Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Liberals are dumb Progressives!

Dr. A. H. Krieg

The title is a rather strong statement so it requires lots of proof. The fact that liberals in general terms live in a make-believe world that does not now or ever existed is part of my theorem. Historically liberalism, i.e. communism and socialism have failed in every attempted application. That alone indicates some degree of insanity in its continued support. Sir Winston Churchill made several statements relating to the issue of conservatives and liberals, one that sticks in my mind is: “anyone under 25 who is a conservative has no heart and all over 30 who are liberals have no brains”. This points to the major truth that is liberals are people that have never grown up. On socialism in particular, Churchill said; “[Socialism] is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery”.

One of the most apparent issues of liberals is the fact that they base their hypothesis on the support of statements by other liberals. They abhor introspective evidence and base their philosophy directly in the herd of other socialists, communists and liberals rather than on facts. Just because someone else shares your opinion does not make it correct. Liberals love to pay the victimhood card, not only for themselves but for all potential supporters, this one assumes comes out of the fact that the leadership in most liberal organizations is Ashkenazi a group that has so excelled in claiming victimhood that entire volumes of books have been written on the topic.

Logic it would seem does not appear in the Liberal lexicon, in point; Liberals to a man claim that homosexuality which is a learned trait, can cause a man to become gay, but that it is impossible for him to switch back to being normal. On the issue of the environment they claim that regardless of weather conditions, be it cold or hot the cause is “Global Warming” Oh, Sorry, that pig did not fly so it was changed to “Climate Change”. The fact that climate has been changing up and down for over a million years has in their small minds absolutely nothing to do with the issue. “Shade Mats”, “solar panels”, and “Bird Swatters” “air turbines” have proven in Hawaii, California, Spain and England to be totally unproductive, virtually destroying entire economies (Spain) but liberals will not let go and continue to demand losing “Green” technology. Solyndra not withstanding the entire Green energy movement from ethanol to wind turbines cannot exist without massive government subsidies.

Liberals never accept blame for anything; instead they either manufacture or invent some means of deflecting from their blame, or simply blame others. In this venue’ they insist that we move on and forget the inequities of Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Bill Clinton, Teddy Kennedy and Jimmy Carter, and proceeded to blame everything on the Bush administration. I was never a fan of G. W. Bush but to claim, 3 ½ years after he left office that the entire $4.7 trillion debt created by Obama is Bush’s fault, is just plain stupid. To top that they claim that, had they not spent us into bankruptcy the economy would have collapsed, well what the hell do they think we are in, an economic upturn?

On the issue of free speech they have great tolerance for the ACLU and it’s warped communist (well after all that’s who founded the organization) pronouncements but none for the NRA, Religion, or you and me. Free speech in fact covers an entire gamut of liberal and communist thought but does not apply to religion, conservatives, or for that matter the truth. Abortion is good because it prevents breast and prostate cancer the fact that a life was taken to accomplish that is irrelevant. An unborn child is just a fetus, and an old man is a useless eater.

On economic matters it becomes worse. The way to solve any economic problem is to throw borrowed money at it. This, beginning with TARP that combined with the cost of borrowing the money from China, about on trillion dollars, we learned that the more money you borrow the more likely the economy will recover. That’s the equivalency of standing in a bucket and trying to raise yourself by pulling on the handle. But, the idiot in charge tells us to “Pass this Jobs bill”. He also informs us that the bill is paid for, yes out of funds projected as tax income ten years in the future, when he’s out of office. These are the same group of fools that believe that increased spending reduces poverty, when in fact all it does is create more dependency, but then, after all, that is the plan in the first place, how else can you create a political government dependent constituency to vote for you?

They deny that guns in the hands of honest people prevent crime, and then inform you that an unarmed citizen is a safe citizen. Well yes, because all of the people who are the producers of these lies have paid bodyguards armed to the teeth, some with automatic weapons. The fact that States which offer carry permits have crime rates way below those that restrict gun ownership is censored by the media which is part and parcel of the liberal left. In fact the highest murder rates are all in cities that have the most restrictive gun laws, Oakland, Newark, Chicago, NYC, Washington DC, the list is endless. The real solution is to do what Kennesaw, GA did, require every resident to have a gun. They have virtually no crime.

Languages being the one bonding factor in any society the liberals have provided government notices in 56 differing languages, my local Social Security office has a sign on the wall in 14 languages. I worked for the 2010 census and we counted every last illegal in the country, about 24 million of them. We have been told that they cannot be deported -- why the hell not? Eisenhower deported every last known one in Operation Wetback in the 50’s. They insist on providing illegals that refuse to learn English into the third generation interpreters for welfare, food stamps, free medical, and as of 2010 free higher education in California and Texas, while our own citizens pay though the nose and are forced to go into debt for the same education.

To add to all of that we are lied to so continuously and relentlessly that most of us don’t have the foggiest idea of reality. The census just taken, claims we have a population of 309 million but we counted 24 million illegals, about five million green card holders, all diplomatic officers in Washington and at the UN, all resident foreigners employed by the UN and our government, and all children from 2 months on. The sole purpose of the census is to produce a count and geographic location for congressional apportionment. Those not of majority and all those foreigners cannot vote so the count is off by a minimum of 35 million. We are told the unemployment is 9.4% but that number is based on the M-3 statistic, which only counts those receiving a check from government. If we count all those who are unemployed, those who gave up looking for a job, those in hospital, those who took lower paying jobs out of desperation, and so on, the real unemployment number is 24.4% exactly the same as it was in the Great Depression in 1934. We are told that inflation is 1.7% nobody believes this baloney. In 2009 inflation was 8.2% in 2010 it was 10.3% and now in 2011 it is 12.4%. They don’t tell us the correct numbers because of contractual relationships in government and with labor unions that tie pay increases to the rate of inflation. If the correct statistics were provided every Social Security beneficiary would have received a 20% increase in the last three years, government employees, union workers, VA employees all would have seen significant pay rises.

Anything the liberals are unable to accomplish legislatively or through EO’s they enact judiciously through the courts. Liberals run our government 74 members of congress are members of the Democratic Socialist of America and some members of the senate are outright socialists. Unless Americans wake up and do so in the coming election America will become the dream that was.

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