Tuesday, May 16, 2017


With their inside man, former FBI Director James Comey being fired and removed immediately, the time bombs left by the Obama/Clinton conspiracy are beginning to unravel fast.  They still have acting FBI Director McCabe in place and as soon as he's gone the the FBI and Justice Department under Jeff Sessions will go after Hillary Clinton on everything she did.  These developments have the media lying machine going into extreme and reckless abandon, spewing obvious lies about Trump giving Russia confidential information and claiming Comey wrote a memo NOBODY has seen yet, claiming Trump tried to get him to drop the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn.

The media liars were being somewhat careful before, but now they're just making stuff up out of whole cloth and spreading it as fast as they can to curb or delay Trump from going after Hillary because the DNC knows their former DNC staffer, Seth Rich, was murdered last July under very suspicious circumstances, and that an FBI forensic computer examiner found that Seth had 44,000 e-mails from various DNC officials that he forwarded to Wikileaks, and it just happens that Wikileaks released that number of e-mails prior to the election.  So it now appears it was a DNC staffer, probably angry about what the DNC did to Bernie Sanders, was the true source of those purloined e-mails the DNC still insists were hacked by the Russians to help Trump win.

Seth Rich was murdered in the early morning hours, just 100 yards from his home.  It was considered a safe neighborhood in DC, and nothing was stolen from Rich, including his wallet and watch.  From the DNC standpoint, it was a very convenient death.

We are also learning that the computers the FBI agent searched have now gone missing.  The DC cops who investigated the murder can't seem to find any video from the body cameras every DC cop wears, and this is significant because Rich didn't die for two hours after he was shot, and anything he said to the cops on video has been, "lost".

Are you beginning to get the picture?  This is a typical Clinton scenario from front to back.

But if Clinton is put on trial for her many crimes, the facts that could emerge from that trial will showcase the DNC as nothing more than a criminal enterprise that would never have been revealed had Hillary been elected as they all expected.  No wonder they were in a state of total shock that night, but it wasn't shock so much as it was panic and deep fear of what a Trump Administration would discover.  They were dirty, they used every dirty trick in the book, including colluding with the media and placing biased moderators in every debate.  They shot their massive wad of money, and yet Hillary still lost!  They had every evil thing going for them, and they were thwarted!  It was the very last thing they expected on November 8, 2016, and they just came unhinged.

So this is why there is this unprecedented war against Trump.  This is why they want Trump impeached.  Every day that passes, something new like the Seth Rich murder is getting reevaluated.  Every moment Trump remains in office, they can feel him walking over their grave, and their only option is this ridiculous news war that has totally destroyed the credibility of the NYT and Washington Post, but they don't care because what they have to lose is literally everything.  Their Globalist Agenda is being picked apart with almost every EO Trump issues. Their plot to crash the economy under Clinton was their only hope to get our guns in return for food, because they knew they had to do that before they could absorb the USA into the One World Government that cannot succeed unless all borders are dissolved.  They came so very close to realizing their plot, and one Donald J. Trump totally screwed them over.

That is why the left is panicking.

Carl F. Worden

Saturday, May 13, 2017


By Carl F. Worden

There were so many dirty tricks, blatant lies told and just plain violations of law that occurred during the Obama Administration that just saying, "Let's put the past behind us and move on", won't cut it.

Here's just a few of the matters that should still concern us all:

1:  The illegal use of the IRS to persecute and block Conservative groups from gaining IRS approval for tax exempt status.  IRS Director Koskinen outright lied to Congress about the matter, yet still holds his post.  IRS underling Lois Lerner, who personally delayed and blocked such approvals was allowed to retire with full benefits and no prosecution.

2:  As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton arranged the sale of 20% of all American Uranium production to Russia.  In return, the Clinton Foundation received a total of $146,000,000.00 in, "donations", from those who directly benefited from that sale.

3:  Hillary Clinton set up a private and illegal server to avoid oversight, and when her server was discovered, she used Bleach Bit to completely obliterate and make unrecoverable, over 30,000 e-mails Clinton claimed were personal.

4:  The outright and repeated denial of additional security for Ambassador to Libya Stevens and his security detail, resulting in the avoidable deaths of Ambassador Stevens, two former SEALs and a career State Department employee, followed by one lie after another from Clinton lap dog Susan Rice as well as Clinton herself.

5:  The, "Fast & Furious" program which allowed untraced guns to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, one of which was used to kill a Border Patrol Agent and others were found to have been used to commit numerous murders in Mexico.  As Attorney General, Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress for lying about the matter, yet he still holds a license to practice law in California.

6:  The refusal of Barack Obama as President to enforce the immigration laws of our nation, resulting in the avoidable crimes and murders of American citizens all across this nation and allowing dangerous Muslim immigrants to enter our nation and commit or conspire to commit acts of terror against our citizens.

7:  The unconstitutional collection of all electronically communicated content of every conversation or writing of every American citizen by the National Security Agency.  Regardless of NSA false assurances, that collection of your communications is still ongoing.

Of all the foregoing and more I did not detail, a full prosecution and public trial of Hillary Clinton is necessary in order to bypass the corrupt liberal media's spin.  A public, and preferably televised trial will allow the poor suckers among us who have believed all the liberal media BS will lay out the harsh truth of Hillary's crimes.  Every detail of what she did will be laid out for everyone to see, both liberal and conservative, free of the endless lies her supporters fell for.

The other reason of vital importance is to reassure the public that in the USA, equal protection under the law is maintained.  Right now, most Americans paying attention know for a fact that such equality under the law does not currently exist.  That if you are a high public official, or even a mid-level government official like IRS Lois Lerner, who has personally done the dirty work for corrupt government officials, elected or appointed, you get to retire with full benefits and never pay for your evil acts.

To most decent and honest Americans, these violations were not just that; they were in fact an abomination of our Constitution, our rule of law and every aspect of what we expect our government officials to do, regardless of the whether they were elected or appointed bureaucrats. These violations were in fact an attempt to overthrow our nation into virtual chaos, and as such, they must be exposed in a public, televised criminal trial where no media liar can thwart the truth.  At the very least, liberals will get to see, once and for all, the real truth unfiltered by these liars we call reporters.

In short, we have way too much to lose if we don't prosecute Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner and anyone else involved or conspiring to commit these horrible, un-American acts, because if we don't prosecute Clinton, the next Democrat controlled Congress and presidency will result in even more obvious and outrageous violations of our Constitution and our very way of life.  But if we do bring justice to these deeds, the next Democrat will take heed that, even if he or she gets away with similar or worse acts while in office, they will face justice and prison at some later time.  

That's called deterrence, and we need it restored right now.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Republicans celebrate passage of weak bill with weak beer

Paul Ryan and the Republican establishment celebrated over Bud Light the narrow passage of the AHCA in the White House Rose Garden.

Their 'victory' was as lacking in substance as the beer they chose to drink.

The AHCA does nothing to solve the health care crisis that Americans are facing under the disaster of the Affordable Care Act. It changes how mandates are done, passes out a lot of tax money to insurance companies, shifts burdens around by tax brackets, and puts Republican labels on failed Democratic policies. Replacing a penalty paid to the IRS with a penalty paid to insurance companies doesn't help the American people.

The American people want real solutions to the spiraling costs of health care for themselves and their families, and only the Libertarian Party is suggesting real solutions.

If Congress wants to fix the health care crisis, they can:

-- Grant the same tax incentives to individuals that are given to employer-purchased health care plans to remove the perverse incentive for health insurance to be tied to a particular job or employer.

-- Remove government restrictions that prevent people from purchasing catastrophic insurance coverage while paying for routine health care expenses out of pocket. That will drive down costs for health care services as consumers are allowed to shop for the best prices.

-- Allow health insurance to be sold across state lines and remove other government barriers to competition that keep prices high.

-- End all federal laws and regulations that restrict use, or that drive up the cost, of drugs, medical supplies and equipment, and other health care products and services. This includes ending all regulatory powers of the Food and Drug Administration. Doing so will drive down the cost of drugs while accelerating discovery of cures and treatments of debilitating diseases.

These simple proposals would give people more freedom to make the right health care choices for themselves and their families, improve health care outcomes, and reduce costs for all Americans.

Passage of the AHCA is an example of the broken Washington culture that says, "We have to do something. This is something. We have to do this."

For the health of all of our families, government needs to do less to screw up a system they've been making worse for decades with regulation on top of regulation that increase costs and reduce health outcomes while lining the pockets of health care industry lobbyists and cronies.

Yours in liberty,

Nicholas Sarwark
Chair, Libertarian National Committee

Monday, May 01, 2017

Libertarian Party: Trump’s ‘revenue neutral’ tax proposal is taxpayer negative

http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=108292049&msgid=589050&act=RSI9&c=1115108&destination=https://www.lp.org/libertarian-party-trumps-revenue-neutral-tax-proposal-taxpayer-negative/?utm_source=iContact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Libertarian Party&utm_content=20170430-GenPR+Trump+Tax+PlanNicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee, released the following statement today:
American taxpayers get to take home just 54 cents on every dollar they earn, while federal, state and local governments take the other 46 cents.
What a great deal for federal, state and local governments. Not so hot for taxpayers. Crushing, in fact.
President Trump’s tax reform proposal that he partially-unveiled on April 26 includes cuts in corporate tax rates, death taxes, and alternative minimum taxes. Republicans claim this plan will be ‘revenue neutral’ after these measures stimulate economic growth. 
But when politicians say their plan is ‘revenue neutral,’ what they’re saying to taxpayers is, “we’re keeping your taxes high. We’re not cutting them a nickel.”
“Drain the swamp” President Trump wants to keep spending at the same perilously-high $4 trillion water mark as President Obama.
Keeping taxes and government spending high means government will remain wasteful, bloated, and dysfunctional. It will sustain thousands of wasteful bureaucracies and failed government programs. It will kill jobs, diminish people’s freedom, invite more overseas meddling, and inflict stifling red tape on businesses and individuals.
It’s taxpayer negative.
The goal of any tax reform proposal should be to dramatically reduce the total amount of money in politicians’ hands.
Government revenue negative is taxpayer positive.
We need tax cuts that give back thousands of dollars - every year - to taxpayers. Cuts that substantially hike everyone’s take home pay so taxpayers can save for their retirement, pay off their debts, support their families, enjoy the fruits of their labor, and take care of their loved ones in need.
Politicians forget: the money they take is not the government’s. It belongs to the hard-working taxpayers who earned it.
Better than two-thirds of all Americans believe that federal government spending is way too high.
We must reduce total government spending enough to both immediately end deficit spending and enable huge, immediate taxpayer-positive tax cuts.
The only way to drain a swamp is to pump water out of it – not keep it at the same level. 
The only way to drain the swamp in Washington D.C. is to dramatically reduce total government spending and slash taxes.
Revenue negative.
Taxpayer positive.