Thursday, April 28, 2011


By Joan Hough

"In Pakistan, "blasphemy" -- defined as the public profession of any faith but Islam -- is a crime punishable by death. It's the same in Sudan, which imposes a like sentence on anyone who converts from Islam or proselytizes Christianity. And few Western leaders dare object to Saudi Arabia's confiscation of Bibles or the royal ban on Christian houses of worship and public displays of religious symbols -- other than Islam's crescent moon and star. “(Easter in the East by Oliver North)

If Sharia is to prosper in our America, its members must dedicate themselves to the establishment of its every concept throughout our land. They are compelled by their religion to do so. All that you read above can be voted into legality by a highly reproductive population of Muslims and can become the Law of the Land. The fanaticism of their religion is so foreign to present day Americans that we will never know what has hit us until our eyes see the cement below, as our heads fly across the street.

May the Lord be with you and with your spirit--and not only on your child's birth, at Easter, at Christmas, at Thanksgiving, on All Saints' Day, on All Souls' Day, at Advent, at the death of your loved ones, but throughout all the days of your life and, finally, at your death.

On the 4th day of April, in the year 2011 in Shreveport, Louisiana we buried my one and only beloved son. He lies now in a tranquil cemetery by his Dad and his Uncle, two of the Confederate descendants who loved him dearly from the moment of his birth. His funeral was declared by the many folks who attended it as one of the most uplifting ones they have ever known. A wonderfully gifted, highly dedicated Christian Preacher, Bill McCormick, my son's pastor and surrogate father, conducted a glorious goodbye ceremony that brought tears to every eye and hope to every heart. The prayers, the beautiful eulogies and the gorgeous music provided by members of the University Worship Center, surely helped my boy's soul float right up to Heaven and, also, lightened the heart of every sad listener.

How long will the New World Order folks allow the rest of us "common American Christians" to gather together and pray for our loved ones? How long will we be allowed to observe Easter and Christmas? How long will there be a Thanksgiving Day for us filled with prayers? How long will we be able to thank our good Lord for our blessings and ask Him to forgive us of our sins? How long will it be before Obama becomes correct and our nation is no longer a Christian nation? How much longer will it be that the deliberate, totally incorrect interpretation of the Church and State Separation Amendment is considered truth and the law of the land? How long before there will no longer live a single American able to recall that our nation, originally settled by Christian, might well be a “dark continent,” minimally populated, were it not for them? The amazing advances in medicine, science, agriculture and much of all the wondrous things the world knows today might never have been achieved because their creation could be ignited only in a free society that had its foundation in Christianity.

How long before not only the accomplishments made possible by America’s Christians are no longer correctly assigned to them, but Christianity, itself, joins the trash pile wherein Americans have cursed, slandered, and then thrown other things, great and good--including blessed American creations such as the Confederate States of America? How long before Christianity in America is eliminated by the political powers and thrown away?

If the Democrats and Republicans, those grand Progressives, continue their mad rush to the New World Order, unstopped, it cannot be long, can it?

Faith of our fathers, holy faith-- all memories of that--all history of that is being erased because too many of us have been “too highly” educated.

Just as American children will never learn that the freedom of black slaves in the South was never even mentioned as a motive for the invasion of the South by Mr. Lincoln and his Marxist-Radical Republican Army until the VERY MIDDLE OF A WAR BEING LOST BY THE NORTH, American children will never learn that the FIRST REAL THANKSGIVING TO GOD and a Thanksgiving dinner was actually a Southern happening-- given by Christians upon their arrival from England to Berkley, Virginia. These new Southerners gave their Thanksgiving thanks on September 15, 1619-- an entire year before the arrival of the Pilgrims to the North.

Is it not interesting that those who control the history we all learn will not even allow the truth to be told about the real First Thanksgiving? Is it not fascinating how cleverly they saddle the history books and our minds with their "Pretend First Thanksgiving" in Plymouth, Massachusetts? The Northern Pilgrim’s Thanksgiving was 17 months AFTER the one in the South, but who knows this fact? When was this truth erased from public memory? And why?

"We ordaine that the day of our ships arrivall at the place assigned for plantacon in the land of Virginia shall be yearly and perpetually kept holy as a day of thanksgiving to Almighty God."

Actually, prior to that first formal Thanksgiving Dinner, Thanksgiving began on the shores of Cape Henry in Virginia two years before the arrival of the Pilgrims to Massachusetts. In the year 1607, the first English colonists reached the continent. They came, not to the north, but to the South--to Virginia. There were 105 English men and boys, and 39 sailors, among them. With them was the Reverend Robert Hunt. He was the first minister in America. According to Jamestown site historian, Dianne Stallings, he was instrumental in establishing the protestant faith in the new world. The true Thanksgiving origin which follows here is more clearly explained at:

Following a mandate from the king of England, Hunt pitched a cross and led the men in prayer on the beaches of Cape Henry."Titled simply, the "General Thanksgiving", this prayer, in one of its versions was no doubt what was read something like this:

"Almighty God, Father of all mercies, we thine unworthy servants do give thee most humble and hearty thanks for all thy goodness and loving-kindness to us and to all men. We bless thee for our creation, preservation, and all the blessings of this life; but above all for thine inestimable love in the redemption of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ, for the means of grace, and for the hope of glory."

That first group of white men, giving thanks to God and his son, Jesus Christ, was the forerunner of a big Thanksgiving celebration by a second English group of colonists who also landed not in the north's Massachusetts, but in the South's Virginia.

England was dedicated to God, as well as to gold and glory. The English wished to Christianize the Indians. Pocahontas was held captive by this first group of English. She became a Christian, married one of the English leaders and was responsible for the earliest development of Christianity in American Indians.

Two years after the death of twenty-two year old Pocahontas, another group of English folks came to America. They landed in the South's Virginia and held their first Thanksgiving dinner celebration an entire year before the arrival on northern shores of the Pilgrims. After ten weeks at sea, the soon to be Southerners finally landed at the Berkeley Plantation. Virginia Historians declare that this is where the real first Thanksgiving took place. The plantation sits just a few miles from the original Jamestown settlement.

"The Virginia Company had directives given to the settlers and the directives were that upon landing, they were to give thanks and every year thereafter make it an annual celebration in thanks to the Lord for a safe passage," stated Barbara Awad, president of the Virginia Thanksgiving Festival. (Refer to hyperlink presented earlier.)

After those first two groups of Southerners--then came the Pilgrims --and we all know their story of hardship horrors existing until the Indians gave them a helping hand and how, rather than continuing their socialistic-created starvation, the Pilgrims adopted the free enterprise system.

The North’s claim of the First American Thanksgiving has been, is, and will be the only Thanksgiving story ever told America's children--unless they happen to live in Berkley, Virginia and unless they have parents or grandparents, preachers or teachers who read the truth and share it.

The establishment controls the minds of our children, because its controlled communication media propagandizes our children, as do the well brain-washed leaders in academia who persistently indoctrinate our young held as captive audiences in government- controlled, institutions of public education and even in private schools, including some church schools.

Surely one of the purposes of the controllers is that Southerners and all Americans will remain convinced that the North is noble and has always been—even when the north invades a legally seceded South and deliberately murders undefended, helpless Southern women (both white and black), children, old folks, the sick and the lame—and methodically destroys homes, churches, gardens, all food supplies—leaving even babies to the mercy of the elements and to starvation.

(Any reader who refuses to believe this should read some of the eye-witness reports of that time, including some written by Yankee soldiers themselves. Ask for a list if you are unable to locate any books containing such information.)The North justified its genocidal actions by declaring them all necessary against the slave-holding South--as if the North had never held slaves and was not completely responsible for their presence on the continent and as if emancipation /manumission of slaves in the South had not begun long before the Marxist-Republican Invasion of the South.)

This land of ours certainly needs God's blessing if the truth is ever to be uttered by our leaders, so maybe, despite the “thought police,” we should all stop a moment and think of the words to God Bless America as a prayer: God bless America, land that I love--Stand beside her and guide her/ through the night with a light from above....If you've forgotten the rest of the words, shame on you, but if you have never heard the words, shame on the rest of us-- here is a reminder:

The Ponzigonifs!

Dr. A. H. Krieg

I have railed for eons about the banksters and their evil usury. The time has come to expose the worst of their practices to allow yourself the ability to protect your and your family’s income. Aside the fact that the Obama administration has so convoluted our economy that middle class income is being confiscated and our children’s income is stolen before they even graduate HS, all just to further the interests and gargantuan profits of Wall Street. Remember that all the bailouts went to only two places; public service labor unions in the form of confiscated union dues and the banksters. This government income came via the IRS the collection agency for the Federal Reserve System. Just and by the way, the IRS total expenses for 2010 were $ 16 billion, the cost of filing returns by Americans consumed $338 billions, compiling a massive 7.6 billion hours of labor to comply with the often intelligible codes, total cost per American citizen, before one cent is spent for this travesty, is $1000 per living American.

Mortgages are large income producers of the Ponzigonifs; an understanding of the mortgage industry is a must before you make the error of participating in this folly. Mortgages are by all issuers separated into two differing re-payment schemes. These are called Principal and Interest. This process of separating re-payment comes from the system called Fractional Reserve Banking. (This process is illegal Biblically as well as in the Qur’an) Bankers employ many statisticians and actuaries whose job it is to make assumptions based on past history in order to maximize usury i.e. the Ponzigoniff’s profit margins. From these people they have learned that the average homeowner will stay in the home they either build or purchase for a term of 15 years. This statistical information is then used to establish a system of re-payment by the mortgager that allows the bank to legally falsify the interest charged to the buyer. They use a process called Front End Loading to accomplish that goal. In very simple terms what they do is to offer the buyer an interst rate of say 5% which might seem ok, however by separating the principal and interest and front loading most of the interest into the first half of the contract they deceive the buyer. They in fact do not change the amount of interest quoted. Either way they will make at least a 100% profit margin on any mortgage they issue. Let’s take the most common example a 30-year mortgage at 5%. 80% of the interest is payable in the first 15 years and 20% of the principal is collect in the same timeframe. So if you get a $100,000, 30-year mortgage and want out after 15 years simple interest would be $5,000. But 80% is collected in the first 15 years so the actual interest charged is not 5% but $8,200 or 8.2%. But that’s not compounded interest. Compounding is usury through the use of fractional reserve banking in which the actual payments are always compounded in favor of the banks, more or less tippling the total amount, meaning that in actual terms you will pay about 16% interest on a 5% loan.

Now, many people are under the impression that because their home value is upside down, or because they are unable to pay the mortgage to the bank, that they can walk away from the property and leave the bank to solve the ensuing finacial problems. This is in fact a very serious mistake.

The Ponzigonifs would have you believe that foreclosures are the bane of their existence and that they are losing their proverbial shirts in the process. Nothing could be further from the truth. If in fact this were the case, most foreclosures would see a reached accommodation between homeowner and the organization holding the paper. We know from history that this is not the case. The actual successful loan modifications reached is less than ten percent of the foreclosure business. Per example let’s take a house with a $350K open mortgage. The house in this horrible market has fallen in value to $280K and the outstanding mortgage totals $310K. Who actually owns the paper is often undetermined.
So, my first advice upon getting a foreclosure notice is; send a registered letter return receipt requested that is notarized of which you have a notarized copy, to the agency that has issued the foreclosure notice. The letter will be a demand notice to produce within 30 days, of your dated letter, the original loan documents signed and executed by you. In most cases the loan holder will be unable to produce that documentation, which is cause for dismissal of the claim in any court of law. They will have to start allover and may not be able to comply with the request because the original documents have been sold and resold scores of times and may be very difficult to find. This should give you some breathing room, and may allow you to re-negotiate the entire mortgage on a new basis.

It is wise to remember that the bank holding your paper will upon taking possession of your property do a number of things that only banks are allowed to do. First they will transfer the property into a distressed property portfolio. They will likely set up a separate corporation to hold all their distressed properties, bundling them. They will carry the asset value of your property at whatever the asset value was on the date your mortgage closed in their bundled account, entering that value on their books. They will then sell that asset most likely to Fannie or Freddie at the inflated false value. They have therefore written off any loss and sold it to the government that is now holding trillions of dollars in worthless paper.

But don’t think you’re off the hook. The circumstance is irrelevant, short sale, foreclosure, walk away, they will get you! They have five years from date of execution, they will send you a 1099A, filing it within five years of delivery in court, which when executed will force you to re-pay the entire outstanding amount. Worse yet, they can with this filing garnish your income, payroll, social security, pension, IRA or 401K, and they will. Your only option will be filing for bankruptcy, or only working for cash the rest of your natural life, which is another bad thing to do. There is an out. You can purchase a Swiss Annuity insurance counteract with your IRA or 401K Swiss law does not allow the garnishing of pensions or annuities.

In any event the bank will be made whole and the buyer gets screwed. The problems are the result of government and Ponzigoniff actions completely out of the buyer’s preview. The Ponzigoniff’s own the government because they are the largest cash contributors to political campaigns and thus the government protects their fund source to the hilt.

The reason why the home-selling market is so poor is that buyers who in many cases are developers will not purchase a home until the foreclosure has gone through. In the Florida commercial market about 90% of current sales are foreclosures. The bank having first written off the entire amount through transferring it to a bundled bunch of mortgages selling it to the government, getting a tax write off, will then gladly proceed against you and sell the property to any developer for 30 cents on the dollar. The object of this horror tale is that Ponzigonifs never lose!

The Wachovia case is of particular interest. Wachovia laundered $378.4 billion in cash for the Mexican drug cartels. The assumed profit is about $ 7 billion. The case came to Miami federal court in 2010. Proceedings were secret. Wachovia was fined $50 million by the Fed. They made a profit of $6.5 billion dollars from 2004 to 2009 in these transactions. No further charges have been filed. Ponzigonifs are immune from the law, Constitution and Bill of Rights, because they are too big to be allowed to fail!

Dr. Krieg’s new book available next month is Rendezvous with the New World Order, from all booksellers.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good-by America

By A. H. Krieg

Bernanke and his immediate boss Obama are printing about $110 billion every month, every last cent of it produced out of thin air. They no longer borrow the funds by issuing T-bills and T-notes they just tell the various 12 Fed branches to add zeros to their balance sheets. Makes me think of Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe. Inflation due to this is now at 14%, last year it was at 11%. I want to be very clear here; When Cantor and Boehner speak of cutting the deficit in the coming decade, by $100 billions, or balancing the budget, they are engaging in the absolutely worst deception imaginable. When the FRS informs the country that inflation is at 1.7% they are not just liars, they are damned liars.

For many months I considered that all these people engaging in these acts were simply inept idiots, but I am now utterly convinced that they are acting by design, and on purpose. The propose is the Rothschild plan to destroy the Dollar as the world reserve currency and by this act, eliminating America as the world’s only super power. If America remains a super power than the New World Order cannot assume command. All this began in the late 70’s with “Free Trade” the “Trojan Horse” of the N.W.O. along with the enactment of NAFTA and CAFTA by the Republocrats. Both parties are equal in blame.

The force of these acts will come upon Americans like a snake in the night. Fuel, food, clothing, and housing will demonstrate dramatic increases in 2011 and 2012. We have already witnessed cotton up 170%, food 52%, fuel up 70%, and sugar up 164% in 2011, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. America’s cash flow as you read this is negative and falling at a 20% decline per year rate, which has been ongoing for the last 15 years.

Another nail driven into our coffin is the announcement of the BRIC’s (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) to trade in their own currencies rather than the dollar for all transactions between themselves. This was following the announcement of Iran, Libya, and Venezuela, no longer to accept dollars for raw materials. The BRIC nations represent 40% of the world’s reserve currencies and 20% of the world’s domestic product.

The S&P downgrading of the dollar and their statement that the dollar was in decline and may in the near future lose its AAA rating was the first factual warning of what is to come.

Dr. Krieg’s book “Money a primer” ISBN # 0-9748502-6-8 that explains all is available from all booksellers and on Apple® E-books.

Political Pygmies and Mad Hatters

Nelson Hultberg
AFR Viewpoints

The debate in Washington over this year's budget that threatened another (ho hum) government shutdown is a sterling example of how modern day pundits and politicians have shrunk their vision of political affairs down to the momentary, the picayune, the superficial, and the irrelevant.

Are there any "big picture thinkers" left in the political arena? Any "men of principle?" Sadly, no. Other than Ron Paul and a few maverick colleagues, there are none. Nothing but pygmies pontificating about the crucial business at hand and claiming how courageous their party is behaving in pursuit of justice and a better America.

To say this is an embarrassing charade is understatement indeed. Our government is $14.3 trillion in debt. The 2011 budget is approximately $3.8 trillion. The budget deficit is $1.5 trillion. And our solons in Washington are smugly bragging about their "fiercely negotiated cut of $37.8 billion?" Is it hyperbole to say these minds are obsessed with the momentary, the picayune, the superficial, and the irrelevant? Is it unfair to declare them to be pygmies? I think not.

When all things are considered, the total public and private debt in America is now over $100 trillion. Yet Bernanke and his Fed buddies are injecting credit (i.e., more debt) into the economy like a fire hose injects water into a bathtub. And still our "men of principle" in Congress declare with straight faces that they are stalwartly facing America's problems head on. Sure they are. Like drug addicts and embezzlers face their life's problems.

A Spectacle of Self-Delusion

What is horrifying is that this is not new. This charade-like aura of politics in Washington has been going on for 60 years ever since Dwight Eisenhower captured the GOP from the Robert Taft forces in 1952 and made it into a party of "me-tooers" to FDR's Democrats. What has been taking place in the American political arena for the past six decades is one of the most blatant spectacles of self-delusion in American history. Everyone is in on the charade -- the populace, the politicians, the professors, the pundits -- everyone makes believe that we have a legitimate Congress fighting for truth and justice, that we have a competitive two-party system where the Democrats wish to expand government while Republicans wish to reduce government. This charade is taught in the schools, pontificated about in the media, and argued about in the barrooms. Democrats versus Republicans. Big government advocates versus small government advocates.

It is disgusting that we as a people have become so delusional. But this is why our leaders in Washington argue over such meaningless trifles as $38 billion cuts in face of $1,500 billion deficits (which is equivalent to erecting a bamboo wall to stave off a Tsunami). Why do our leaders take part so proudly in such ludicrous debates? Because they have to perpetuate the great "two-party myth" that says the American people are being given a genuine choice about how they are to be governed. And we the people continue to buy into it like gullible rubes at a carnival. We have descended into the rabbit hole to join the Mad Hatter. Mountebanks and humbuggery saturate our politics and economics. Up is down, and down is up. Words are now tricks to twist the baneful into the tolerable. Reality is not what it is; it is what we wish it to be.

Not one in a hundred of our intelligentsia carry the cause and effect process of all this sham and destruction back to root causes. The best our mainstream media pundits can do is talk about how things started getting out of hand in the Greenspan nineties or the Reaganite eighties. Pygmies, all of them! Their sense of history extends only to a few decades, or at best the length of their own lives. Yet the nefarious destruction descending upon our country had its beginning in 1913. That was the year that brought us the Federal Reserve and the income tax, which brought us the false boom times of the 1920s, which brought us the necessity to extinguish the inflationary fires with the Great Deflation of the 1930s, which brought us FDR's welfare-state. This twenty-five year period, 1913-1938, was the fateful turn in American history. Prior to this period, statism was "alien and horrid" to Americans. By the period's end, statism was "needed and progressive." From this momentous era, we embarked upon a journey of social, economic, and political insanity that plunges us deeper into desolation with each passing decade.

Cataclysmic collapse looms ahead, and there is no chance whatsoever that the American ship of state can be righted. We crossed the Rubicon in 1971 when Richard Nixon began the great fraud of irredeemable currency creation that John Maynard Keynes had conned our intelligentsia into believing was somehow wealth. The productive booms and easily correctible recessions of a laissez-faire market became the dangerous booms and ever more devastating recessions of the corporate state.

America is now deep into the death spiral of Rome. The only thing left to fight for is the establishment of some means to inform the American people about the coming cataclysm and what we must do to avert a World-Government as a result of its devastation -- some means that can circumvent the tyrannical lock that collectivists have established over our schools, churches, media, and political parties.

Telling the Truth to the People

It is this writer's contention that there is only one means left for us to bring about such a mass educational undertaking. And that is to establish a third political party beachhead that can gain entrance into the National TV Presidential Debates where it can then tell the truth about "1913 and the fateful turn" to 70 million voters during the monstrous crash that is coming -- where it can tell the truth about how progressive tax rates and Fed monetary inflation have given government the power to grow exponentially in our lives.

Republicans will not, and cannot, tell the truth to American voters. Why? Because our corrupt progressive tax system in America allows 50% of American voters to get their government services FREE. This creates what is called in economic jargon, "infinite demand for government services." Republicans realize this. They know full well that if they don't cross the aisle and offer more government spending every year like the Democrats do, they will not be reelected to power. They know they must feed the voters' "infinite demand." Thus they go along to get along, and the gargantuan state grows more hideous every decade.

This is why all conventional activists -- who insist on "remaining within the GOP" and trying to reform it -- continue every decade to fail. The evil of our present political system cannot be ended by attempting to change Republican behavior. It can only be ended by changing the tax and monetary systems formed in 1913 that lie at the root of the contemptible "vote buying" in which our politicians partake. But this can only be done from without -- from a third political party that is not tied to perpetuating the system.

The Tea Party activists who denounce all third-party efforts and insist that we must work within the GOP have no sense of history. If they did, they would realize that their strategy of taking over the Republican Party by sending more conservative Republicans to Congress is not new. It has been advocated routinely by scores of activist groups ever since the days of Eisenhower. And it has failed repeatedly because all new conservative Republicans we send to Washington merely get bought off as fast as we send them because of the "infinite demand for government services" that comes from our corrupt tax and monetary systems. Until these two systems are radically reformed, Washington will continue to be a charade. Throwing the rascals out only results in new rascals taking their place.

What we suffer from today is a deadly, rotting deceptiveness that permeates all levels of our society from lofty scholars and mega-moguls down to cab drivers and ditch diggers. What we suffer from is the eternal human vice of trying to get more out of life than we are willing to put in, which we have politicized via the two institutions of 1913, the Federal Reserve and the progressive income tax.

There is only one solution to the death spiral we are now caught up in. We must get a freedom candidate into the National TV Presidential Debates who can explain to 70 million voters in dramatic fashion how and why the devastation of our country has come about and what must be done to genuinely heal the economy so that such a devastation can never plague us again in the future. The schools, the churches, the media, and our two major parties will not talk of this. They are controlled by the collectivists.

If we fail to establish a third-party beachhead that can tell the American people about why we must climb out of the coming crash in the direction of Thomas Jefferson and Federalism instead of George Soros and World-Government, then we will have nothing to guide us in the midst of the collapse and its chaos but future John Boehners and Harry Reids. Nothing but more self-delusion. Nothing but more "pygmies and mad hatters" dressed up in political garb spinning out fairy tales to a populace sanctioning its own enslavement.

Trekking the Same Path

If America loses her national sovereignty during the 21st century and succumbs to a tyrannical world government, a large part of the reason will be because today's "activists and Washington watchers" (who pride themselves so on their political acumen) did nothing more than mouth the same old platitudes in vogue since the days of Eisenhower. It will be because our activists continued to trek like mules down the same path that all the others unthinkingly trekked before them in putting forth their policies and strategies. It will be because they became enamored with establishment rituals and forgot about the need to attack root causes. Instead they built bamboo walls and prosaic political action committees to playact at being movers and shakers. They marched into battle armed with nothing more than Tea Party bromides about "sending more conservatives to Congress."

The collectivist Gargantua gobbled them up as it has gobbled up all political activists who preach that working within our two major parties is the only way to stop the tyrannical growth of government.

The solution to the coming cataclysm is summed up in this must-see 12-minute video: The Conservative American Party

Friday, April 15, 2011

Obama Budget Plan: Higher Taxes on Small Businesses, and Federal Small Business Contracts for Fortune 500 Firms

Petaluma, Calif. – Today President Barack Obama rolled out his blueprint for deficit reduction, during which he highlighted a plan to implement higher taxes on “the wealthy.” The American Small Business League (ASBL) is concerned that President Obama’s reference to the wealthy, meaning wage earners over $250,000 a year, is actually a reference to a large percentage of America’s 27 million small businesses.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, small businesses are responsible for over half of the private sector workforce, 50 percent the gross domestic product, 90 percent of exports and innovations, and 90 percent of net new jobs. 98 percent of all U.S. firms have less than 100 employees. Small businesses drive America’s job creation, and growth. Despite the clear negative implications of increasing taxes on the nation’s chief job creators, under President Obama’s new plan, small businesses will pay higher federal taxes.

“The Obama Administration gave less than three percent of stimulus funds to the small businesses that create over 90 percent of net new jobs, and now he is going to raise their taxes. That does not sound like much of a recovery plan to me,” ASBL President Lloyd Chapman said.

In addition to the serious economic implications of increasing the tax burden of America’s chief job creators, President Obama’s plan also fails to address billions of dollars in fraud and abuse in federal small business contracting programs.

Since 2003, a series of federal investigations have found Fortune 500 firms and other corporate giants are the actual recipients of most federal small business contracts. In February of 2008, President Barack Obama promised to end the abuse. Despite, thousands of business closures and countless lost jobs, the Obama Administration has failed to honor its promise, and end the diversion of federal small business contracts to corporate giants. (,

The most recent information released by the Obama Administration shows large recipients of small business contracts such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Dell Computer, Xerox, SAIC, General Dynamics, Bechtel and John Deere. Moreover, federal data indicates that corporate giants may be receiving as much as $200 billion a year in federal small business contracts. (

“It is infuriating to listen to President Obama talk about shared prosperity and responsibility when you realize that every business hour of his administration has meant the continued diversion of up to $100 million in small business contracts to corporate giants,” Chapman said. “Small businesses need to be this administration’s priority.”

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What He Did Not Say!

Dr. A. H. Krieg

What Obama did not say, and what he said, in a convoluted manner, is the issue of his speech on the budget and deficit. But, before we even begin, we must review the present situation and what has taken place over the past two years that was either missing of distorted by Obama.

The presidential proposals are in fact massive tax increases in the amount of over one trillion dollars per year for the coming decade. One of his primary proposals is to strip congress of the authority to tax and to institute his radical Debt Reduction Policy, establishing an automatic trigger, to increase taxes to meet White House progressive spending programs. Even without that, all taxes will be higher in 2011 than they were in 2010. 2011 budget is larger than the 2010 budget and the 2012 budget is to be even greater. The 2011 budget is $3.82 trillion, which ads a total of $1.65 trillion to the national debt that is anticipated to be increased to $1.85 trillion in 2012. Democrats proposed a cut of $33 billion, which is 0.08% of the budget while Republicans suggested $61 billion, which is 1.59% of the budget. Projected 2011 revenues are $ 2.174 trillion, which is 56.9% of anticipated revenues. The budget shortfall for 2011 is a staggering $ 1.646 Trillion. The national debt on the day of the speech was $ 14.5 trillion. The total off book debt of the United Stats is about $202 trillions. When we consider such obscure items in this budget as the $200 million that was used to advertise the benefits of Obamacare and $ 4 million used to construct an Internet site to propagandize Americans on Obamacare, $30 million for Pakistan to establish a Sesame Street program in Urdu, $3 billion in foreign aid to Israel, the 16th highest per capita income state in the world, and the Andy Griffin ads for Obamacare; all propaganda, and see, that none in Sodom on the Potomac can locate budget cuts, we can only be amazed. If you think all this is economic Voodoo, then consider the reached budget deal of April, which the congress past that is a $33 billion cut, all postponed into future budgets the actual cut is $353 million out of a 2011 $3.82 trillion budget or less than one tenth of one percent. “Smoke and Mirrors”!

Inflation is now our primary problem. This is verified by the increase of prices across the board since Obama’s election; Gasoline +69.6%, Food +52.4%, Crude oil +135.9%, Corn +78.1%, Sugar +164.7%, and Gold +60.5%. This is the greatest and quickest jump in commodities prices in American History and it is called inflation. Government claims of 1.7% inflation are ridiculous, 2010 saw 11% and so far in 2011 we have 14% inflation. (Shadow Stats)

Unemployment statistics indicate that non-farm unemployment is up 23.7%, black unemployment is up 25.4%, total unemployment is up 24.7%, long-term unemployment (over 27 weeks) is up by 146.2%. In March we added another 433,000 to the unemployment rolls. We have as of the day of this speech 16.7 million American unemployed, 44.3 million on food stamps, and 23 million illegal immigrants taking away our jobs, and the dollar has in the last two years lost 27% of its purchasing power. (U.S. Dep. of Labor)

To all this, the president states that “we are on the road to recovery”; we are more likely on “The road To Serfdom” in my mind. The usual class warfare as practiced by the progressives (socialists and communists) was at hand with repeated tax the rich pronouncements. Well Mr. President the top 1% wage earners pay 40% of America’s taxes; they are departing our nation like rats on a sinking ship. They have many options, leave, and stop working, not hiring anyone, moving their operations overseas, retiring, and moving their asset portfolios to the Caribbean, which now boasts over one trillion in managed assets. Aside that, the proposal is stupid, because if we taxed the top 50% of wage earners at 50% it would not even cover your budget deficit of 2011. This begs the question; does anyone in this administration have a calculator, can they even add? The only solution to this problem is cutting taxes and drastically cutting spending. Look up Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge see what they did, when they averted the 1920 depression.

This speech had little to do with the budget but a lot about political ideology. This is not the way to approach a problem, if you actually anticipate a possible solution. But then, Obama never managed anything before this. The speech was about getting votes and about Obama’s progressive’s constituency to whom it was addressed. It was about investment, the progressive’s key word for tax increases. It was about dignity and security as provided by the state not the individual and thus it was about group rights. It was about the wealthy must pay more. (Class warfare) It was above all, about seared sacrifice, that’s when you pay more to government for the governments wealth re-distribution schemes. Or put another way robbing Peter to pay Paul.

He spoke of the cause of the huge deficit and tried to blame it on everyone but himself and the progressives, who are together with the Neo-Cons the cause. He informed that only 12% of the budget was digressionary spending over which he had control. Rubbish! I beg to differ. Let’s bring our troops home from, The EU, from Japan, From Iraq, from Afghanistan, and while were at it shut down about 100 of our 130 foreign military bases. Then we will have enough troops to man the Mexican border. Let’s shut down the Department of Education, after all their only accomplishment in 31 years of existence is the lowering of student competency from number 4 in the world to number 34. Let’s shut down the Department of Energy, their sole accomplishment has been the waste of billions every year and lines at gas stations. Let’s shut down the Department of Housing and Urban Development, because the government has no business being in housing, just look at the mess they made out of Freddie and Fannie.

Then there are the wars, well a lot of them, the war on poverty, that has in the decades of its existence cost America trillions of dollars, resulting in the exact same percentage of population of Americans living below the poverty level as the day the program began under LBJ. Another loosing war has been the war on drugs, its primary accomplishment is that we have the highest citizen incarceration in the world, our prisons contain a population in the millions more than the EU, Russia and China combined. Then there’s the war in Iraq that G. W. Bush said was over three years ago and the War in Afghanistan, where no one to date has been able to provide a lucid explanation for our involvement. Then the new war that Obama started in Libya that is already in just a couple of weeks costing us over $ 800 million.

You see what I’m getting at. There are more places to cut this budget than we can rationally count. I would in fact bet that I could cut the present 2011 budget by 2 trillion dollars and keep the entire government operating functionally. Oh, just one more thing, cut all foreign aid to 0, cut all legislators salaries by $100,000 each, reduce congressional aids pay to equivalent private sector pay, eliminate congressional and government employees pensions and put them on Social Security. Require all government employees to work to age 65 and stop the ridiculous retirement after 20 years of service. Don’t allow government employees to double dip. Force all government employees to seek private sector healthcare just like the rest of us. You see if you want to, it’s not at all difficult. The problem is not finacial it’s political and based on ideology. So long as the progressives continued to be allowed to direct the course of the debate and focus on their socialist agenda nothing will get fixed. The fact that the Republicans at the last moment always give in to progressive policy does not help the American cause, or the struggling middle class one bit.

Some democrat last week said the president needs to take a baseball bat to the Republicans, contrary American’s need to vote all these idiots out of office.

Dr. Krieg’s new book coming out in July “Rendezvous with the New World Order” from all booksellers. Pre-order from you will be billed upon shipment $25.00

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Libertarians say Paul Ryan is worse than Bill Clinton

WASHINGTON - In response to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's new budget proposal, Libertarian Party Chair Mark Hinkle issued the following statement today:

"Americans hoping to get real about our national debt just got sucker-punched by Republican Paul Ryan.

"Republicans want to spend $40 trillion over ten years. That averages a staggering $4 trillion per year. As recently as 2000, federal spending was only about $1.8 trillion.

"They also want to increase the federal debt from $15.0 trillion to $23.1 trillion. I hope our children and grandchildren enjoy paying interest on that extra $8.1 trillion.

"People should not judge the quality of this Republican plan by the standard President Obama has set. Everyone knows Obama is a big spender. Democrats rarely campaign on cutting government. What this budget shows is, Republicans are hypocrites. They have no intention of cutting the federal government down to size. In 2021, Paul Ryan still wants the feds to be spending 19.9% of GDP. That's a higher percentage than during Democrat Bill Clinton's second term. In 1997, federal spending was 19.5% of GDP, and it dropped to 18.2% by 2000. Paul Ryan is worse than Bill Clinton.

"Another unfortunate but predictable thing about Paul Ryan's budget is that it continues to mollycoddle the Pentagon. Paul Ryan is the Military-Industrial Complex's best friend. He apparently can't find one penny to cut from Obama's bloated levels of military spending. Only a big-government Republican could come up with language like 'reinvesting $100 billion in higher military priorities.'

"It's interesting that when the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the White House from 2001-2006, they did nothing to shrink government, or even slow down government growth. On the contrary, back then, Paul Ryan was busy voting for expensive foreign wars, No Child Left Behind, and the huge 2003 Medicare expansion. More recently he's voted for the TARP bailouts and even ethanol subsidies.

"We Libertarians propose eliminating federal functions that are not authorized in the Constitution. Furthermore, Libertarians propose ending foreign wars and foreign troop deployments, allowing huge cuts in military spending. Libertarians would cut the federal government down to less than 10% of GDP, and we'd keep cutting once we got there."

For more information, or to arrange an interview, call LP Executive Director Wes Benedict at 202-333-0008 ext. 222.

The LP is America's third-largest political party, founded in 1971. The Libertarian Party stands for free markets, civil liberties, and peace. You can find more information on the Libertarian Party at our website:

Diabolical Changes

By Dr. A. H. Krieg

We hope you are aware of the fact that Obamacare is functioning and is already costing the nation $ 250 million per day, and that the executive has by now issued over 6,000 new regulations relating to healthcare. In keeping with Obama’s relentless and unending plans to bankrupt our nation, the dollar is on the verge of collapse. The Stock Market, as the DOW Jones is when based on 2000 gold value, down 530% giving us a present DOW Jones of 5,398.91 not the reported 11 thousand plus. Inflation is up to about 14%; unemployment when all are counted is up to 31%, and the dollar vs. the Swiss Frank has fallen by 14% in the last six months. On the 30th of March Obama gave a speech in which he stated that he intends to cut our dependence on foreign oil from 11 million barbells by one third by 2020, by using statistics from 2000 with present consumption at 9 million he’s already one third of the way to his goal. The idiot in charge has just today announced the beginning of his campaign to run for re-election.

We are in the age of Obama, the land of double standards, special interest, and group rights. Individuals have no rights, self-reliance is a dirtily phrase, being self-employed or legally married to one of the opposite sex, is penalized, America is an empire, and state rights are no longer in existence.

Freedom, as Professor Quigley predicted in his book Tragedy and Hope, is constrained to very tight parameters. Should you commit the ultimate sin and lie to any federal bureaucrat it is a felony punishable by a long prison term, but if your president lies to you, which he does every single day, a police agent lies to you, your congressman lies to you, its perfectly OK, and is not a punishable offence.

Should you express a dislike of Obama, you are a racist, but when Eric Holder, who is a blatant racist, refuses to prosecute the New Black Panthers for videotaped voter intimidation of whites, First Amendment rights protect them. Should any student dare to use the words God or Jesus or Christ in any public school, the student will be expelled, probably while the teacher is instructing on the benefits of being queer. The very same group of fools protest the execution of murderers but support the practice of infanticide Our national historic practice is not to burn books but instead to re-write history to bring it into agreement with all the Cultural Maxims on the public stage. Obama and his minions have removed the words communist and socialist from the daily vocabulary and replaced it with progressives. Our southern border with Mexico is as porous as a sieve, but our military had no problem sealing the longer border between Syria and Iraq. Should you dare to protest Obama or his out of control policies you can be branded as a terrorist, if however you burn an American flag in public, or burn any republican image or blame George Bush for everything it is your first amendment right to do so. We have the right to view pornography anyplace and at any time, but should you dare to place a nativity scene in any public venue’ the Jews will have a fit and the ACLU will sue you or your community. America no longer has criminals, they are simply sick people, if particularly heinous they plead insanity, which the courts then agree to, and we are allowed to pay for them for the rest of their lives. Pedophiles are not castrated, that would be cruel and unusual punishment, instead we incarcerate them, let tem out, and they do it over and over again. We take the income from wage earners and redistribute it to those who won’t work. We tax those who work harder at a higher rate than those who loaf, just for fairness.

Our Constitution the basis of our Republic, was by George W, Bush called “just a G. D. piece of paper”. Our government only supports the Constitution if and when it meets their outcome goal. None of us have freedom of speech because if we violate the PC dictums of Washington we could go to jail.

This is not my country! This is the verbal description of an insane asylum. Before we speak of corrections let’s look at what else is wrong. Since the enactment of the 16th amendment (1913) to the Constitution and the establishment of the FRS the dollar has lost 97% of its value. Since 2002 American total employment has fallen from 64% to 58% the result of “Free Trade” and NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, GATT. Bankruptcies are up 9% in the last two years. Our national debt is just about to exceed $15 trillion. In 1974 24.7% of American employment was in manufacturing, today it is about 9.4% in 2006 there were no bank failures in 2010 there were 157. Chinese imports to America have grown by 4,652% in the last 25 years. We now have over 43 million Americans on food stamp supplements.

Once more this horrific information is not restricted to just government. Charities, which are supposed to represent the backstop for those in need, are as bad as government. The American Red Cross CEO Marsha Evans (03) salary $ 651,957.00 plus expenses, Brian Gallagher United Way CEO $375,000 plus expenses and benefits, UNICEF, CEO $1,200,000.00 plus expenses, The Salvation Army Commissioner Todd Bassett that manages a two billion dollar charity gets $ 14,700.00 per year plus housing and a pension, at least you now know who to give what to.

It is our assertion that everything that can has gone wrong for America. The progressive wing of our political system has taken control. All this started with president Wilson and has since then been expanded upon by Democrats as well as Republicans relentlessly. Internationalists, globalists, multiculturalists, and a rag-tag retinue of leftist follower groups have co-opted America. We have changed from being a Republic to becoming a democracy. The problem with democracies, as we all should know, is that the moment people realize that they can vote benefits for themselves the system begins its long decline. It is that decline we are now in. People like our president utilize the established system to induce voters to vote themselves more benefits, which Obama and his friends guarantee to provide if re-elected. All these people are followers, government employees, unionized workers, and ardent supporters of group rights. The problem is, that in a Constitutional Republic as America was, there are no group rights. Read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You are not guaranteed a job, pension, healthcare from cradle to grave, lunch, or anything else, it is up to you to provide these things for yourself.

The misdirected, by progressives’ notion that society is in some way responsible for your welfare is bogus. You and only you and your family are responsible for yourself. Our population due to very poor public education that now lags behind 34 other nations has fallen into the trap of socialism. Uneducated people especially in economics and civics are easy pray for the socialists. Their reliance on government, which is garnished by politicians, and promoted by the bureaucracy, has for many Americans become a way of life. We won’t even address the millions upon millions of civil servants, bureaucrats, and elected officials. To wean these people off this dependency is incredibly difficult as is evidenced in Russia, where 40% of the population is unable to fend for themselves, in Greece, England, France and Wisconsin where they are rioting.

One of our problems lies in the CHANGE, that people are readily willing to accept as they envision the change to be beneficial for them. The prophet’s of change never, ever tell you what they foresee as change. The social participation in a mass movement is another drawing card, in that it allows participants a communal atmosphere. The poor, unemployed, unionized, misfits and minorities are progressive’s cannon fodder, to whom they make huge promises that are after election never realized. Many are whipped up into a frenzy of fanaticism and Class Warfare, which the politicians garnish. All this has become a mass movement for the retention of office by progressives; the people are played like a fine Stradivarius, dancing to the tune of the political fiddler.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Beware of Homeland Security Training for Local Law Enforcement, by An Insider

By James Wesley, Rawles