Thursday, November 04, 2010

Prediction and Reflection 2010

Dr. A. H. Krieg

The electorate is not a reasoning animal by act of those elected!

The war between the progressive movement and the Democrat and Republican parties has been enjoined! The progressive movement began in the early 20th century. In the Republican Party it was (TR) Teddy Roosevelt who after his term started the Bull Moose Party, which in fact was the new progressive wing of the Republican Party. This morphed into the RINO’s of the Rockefeller Republicans in the early 70’s that Barry Goldwater so railed about. In the Democrat party, president Wilson with the aid of Colonel House, his alter ego, proceeded to establish the progressive Democrats. By the 1930’s the formation of the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) had been formed and in the 111 congress of 2010 no less than 70 members of congress claimed affiliation with that socialist body, of which the president is a prominent member. Make no mistake, these people are hardcore socialist ideologues politically closely affiliated with the British Labor Party whose roots are Fabian Socialism. Examples of progressivism would be Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, John McCain, Allan Grayson, Alex Sink, Charlie Crist, Richard Blumentahl, Russ Feingold, Bill Nelson and Barack Obama.

Today and in the coming two years this war between a socialist vision of America and a capitalist vision will boil into open warfare. The president will claim that he is now prepared to rule in a bi-partisan manner. Nothing is further from the truth, Socialist ideologues follow their motto, “Deny with our lips what we do with our hands” Better yet the socialist coat of arms; A wolf dressing in a sheep’s skin.

The first substantial opposition to progressive philosophy is the Tea Party movement, which is not a political party but rather a philosophic position relating to numerous issues. This “Grass Roots” movement was created spontaneously out of opposition to the “Washington Elites” i.e. Fabian socialist progressives that had co-opted both Republocrat parties. The Democrat wing of the system has yet to develop any viable opposition to the progressives who have in effect taken over the entire party, moving it sharply to the left. They were so politically strong in the 111 congress that they actual barred mainstream Democrats from caucuses relating to all major matters.

The Southern Democrats (Blue Dogs) as well as all moderate Democrats have minimal option because they now represent a minority in the Democrat party, whose entire leadership now consists of Progressives. They in effect have only two options, drop out of the Democrat party or become Independents.

The first thing that will take place is that Obama will call for bipartisanship with the Republicans; after all, he not only refused bipartisanship to the Republicans but even to moderate Democrats in the past two years. He will claim that only this will prevent “gridlock”. Well I think gridlock would be just fine, naturally along with the repeal of Obamacare and the odious finacial regulatory nightmare and deep-sixing all cap and tax ideas. Let’s all remember that making a deal with the devil is a bad idea regardless of the offered terms. Aside that Obama is a socialist ideologue that will say and do anything (if its on the teleprompter and adheres to His Masters Voice) and will then act in accordance with the socialist prime directive, lie, cheat, invent, invert, and do anything to win the point.

Whether the new members of the Tea Party have the gumption to stand up to the progressives will be the primary issue of 2011. How the middle road Democrats will react to their parties overwhelming losses due to its obnoxious move to the left is yet to be seen. The Media who in Florida backed every loser in this election will be closely watched. If the media continues to openly, editorially, support the political left as they have done during this election cycle they will continue to lose market share and will like the “Grey Lady” come to finacial difficulty.

By the way, three weeks before the 2010 election I called every race in Florida, (Our local Fishwrap also predicted, and every prediction proved wrong) and had predicted a 60-vote landslide in the House and seven in the Senate. I also predicted that Republicans would largely win the governor’s races, as well as almost all local elections. CA, MA, CT and NY excluded, there is no way you can predict the actions of morons.

The question at this point is, what will come to take place now? I do not think that Obama will come to the center left as Clinton did; Clinton is a pragmatist, while Obama is a narcissist, socialist ideologue. People of such persuasion simply do not make compromises. This is also the case because Obama’s handlers, who in every instance tell him what to do, are of the identical mindset. This leaves the opposition with only two viable options, force Obama to veto one after another legislative act and continue to force him to veto even if it persists for the entire next year and if that proves not to work simply de-fund every law passed in the 111 congress. If the Republicans begin compromising with the progressive Fabian socialist agenda they will lose the 2012 election by the same margin that the Democrats lost in 2010. Not only that, but they must keep the pressure up relentlessly to the extent of upsetting even the thought of any derogatory labels placed on them by the other side. And one more thing, Republicans must submit a replacement for Obamacare less than 20 pages in length, and a finacial bill to clean up Wall Street of the same length.

As a final comment, I was truly surprised that there were no challenges brought in Nevada where the electoral contest was so influenced by illegal acts by the state controlled Democrat machine as to make the entire senatorial election a farce. The Casinos that were obviously culpable and the SEIU and AFL/CIO, which did much of the under-the-table funding, demonstrate an acceptance of corruption that is simply beyond the pale, and is not acceptable in any Republic.

Read Dr. Krieg’s award winning book: “Our Political Systems” to gain a good understanding of the American two party political conundrums.


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