Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Corporatism, Slavery, & Death!

By David A. McElroy

In the struggle for a state of freedom, we should remember corporatism is antithetical to our liberties, prosperity, peace, health and happiness. The corporatist is a pathological beast that comes in two collectivist flavors, left and right, theoretically, and is present in virtually every form of government. But in actual practice, all corporatists are fascist.

A man known to make trains run on time, Italian tyrant Mussolini, said “Corporatism is fascism.” Both “right wing” Nazi Hitler and “left wing” Stalin, the Communist, were fascist psychopaths. Where does that leave “middle of the road” types? In a Warsaw ghetto? The elite created left vs right politics (Hegelian dialectic) for power. Don’t be fooled by the two wings of the one big bald raptor!

In the USA, Republicans appeal to small business and middle class voters because they appear to be “conservative”, preserving the national interests and our national identity against globalists (despite Henry Kissinger). But they are national socialists akin to Nazis like Sen. Prescott Bush and his progeny. Democrats offer us “benefits”, and will speedily sell out American interests to the global cabal. Democrats are international socialists, or communists. Both mislead us to believe we live in freedom in a capitalist society, while they tax and spend, regulate and enforce us cradle to grave, demanding ever more. The truth is that those who command the capital rule via corporate empires. They must NOT be allowed to dictate government in a free state. They seek expanding socialist powers to encroach upon our lives, enslave us, profit from life and death! We are human capital!

On the world stage, the puppet show before us has the destructive Marxist terrorists like Lenin, Mao, Che Guevara and Pol Pot, versus the seemingly “beneficent” socialists like Clinton, the Bushes, Merkel, Blair or Sarkozy. NeoCon elements play the aggressor role to destroy targeted peoples, taxing us into bankruptcy to profit from foreign wars, largely depleting our resources. Commies play defense and keep their troops at home, they draw the West into being overextended. Both factions will blend and profit in communitarian reconstruction. Bill Clinton refers to it as the Third Way, using things like WTO, NAFTA and GATT. East and West are now engaged in the New World Order, and both profits and privileges are privatized corporately, losses and liabilities are socialized upon the public. See where we are being driven by the televised political theatre? Forget the concessions stand… get out while you can! It is a slasher flick, and you are the victim!

The hard-core Marxist phase of government is intended by the global elite to destroy freedom and competition, one nation at a time, exterminate opponents, lock down the working classes, and set the stage for “reform”. This is Obamanation. The reform is socialism for the poor, capitalism for the elite. What little is left of the middle class will be the ranking military officers, scientists, engineers, and such. Do you see how Red China and Russia have incorporated limited capitalism, fascist style? How the non-aligned Yugoslavia was balkanized? Socialist government power is legally employed to divide and conquer, establish monopolies for elitists. Hitler and Stalin’s genocides were legal in their regimes, if not moral. Lawyers and liberty are often in opposition.

Do you see these things happening here from sea to shining sea? Do you recognize how they are causing the “Red Menace” to usurp America as a superpower? Why our many industries have vacated our states and our infrastructure is crumbling? Ours is the last major nation to be demolished in the global “urban renewal” plan! We are not seeing real investments or lending in America because we are red-lined for the bulldozer. They have done this many times, perfecting the practice on smaller countries, before they would dare to take on the American public. We are now the last hope for real freedom in the whole world. Many are unaware, many too afraid to face the danger. We must secede to survive!

The differences between classical capitalism, laissez faire competition in a free market, and de facto capitalism, or corporatism aka fascism, practiced by the “Captains of Industry” was highlighted in my last article, “SECEDE FROM CORPORATISM!” What we have been taught in the “public fool system” is “classical capitalism“, by which our human progress is moved by free market competition rewarding the providers of better goods and services, improving society with efficiency and lower costs for higher living standards and higher education in the practice of arts and sciences. Arrogant, obscenely wealthy oligarchs known as “capitalists” regard the competitive efforts in the markets, the arts and sciences, merely to be research and development for their empires. They sit and study the results of our efforts. When the winning product, service, or technique has been determined, the robber barons use it to strengthen their monopolies to extract profit from us. Once they decide upon the most efficient and effective means to their ends, they end the competition. “Competition is a sin,” John D. Rockefeller said.

Socialism seduces us to destroy a nation’s culture and economy, progressively break it down leading to a brutal Marxist conversion to feudalism structured by the “Capitalists“, international socialists, who seek a world with 90% fewer people in a global totalitarian monopoly system. In the age of computers and automation, they don’t need billions of workers and soldiers. We are overhead to be written off in various population reduction schemes, or genocide! National socialists, NeoCons, oppose the international socialists simply because they want a better deal. They too will sell us out, but demand a higher price for their corporates. Billionaires globally are moving in concert to destroy public freedom and middle classes everywhere, to return to a feudal system where the robber barons rule corporate fiefdoms with high-tech tools and all us “little people” yet surviving are kept ignorant as slaves subsisting on meager rations. See North Korea.

“Give me control of a nations’ money and I care not who makes the laws” said that icon of banking, 18th century patriarch Mayer Amschel Rothschild. The “crowned heads of Europe” came to him with hat in hand. James Madison, “Father of the Constitution”, stated that “History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling the money and its’ issuance.” Lord Acton is famous for noting that “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” He also stated “The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the bankers,” when asked about Rothschild. He died in 1902. One great man of liberty, Lysander Spooner, blasted the bankster. “The Rothschilds, and that class of money-lenders of whom they are representatives and agents - men who never think of lending a shilling to their next-door neighbors, for purposes of honest industry, unless upon the most ample security, and at the highest rate of interest - stand ready at all times, to lend money in unlimited amounts to those robbers and murderers who call themselves governments, to be expended in shooting down those who do not submit quietly to being robbed and enslaved.” Rothschild molded the corporatist fascist paradigm, and could shame Attila the Hun or Ghengis Khan as clumsy amateurs. Banksters revere him!

The “Old Money” types, like Rothschilds, Windsors, et al, know how “New Money”, like Bill Gates and Sam Walton, got started in the middle class, and both groups globally are closing ranks to shut down possibilities for any further competition. As a big group, the middle class is competitive with, and challenges, billionaire elitists. Corporatism reigns antithetical to our liberties, prosperity, peace, health and happiness. Huge transnational corporations, ruled by billionaires, Illuminati, and the royal houses, rule the nations of the world. We the people are nothing to them but labor and consumers, management issues, headaches and costly overhead to write off. We are just taxpayers, targets of manipulative propaganda and surveillance needing policed, imprisoned, or reduced to cannon fodder. Terrorism, even nuclear threats, keep the public at bay, distracted and fearful. The elite will use military forces against us in “police actions” and not war against each other. This is the United Nations’ “global peace plan“, our “prison planet”!

The elitists ignore our protests and blogs, a letter to “your” congressman will rate no more than a mark on a tally sheet. As Mark Twain said, “We have the best Congress money can buy.” The oligarchs don’t care how we complain as long as we obey their laws, pay taxes and bills, and keep working to turn the wheels of industry and commerce until we get that pink slip. And yes, the unemployed can get that national healthcare. Hitler offered rather similar “rationed” healthcare, and work camps also. Stalin did also.

US federal government is a corporation by the Act of 1871, noted in my previous article. It altered the title of the Constitution, to make states mere franchises of a forced collective enforced with the 14th Amendment. Those opting to incorporate their activities under law are voluntary collective franchises of government. You are a corporatist, or a wage slave. This is the root of the tyranny feasting on our blood, sweat, and tears, stealing nest eggs.

Corporations are politically superior “citizens”, legally “fictitious persons” afforded most rights afforded humans, but protected as “community” assets. Us human beings suffer an inferior position unless we belong to Lucifer’s corporate club. (Lucifer actually has a chapel in the United Nations building in Manhattan.) This superior status arises because corporations command large facilities, assets, and cash flows while enjoying the rights of citizenship. They own most media. Many are deemed “too big to fail”. Government will gladly sacrifice a few million of us “little people” to bail out their billionaire masters. The corporations can fill a politician’s campaign chest, or the opponent’s. Obama’s campaign received over $1 billion dollars, largely from Wall Street firms like Goldman-Sachs. They have vast intelligence resources, can intimidate or blackmail anyone. They employ para-military security services, Wackenhut or Blackwater. Corporate espionage is common.

Even the states lost their Senate representation with the fraudulent 17th Amendment in 1913, the same year the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank was so slyly chartered. Devvy Kidd has done a lot of excellent research on this, personally visiting government archives to check state ratification documents. See www.devvy.com

Late Christmas Eve, 1913, in nearly empty halls, banksters like J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller, Warburg, and Rothschild sold the Federal Reserve Bank to Congress with a long 99 year charter to “stabilize the currency”. The Fed’s largest shareholder is the Bank of England, and foreign banks own most shares. How well has the Fed “stabilized” our currency? At www.BusinessInsider.com ’s Oct. 6, 2010 edition we find that what $20 would purchase in 1913, would cost $440.23 today. What $20 purchased in 1970 now cost $112.36. It also reported that in 2009, 61% of American households lived from payday to payday. Things are worse this year. Us “consumers” are broke and foreclosures are rampant. Did you notice big banks bagged a bazillion dollars in a taxpayer-funded bail-out because of mortgage payments not coming in? They could have saved mortgage holders, taxpayers all, and the money would have still ended up in the banks if Congress had granted people vouchers for mortgage payments. Homeowners are paying twice! We’ve been robbed!

Former Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Alan Greenspan, said in his 1966 essay entitled Gold And Economic Freedom, “This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists’ tirade against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth… one has no difficulty in understanding the statists’ antagonism toward the gold standard.” We are now seeing staggering deficit spending by Obama’s regime. Our public debt carried at interest by the Federal Reserve (private with no reserves) is the highest in the history of the world. Estimates of total public debt run as high as $200 TRILLION! Ruinous! The ruin is engineered, not coincidentally cyclical as the banksters and politicos present it.

The Fed creates “money” by simply printing paper bills, debt instruments called Federal Reserve Notes which are actually IOU’s requiring interest. Money in circulation is always less than the notes plus interest, so some people MUST come up short and be bankrupted, because cash in circulation is insufficient. So borrowing ensues, and the debt is locked in a cycle often referred to as a DEATH SPIRAL! The more cash is printed, the higher public debts climbs and the value of the dollar falls. We must pull out of it and reject currency fraud wielded against us, establish independence, in a free state with free markets, peace and prosperity. Corporatism and freedom are antithetical. Stop being wage slaves!

This does not mean a person should not work for wages, but self-employment is better. I do say only living human beings should be deemed citizens, that corporate “fictiticious entities” should never be in our legal system. As in Promethean Capitalism, all of our commercial enterprises would only be owned privately and not corporately. A personal owner is very concerned with pride and personal reputation as well profit and loss, thus often more responsible not only to customers, but the community. Private firms do tend to stay smaller and more accountable to society, more ethical and quality oriented. Soulless amoral corporate conglomerates shield their major stockholders, protecting them from any personal liability. Many privately owned companies, you may recall, were established and operated with great reputations, only to “go public” later and mushroom into a mediocre vendor of lesser goods and services popping up in every community. The fungus of corporatism grows in darkness in rotting manure! Don’t buy it!

Benjamin Franklin, on the $100 bill, said “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.“ Socialism corrupts. Thomas Jefferson said “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” God warned us about usury. America has fallen to usury. Christ said “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s…” So accept nothing from Caesar! John 2:13-16 records the only known act of violence by Jesus Christ, against merchants and “moneychangers” who defiled His Father’s Temple with greed, and theft.

The elitists ignore our pleas and protests. A letter to “your” congress critter will rate only a checkmark. As Mark Twain said, “We have the best Congress money can buy.” The oligarchs only care that we continue to work, obey, and pay - until we get a pink slip. The wheels of industry and commerce must crank cash flowing into their hands. Unemployed workers can get socialist “healthcare”. Hitler offered similar “rationed healthcare”, and those “work camps” as a social remedy. So did Stalin. I don’t want to go there. Do you?

Patriots need to get ahead of the curve established corporately, not let the public enemy set the time and place of beating us down. Masses of people in peaceful protests filling streets, general strikes in critical industries, tax rebellion and debt repudiation, officials confronted face to face, civil disobedience, all have impact. Speak only the words you wish recorded or broadcast in exploiting media. Beware provocateurs initiating violence to invoke riotous storm troopers. Let authority figures shame themselves. Be prepared.

Why do rioters so often loot and destroy neighbors’ property, injure and kill, even burn their own neighborhoods? If we are forced to violent conflicts, we must carry the battle to the enemy’s turf. Our enemies meet in corporate boardrooms, not the local stores. The enemy lives in Manhattan penthouses, big walled estates and gated communities, not your neighborhood! We the people are pitted against banksters controlling a global system of interlocking corporates masking the real bloodsuckers! The District of Criminals exists to serve them, not us! Billionaires send hordes of lobbyists to Congress bearing cash, keys to beachfront villas, jets, and yachts. They only PRETEND to serve us.

Any free state, regardless of form of governance, can not permit corporatism. Corporate citizens do overwhelm and enslave free people. The banksters must not rule. We must not worship the stock exchanges and moneychangers! Stand and repudiate all your fraudulent debts! We must secede to survive! No king but Jesus! Revolt! Live free or die!


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