Saturday, October 03, 2009

An open letter to President Obama

From Dr. Adrian Krieg CMFGE

Dear Mr. President,

I became a citizen of this Constitutional Republic in 1957. I emigrated from Switzerland in 1952, the oldest Constitutional Confederation in world history, a nation that has enjoyed democratic governance for 718 years. Since then I have lived under 11 presidents, and served in America’s armed forces. In that time I have been the CEO of a small multi-national machine tool manufacturing business, an inventor with 20 US patents, and an author of thirteen books many relating to 20th and 21st century politics and history.

Never in the past 57 years have I ever experienced any anxiety or fear of my adopted nations government. Sure, there have been poor presidents like Carter, but none were ever frightening, you sir, are. Your sheer arrogance, refusal to accept criticism or suggestions from opposing leaders is absolutely stunning. Your lack of executive ability, which is typified by your one-sided advisors and associates, not, one of which has grounding in manufacturing or distribution, is monumental in its scope.

You have been America’s president for seven months and I know less about you than any other American. You won’t even allow the release of your original birth certificate. We have no college transcripts, and have no idea who paid for your very expensive Ivy League college education, about the only thing we know is that you were a ‘Community Organizer” whatever that is, and that you were a lawyer with crooked clients like ACORN. I know that you, as most of your Czars and advisors have never run a business and never met a payroll, and don’t have a single clue how to make or produce anything. You, and your entire staff’s military experience is zero, unless we count Rahm Emanuel’s two years in the IDF.

I find your international expeditions always littered with apologies for America more than just troubling; I’m just waiting for you to apologize for the Marshall Plan. As to your associates most of whom are leftists, socialists and even communists with whom you share common belief, and whom you refuse to publicly denounce, even after you are forced to fire them, appalling.

But most of all you truly scare me because your programs seem to be a replay of 1930’s Germany. You are in process of nationalizing one after another industry, Banking, Auto, Insurance, and your latest venture Healthcare and Cap & Trade the gradual nationalization of the energy sector. Then you make deals with others like pharmaceuticals that kick back $ 150 million in advertising for your healthcare takeover. Does I.G. Farben, Volkswagen, Porshe, Messerschmidt, Deutshe Bank, ring any bells?

I fear for this nation because of your reckless and uncontrolled spending. I am appalled by the lies streaming from your mouth day after day. Do you really believe that you can cut Medicare by $ 500 billion and Medicare Advantage by $ 177 billion and implement a healthcare plan as outlined by you, and scribed by OMB to cost over one trillion dollars without tax increases? Not even the progressives (socialists) of your own faction of the Democrat party accept that. Do you honesty accept that Americans will be able to afford the job killing Cap and Trade that will increase the average family of four’s utility bills by $ 3,100, and destroy what little is left of small business?

I fear for America because you believe yourself to be infallible. I have never in my over 70 years of life found anyone or anything to be infallible. I find your association with SEIU and ACORN and their dubious funding through the Tides as provided by Soros, reprehensible. I am apprehensive because your environmental friends induce you to peruse policies destructive of our economy and ability to produce energy. I find myself in conflict with the progressives to whom you are allied and their reckless spending proposals that you have adopted, with the media who has given you a pass on everything, with your demonization of all opposer’s, and I am more than scared of a second term by which time it will probably be illegal to even write such a letter as this to you. But most of all as a child of the 30’s I am well acquainted with the socialism that you are turning America into, which is as Sir Winston Churchill so aptly said; “A philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, whose inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery”. Is that why you so rudely returned the bust of Churchill, sent to America by the Queen, back to England?

Dr. Adrain H. Krieg


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