Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why Ron Paul?

If McCain has the Republican nomination virtually locked up, why do some of us still campaign actively for Ron Paul? Well, we can look at it from either of two salient perspectives, each both determinative & definitive within its own sphere. While the most important may be the moral perspective--the question of a sworn obligation to uphold the Constitution of the United States, we will begin with the pragmatic perspective:

While McCain may still appear fairly strong in the polls, the tide of contemporary history is clearly against him. There can be little doubt but that a McCain nomination means a Republican defeat in November. Why? Because he has pledged to continue the worst elements of the Bush foreign policy--the folly that refuses to celebrate the fact that we already won the War against Iraq, but which seeks to reengineer Iraqi values and culture, while undermining our friends in the other 98% of the Islamic world--as witness the election in Pakistan yesterday; the folly which forgets how "well" the three plus century British experiment in reengineering Irish society worked; the folly that is destroying the value of the American dollar; the folly that cannot grasp that its avowals are insulting to any patriotic, self-respecting adherent to the continuity of any other tribe, race or nation on earth.

Public support for our continued presence in Iraq has already fallen to about 30%, with all the reasons for that decline from a once clear majority still in place; with every reason for a continued decline between now and November. That the policy was conceived out of a personal wish list--rather than the long term interests of America--is made all the more clear by the
President's current trip through large areas of Africa; where he promises billions of dollars, that have never been appropriated; billions of dollars that do not even yet exist; billions of dollars for projects vainly & vainly intended to make the President look like an international benefactor--a poseur in the fashion of an American Caligula--but which serve no Constitutional purpose whatsoever; yet projects, which once funded out of increased public debt, will further contribute to the rapid decline of the American Dollar. (And projects, which immediately followed the signing of a staggering completely deficit funded waste, promising to "stimulate" the American economy, in the fairy tale--pun intended--manner of the Lord Keynes, the Fabian Socialist economic quack, of the 20th Century.)

No McCain is not the promisor, but he has hopelessly committed to the Bush madness overseas. McCain will bring the Republican Party to a defeat rivaling the almost 2 to 1 drubbing that the Democrats took in 1920, in the fallout over the League of Nation's Issue. Like our Iraqi policy, the League supporters started out with an overwhelming level of popular support. They simply could not hold up under the scrutiny of informed debate.

Yet, there is another, related but more subtle, problem now beginning to fester. The vote for less stability in Pakistan, yesterday, raises very serious questions as to the Bush/McCain policy and McCain's well known explosive & impulsive temper. There have already been semi-hysterical threats about Iran's modest nuclear program. If McCain would wax truculent over the notion that a presently non existent Iranian atomic bomb might be turned over to terrorists, how much greater might be the McCain truculence over Pakistan's known nuclear arsenal. Remember--my older friends--the image of the little girl reaching down to pick a flower before the nuclear explosion went off, used against Barry Goldwater in 1964? The Democrats will really crank up the war scare against McCain.

But that said, what about the other perspective? The moral issue? How can any man or woman of principle; anyone who understands the necessity of honor in discharging the duty to preserve the institutions of a free society, vote for a continuation of policies that ignore the mandates of the Constitution; that ignore the Constitutional limitations on their power, even as they violate the Constitutional mandates and delegations specifically intended to secure the value of our dollar, and the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity? Yes McCain is a certain loser; but there is more to this than one election.

No, Ron Paul will not get the Republican nomination. But he has framed the issues: http://pages.prodigy.net/krtq73aa/decision.htm. Every vote for Ron Paul is a statement of principle. It is not the end; rather a new beginning in the ongoing campaign of Conservatives throughout the past 85 years, to return America to the wise course that made us all we have been that was good, all that made us succeed; that unlocked the power of a free society, a free market; that made us the most respected people on earth; that set an example that others might seek to emulate, rather than resent and despise.

The really pathetic thing about the present course in Washington is that it is not only ill conceived and foolish to an extreme; the perpetrators do not even grasp that it has already failed! The President just promised in Rwanda that he would help train their security forces to prevent further genocide. And yet the genocide in Rwanda grew directly out of the Dean Rusk
foreign policy of the 1960s, which promoted "One Man/one vote" Democracy within the old Colonial borders in Africa; which ran roughshod over the reality that people are not interchangeable. George Bush has proven a disaster for Republicans at home. He is certainly no answer to those who love freedom abroad.

William Flax
Cincinnati, Ohio
Goldwater & Reagan Republican


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This is a most excellent commentary. I remember Mr. Flax from FR. I miss him there.

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