Friday, January 26, 2007

The Empire Turns Its Guns on the Citizenry

by Paul Craig Roberts

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bloggers Who Criticize Government May Face Prison

Mike Tuggle

Monday, January 22, 2007

Christian Chaplain Dismissed; Muslim Chaplain Promoted

Chaplain Lt. Gordon James Klingenschmitt has been court-martialed and dismissed from the U.S. Navy. His crime? Praying in Jesus' name in uniform outside a chapel. You read it right. After 15 1/2 years of exemplary service, Lt. Klingenschmitt is being drummed out of the Navy. Now, compare, "[T]he Pentagon recently promoted a Wahhabi-trained Muslim chaplain who catered to al-Qaida detainees at Guantanamo and fought to establish the first Mosque in Marine Corps history."......
by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

The Lincoln Legacy -- Revisited

Mark Alexander
From Patriot Post Vol. 06 No. 07; Published 17 February 2006

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Senate Bill 1 Attacks Freedom of information Flow
In less than one month after taking control of both houses of the US Congress, the liberal-Democrat leadership is attempting to silence their opponents while criminalizing opposition under the guise of protecting free speech, according to many Capitol Hill observers......

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wacky Agreement Would Allow Social Security for Illegals

America First Party
1630 A 30th Street #111
Boulder, Colorado 80301

Boulder, CO -A secret 2004 agreement, just released under a Freedom of
Information Act request, could soon make Mexican illegal immigrants
eligible for Social Security benefits. Similar agreements have been
signed with many advanced industrialized nations with benefit systems
similar to ours, but these protect the benefits of legal foreign
workers. In the case of the proposed U.S.-Mexico Social Security
Totalization Agreement, illegals who have used fraudulent or stolen
Social Security numbers will be able to benefit from their criminal

The America First Party calls for the rejection of this policy on the
grounds that it rewards and encourages crime, has the potential to
create huge costs for the federal government which is already facing a
debt crisis, and because it would provide an incentive for still more
illegal immigration. Because of Mexico's poverty, incentives like
these could cause the current flood of illegal migration to become a
tidal wave.

It is said that Congress only has 60 days to act on this issue once
the President signs it and sends it to Congress. If no action is
taken, then the agreement will be automatically implemented. The
America First Party rejects this mechanism of approval as
unconstitutional. Under the Constitution, all treaties must be
ratified by a two-thirds vote of the Senate before they can take
affect. We call on the Senate to do its Constitutional and fiduciary
duty and reject the totalization treaty.

"Giving Social Security benefits to illegals will encourage more
illegal immigration and identity theft, and will jeopardize the
benefits and economic well-being of U.S. citizens. This is
unacceptable to working Americans, and amounts to playing Russian
Roulette with our nation's future," stated Jonathan Hill, America
First Party Chairman.

John Schweingrouber, AFP Press Secretary adds, "The Republicans
ignored this issue for far too long. Now the Democrats will either
pass the bill with a rubber stamp when it is introduced, or they will
leave it out of the public debate and let it slide through with the
best wishes of the Bush Administration. Two-party collusion is alive
and well in Washington, D.C."

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Illegal Immigration

Frosty Wooldridge


Mathew Roberts understands this immigration nightmare correctly. Ron Paul understands it. Tom Tancredo understands it. J.D. Hayworth, too. We're in the crosshairs of devolving our nation into the poverty, illiteracy, crime, diseases and misery of another Mexico. The more we import poor, destitute, unskilled, uneducated and illiterate millions--the faster we create massive enclaves of the poor that entrench themselves.

The harsh reality stems from the fact that if we allow Congress to pass S.B. 2611 which is an amnesty for 20 million illegals, and jumps legal immigration from 1 million annually to 2 million, we will add 100 million people to this country in 33 years by 2040. A whopping 67 million of those additions will be immigrants from third world countries via anchor babies, chain migration and births. In effect, we're displacing ourselves right out of our country. We'll become what they fled. If you don't think the next added 100 million is harsh enough on the environment, go to and read my 16 part series: "THE NEXT ADDED 100 MILLION AMERICANS". It doesn't make any difference how you cut it, California will add 20 million by 2035, Texas adds 12 million by 2025 and Florida will add 10 million by 2050. The rest of those millions will spread all over the country, but the impact, once they are here will be horrific on our water resources, fuel, land and quality of life. We create irreversible consequences with unsolvable problems.

Legal immigrants are already killing the cultures and language of France, United Kingdom, Holland and Belgium. It gets uglier by the year.

If the next elected president of the United States doesn't stop immigration with a 10 year moratorium, and later a maximum of 100,000 immigrants per year (only if they are needed and maintain a stable population), our nation grows by 100 million while it devolves into a hodgepodge of fractured, discontent, unassimilated, underclass groups that bring nothing to the table but poverty, crime, drugs, destruction of our educational systems while they destroy our middle class. America stands in the crosshairs of the worst crisis since the Civil War. More sobering, we're allowing our leaders to do it to us by our national apathy. And, as I've said before, the line of immigrants grows by 75 million annually, so the line of people waiting to enter the USA never ends. We can't save the world, but we most assuredly will destroy our country and its ability to function.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Praise For Lee and Jackson

However, Lee knew that what Lincoln was about to do was both immoral and unconstitutional. As a man of honor and integrity, the only thing Lee could do was that which his father had done: fight for freedom and independence. And that is exactly what he did.....
by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Saturday, January 13, 2007

JRP Press Release On Fincher Verdict

Guilty, Of Thinking We’re Free

January 13, 2007

Yesterday at approximately 3:20 pm, jurors in the case of the US vs. Hollis Wayne Fincher, found Fincher guilty. Jurors reportedly spent 5 hours deliberating, over what is uncertain, because they were never allowed to hear much. Fincher was never able to take the witness stand before jurors; US District Court Judge Jimm L. Hendren ruled that Fincher’s testimony was inadmissible in court. The jury was only allowed to hear exactly what Federal prosecutors wanted them to hear, nothing more and nothing less.

The fact is, the Federal prosecutors cooperated quite well with Judge Hendren in silencing Fincher. They also kept Fincher and his attorney from using the US and Arkansas constitutions for defense. Apparently, only judges and government officials have the right to decide what the Constitution means or does not mean. The average American doesn’t even have the right to understand the very thing that was designed to protect him!

The Federal prosecutors must be commended for the hard work they put into this case. They did a superb job in keeping the so-called defenders of Second Amendment rights quiet. None dared to rally any support for Fincher. Only individuals and local groups did anything to warn Americans about the dangers this case could have for all of us.

There was very little information on the Fincher case in the media. It was never in the national spotlight, and the only way one could learn anything about the case would be to speak with someone from that area, or by finding articles from local Arkansas papers and publications.

Many have a right to be ashamed of their silence. Maybe that is the reason why we still have not heard from any of the “influential” people and organizations. They chose the path of the coward, and prefer to stay on that shady path.

The entire Fincher case - and the guilty verdict given to Mr. Ficnher - is just more proof that we are no longer a free people. We only think we are because that is what we have been led to believe. Between government spin-doctors and the biased media, we are constantly told that “freedom is not free”, but what freedom are they speaking of? The Freedom to twist their lies, and force-feed it to the citizenry as truth?

When it comes to freedom, and the documents that were designed to protect us from government tyranny, the Constitution and Bill of Rights as well as the constitutions of the several States, it is only used when it meets the goals of the powerful. The president, Congress, our governors and our state legislatures have failed to uphold their oaths of office. They believe that those documents are only pieces of paper, and are only useful when it is convenient, gives them political capital or meets their agenda.

Judge Hendren and the Federal prosecutors of the Fincher case have violated their oaths that they took to defend the Constitution. If we actually were under the laws of the Constitution anymore, they would be tried on articles of impeachment. They have been in direct violation of their duties, and should be held responsible.

The Jefferson Republican Party hereby calls for the impeachment of US District Court Judge Jimm L. Hendren, the Federal prosecutors, the US Attorney and the Assistant US Attorney for the Western District of Arkansas, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and President George W. Bush for failing to uphold their oaths of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and for violating the Constitutional rights of Hollis Wayne Fincher. Those that abuse constitutional law must be held responsible. If we freedom-loving, constitutional Americans do not hold them responsible, then we are just as guilty as they are.

Jefferson Republican Party

Ron Paul: Next President Of The USA?

Texas Congressman enjoys support across political spectrum, anti-war pro-freedom hero represents America's last hope
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Prison Planet

Friday, January 12, 2007

Rep. Ron Paul files for Republican presidential bid

By Katherine Hunt

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Rep. Ron Paul has filed papers in Texas to create a presidential exploratory committee that will allow him to raise money, the Associated Press reported late Thursday. The nine-term congressman from southeast Texas was the Libertarian nominee for president in 1988 and received more than 400,000 votes, the AP reported. This time he plans to run as a Republican.

National ID: Target the State Houses

by Devvy Kidd

Monday, January 08, 2007

Bush Pushing America Toward A Police State

However, it is President Bush's preoccupation with turning America into a total surveillance society that separates his administration from any and all others. Before this administration, no conservative president had endorsed the concept of turning the United States into the fulfillment of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, but that is exactly what G.W. Bush is attempting to do......
by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Laugh or Cry?

Paul Hein on the feds and the Constitution.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Jury Duty

Dennis Joyce

Justice is not administered from the Bench, only the judgment. You, as the Juror, are solely responsible for the judgment and justice.

Thomas Jefferson said, in a letter to Thomas Paine in 1789: "I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet devised by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution."

America's second President, John Adams, said in 1771: "It is not only [the juror's] right, but his find the verdict according to his own best understanding, judgment, and conscience, though in direct opposition to the direction of the court."

John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, said: "The jury has a right to judge both the law as well as the fact in controversy." Georgia v. Brailsford, 1794.

Judges have become so corrupt they refuse to tell you of your rights and powers as a Juror. It’s a lead pipe cinch you weren’t told this in the government schools since 1865. Judges are egotist and usurp rights at the drop of a hat to enhance their position.

However, it is you, the Juror, that are, in fact, the Judge. You represent the people. The Judge, and everyone else, represents the state, including the Defense Attorney because they are Officers of the Court. You, the Juror, are the wild card in the deck, a deck that is stacked against you and any defendant before the bar.

The Judge may harrumph and bang his gavel in an attempt to intimidate you and give you all sorts of instructions. For once, in your adult life, act like a teenager and let it whistle in one ear and out the other. He is attempting to demand a directed verdict, and that is illegal.

It is your responsibility and duty to judge the law and the fact in every case that comes before you. If the law is not just, or unconstitutional in your opinion, you are under no obligation to uphold it.

Think about it! At that moment, in your life, you hold the power of VETO (Nullification) over any law passed by any legislative body in the land. Nullification (VETO) sends a powerful message back to the legislative body. That message is, “We don’t want this law on the books!”

We continuously hear or “citizens” prattle on about our wonderful democracy. Spare me! We live in a constitutional republic, or at least we did before the “citizens” shirked their duty by avoiding Jury duty. They have committed treason by putting the government on auto-pilot. Governmental auto-pilot only has one setting and that is usurpation with the ultimate destination being tyranny, subjugation and slavery.

Never let the statement, “There ought to be a law.” ever pass your lips. It will reach a legislative body faster than an earnest prayer can reach God’s ear. Now, go forth and do your duty as a citizen and let us start to regain control of this mess and put the right people in prison.

Deo Vindice

Dennis Joyce
Federation of States

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Liberty And The Constitution Go On Trial

By Michael Gaddy

On Monday, January 8th in Federal court in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Liberty and the Constitution, represented by Hollis Wayne Fincher, are being put on trial by the jackbooted thugs at the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms Explosives (BATFE) Yes, these are the same criminal thugs responsible for the murders and other malicious acts at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

Mr. Fincher, age 60, was arrested on the morning of November 8 following a raid on his home involving federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) and FBI and assisted by Washington County Sheriff's Office, Fayetteville Police Department, Springdale Police Department, Arkansas State Police, Arkansas State Bomb Squad and the Madison County Sheriff's Department. Mr. Fincher was charged with possession of a firearm in violation of the National Firearms Act of 1934.

Fincher, a renowned constitutionalist, Lt. Commander of the Washington County Arkansas Militia and co-author of a document entitled The Silver Bullet; a treatise on the unconstitutionality of the Federal Firearms Act of 1934, has no previous criminal record.

At the core of Mr. Fincher’s arrest may be a diabolical scheme by the Washington County, Arkansas local and county governments to implement laws and regulations that are straight out of the United Nations Agenda 21 program. It appears the “investigation” into Mr. Fincher’s allegedly illegal firearms originated about the same time Fincher and others began to protest to local government their proposed laws that infringed on private property rights.

Hollis Wayne Fincher is an imposing man, both physically and intellectually. He intimidated those in government with his superior knowledge of the US and State of Arkansas Constitutions to the point that when he stood to speak (with permission) at the hearings to discuss their proposed laws, he would have a sheriff’s deputy stand beside him; something to which no one else in attendance was subjected.

Mr. Fincher, and others, was able, through their presence and knowledge, to expose the countywide zoning scam of those in the local government of Washington County. The day after Mr. Fincher’s arrest, the council met in “emergency” meeting in which the questionable zoning ordinance was passed with only one reading.

A local radio personality, fellow soldier and constitutionalist in the fight against the proposed zoning ordinance, Mr. Don Bright, stated on his radio show after the arrest of Mr. Fincher that he believed the “coincidental” arrest could have originated in the highest offices of Washington County. At the emergency meeting, the County Judge accused Mr. Bright of linking him to the arrest; when Mr. Bright protested, he was forcibly removed from the meeting by three deputy sheriffs. The questionable zoning ordinance was then passed.

When Hollis Wayne Fincher was arraigned on the “illegal” gun charges it was learned the BATFE had placed an undercover plant in one of the militia meetings. Acting as an agent provocateur, this plant had suggested, “judges be awakened with a gun barrel in their mouths” to which Mr. Fincher had replied “Be careful what you say, this building might be bugged.” Magistrate, Beverly Stites-Jones clairvoyantly replied, “Obviously Mr. Fincher agreed with the idea” and said “that’s what he’s thinking right now” and “I have a fear and do they intend to follow through.” She did not elaborate on whom she meant by “they.”

At the arraignment, BATFE Special Agent Wade Vittitow stated under oath, “the arrest was not about the militia,” although a total of 14 search warrants were issued to search the homes of other militia members. Several allegedly “illegal” firearms were found during these searches but no one was arrested but Mr. Fincher.

During the same arraignment process, five illegal aliens were arraigned on various drug (meth) charges and an additional illegal was charged with identity theft. A court appointed interpreter was brought in to insure the accused understood the charges against them. All six were released on their own recognizance while Mr. Fincher has been held in jail since the arraignment in lieu of $250,000 bond, and the condition he move out of home and into his daughter’s home, posting the deed to his property with the court, give up all his weapons, not attend any militia meetings and be subjected to electronic monitoring.

Ironically, late last week, Assistant US Attorney Wendy Johnson, filed a motion with the court requesting the judge not allow any defense arguments based on the US Constitution or jury nullification! Yes, that is correct—the government does not want to allow the defense attorney to argue the law in Mr. Fincher’s defense.

If a defendant is not allowed to base his/her defense on the Constitution, the supreme law of the land, we are certainly doomed. If we allow these criminal acts perpetrated on law-abiding citizens to continue, we might as well turn in all our guns and schedule a fitting for our chains

Yes, Hollis Wayne Fincher goes on trial on January 8th—but so does our Constitution, our Liberty and our right to own firearms. If Mr. Fincher loses this battle, we all lose.