Saturday, May 13, 2017


By Carl F. Worden

There were so many dirty tricks, blatant lies told and just plain violations of law that occurred during the Obama Administration that just saying, "Let's put the past behind us and move on", won't cut it.

Here's just a few of the matters that should still concern us all:

1:  The illegal use of the IRS to persecute and block Conservative groups from gaining IRS approval for tax exempt status.  IRS Director Koskinen outright lied to Congress about the matter, yet still holds his post.  IRS underling Lois Lerner, who personally delayed and blocked such approvals was allowed to retire with full benefits and no prosecution.

2:  As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton arranged the sale of 20% of all American Uranium production to Russia.  In return, the Clinton Foundation received a total of $146,000,000.00 in, "donations", from those who directly benefited from that sale.

3:  Hillary Clinton set up a private and illegal server to avoid oversight, and when her server was discovered, she used Bleach Bit to completely obliterate and make unrecoverable, over 30,000 e-mails Clinton claimed were personal.

4:  The outright and repeated denial of additional security for Ambassador to Libya Stevens and his security detail, resulting in the avoidable deaths of Ambassador Stevens, two former SEALs and a career State Department employee, followed by one lie after another from Clinton lap dog Susan Rice as well as Clinton herself.

5:  The, "Fast & Furious" program which allowed untraced guns to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, one of which was used to kill a Border Patrol Agent and others were found to have been used to commit numerous murders in Mexico.  As Attorney General, Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress for lying about the matter, yet he still holds a license to practice law in California.

6:  The refusal of Barack Obama as President to enforce the immigration laws of our nation, resulting in the avoidable crimes and murders of American citizens all across this nation and allowing dangerous Muslim immigrants to enter our nation and commit or conspire to commit acts of terror against our citizens.

7:  The unconstitutional collection of all electronically communicated content of every conversation or writing of every American citizen by the National Security Agency.  Regardless of NSA false assurances, that collection of your communications is still ongoing.

Of all the foregoing and more I did not detail, a full prosecution and public trial of Hillary Clinton is necessary in order to bypass the corrupt liberal media's spin.  A public, and preferably televised trial will allow the poor suckers among us who have believed all the liberal media BS will lay out the harsh truth of Hillary's crimes.  Every detail of what she did will be laid out for everyone to see, both liberal and conservative, free of the endless lies her supporters fell for.

The other reason of vital importance is to reassure the public that in the USA, equal protection under the law is maintained.  Right now, most Americans paying attention know for a fact that such equality under the law does not currently exist.  That if you are a high public official, or even a mid-level government official like IRS Lois Lerner, who has personally done the dirty work for corrupt government officials, elected or appointed, you get to retire with full benefits and never pay for your evil acts.

To most decent and honest Americans, these violations were not just that; they were in fact an abomination of our Constitution, our rule of law and every aspect of what we expect our government officials to do, regardless of the whether they were elected or appointed bureaucrats. These violations were in fact an attempt to overthrow our nation into virtual chaos, and as such, they must be exposed in a public, televised criminal trial where no media liar can thwart the truth.  At the very least, liberals will get to see, once and for all, the real truth unfiltered by these liars we call reporters.

In short, we have way too much to lose if we don't prosecute Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner and anyone else involved or conspiring to commit these horrible, un-American acts, because if we don't prosecute Clinton, the next Democrat controlled Congress and presidency will result in even more obvious and outrageous violations of our Constitution and our very way of life.  But if we do bring justice to these deeds, the next Democrat will take heed that, even if he or she gets away with similar or worse acts while in office, they will face justice and prison at some later time.  

That's called deterrence, and we need it restored right now.


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