Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Message!

Is loud & clear for all to hear

Dr. A. H. Krieg

In the week of November 14th the progressives sent America a message that is clear as a bell ringing. They, with the appointment of Progressive Nancy Pelosi, informed America that they don’t care about moderate Democrats, Blue Dog Democrats, or in fact anyone or anything outside of their twisted plan to remake America into a socialist state. Let’s understand that the DSA [Democratic Socialists of America] have now consummated their takeover of the Democrat Party. The 70 DSA members have so marginalized Democrat non-members that remained in office after the mid term elections, so as to become irrelevant. This brings to mind one interesting option open to the remaining moderates in the Senate and House, namely will they be jumping ship to the Republican Party that now resembles the Democrat party of 20 years ago?

This should really surprise no one. After all, legislative acts of the 111th congress saw the progressives freeze out all Democrats not members of the DSA, with even the refusal to publish legislative indicatives until only hours before they were to be voted on, while Republican issues were tabled before they were even exposed to scrutiny. All this brings to mind the most infamous quote of the 111th congress when Nancy of the Obamacare bill said, “we must now pass this bill so that we can read it and find out what’s in it”. All this took place while Obama lied day after day claiming that the Republicans were the Party of NO and never offered any alternative plans. This lie was made under the assumption that if you repeat a lie often enough people will come to accept it as the truth. No less a person that Dr. Goebbels was the bearer of those tidings. One can only conclude that with the wonderful “lamestream” media not covering these issues and reporting none of them that we now, after reading this, fully understand.

The real question is, does the American electorate really understand what has taken place? I do not think that they actually do understand. With certainty, the ever-leftist lamestream media has said hardly a word on this issue and if the issue is not reported on then it is not spoken of. The first law of propaganda is “OMISSION”, which is the process of omitting certain relevant facts of news so as to influence the public to a false conclusion, in line with the news producer’s opinion.

The DSA is the American socialist party. This party’s root is the Fabian Society of England who in turn is the founder of the British Labor party whose polices so disrupted England from the end of WWII until the election of Conservative Party Baroness Thatcher. The legislative membership includes over 70 Democrats as well as the entire Democrat leadership of the Senate all the Obama 44 appointed Czars and naturally Barrack Hussein Obama. So Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Senator Bill Nelson of FL are all socialists. This is evident by their voting records. Naturally the zionist caucus comprising 44 legislators, 13 Senators and 31 House members is over 95% socialist, they in fact are closely related to the Israeli Likud Party [The Israeli war Party] that again is interrelated with the Fabians.

In America the real aggressive beginning of the DSA was in the FDR administration. FDR established no less than 102 independent governmental agencies that at the time were referred to as “New Deal Bureaus” in order to push Roosevelt’s communist agenda. Before you go ballistic on the issue, I might recommend that you study FDR’s first VP that he had to drop when he was exposed as a communist party member and close friend of Soviet dictator and mass murderer Joseph Stalin. Harry Truman who FDR kept in the dark on all issues replaced him. Obama not only has the remnants of those agencies most of which are still in business but he now also has 44 Czars not one of whom was vetted by the Senate and all of which are socialists or communists pushing the socialist agenda to the hilt.

These action in the US House of Representatives demonstrates clearly not only the takeover of the Democrat Party by radical leftists, but also their repudiation of Americans that overwhelmingly voted in opposition to Obama’s and the socialist’s plans for America. And also shown is the disenfranchisement of the legislative branch of government and the increase of power to the executive branch of government. Additionally they have confirmed to all moderate Democrats that they are now in charge and any opposition to their socializing of America will not be tolerated within the Party.

Lo and behold, America again has two political parties, The Republocrat single party is sidelined, the New Socialist Party that was formerly the Democrat Party, and the new Tea Party Republicans that are now waging war against the progressive RINO Rockefeller Republican Party of whose outcome we are still not sure.

To clarify; American politics have been drastically altered by this act of the progressive socialists, so that we now have the following political situation:

1) The RINO Rockefeller Republicans
2) The Tea Party Republicans
3) The Progressive DSA socialist party
4) The in limbo moderate Democrats that now have no party.

Relating this to a projection of the 2012 presidential elections and based on the political certainty that America is, in principal center right, it is a realistic assumption that by this act of confirming Pelosi as minority speaker, Progressives will further rupture the Democrat party and lead to a decisive victory by Tea Party Republicans in 2012. I also believe that any number of moderate Democrats will jump ship and become Republicans, which would assure their re-election. This can be further based on the reality that the population fully understands the agenda of the progressives and has in the 2010 elections totally repudiated those strategies.

Aside, the political issue Pelosi is simply too much of a socialist ideologue and appears unable to govern by consensus and like Obama flatly refuses to even accept the premises that there might be value in the suggestion of anyone not a socialist ideologue. This is compiled by the fact that both Pelosi and Obama are self-centered narcissists believing in their personal infallibility which seals this issue. Anyone who thinks that these ideologues will compromise on any issue had better look at the history of the 111th congress, which was shown to be the most secretive, unbending, and one directional enterprise of American History. There will as in the 111th be no transparency of design or purpose by the Progressives and all non-DSA members will be frozen out of Democrat deliberations. The election of Nancy Pelosi as minority Speaker is the most dramatic issue of political policy of the last ten years.

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