to all Mankind, but suffered insult from none; that treated all with respect, but required respect back: That a vote for Ron Paul is a vote to end the incredibly stupid response to international thugs and terrorists, which over-dramatizes their potential, to make politicians over here sound important, but which helps them to recruit new blood to throw against us. That Ron Paul understands that we need to target the actual criminals who do not respect our borders, not over a billion folk who simply reject our theology; that efforts to remake other peoples' cultures by force have failed throughout history--and should fail, because they are fundamentally
wrong; that the cultural progress of any people must come from within; must reflect them, not the Pavlovian experiments of cynical outsiders.

In short, a vote for Ron Paul gives you a chance to be heard: The larger that vote, the louder the statement we can make. And, by the by, a lot can happen between now and the Republican Convention. The wisdom of the Founding Fathers is being endlessly verified in contemporary events. The wisdom that Ron Paul represents in this campaign is being confirmed in the news, every day. It will be yet more obvious, when the delegates assemble. If McCain can be blocked on the first ballot, anything is possible.

William Flax
Cincinnati, Ohio
Goldwater & Reagan Republican


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