Tuesday, May 16, 2017


With their inside man, former FBI Director James Comey being fired and removed immediately, the time bombs left by the Obama/Clinton conspiracy are beginning to unravel fast.  They still have acting FBI Director McCabe in place and as soon as he's gone the the FBI and Justice Department under Jeff Sessions will go after Hillary Clinton on everything she did.  These developments have the media lying machine going into extreme and reckless abandon, spewing obvious lies about Trump giving Russia confidential information and claiming Comey wrote a memo NOBODY has seen yet, claiming Trump tried to get him to drop the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn.

The media liars were being somewhat careful before, but now they're just making stuff up out of whole cloth and spreading it as fast as they can to curb or delay Trump from going after Hillary because the DNC knows their former DNC staffer, Seth Rich, was murdered last July under very suspicious circumstances, and that an FBI forensic computer examiner found that Seth had 44,000 e-mails from various DNC officials that he forwarded to Wikileaks, and it just happens that Wikileaks released that number of e-mails prior to the election.  So it now appears it was a DNC staffer, probably angry about what the DNC did to Bernie Sanders, was the true source of those purloined e-mails the DNC still insists were hacked by the Russians to help Trump win.

Seth Rich was murdered in the early morning hours, just 100 yards from his home.  It was considered a safe neighborhood in DC, and nothing was stolen from Rich, including his wallet and watch.  From the DNC standpoint, it was a very convenient death.

We are also learning that the computers the FBI agent searched have now gone missing.  The DC cops who investigated the murder can't seem to find any video from the body cameras every DC cop wears, and this is significant because Rich didn't die for two hours after he was shot, and anything he said to the cops on video has been, "lost".

Are you beginning to get the picture?  This is a typical Clinton scenario from front to back.

But if Clinton is put on trial for her many crimes, the facts that could emerge from that trial will showcase the DNC as nothing more than a criminal enterprise that would never have been revealed had Hillary been elected as they all expected.  No wonder they were in a state of total shock that night, but it wasn't shock so much as it was panic and deep fear of what a Trump Administration would discover.  They were dirty, they used every dirty trick in the book, including colluding with the media and placing biased moderators in every debate.  They shot their massive wad of money, and yet Hillary still lost!  They had every evil thing going for them, and they were thwarted!  It was the very last thing they expected on November 8, 2016, and they just came unhinged.

So this is why there is this unprecedented war against Trump.  This is why they want Trump impeached.  Every day that passes, something new like the Seth Rich murder is getting reevaluated.  Every moment Trump remains in office, they can feel him walking over their grave, and their only option is this ridiculous news war that has totally destroyed the credibility of the NYT and Washington Post, but they don't care because what they have to lose is literally everything.  Their Globalist Agenda is being picked apart with almost every EO Trump issues. Their plot to crash the economy under Clinton was their only hope to get our guns in return for food, because they knew they had to do that before they could absorb the USA into the One World Government that cannot succeed unless all borders are dissolved.  They came so very close to realizing their plot, and one Donald J. Trump totally screwed them over.

That is why the left is panicking.

Carl F. Worden


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