Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Green Rubbish

By Dr. A. H. Krieg CMFGE

The fact that our entire government is crazy should surprise no one. The “Greens” are now in control of several departments including the Department of Energy Dr. Chu who is the head of that agency lacks any business acumen and together with his democrat friends reaches decisions that are disastrous for America. The fact that socialists overtook the green movement in the 60’s is also common knowledge and is characterized by Germany where an alliance between Die Bunten (the Gays) Die Gruenen (the greens) and Buentniss 90 (Association 90) the DDR communist party green branch and the SPD Sozialistische Partei Deutschland (German Socialist Party) formed a union governing Germany for some decades.

So it is fair to say that the green movement is also the socialist movement, once this is understood many things become clear. Among these is the fact that socialism does not sell but environmentalism does. There are several sectors of the economy where the Greens have become a paramount instrument of intended change, as then demonstrated, these are all losing propositions for the country, science and individual citizens.

The automotive industry has long been criticized by the Greens for CO2 (greenhouse gases) production and for environmental harm. The fact that CO2 does no harm to the environment and is in fact the gas converted by plants in the process of converting CO2 into Oxygen called photosynthesis, a process by which chlorophyll converts light energy (protons) into electrical energy splitting water molecules thereby producing oxygen, all seems to have escaped environmental scientists. Regardless the fact that most environmentalists have no foundational understanding of business or science will become very clear by the time you finish this article.

The primary impetus of the Obama administration relating to the automotive industry, demonstrates that people within this administration have no foundational understanding of manufacturing processes, or functions, lack any and all understanding of markets, and are scientific neophytes relating to the automotive industry as well as the environment. They have invested over one billion dollars starting up their principal corporations for the production of electrically powered cars. The fact that present battery technology is unable to meet the requirements and demands necessitated by buyer’s expectations is not part of the Obama energy equation. Two specific examples come to mind. Top Gear a very popular BBC program initiated a test relating to hybrid electric cars. They took a Toyota Prius (The Prius in manufacture and assembly produces more environmental pollution than it saves over its anticipated lifespan) and placed it on a racetrack, filled it up with gasoline and placed a twin turbocharged V8 Jaguar behind it. The Toyota had to go around the track at speed while the Jaguar had to follow it. The end result MPG was that the Toyota used 17.6 MPG and the Jaguar used 19.67 MPG. On another test a Tesla (sports car) was run at full speed around the same track, it overheated after 15 minutes and had to be turned off, on a second attempt, after 15 hrs of recharging the batteries, it ran out of power after 42 miles.

Present Obama administration investments in the electric car business are as follows; Fisker is a CA company that was granted a Department of Energy loan of $ 529 million (1/2 billion plus) they plan to build cars in Finland the car retail costs is $ 96,985.00 and is a two seater. Sales are unreported but I have never seen one. Tesla another California producer (they don’t call it the land of Fruits and Nuts for nothing) obtained an Obamaloan for $465 million, their car costs $109,000.00 they have sold 120 cars since start up in 2009. Last but far from least is the Chevrolet Volt, produced by Government Motors, which is about 50/50 owned by the United Auto Workers and the government. So the taxpayers in fact financed the entire project. The volt costs $40,000.00 as a basic unit, and since start up GM has produced 1,536 cars. The only remaining issue is would you invest in one of these loser mistakes?

Lest you suffer the delusion that automobiles are the only loosing proposition of this administration, let me enlighten you. You will be cognizant of Solyndra, but you actually have no idea how bad this all is. The lamestream media in effort to protect its primary asset Obozo has reported on almost nothing except that the taxpayers are on the hook for ½ billion dollars, $535 million to be exact. The loss of 1,100 jobs in this case is incidental. There is enough payola in the Solyndra affair to fill Sing Sing, that spa on the Hudson. $10,000.00 to the U of Chicago Medical center, $53,500.00 to the president’s election campaign 2008. The medical center was where; Michelle, Barry, David, and Valerie were employed. Solyndra was the company that gave the CA democrats a $7,500.00 present and in which the democrat committee of CA had shares. Why do you suppose that just days before declaring bankruptcy, Solyndra was able to re-negotiate their loan guarantee and chucked the taxpayers under the bus?

Let me put my cards on the table from the beginning of the Obozo administration there have been 13 solar based loans, every single one of them has been a loser and the two just made, will also go belly up sooner than you think. Notable September losers have been Evergreen Solar with a loss of $5.3 million and Spectra Watt with $ 500,000. In fact of the 13 outstanding solar power energy loan guarantees none of our knowledge, is today operational information on losses has been removed from public records. We are sorry to report that many lobbyists will take it on the chin in 2012 as McAllister & Quinn. McBee Strategic, and the Rice Hadley Group (Condolezza’s business) lost their Solyndra account. Total administration solar loan guarantees now exceed $ 6.5 billion. Not one has repaid, shown a profit or produced reasonable sales in comparison to the invested monies.

The latest loan guarantee was Sun Power (SPWR-NASDAQ) for $ 646 million to produce solar panels in Mexico, to accomplish that they opened a production plant in Mexicali Mexico. Loans for cars to be made in Finland and now loans to make solar panels in Mexico “pass the Jobs Bill Now”! Wait, Sun Power has a capitalization of $800 million and a debt of $ 820 million. So, we are in the process of loaning a bankrupt company $646 million that on the day of the loan reduced the value of the government loan to $ 626 million. Furthermore the debt load of Sun Power just exploded to $ 1 billion 466 million and assets of $800 million or a net loss balance of $ 666 million. Let me guess, you would immediately invest in this mistake? Didn’t think so!

The very next issue is Tonopah Solar that was part of the Dr. Chu issued $1.383 billion loan guarantees made on the last day of September. Oh, I almost forgot the Sun power loans are reported to create jobs at a cost of $ 23 million per job. “Pass the Jobs Bill Now”! The Tonopah loan is for $ 737 million and according to their Internet site will create 50 new jobs, simply outstanding, that is better than the others, with only $ 1, 474,000 per job created. Please. Please someone send Dr. Chu a calculator! Just and by the way, Tonopah Solar is a subsidiary of another subsidiary and is to build this plant on technology licensed from a third source. No plant like this has ever been built so you can understand why the private sector is leery of financing it.

That brings us to ethanol. The single biggest rip-off of the green energy fiasco. Ethanol is about 30% less effective as a fuel than gasoline, consequently the miles per gallon of fuel consumed by your automobile is greater than if you used only gasoline. The principal fuel-agent is corn, one of the largest food commodities used by animals, and people. The incased use of corn in ethanol production has had a dramatic effect on the price of food over the last ten years. The production of ethanol is subsidized by your taxes in every single step to the production cycle. Farmers get seed, fuel, transport irrigation, and fertilizer subsides and federal crop insurance. Distiller’s get subsides, as do transporters. The actual cost of ethanol without all the subsides from Washington would be over double the retail amount of gasoline. So, whereas gasoline is taxed by excise taxes, sales taxes, state taxes etc to the tune of about 35% of the cost and when property taxes and other taxes are included produces a total tax burden of over 50%, ethanol when all the subsidies are compiled, costs 85% more then that. Environmentally, when the distillation process is integrated into the equation ethanol is a greater polluter than gasoline when used in cars.

Bird swatters or wind turbines are massive losers in energy production. The dramatic effects of this process can best be gauged in Spain, which has gone all out in wind energy. Spain is at the cusp of finacial collapse primarily due the their massive expansion of wind power energy production and the highest energy costs in Europe. In England there are entire wind farms that are shut down. In Hawaii they are dismantling scores of turbines. In northwestern England I have driven through wind farms covering miles without one single unit working. One American company offers a new type of wind turbine to be mounted on a residential roof. They claim 1,500 watts when there is at least a 10 mph wind. There is no storage capacity. This unit will run your vacuum cleaner and two light bulbs if conditions are perfect. None of these so-called renewable systems Solar, Wind, or Ethanol is commercially viable. It is time, especially in this economic depression for the uneducated in science environmentalists to pull their heads out of their butts and face reality.

The very last issue is the claim that we are running out of fossil fuels. Poppycock, America has the world’s largest supply of anthracite coal, and the largest supply of natural gas, and the largest supply of oil, combined with Canada and Alaska we have enough fossil fuel energy to last for the coming 600 years based on a continual population growth and consumption growth.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011


By Carl F. Worden

Most people are aware that certain states have legalized marijuana for medical use, and among them is Oregon. Back in 2009, President Obama stated that his policy toward these state laws would be to continue to detect and arrest illegal marijuana growers and dealers, but not those who had state-legal medical marijuana permits for personal use.

Oregon's medical marijuana law does not provide for dispensaries, as does California, so medical marijuana patients in Oregon either have to grow their own marijuana, or have someone do it for them who is a registered grower. For example, many patients live in cramped apartments or in mobile home parks where there is no viable way of growing their own, so a number of local, legally-registered growers who had available land allowed those patients to grow their marijuana on that land. Each patient is allowed up to six mature marijuana plants, which may sound like a lot more than they will ever need in one year, but one must remember that growing marijuana is farming, and farming is a very fickle endeavor. I know medical marijuana patients who lost every plant in their plot due to the vagaries of severe weather, gophers, infection from male pollen that ruins the harvest, mold, theft, etc.

Over the past three weeks in Jackson County Oregon where I live, the DEA has, without any prior warning, staged a number of raids on these cooperative farms and has torn out every viable marijuana plant, destroying all the medical marijuana being grown for local patients who are unable to grow their own due to physical condition and/or not having the land to grow marijuana on. These are quite literally the most helpless and vulnerable patients in the entire Oregon medical marijuana program, and knowing human nature as I do, I can tell you those patients will still get marijuana for their ailments, but they will be buying the marijuana from illegal growers at a much higher cost than growing their own.

The local street cost of marijuana in Southern Oregon dropped from $2,500.00 -- $3,000.00 per pound, to about $1,500.00 per pound after the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act was passed, but after these DEA raids, the cost is beginning to spike again. Gee, what a surprise!

The worst aspect of this whole mess is that honest, sincere and law-abiding people who followed the state law and were assured by President Obama that they would not be pursued and prosecuted federally, were lied to. To date, there have been no federal charges filed against the growers or the landowners after the Southern Oregon raids, but it is a fact that federal law allows the feds to confiscate any land or property used for growing marijuana and/or the equipment used to cultivate. Any personal property like homes and cars can be seized if the feds believe they were purchased with ill-gotten gains.

To make matters worse, California medical marijuana dispensaries have been ordered by the DEA to close up or be raided, and the landlords of the properties rented for the dispensaries have been told to evict the dispensaries or face seizure of their property.

The fact that Barack Obama is a bold-faced liar is bad enough, because it led many sincere people to let their guard down, and the people running the cooperative farms didn't try to hide their state-legal growing operations because they believed Obama.

I'll bet they don't make that mistake again!

But there is another aspect to the Southern Oregon saga, and that is what appears to be a treasonous sheriff. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters didn't like the Oregon Marijuana Act for whatever his personal reasons might be, so he's gone way out of his way to make having an Oregon Medical Marijuana card a liability. For example, this sheriff tried to deny a local woman a concealed gun permit because she answered truthfully on her application that she used marijuana for medical purposes, had the state card, etc. Sheriff Winters' bizarre reasoning is that issuing a concealed gun permit to a citizen who uses marijuana for ANY reason is a violation of the 1968 federal Gun Control Act. But Winters is a very twisted thinker. A concealed gun permit in no way authorizes a citizen to acquire, purchase or possess a gun; it only allows the citizen to carry a gun concealed and that is a state's right that in no way violates any federal law.

The lady took Sheriff Winters to court, where Winters lost in every legal venue, up to and including the Oregon Supreme Court, which rather pointedly noted that Sheriff Winters' job is to enforce state laws and not federal laws. Duh...

Sheriff Mike Winters also has a bit of a screw loose where it comes to fiscal responsibility, so he convinced the Board of County Commissioners to give him yet another $10,000.00 to file an appeal to the United States Supreme Court, and it has yet to be determined if the court will accept the challenge or let the Oregon Supreme Court ruling stand.

What got the immediate attention of the Southern Oregon Militia was an article in the local Medford Mail Tribune that described Sheriff Winters being airborne with an assistant federal prosecutor, looking down on a large cooperative medical marijuana farm located near the Medford Airport. We can think of only one reason Winters was doing a flyover with a federal prosecutor, and that is because Winters cannot raid and arrest state-legal medical marijuana cardholders, so he's gotten the feds to do it for him. That is an unforgivable act in defiance of the people, and I suspect Winters is going to pay dearly for it.

That is an act of treason against many of the people who voted for Winters as Sheriff. How many times have we been told by a cop that they don't make the law; they just enforce it? Well here we have a case where a top-cop didn't like the law, so he chose to override it with federal law -- and even the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that is not Winters' job description. Sheriff Mike Winters has taken a position of enmity against the people of the State of Oregon who crafted and passed the Oregon law by voter initiative, and true-to-form, there is no major public outcry except for one protest held at the Medford Federal Courthouse, which was organized by the local chapter of NORML, the national group dedicated to the legalization of marijuana.

But I think Sheriff Mike Winters may have placed himself in the position of being hanged on his own gallows, because many local medical marijuana patients have been severely harmed, emotionally, medically and financially by his treason, and I believe Mike Winters can be successfully and personally sued in state court for the damages he's caused if it turns out Winters conspired with the feds to engage in these DEA raids. You may find it interesting, for example, that Winters authorized his deputies to perform traffic control while the federal raids were going on -- which means the raids were no surprise to the Sheriff. If Winters were acting on behalf of his state and his people, he would have taken an opposing position to the feds' actions to the extent that, as the highest constitutionally elected local law enforcement official, Sheriff Mike Winters has the authority to bar federal agents from operating in his county without his explicit permission. Most citizens don't know that a county sheriff has that authority, but the fact is, he does!

So we have quite a mess here in Southern Oregon, and all thanks to a lying president and a treasonous sheriff who forgot who he works for.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stupid People Do Stupid Things

By Dr. A. H. Krieg

Really stupid people repeat the same failed process over and over at infinitum. Please pay attention Dr. Chu! Einstein said it was the proof of insanity. Case in point is the Obama administrations solar power loan guarantee program. Not one of the loans made since 2009 have proven successful. The largest at this time was Solyndra when it filed for bankruptcy ($535 million) and laid off 1100 workers. Then Solyndra had the government (Department of Energy), restructure their loan to put the taxpayers behind the bus, losing US taxpayers $535 million. The FBI is on the case along with about a dozen government agencies. Just before that, Evergreen Solar filed for bankruptcy on a $5.3 million-loan guarantee. And before that Spectra Watt went belly up and we lost $ 500,000. Spectra Watt was one of 13 companies given grants, how many are still in business is anyone’s guess, we can’t even find a list on the Internet. All this has not satisfied the Obama energy department headed up by Dr. Chu, on the last days of availability he doled out another $4 billion. Say, the question being, is it even possible to run printing presses fast enough to keep up with Obama’s insane spending? More astutely how did Solyndra wind up with all that money? Seems that a review of the George Kaiser Family Foundation was the grantor of $ 10,000 to the Urban Health Initiative at the University of Chicago Medical Center, the very place where Michelle was employed at a salary of almost ¼ million per year after her husband became a federal senator and had siphoned a massive federal grant to the same institution. Kaiser was a frequent White House visitor and the principal in an investment vehicle called GKFF Investment Company that is involved in Solyndra. While the payola by investors in Solyndra is not large there is a pattern within this administration where donors become winners and taxpayers become the losers. Just so we don’t upset anyone by leaving them out. Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod were both also employed at the U. of Chicago Med. Ctr. As was Michelle, and hubby Barrack was a lecturer at the U. of Chicago. Oh, and I almost forgot good old George Kaiser in the weeks before Solyndra got its loan guarantee visited the White House and gave the presidents 2008 campaign a little gift of $ 53,500.00.

Newly released information indicates that the California Democrat Party was a major stockholder in Solyndra and is one of the creditors that will be bailed out while the taxpayers are left holding the bag. Now we can all understand why the loan-guarantee was renegotiated in favor of the stockholders over the government (taxpayers) at the last moment before filing for bankruptcy. And just by the way Solyndra donated $ 7,500.00 to the Democrat Party of California before the stock purchase or the loan guarantee in October 2010.

Sadly many lobbyists will be looking for new jobs, not good for the presidents jobs initiative, seems that Solyndra had scores of DC insider lobbyists and contractors working for them, including McAllister & Quinn, McBee Strategic, Sen. Alfons D’Amato (R. NY ret.), (NY R.) Senator Maria Cantwell, Nancy Pelosi and Rice Hadley Group who’s principal is Condolezza Rice, among others.

New loans are $737 million to Tonopah Solar energy on Sept 28 and then $646 million to Solar Power on the 30th. Total solar loans now outstanding to solar energy projects are $ 6.5 billion; projected cost per job created is $23 million per job. How much of the entire new loans of $1.383 billion will be used to manufacture the products in Mexico is unreported. But at least one of the companies built a plant in Mexico. One can only be amazed that none in the administration has looked at Spain! One can only guess that when these go belly up, this administration will find some more campaign donors looking for a handout. This administration has become the sleaziest most corrupt and least transparent in my memory. Consider now: Operation Gun Runner, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Lightsquared, Chrysler, The list gets longer every day. There is so much dirt on just Fast and Furious and Solyndra that the others don’t even make the news. The fact of the matter is; companies who are unable to secure loans in the private sector either have bad technology or a poor business plan. I have looked over the plan for Tonopah as well as Solar Power and know exactly why the private sector is not investing in these boondoggles.

This all brings us to Sun Power (SPWR-NASDAQ) that Dr. Chu just gave a massive loan guarantee. They are the company who just built a solar power panel plant in Mexicali, Mexico; this will certainly help the Jobs Bill! Pass it Now! A perfunctory investigation into the finances of Sun Power indicates a net capitalization of $800 million with a debt load of $ 820 million. In other words on the day that Mr. Chu gave Sun Power $646 million loan guarantee the company was bankrupt and $ 20 million under water. One wonders how they pick these losers, have no fear I’m about to tell you.

George Miller IV is the son of Congressman George Miller III (D. CA) (these people appear not to be very inventive George Miller the 10th will be here soon) The representative is senior Democrat on the House Education and Workforce Committee and the co-chair of the Democrat Steering and Policy Committtee. George the IV (the son) is a paid lobbyist, how much he has succeed to bringing to the White House I am not at liberty to say. Papa Miller is a strong supporter of solar energy because when Ford shut down their Richmond, CA assembly plant (a benefit of free trade, for which he voted) in his district the old building was converted for the production of solar panels. But the production is in Mexicali; Richmond appears to be a warehouse. .
Don’t for a moment think that I have forgotten wind power, i.e. bird swatters. Aside the fact that they have produced even larger losses in England, Spain, Holland, Hawaii, and California than solar power, we continue to see expansion in this industry. GE the largest American producer of wind generation equipment may have something to do with that. Remember it is GE that off-shored 29 plants since Obama was elected, has $ 16 billion held off-shore to avoid US corporate taxes, is a huge donor to Obama and saw their CEO made the Jobs Czar all of which has absolutely nothing to do with this, I’m sure. The fact that neither system, solar nor wind has demonstrated the ability to produce a marketable product at reasonable cost that is industrially speaking competitive with oil, coal, nuclear, or gas is a known fact. The exact same is true of ethanol. The taxpayers from cradle to grave heavily subsidize these pipe dream energy-producing systems. They subsidize the farmers, and manufacturers of the products, they finance the producing plants, distilleries for ethanol, and manufacturing plants of the core producers, and then in the end because the equation is untenable they subsidize the selling price.

We all lose because we could be using unsubsidized products at costs 40% lower. We could save billions upon billions is taxes. We could have gasoline at 85 cents per gallon with a 50-cent per gallon profit. We could have electric costs that are 40% lower than your present utilities bill. But then, who would pay all the graft for the chosen to run for re-election? How would Obama develop a billion dollars in campaign reserve funds? Where would the banksters put all that surplus money? It would reduce the national debt and cut billions of dollars off the profit of the FRS whose earning about one third of our taxes for interest repayment of loaned debt funds. The FRS when set up in 1913 put $144 million into the pot, there are about 100 stockholders, let’s pay them off and give them their original money back and redline the $14 trillion national debt off the books. I would sure feel better!

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TSA Checkpoints Now On Tennessee Highways

Tennessee News Press

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Liberals are dumb Progressives!

Dr. A. H. Krieg

The title is a rather strong statement so it requires lots of proof. The fact that liberals in general terms live in a make-believe world that does not now or ever existed is part of my theorem. Historically liberalism, i.e. communism and socialism have failed in every attempted application. That alone indicates some degree of insanity in its continued support. Sir Winston Churchill made several statements relating to the issue of conservatives and liberals, one that sticks in my mind is: “anyone under 25 who is a conservative has no heart and all over 30 who are liberals have no brains”. This points to the major truth that is liberals are people that have never grown up. On socialism in particular, Churchill said; “[Socialism] is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery”.

One of the most apparent issues of liberals is the fact that they base their hypothesis on the support of statements by other liberals. They abhor introspective evidence and base their philosophy directly in the herd of other socialists, communists and liberals rather than on facts. Just because someone else shares your opinion does not make it correct. Liberals love to pay the victimhood card, not only for themselves but for all potential supporters, this one assumes comes out of the fact that the leadership in most liberal organizations is Ashkenazi a group that has so excelled in claiming victimhood that entire volumes of books have been written on the topic.

Logic it would seem does not appear in the Liberal lexicon, in point; Liberals to a man claim that homosexuality which is a learned trait, can cause a man to become gay, but that it is impossible for him to switch back to being normal. On the issue of the environment they claim that regardless of weather conditions, be it cold or hot the cause is “Global Warming” Oh, Sorry, that pig did not fly so it was changed to “Climate Change”. The fact that climate has been changing up and down for over a million years has in their small minds absolutely nothing to do with the issue. “Shade Mats”, “solar panels”, and “Bird Swatters” “air turbines” have proven in Hawaii, California, Spain and England to be totally unproductive, virtually destroying entire economies (Spain) but liberals will not let go and continue to demand losing “Green” technology. Solyndra not withstanding the entire Green energy movement from ethanol to wind turbines cannot exist without massive government subsidies.

Liberals never accept blame for anything; instead they either manufacture or invent some means of deflecting from their blame, or simply blame others. In this venue’ they insist that we move on and forget the inequities of Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Bill Clinton, Teddy Kennedy and Jimmy Carter, and proceeded to blame everything on the Bush administration. I was never a fan of G. W. Bush but to claim, 3 ½ years after he left office that the entire $4.7 trillion debt created by Obama is Bush’s fault, is just plain stupid. To top that they claim that, had they not spent us into bankruptcy the economy would have collapsed, well what the hell do they think we are in, an economic upturn?

On the issue of free speech they have great tolerance for the ACLU and it’s warped communist (well after all that’s who founded the organization) pronouncements but none for the NRA, Religion, or you and me. Free speech in fact covers an entire gamut of liberal and communist thought but does not apply to religion, conservatives, or for that matter the truth. Abortion is good because it prevents breast and prostate cancer the fact that a life was taken to accomplish that is irrelevant. An unborn child is just a fetus, and an old man is a useless eater.

On economic matters it becomes worse. The way to solve any economic problem is to throw borrowed money at it. This, beginning with TARP that combined with the cost of borrowing the money from China, about on trillion dollars, we learned that the more money you borrow the more likely the economy will recover. That’s the equivalency of standing in a bucket and trying to raise yourself by pulling on the handle. But, the idiot in charge tells us to “Pass this Jobs bill”. He also informs us that the bill is paid for, yes out of funds projected as tax income ten years in the future, when he’s out of office. These are the same group of fools that believe that increased spending reduces poverty, when in fact all it does is create more dependency, but then, after all, that is the plan in the first place, how else can you create a political government dependent constituency to vote for you?

They deny that guns in the hands of honest people prevent crime, and then inform you that an unarmed citizen is a safe citizen. Well yes, because all of the people who are the producers of these lies have paid bodyguards armed to the teeth, some with automatic weapons. The fact that States which offer carry permits have crime rates way below those that restrict gun ownership is censored by the media which is part and parcel of the liberal left. In fact the highest murder rates are all in cities that have the most restrictive gun laws, Oakland, Newark, Chicago, NYC, Washington DC, the list is endless. The real solution is to do what Kennesaw, GA did, require every resident to have a gun. They have virtually no crime.

Languages being the one bonding factor in any society the liberals have provided government notices in 56 differing languages, my local Social Security office has a sign on the wall in 14 languages. I worked for the 2010 census and we counted every last illegal in the country, about 24 million of them. We have been told that they cannot be deported -- why the hell not? Eisenhower deported every last known one in Operation Wetback in the 50’s. They insist on providing illegals that refuse to learn English into the third generation interpreters for welfare, food stamps, free medical, and as of 2010 free higher education in California and Texas, while our own citizens pay though the nose and are forced to go into debt for the same education.

To add to all of that we are lied to so continuously and relentlessly that most of us don’t have the foggiest idea of reality. The census just taken, claims we have a population of 309 million but we counted 24 million illegals, about five million green card holders, all diplomatic officers in Washington and at the UN, all resident foreigners employed by the UN and our government, and all children from 2 months on. The sole purpose of the census is to produce a count and geographic location for congressional apportionment. Those not of majority and all those foreigners cannot vote so the count is off by a minimum of 35 million. We are told the unemployment is 9.4% but that number is based on the M-3 statistic, which only counts those receiving a check from government. If we count all those who are unemployed, those who gave up looking for a job, those in hospital, those who took lower paying jobs out of desperation, and so on, the real unemployment number is 24.4% exactly the same as it was in the Great Depression in 1934. We are told that inflation is 1.7% nobody believes this baloney. In 2009 inflation was 8.2% in 2010 it was 10.3% and now in 2011 it is 12.4%. They don’t tell us the correct numbers because of contractual relationships in government and with labor unions that tie pay increases to the rate of inflation. If the correct statistics were provided every Social Security beneficiary would have received a 20% increase in the last three years, government employees, union workers, VA employees all would have seen significant pay rises.

Anything the liberals are unable to accomplish legislatively or through EO’s they enact judiciously through the courts. Liberals run our government 74 members of congress are members of the Democratic Socialist of America and some members of the senate are outright socialists. Unless Americans wake up and do so in the coming election America will become the dream that was.

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Saturday, October 08, 2011

It’s Unconstitutional & Un-American

Dr. A. H. Krieg

For some time now I have been thinking about the actions taken by our president and government relating to Anwar Al-Awlaki. The precedent set by the actions of our government is frightening for any lover of liberty and freedom. Bill O’Reilly of FOX news is dead wrong. It’s one thing to be a patriot and quite another to condone governments murder of its own citizens. The action could have taken place legally steps to make it so are simple. The problem that has now become apparent is that the government was unable to produce evidence of their claims that Mr. Al-Awlaki had committed crimes against the United States. Jay Carney, the president’s mouthpiece put up such a failing defense of government action in this case that the issue was sealed. We have now learned how this all came to be and find it disgusting.

A secret government panel placed Al-Awlaki on a kill or capture list, they then informed the president who agreed. There is no public record of the government panel, there is no published list of its members, heaven forbid that would make all of them accessories to first-degree murder. The committee is a sub-structure of the White House National Security Council; no law exists authorizing this committee. (This we all know from a Reuter’s article of October 5 2011) O’Reilly’s attempts to demonize Reuter’s for exposing this is pathetic.

It is absolutely irrelevant what this man is supposed to have done. America is a nation of laws, we are a Republic, not an empire, or a democracy in which law changes with the changing norms of the society, we do not, like the Israelis, run about the world murdering our opponents or their leaders. We are a Christian nation and therefore unlike the Israelis did not practice preemptive war or political murders until the zionists became the major players in our foreign policy and controlled the entire Middle East section of the State Department along with our mainstream media.

The legitimate and legal way to accomplish what the government did was to: 1) Declare Al-Awlaki to be a criminal who had taken up arms against his fellow Americans. [This would have to be proven in a federal court and a judge would have to agree to it] [Constitution Section 8 P. 10 &11, Section 9 P2] 2) Revoke his citizenship, passport, and American residency in his home state. [Done by the State Department and his state of residence] 3) Issue an arrest warrant Dead or Alive. [Done by the executive] 4) Offer a reward to anyone able to carry out the warrant.
What was done is very different. No one in or out of government offered any evidence of guilt, or any evidence supporting the government’s assertions of guilt. Due process was denied. Habeas Corpus was denied. No evidence of any type was given. Constitution Article III section 3 in fact cleary outlines our laws relating to treason. I think we can all agree that this would be the appropriate action to follow. “No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimonies of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in court” I think we can all agree that this did not take place, the question is why not?

The sited by war mongers AUMF (Authorization Use of Military Force) as the right of the president to carry out such assassinations is false. AUMF is a short public law (public law 107-40 [S.J. Res. 23] passed by the 107th congress in application only to 9-11. It has expired in regard to these actions because none of the claimed acts of Al-Awlaki relate to 9-11.

America in this 21st century is on a very slippery slope. The government is hell-bent-for-Leather to violate every possible freedom we as Americans have cherished for 200 years. This act is simply an expansion of what the elitist bastards in Washington are up to. It all began under Clinton with Waco in which a militarized gone-berserk FBI, BATF, etc murdered 76 American and British nationals including 20 children, from Janet Reno the AG all the way to the lowest BATF agent, not a single one of them was prosecuted for the murders they committed. It was Ruby Ridge where an FBI sharp shooter murdered a teen-age boy, shot in the back, and then murdered his mother holding an infant, he was brought before state court but the feds got the case dismissed.

Terrorism has become the catchall of the bureaucracy to expand their relentless destruction of our freedoms. Let’s all understand the likelihood of your being injured or killed by any terrorist act is 3.7 million to one, in fact you are more likely to drown in a bathtub or be struck by lightning than be killed by a terrorist. We clearly see by this that the actions taken are way over the top. Terrorism has become the catchall of an all encompassing out of control bureaucracy and executive. The events of 9-11 appear to have elevated the executive branch above the law and Constitution. This has resulted in policies allowing the government to hold American citizens in prison without charge and indefinitely, all in violation of the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights. It has produced a policy of allowing the executive to declare an American Citizen a terrorist and enemy combatant without even providing any evidence to that claim. It has elevated the stakes by executing American citizens through the CIA, which by law is not allowed actions against American citizens, based solely on the assumption of wrongful action, without due process. Obama has in fact claimed that he has the authority to kill US citizens based on his personal assumption that he deems them to be terrorists. [That could eventually be anyone who disagrees with the executive] Thus on Obama’s word the CIA using a drone robot aircraft murdered Samir Khan an American citizen, whose crime was to publish a magazine called Inspire that the American government deemed to be offensive, which may well be the case, but is not cause to kill anyone. In the same attack they murdered Al-Awlaki an American citizen and Islamic cleric who had just like Osama bin Laden (CIA code name Tim Laden) been a government asset. Al-Awlaki had worked as an advisor to government agencies relating to Islam and the Middle East. When after some time he saw what the government plans for the Middle East were he turned and became radicalized, opposing his previous employers.

I think all this to be very worrisome. I have seen this take place in nation after nation, Germany 1930’s, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, the scenario has played throughout the entire 20th century and has now come to home to roost in America. We have a goverment whose policy is now internationally recognized as relying on mechanical devices to carry out a cowardly foreign policy of un-Christian preemptive war against often-undeclared enemies and individuals. We are engaged in three major wars, Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq and our foreign policy mastered thorough AIPAC in Washington and in Israel are determined to expand these to Syria, and Iran. In fact the warmongers of the Likud will not be satisfied until the entire world is plunged into a war between Islam and Christianity a war that they will conveniently sit out awaiting their spoils.

Dr. Krieg’s books are available form all booksellers, Amazon Alibris & Apple E-boos as well as www.a2zPUblications.com

Thursday, October 06, 2011


By Chuck Baldwin

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Sheeple in Revolt

Dr. A. H. Krieg

This month I will be 73, so historically; I want to tell you what’s really going on based on that perspective, because what the media and government report is pure bunk. What is taking place on the world stage today is a repeat of the German collapse in the Weimar Republic, but it is on a world-wide scale and it’s led by the exact same communists who are leading the sheeple just as they did in Germany eighty years ago.

Let us right up front understand that we have begun the revolution that I have predicted for the last ten years. Germany and Austria saw the exact same thing 80 years ago. On Friday the 30th of September the NYC police arrested 700 people at the Brooklyn Bridge for purposely obstructing traffic, it was all part of a greater Wall Street protest that had been ongoing for two weeks and which resulted in the arrests of scores of people every day, but was almost totally blacked-out by the Lamestream news. The protest is massively expanding with the joining up by veterans, and labor unions. Simultaneous protests against the Ponzigoniff Banksters took place in LA, SF, Chicago, and other places around the nation.

My father at age 20 was attending textile-engineering university in Wurzburg Germany. He began as a freshman in 1919. The Great Weimar monitory collapse ran its course from 1920 to 1923. The cause is almost identical to what is transpiring worldwide today. My grandfather used to send my father ten, Swiss 2 frank coins, (silver) every month. My father would trade them for Marks one at a time, picking up an entire suitcase of paper money for each 2 frank coin. My fathers used to tell me that his friends would come to his room and ask if they could take a handful to go out and buy a beer.

In order to understand this you must be a realist, and as we all know there are damn few of those left. While the Bankster Ponzigonifs are most certainly crooks well deserving of our ire, they are not the problem, they are the symptom. The problem is not the Keynesian banking system however crooked it may be, it is the politicians who facilitate the bankers ablity to rob you and your posterity blind. All the banksters do is to carry out the shameful theft of the electorate on behalf of their patrons, the elite owners of the multinational corporations and international banks. Just think about it, NOW: who will gain by what is taking place? Who gained in the 1920’s in Germany? Who got richer in the 1929 Great Depression? Who is getting richer while all the rest of us are getting poorer? And lastly who is exploiting this for political gains? The progressives, that who and who are the progressives, they are the socialists and communists of America. They have turned this issue into one of class warfare, while providing the public their lamb for slaughter the “banksters” who are in fact their implementers.

The Legislative branch of our government contains 74 “Progressives”, i.e. socialist, as members of the DSA [Democratic Socialist of America] all-pretending to be Democrats. They together with both houses, House Nancy Peloci and Senate Harry Reid, that they controlled from 2007 to 2010 and then with the ueberleft Obama orchestrated changes in our laws and constitution that facilitated the entire collapse. Laws and regulation passed by Christopher Dodd as chairman of the Senate banking committee and Barney Frank as chairman of the House banking committee, both of which were dominated by progressives, are the primary culprits. Remember the closed sessions under socialist Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid of the Obamacare bill? Blue Dog Democrats, all Republicans, all Independents were locked out, only progressive Democrats and socialist Bernie Sanders (S, VT) & Patrick Leahy (S, VT) were invited to the discussion.

The socialists under the banner of compassion demanded and got Freddie AIG and Fannie to underwrite mortgages that were totally untenable. These were instruments requiring no deposit, no down payment, no principal payments for two years, no equity for the buyer, not even a viable credit check of the buyer, and no collateral at all. Anyone with even a moderate understanding of finance could tell you right at the beginning that this would fail. In other words it was project designed to fail and produce a pre-planned and expected result, which is the state of our economy today.

See, its not about housing, its not about banking, its about centralized control of everything, government, banking, society, everything. The Sheeple have once again been duped. The Sheeple are in revolt in the wrong places, they are revolting against the fall guys; they should be revolting in Washington and their state capitals, not at banks and as Baron Rothschild said “I care not who makes the laws so long as I am allowed control of the money”. (Paraphrased) The banks are the largest dollar volume contributors to electoral campaigns. As I keep saying, banks are the symptom not the object of the occurrence. While the banks own almost everything, it’s not the banks it’s the owner of the banks who are the elites.
In 1913 our legislature passed a series of laws that were part of a great conspiracy by European bankers in collusion with American bankers. It was not the investment banks or commercial banks, it was the owners of them. Today about 100 families own the FRS [Federal Reserve System] which is not federal, has no reserves, and is not a system but a corporation incorporated in the state of New York as reported in the NY Times on September 23, 1914. By provisions of this law is in illegal to sell shares of the stock, so that the same identical families retain total control. We have a national debt of almost $ 15 trillion based on a stock value of $ 144 million when issued. The solution is simple dissolve the FRS pay the owners back the $144 million and repudiate the outstanding $15 trillion debt to the banksters. 1913 was the worst year in American history the 16th as well as the horrid 17th amendment to the constitution were enacted. The IRS & FRS was established, and the banksters took control of all Americas finances. In 1913 we had no national debt. We had state banks, which were gobbled up by the elite’s banks, federalized, money, money issuance, debt, interest rate setting, borrowing, lending, and even housing, not in the private sector but as the preview of a legislated monopoly granted by legislative decree.

The result has been devastating on Americans. As of the 1st of October 2011 46-million of all Americans are below the Obama’s stated poverty line ($22,314.00). 47.4 million Americans are on food stamps. Middle Class income continues to fall, while the poverty rate percentage has climbed to 15.1% the highest national level since the Department of Bureau Statistics began publishing numbers. As of 2010 86.7 million Americans over the age of 16 were not employed, an increase of over five million since Obama’s inauguration. And still, half of Americans, if we are to believe the media, support the progressive’s and the debilitating attack on our society by Obama and his minions.

Things are going to get much worse because the progressives continue with the failed polices as have been implemented in the last 2-½ years. FDR who appears to be their model perused policies that extended the Great Depression for a decade, resulting in the veritable destruction of the Middle Class and the expansion of an elite cadre that came to own 2/3rds of America their present plan is to capture the remaining 1/3rd.

There are no parallels between the Tea Party and the political left demonstrators in Manhattan. Tea Party, that is to say conservative and politically right meetings have seen polite, well mannered demonstrations without arrests, and minimal required clean-up be government services after the meetings. Conservative demonstrators when asked questions give lucid answers. Politically left demonstrations are the exact opposite, unruly making a filthy mess, with most participants unable to even articulate why they are in attendance.

What people really don’t grasp is the enormity of this operation. To gain knowledge of this you must read the Communist Manifesto and learn of the ten pillars of communism, when you then see that 7 of the pillars have been made law in America and the remaining three are well on the way to acceptance, understanding that the elite have been the financiers of communism from day one, then you will understand what and why these things are taking place here and now. The violent overthrow of the republic is the starting point for a New World Order, remember Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Clinton, G. Bush, & W. Bush all used the phrase New World Order. A good introduction to the cabal is my new book, “Rendezvous with the New World Order”.