Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Listen Up!

Have you ever wondered WHY, REGARDLESS of Party things keep getting worse and the United States keeps deteriorating into a socialist/Communist State?

It’s because of the cement that glues both Parties together, Globalism.

You only have to read history to understand what is happening to you and your children. It may have started with Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto in 1858 but it came into reality with the election of Woodrow Wilson in 1913 and all his efforts to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

“The administration of our 28th president, Woodrow Wilson, saw the enactment of the progressive federal income tax, the establishment of the Federal Reserve System and the involvement of the United States in the first-ever "world" war that set the stage for World War II, the Cold War and the never-ending series of "brush fire" wars that have followed.”

The point is the same Central Bankers and Globalists that funded Woodrow Wilson are now funding both the Democrats and Republicans and their traitorous Parties. When a Bill is needed by the Globalist it is always passed with the help of both Parties. The Republicans blame it on RINO’s. But the truth is both Parties and their leadership is controlled by the Globalists, if not why is there not a member of either Party denouncing Globalism and demanding that all of America’s jobs return to American workers and tariffs put on anything that effect American job’s. I heard Bush two say the first time he was elected that he was for sharing American wealth {jobs} with the rest of the world. He was just continuing the policy of his daddy (George 1) and Clinton proving that there is not a dimes worth of difference in the Democrat and Republican Parties. Also with the Federal Income Tax came the means to tax our people all for the benefit of the globalists in the Federal Reserve System. Just a side point - Wilson was elected because he promised the American people he would not carry us into the war in Europe. But we all know that was a lie and he ended up obeying his masters, the Globalists.

How did we reach the point where America is on the verge of becoming a Socialist/Communist Nation? What can be done about it?

Americans have been busy working, taking care of their families and trusting the people they elect to be honorable and patriotic people. That is where they have failed, not knowing that their Representatives have been brought and paid for by the Globalists.
What can be done about this treason?

We must use the weapons that Founding Father’s gave us. The Constitution and Bill of Rights. If the Constitution was enforced then all of the Unconstitutional Departments, Agencies, etc., etc. would be eliminated with the election of the first majority in the House and Senate of the new Patriots. (Plus Ron Paul as President).

The next major election is coming up in 2010. All that has to be done is to prepare a question and answer sheet for all candidates. It should be short and to the point.

1. Do you believe in the U.S. Constitution?

2. How many times have you read it front to back?

3. Do you realize that if you have any question’s about the Constitution, you can read what the men that wrote it said that it meant, (Washington, Jefferson, etc.).

4. If elected will you honor your Oath of Office. To “Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution”?

5. If elected will you strive to repeal, remove etc. all laws, departments, agencies, etc. that are unconstitutional?

6. If elected will you vote NO on any future laws that are Unconstitutional?

You may have other questions that you would add in your State, District, etc.

Remember 2010 is not the far off and if you get started early you may find candidates as independents, Republicans, Democrats.

James D. Jones
Watertown, TN

Stop the Central Planners: Health Care Proposals Will Increase Costs, Undermine Care

Boulder, CO - Seemingly desperate to pass legislation which can be termed 'health care reform,' a Senate Committee approved a bill last week which would force insurers to enroll subscribers with preexisting conditions, irrespective of financial risk. In their rush to transform one-sixth of the nation's economy, lawmakers may be ignoring the risk that they are likely to put the entire nation's private health insurance industry into a death spiral.

The Baucus bill qualifies as an assault on the middle class. PriceWaterhouseCoopers issued an alarming study which showed that those who have purchased insurance directly will see an additional 47% increase in estimated premium cost by 2016 if the bill is enacted, over and above annual increases already expected without new legislation. This means an additional $2,900 for a typical family plan. Employers offering insurance to 50 or fewer employees would likewise see a 28% increase. Health care related taxes, cost shifting due to cuts in Medicare reimbursements, and healthy individuals dropping out of or electing to not enroll in costly
insurance plans are the major factors.

A 'death spiral' is an insurance term for an unsustainable insurance scenario. This occurs when new subscribers are permitted irrespective of financial risk, or as in the case of the Baucus bill, regardless of preexisting conditions. The unavoidable effect is an incremental increase in cost and in premiums, which then entices some low-risk subscribers to leave the plan, since they are permitted to rejoin when they have an existing condition. With fewer payers in the group, premiums must again be raised, which then causes more subscribers to drop out. This repeating cycle causes the plan to collapse. Some point to Maine, Kentucky, and
Washington State as actual examples, where demands of state regulators reportedly created actuarially unsound conditions for insurance companies.

While our nation's health care crisis is not to be underestimated, proposals circulating on Capitol Hill do not sufficiently address the real problems, and are steeped in a central planning mentality which discounts the private sector's ability to innovate and contain costs. In fact, experience shows that costs can be reduced by 50 - 90% with proven forms of medical practice at the local level, while simultaneously increasing the quality of care and providing access to care for the uninsured. For a more detailed examination of this subject, please see "Skyrocketing Medical Costs: Their Causes, and How To Bring Them Under Control" -

America First Party
1630 A 30th Street #111
Boulder, Colorado 80301


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Rallies, Increasing Activism Good, but Not Enough

Boulder, CO -Americans are increasingly showing their disgust over excessive federal spending and taxation, out-of-control immigration, and the failure of Washington leaders to respect constitutional limits, and are taking to the streets to make their voices heard. Recent Washington rallies brought large numbers, with estimates of crowd size for the September 12th rally ranging from tens of thousands to 300,000 to 1 million.

As personal finances become more strained, taxpayers are becoming increasingly intolerant of government actions which are likely to increase the average person's financial burden in the long-term. It is the sense of many that sustained deficit spending can only lead to future inflation, while many also believe that federal involvement with health care will likely lead to rationing and/or an acceleration of rising healthcare costs.

Many thanks are owed to those who are willing to take time to attend rallies and participate in town hall meetings. Nevertheless, this can only be a preliminary step in the direction of the substantial reform that our nation desperately needs to get back on track. Rallies are a good way to link up with people who have similar beliefs, and they can send a powerful message to the corrupt Washington establishment. However, it is a big step from attending a rally, with all the camaraderie and exhilaration that sometimes goes with it, to rolling up one's sleeves over the long term to do the work needed to organize a long-term response to our nation's crises.

To affect a change in the present disastrous course of our nation, we must cultivate quality candidates who respect the basic requirements of the oath of office, and then build the organizational support structures to get them elected. Given the many failed attempts to reform the major parties, this goal is likely best served by building a third party. While the practical means exist to build a vibrant, robust third party, up to now, few have been interested in doing the work involved. Many talk impressively, but few take the next step.

"In the final analysis, a people can not be helped that will not help themselves, and for some reason, the American people appear unwilling to help themselves," stated AFP National Chairman Jon Hill. "Many want the benefits of a functioning and prosperous society, but without making the sacrifices to maintain or support it. Unless attitudes change, our republic, with all its protections for individual rights and liberties, will be lost."

Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Price of Freedom -- It Isn’t Free

Sen. Joe Balyeat

Abraham Lincoln said, “Those who would deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.”

With the passage of another 9/11 anniversary this last week, I figured tonight would be a good time to reflect upon our Freedom as Americans; and the price paid for that Freedom.

When I was asked to give this speech about Freedom, I accepted immediately because Freedom happens to be my favorite topic.­ I even wear these cardboard signs in our local parade: “Will Work For Freedom”.

But of course, while I’m always ready to talk about freedom; I also contemplated potential problems giving this sort of speech -- Am I speaking to hash-pipe hippies who want to legalize marijuana, or soldiers preparing for duty in Iraq? Admittedly, “Freedom” means entirely different things to those two audiences. And each one of you in this audience has your own individual priority as to which particular freedoms you cherish most.

Again, freedom means different things to different people. But my freedom to pursue those things which I enjoy, my freedom to practice those values which I hold dear is only as secure as your freedom to do the things that you enjoy and value dearly. In our pluralistic American society it’s not likely that we’ll all have the same values and enjoy the same pursuits. But we do need to all drink from the common cup of Freedom. If I let your freedom be sacrificed to the politically correct social gods, or the regulation-happy government gods, then my freedoms will no doubt be the next target. And in fact, even before that occurs, my freedom has already been diminished the moment I stood silently by and acquiesced to the quashing of your liberty.

The downhill slide from Freedom is a very slippery slope. ­ I can’t naively think it’s going to magically stop just short of my pet passion. So our values may vary, but we’re in this Freedom ship together. We sink or swim as a society. And especially after 9/11, it’s perhaps a little too easy for us to sacrifice a little freedom for the sake of greater societal security. But Ben Franklin warned us ­ “Those who would trade freedom for security will soon find that they have lost both, and deserve neither.”

Thankfully, I think most of us here today recognize the potential danger of trying to achieve societal safety by sacrificing our constitutional rights barring unwarranted search and seizure --­ the dangerous notion that it’s okay for our own government to treat us all like criminals, so long as they do catch the few who really are criminals.

But, unfortunately, far fewer of us recognize that we are trading freedom for security every day in Helena and Washington DC. How? Why don’t we recognize it? Because the freedoms we are sacrificing are not our own: We willingly sacrifice the rich guy’s freedom to keep and spend his own earnings… so that we can tax and spend it to make ourselves more secure in our government programs. We willingly sacrifice the landowner’s freedom to do what he wants with his own property, in order that we might be more secure in our environment.

Let me be clear –­ I won’t go so far tonight as to say there is no place for government social programs or regulations. But what I am saying is that we at least need to recognize what’s happening; understand the trade-off ­ that increased societal security always comes at the expense of somebody’s freedom. There’s no such thing as a free lunch… because Freedom isn’t free.

Permit me to digress for a few minutes. I wear this sign not as a catchy campaign slogan, but because I believe deeply in individual freedom and responsibility – I believe in the free enterprise system and the free marketplace of ideas as well. Have you ever wondered what the “free” in “free enterprise” is all about? In the private sector, you have transactions where both parties benefit – what we egghead accountants call an “arms length transaction”, where neither party is coerced, each party enters into it of their own free will, to exchange for something which they value more highly than what they gave up. That’s the “free” part of free enterprise- both parties making a free will transaction which mutually benefits both parties. That’s how free enterprise creates wealth. But government does not operate like free enterprise. There can be no freedom to participate or abstain. Government uses threat of law to extract taxes, to diminish property rights, and to coerce compliance with regulations. It can’t function like free enterprise because it can’t permit free choice to participate- the very premise of government is coercion. This is why the whole notion of government creating jobs is ludicrous – If they hadn’t confiscated the tax dollars from the private sector in the first place, that money would’ve created more jobs left in the private sector, where freedom itself and free will transactions guide spending into the most efficient and beneficial economic activities. On the Senate floor I often need to use illustrations, preferably understandable by a third-grader. I’ve argued that government jobs programs are like a gravely sick man, lying in the intensive care ward, trying to make himself better by a blood transfusion from his right arm to his left arm… and using a leaky transfusion tube to boot. Precisely because government does not function based on freedom and freewill transactions, government creates nothing – it only confiscates and reallocates. Government creates nothing, certainly not jobs.

Let me take a minute to clarify for you why left wing ideology is anti-freedom by it’s very nature, and why it fosters over-taxation and over- regulation. Theirs is a worldview which consistently sacrifices the individual for the sake of what is deemed to be societal good. Since government doesn’t operate based on free will transactions where both parties win, they must instead sacrifice individual benefits and rights in favor of alleged larger societal good. The Founding Father’s proclamation of God-ordained rights to life, liberty, and property is rejected in favor of a false notion that society can only succeed at the expense of individual success. Under this ideology, an individual’s hard-earned material goods (his property) are taxed away from him for the sake of funding societal programs and for the sake of “equalizing” everybody. An individual’s freedom of thought and action (his liberty) is regulated away from him for the sake of maintaining a politically correct societal order. And, under this ideology, I would argue with respect to abortion and euthanasia, that an individual’s life is robbed from him for the sake of societal “choice”. Life, liberty, and property – all three violated based on the false notion that government can create something better than what we would’ve done freely if left to decide for ourselves how best to spend our own resources.

It’s an ideology of human sacrifice – sacrificing individual rights to life, liberty, and property for the perceived better good of society at large. And, of course, most all of us here know that this is a false choice, that society succeeds best when it’s individual members have freedom to pursue their own livelihoods and own liberties in the context of free enterprise and free intellectual markets as well. In fact, the danger of this false choice between societal good and individual freedom is that such an ill-conceived philosophy actually backfires and slowly destroys the society as well. A society which has no respect for individual rights – life, liberty, and property rights – is a society which will soon be corrupted from both the top and the bottom – despotism from the top, and lawlessness from the bottom. And we already see the increasing evidence that both are occurring in America today.

Now, after briefly digressing on that tangent, I’ll close by going back to our discussion about the trade off between freedom and security.

Let me see a show of hands – how many military or ex-military folks are in the audience tonight? On my plane flight back from Alaska, I sat next to a young man who just got out of the Marines, after a tour in Afghanistan. He said, “I consider myself very liberal politically, but I fear what is happening in our country right now – we’re trading freedom for security.”

Our military personnel know that ­ they’ve paid a high price in blood and sweat down through the decades so that we might remain free. They know that freedom isn’t free. Both the military and civilian lawmakers such as myself are vital branches of government. But while those in uniform affect Freedom positively; I’m often saddened to see that those in my civilian branch of government almost always impact Freedom negatively.

While fighting forces have bled and died to gain and defend freedom; the politicians trade it off piecemeal daily. We regulate, we legislate, we restrict, we register, we rule, we license, we codify, we certify, we confiscate, reallocate, we permit, we penalize, we subsidize, we tax, we take, we bar, we ban. And a little freedom slips away with every law we pass. You may not notice it of course ­ because it was someone else’s freedom this time; and it’s always for a good cause, to make us more secure… right? We at least need to recognize what’s happening; understand the trade-off ­ that increased societal security always comes at the expense of somebody’s freedom. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Walter Judd said Americans are too quick “to trade the freedom of the robin for the freedom of the canary. The canary is free from danger…­ the cat can’t get him. And free from hunger…­ his food is set there every day. But there he sits in his cage; while it is the robin who is truly free.”

Which do we want in Montana -- the secure false “freedom” of the canary; or the true Freedom of the robin? As a lifelong self-reliant Montanan, I suspect it is the latter; and if we truly understood the trade-offs; that “freedom isn’t free”, and that freedom is sacrificed incrementally each time we extract more “security” from government; we would elect leaders in Montana who take us down the path of Freedom. Thank you. God Bless.

Sen. Joe Balyeat is Chairman of the Senate Taxpayer Protection Caucus, serves on the board of the MT Shooting Sports Association, and represents Broadwater and North Gallatin County in the Montana Senate.

An open letter to President Obama

From Dr. Adrian Krieg CMFGE

Dear Mr. President,

I became a citizen of this Constitutional Republic in 1957. I emigrated from Switzerland in 1952, the oldest Constitutional Confederation in world history, a nation that has enjoyed democratic governance for 718 years. Since then I have lived under 11 presidents, and served in America’s armed forces. In that time I have been the CEO of a small multi-national machine tool manufacturing business, an inventor with 20 US patents, and an author of thirteen books many relating to 20th and 21st century politics and history.

Never in the past 57 years have I ever experienced any anxiety or fear of my adopted nations government. Sure, there have been poor presidents like Carter, but none were ever frightening, you sir, are. Your sheer arrogance, refusal to accept criticism or suggestions from opposing leaders is absolutely stunning. Your lack of executive ability, which is typified by your one-sided advisors and associates, not, one of which has grounding in manufacturing or distribution, is monumental in its scope.

You have been America’s president for seven months and I know less about you than any other American. You won’t even allow the release of your original birth certificate. We have no college transcripts, and have no idea who paid for your very expensive Ivy League college education, about the only thing we know is that you were a ‘Community Organizer” whatever that is, and that you were a lawyer with crooked clients like ACORN. I know that you, as most of your Czars and advisors have never run a business and never met a payroll, and don’t have a single clue how to make or produce anything. You, and your entire staff’s military experience is zero, unless we count Rahm Emanuel’s two years in the IDF.

I find your international expeditions always littered with apologies for America more than just troubling; I’m just waiting for you to apologize for the Marshall Plan. As to your associates most of whom are leftists, socialists and even communists with whom you share common belief, and whom you refuse to publicly denounce, even after you are forced to fire them, appalling.

But most of all you truly scare me because your programs seem to be a replay of 1930’s Germany. You are in process of nationalizing one after another industry, Banking, Auto, Insurance, and your latest venture Healthcare and Cap & Trade the gradual nationalization of the energy sector. Then you make deals with others like pharmaceuticals that kick back $ 150 million in advertising for your healthcare takeover. Does I.G. Farben, Volkswagen, Porshe, Messerschmidt, Deutshe Bank, ring any bells?

I fear for this nation because of your reckless and uncontrolled spending. I am appalled by the lies streaming from your mouth day after day. Do you really believe that you can cut Medicare by $ 500 billion and Medicare Advantage by $ 177 billion and implement a healthcare plan as outlined by you, and scribed by OMB to cost over one trillion dollars without tax increases? Not even the progressives (socialists) of your own faction of the Democrat party accept that. Do you honesty accept that Americans will be able to afford the job killing Cap and Trade that will increase the average family of four’s utility bills by $ 3,100, and destroy what little is left of small business?

I fear for America because you believe yourself to be infallible. I have never in my over 70 years of life found anyone or anything to be infallible. I find your association with SEIU and ACORN and their dubious funding through the Tides as provided by Soros, reprehensible. I am apprehensive because your environmental friends induce you to peruse policies destructive of our economy and ability to produce energy. I find myself in conflict with the progressives to whom you are allied and their reckless spending proposals that you have adopted, with the media who has given you a pass on everything, with your demonization of all opposer’s, and I am more than scared of a second term by which time it will probably be illegal to even write such a letter as this to you. But most of all as a child of the 30’s I am well acquainted with the socialism that you are turning America into, which is as Sir Winston Churchill so aptly said; “A philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, whose inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery”. Is that why you so rudely returned the bust of Churchill, sent to America by the Queen, back to England?

Dr. Adrain H. Krieg