Friday, February 15, 2008


Carl F. Worden

Once again, a “Gun Free Zone” has proven to be a place where everybody there is gun free except the psychopath with the gun. As the bodies were being scraped up and the wounded hauled away screaming, the college staff and campus police of Northern Illinois University declared the incident to be one tremendous success. They had planned and trained for this event after the massacre at Virginia Tech, and by golly, all the systems worked and police responded within 2 minutes!


So if everything worked as planned, how come five people are dead and around 15 more are screaming in local hospitals?

What exactly is this elusive form of “success” these bright souls want everyone to appreciate? Two minutes is an astonishingly fast police response time, but in a close-quarters mortal combat environment like what happened at Virginia Tech and now NIU, two minutes just doesn’t cut it, especially when the victims are completely defenseless and their only hope is that the psycho shoots their friends instead of them.

Now hear this, all you self-righteous and deluded University denizens of higher learning: The only effective defense against a gun in the wrong hands is a gun in the right hands, and only if the good guy has immediate access to a gun. The only way to accomplish that goal is to allow eligible students and faculty to carry guns concealed on campus.

Utah allows its school teachers to carry guns concealed on campus and in the classroom if they qualify for a concealed gun permit, and with all the guns in Utah (I know because I was born there) you’d think at least one school shooting would have taken place, but that is not the case. If you listen to the Brady Bunch, guns cause people to shoot other people, therefore more guns creates more gun crimes, ergo, less guns or no guns means less or no gun crimes committed. Such solid logic leads to the creation of “Gun Free Zones” so popular on most American college campuses, because if nobody on campus has a gun, nobody will get shot on campus, right? Oh yeah, that worked for Virginia Tech!

And we let these idiots teach our young? If they are this pathetically stupid about basic survival issues, why do we employ them and allow them to teach anything at all? Surely their other areas of study and theory ought to be examined if they are that damned stupid.

Within two hours of the Virginia Tech massacre, I obtained the e-mail address for the school’s top dog and sent him this message:

Congratulations, Jackass!

I sent that because it was none other than that man who lobbied the Virginia Legislature to bar guns on the VT campus after another gun incident at VT created a call for eligible students and faculty to carry concealed guns on campus. Alas, the legislature bowed to the man’s wishes and 32 more people died in yet another “Gun Free Zone”.

So the capable folks at Northern Illinois University got their police and emergency response times down to two minutes, and only 22 kids were shot instead of the 32 killed at Virginia Tech -- and we’re all supposed to congratulate them? Try placing yourself in the position of huddling under a desk for a full two minutes while a madman casually picks and chooses who gets the next fatal bullet, and tell me how long 120 seconds is. An eligible student or faculty member with a concealed gun can return fire in less than two seconds, and in every school shooting case where a shooter finds himself facing another person with a gun to stop him, he surrendered immediately. A good guy with a concealed gun can cause the shooter to take cover or run away, at least saving the lives of those students in his immediate area and dramatically slowing the onslaught down.

But when nobody but the shooter has even 30 seconds to kill unarmed and defenseless students, the only equation is how many fatal bullets he can pump into people in the least amount of time.

Congratulations, Northern Illinois University! Now which college campus is next?


Blogger nansyelee said...

Right on the money!

More DISTURBING, I saw a "blurb" that the gunman did not take his meds. This is the "REAL" problem; not gun control! When someone "NEEDS" to shoot people because he did not take his BIG PHARMA drug, I think we are being diverted from another equally important issue. These killers are killing and choosing to kill because of the "DRUGS" they are taking, or the DRUG they "forgot" to take! End of story.

DRUGS, DRUGS AND MORE DRUGS and everyone takes them without even "QUESTIONING" what is in these "helpful" little pills.

This takes us full circle to what your on-target point was about people having the ability to defend themselves against these psychologically challenged members of society. It seems to me that "EVERY" single shooter was either on BIG PHARMA meds, or he stopped taking them!!

This tells me, clearly, guns ARE NOT our problem. People with psychological issues are the problem and it is extremely inconvenient that these people always, somehow, manage to get hold of a gun, and usually more than one, as well!

This is not an issue for gun control, or for people who sell guns. This is an issue for all of those incompetent, useless people in the medical establishment that FAIL TO DO THEIR JOBS!

2:24 PM  

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