Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Illegal Immigration

Frosty Wooldridge


Mathew Roberts understands this immigration nightmare correctly. Ron Paul understands it. Tom Tancredo understands it. J.D. Hayworth, too. We're in the crosshairs of devolving our nation into the poverty, illiteracy, crime, diseases and misery of another Mexico. The more we import poor, destitute, unskilled, uneducated and illiterate millions--the faster we create massive enclaves of the poor that entrench themselves.

The harsh reality stems from the fact that if we allow Congress to pass S.B. 2611 which is an amnesty for 20 million illegals, and jumps legal immigration from 1 million annually to 2 million, we will add 100 million people to this country in 33 years by 2040. A whopping 67 million of those additions will be immigrants from third world countries via anchor babies, chain migration and births. In effect, we're displacing ourselves right out of our country. We'll become what they fled. If you don't think the next added 100 million is harsh enough on the environment, go to www.newswithviews.com and read my 16 part series: "THE NEXT ADDED 100 MILLION AMERICANS". It doesn't make any difference how you cut it, California will add 20 million by 2035, Texas adds 12 million by 2025 and Florida will add 10 million by 2050. The rest of those millions will spread all over the country, but the impact, once they are here will be horrific on our water resources, fuel, land and quality of life. We create irreversible consequences with unsolvable problems.

Legal immigrants are already killing the cultures and language of France, United Kingdom, Holland and Belgium. It gets uglier by the year.

If the next elected president of the United States doesn't stop immigration with a 10 year moratorium, and later a maximum of 100,000 immigrants per year (only if they are needed and maintain a stable population), our nation grows by 100 million while it devolves into a hodgepodge of fractured, discontent, unassimilated, underclass groups that bring nothing to the table but poverty, crime, drugs, destruction of our educational systems while they destroy our middle class. America stands in the crosshairs of the worst crisis since the Civil War. More sobering, we're allowing our leaders to do it to us by our national apathy. And, as I've said before, the line of immigrants grows by 75 million annually, so the line of people waiting to enter the USA never ends. We can't save the world, but we most assuredly will destroy our country and its ability to function.


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