Saturday, January 13, 2007

JRP Press Release On Fincher Verdict

Guilty, Of Thinking We’re Free

January 13, 2007

Yesterday at approximately 3:20 pm, jurors in the case of the US vs. Hollis Wayne Fincher, found Fincher guilty. Jurors reportedly spent 5 hours deliberating, over what is uncertain, because they were never allowed to hear much. Fincher was never able to take the witness stand before jurors; US District Court Judge Jimm L. Hendren ruled that Fincher’s testimony was inadmissible in court. The jury was only allowed to hear exactly what Federal prosecutors wanted them to hear, nothing more and nothing less.

The fact is, the Federal prosecutors cooperated quite well with Judge Hendren in silencing Fincher. They also kept Fincher and his attorney from using the US and Arkansas constitutions for defense. Apparently, only judges and government officials have the right to decide what the Constitution means or does not mean. The average American doesn’t even have the right to understand the very thing that was designed to protect him!

The Federal prosecutors must be commended for the hard work they put into this case. They did a superb job in keeping the so-called defenders of Second Amendment rights quiet. None dared to rally any support for Fincher. Only individuals and local groups did anything to warn Americans about the dangers this case could have for all of us.

There was very little information on the Fincher case in the media. It was never in the national spotlight, and the only way one could learn anything about the case would be to speak with someone from that area, or by finding articles from local Arkansas papers and publications.

Many have a right to be ashamed of their silence. Maybe that is the reason why we still have not heard from any of the “influential” people and organizations. They chose the path of the coward, and prefer to stay on that shady path.

The entire Fincher case - and the guilty verdict given to Mr. Ficnher - is just more proof that we are no longer a free people. We only think we are because that is what we have been led to believe. Between government spin-doctors and the biased media, we are constantly told that “freedom is not free”, but what freedom are they speaking of? The Freedom to twist their lies, and force-feed it to the citizenry as truth?

When it comes to freedom, and the documents that were designed to protect us from government tyranny, the Constitution and Bill of Rights as well as the constitutions of the several States, it is only used when it meets the goals of the powerful. The president, Congress, our governors and our state legislatures have failed to uphold their oaths of office. They believe that those documents are only pieces of paper, and are only useful when it is convenient, gives them political capital or meets their agenda.

Judge Hendren and the Federal prosecutors of the Fincher case have violated their oaths that they took to defend the Constitution. If we actually were under the laws of the Constitution anymore, they would be tried on articles of impeachment. They have been in direct violation of their duties, and should be held responsible.

The Jefferson Republican Party hereby calls for the impeachment of US District Court Judge Jimm L. Hendren, the Federal prosecutors, the US Attorney and the Assistant US Attorney for the Western District of Arkansas, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and President George W. Bush for failing to uphold their oaths of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and for violating the Constitutional rights of Hollis Wayne Fincher. Those that abuse constitutional law must be held responsible. If we freedom-loving, constitutional Americans do not hold them responsible, then we are just as guilty as they are.

Jefferson Republican Party


Blogger pflores said...

Shame on the jurors for not upholding the principles of the constitution. It is the sole responsibility of a juror to uphold the liberties and freedoms of the constitution regardless of any influences by the prosecutor or by the court. For he or she shall answer only to God for their decisions they make here on earth.

6:18 PM  

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