Thursday, January 12, 2012

First NDAA; Now Enemy Expatriation Act

Chuck Baldwin Live

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NDAA Protests End In Ironic Swarm Of Arrests

Brandon Smith

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Our Psychopathic Management By Crisis

How All Government Systematically Destroys Peace & Prosperity

By David A. McElroy

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is a prime example of the thing corrupting any government. Recall her complaining that Catholic doctors opposing her pro-abortion mandate on them were problem constituents because “they have this conscience thing.” Apparently, Pelosi, the botox poster girl, finds those with a conscience alien to her cold mind. A psychopath, by the clinical definition, is someone who lacks a conscience.

Mankind’s propensity for rule by hierarchy stems from our logical desire for order in any society. It began quite naturally in the family, the basic unit of society, where parents rule children. This desire for order is rooted deep in the wants and needs of people seeking peace and prosperity, freedom and safety in comfortable environs where they can pursue happiness secure in their property. We are gratified by affirmations of “correct” beliefs reinforced by social engineers in the petri dish of our culture. The positions of power and influence that ANY government establishes draw psychopaths like moths to a flame, and this always leads to a system of management by crisis. These egotistic sociopaths always subvert the ideals of “good government,” and wear psychological masks appropriate to deceitfully win approval.

Our desire for a “father” or “mother” figure to lead us causes those actors in the political theatre to don such masks as will cause us to follow them. It would be most adult of us to choose self-rule, practicing, like libertarians, no force nor fraud upon our fellows. Christ did summarize all the law ever needed in the Golden Rule wherein you “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Good law is based upon love, which is integral with respect and justice. Jesus Christ cites the simple law of love in Matthew 22:35-40.

As Thomas Jefferson said, “He who governs best, governs least.” Or as the motto on our early pennies read, “Mind Your Business”. Discipline yourself, not others.

Government, by nature, is imposed, interventionist, and confrontational. It is incapable of love. It is a process, a force without conscience like fire, seeking only to consume and grow. George Washington said, “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” It will develop an institutional identity, like Uncle Sam, distinct and separate from the people it purports to represent. It is most dangerously unstable when centered upon a cult of personality, an emperor, priest or king. All institutions evolve to become self-serving, even those created with the most noble intentions. Such always come to see the people not as a constituency to serve, but only as a commodity to use. The process of “progressive” government has been seen time and again through the ages, in many forms. They failed, rotten to the core.

Government’s whole reason for being is to protect the people and resolve problems that threaten people, and therefore cannot grow in a stable society of peaceful contented people secure in their property. Therefore, rulers create problems so that they have an excuse to intervene in the affairs of the people. All government employs the Hegelian Dialectic in covertly creating a problem to disturb the people, and attract them to take a preconceived position amidst their left and right pincers to grasp more power or profit. Plainly, it is management by crisis, but discussed in public as being crisis management. Without problems, government has little to manage, little to administer, smaller cadres of employees, fewer offices, smaller budgets, less power. So they will create fear and chaos, poverty, ignorance and hunger, hatred and hurt, to tempt or scare people into traps that contented, educated and secure people would never enter.“

Friday, January 06, 2012


By Chuck Baldwin

Sunday, January 01, 2012


By Carl F. Worden

I am a student of semantics, which is the study of the choice of words people use in a given situation, and everything I am hearing and reading indicates the media and both major political parties know Ron Paul will win the Iowa Caucus on Tuesday.

They've tried every dirty trick so far and nothing has had the desired effect. From deliberately ignoring Ron Paul in the debates to outright lies about Ron Paul being a racist and just about every other possible false accusation, Ron Paul is continuing to survive and grow in popularity.

Here's an example: Thomas F. Schaller teaches political science at the University of Maryland and he wrote a completely biased opinion piece about Ron Paul's alleged racism, his alleged homophobia and his insensitivity in general for the McClatchey News Service. The telling use of semantics occurs in the ninth paragraph where Schaller happens to mention, "None of Paul's radical beliefs would really matter if the Texas congressman were slogging around in fifth or sixth place in the Republican primary. But he isn't. His poll numbers are rising. He might win the Iowa Caucuses this week".

What have I been telling you? The media, the Republican Party and the Dems are all panicked by the possibility of a Paul nomination, yet what exactly are they opposing? Ron Paul asserts a return to pure constitutional rule. That's a radical belief?? Ron Paul asserts exactly what our Founders and Framers did upon signing the Constitution into law, and that is to avoid foreign entanglements. No matter what anyone tries to tell you to the contrary, the attacks of 9/11/2001 happened in retaliation for our many years of meddling in Middle Eastern affairs, mainly because we don't want to have our oil supply cut off, so we think we have the right to interfere with the internal social and political machinations of the nations we're importing oil from. Ron Paul has been accused of being anti-Semitic regarding Israel, but that's just another fat lie. All Ron Paul has said about Israel is that we should back off and not tell Israel what to do, and that is probably music to the ears of the Israelis too.

When somebody spouts off about Ron Paul, it reminds me of the people who insist the Bible is full of bologna. I always ask those idiots which one of the Ten Commandments they personally disagree with, and I never get a specific answer. Same thing where Ron Paul is concerned. I always ask what policy or position Ron Paul has actually taken that they might vehemently disagree with, and they usually state they disagree with something Ron Paul never said or supported at all! Their level of ignorance is appalling indeed.

Just yesterday, I heard some CNN talking head claim that out of the entire Republican Party, only 6% of the hard core support Ron Paul. That is so factually preposterous it is almost amusing. You might state that as fact when addressing the candidacy of Rick Santorum, but Ron Paul enjoys solid support in the Republican Party, specifically among Tea Party voters which account for a lot more than 6% of Republicans.

People like Thomas Schaller just lie and lie and lie, and that is exactly why hardly anyone is paying attention to what they have to say or write like we once did.

This election really is different. Anyone like a Romney, who has raised millions of dollars to get elected, is viewed this time with extreme suspicion because, as anyone should know by now, only the huge multinational corporations have that kind of election money to pass out, and the very last group we want to empower in this nation is the corporations. Ron Paul is an original construction constitutionist and people like Schaller consider that a threat? If so, Schaller is a traitor to this nation and should be dealt with as all traitors are traditionally dealt with: Execution, or more preferably, he should be stripped of his citizenship and left to find a nation he approves of -- so long as it is not here.

If you don't like our Constitution, Schaller, get the hell out!