Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Listen Up!

Have you ever wondered WHY, REGARDLESS of Party things keep getting worse and the United States keeps deteriorating into a socialist/Communist State?

It’s because of the cement that glues both Parties together, Globalism.

You only have to read history to understand what is happening to you and your children. It may have started with Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto in 1858 but it came into reality with the election of Woodrow Wilson in 1913 and all his efforts to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

“The administration of our 28th president, Woodrow Wilson, saw the enactment of the progressive federal income tax, the establishment of the Federal Reserve System and the involvement of the United States in the first-ever "world" war that set the stage for World War II, the Cold War and the never-ending series of "brush fire" wars that have followed.”

The point is the same Central Bankers and Globalists that funded Woodrow Wilson are now funding both the Democrats and Republicans and their traitorous Parties. When a Bill is needed by the Globalist it is always passed with the help of both Parties. The Republicans blame it on RINO’s. But the truth is both Parties and their leadership is controlled by the Globalists, if not why is there not a member of either Party denouncing Globalism and demanding that all of America’s jobs return to American workers and tariffs put on anything that effect American job’s. I heard Bush two say the first time he was elected that he was for sharing American wealth {jobs} with the rest of the world. He was just continuing the policy of his daddy (George 1) and Clinton proving that there is not a dimes worth of difference in the Democrat and Republican Parties. Also with the Federal Income Tax came the means to tax our people all for the benefit of the globalists in the Federal Reserve System. Just a side point - Wilson was elected because he promised the American people he would not carry us into the war in Europe. But we all know that was a lie and he ended up obeying his masters, the Globalists.

How did we reach the point where America is on the verge of becoming a Socialist/Communist Nation? What can be done about it?

Americans have been busy working, taking care of their families and trusting the people they elect to be honorable and patriotic people. That is where they have failed, not knowing that their Representatives have been brought and paid for by the Globalists.
What can be done about this treason?

We must use the weapons that Founding Father’s gave us. The Constitution and Bill of Rights. If the Constitution was enforced then all of the Unconstitutional Departments, Agencies, etc., etc. would be eliminated with the election of the first majority in the House and Senate of the new Patriots. (Plus Ron Paul as President).

The next major election is coming up in 2010. All that has to be done is to prepare a question and answer sheet for all candidates. It should be short and to the point.

1. Do you believe in the U.S. Constitution?

2. How many times have you read it front to back?

3. Do you realize that if you have any question’s about the Constitution, you can read what the men that wrote it said that it meant, (Washington, Jefferson, etc.).

4. If elected will you honor your Oath of Office. To “Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution”?

5. If elected will you strive to repeal, remove etc. all laws, departments, agencies, etc. that are unconstitutional?

6. If elected will you vote NO on any future laws that are Unconstitutional?

You may have other questions that you would add in your State, District, etc.

Remember 2010 is not the far off and if you get started early you may find candidates as independents, Republicans, Democrats.

James D. Jones
Watertown, TN


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