Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Evil Marionette Master

Dr. A. H. Krieg

President Wilson was the puppet of the Rothschild’s through his handler Colonel Edward Mandell House. Some contend that Wilson never during his entire presidency expressed a single self-realized thought. Things have not changed much in respect to control, only that the new puppet master, while being schooled by the Rothschild’s in Europe is the “resident evil” who makes the Rothschild dynasty look positively benign.

Gyoergy Schwartz is the birth name of Obama financier and alter ego; you most likely know him as George Soros. He was born in Hungary (they don’t want him back) on August 12, 1930. Gyoergy in his own words is an atheist, anti-family, anti-American, hater of free enterprise, who in WWII betrayed his own Jewish people, working with his father exposing Jews to the Gestapo for commissions when their property was confiscated. “It was the best time of my life,” said Gyoergy in an interview with American TV. The family changed their name in the 1930’s in order to better facilitate their family enterprise of rounding up Jews for the Nazis. In an interview with Steve Kroft (CBS 60 min) he said in response to; that “was than not difficult in 1944”, Gyoergy said, “No not at all I rather enjoyed it”. “No remorse?” “No not at all I enjoyed the feelings of absolute power!” Gyoergy is a sociopath multi-billionaire who has no scruples, morals or ethics. An elitist with a the ego of an elephant, he conceives himself as the world’s greatest philosopher who has taken it upon himself to CHANGE the world to give us all HOPE in his ill-conceived vision of a world run by him and implemented by his puppet Obama.

After the war he attended the London School of Economics a hotbed of Fabian leftist economic theories (they don’t want him back either) and one of the fundamental organizations that brought us our present world Keynesian financial system established in 1944 (Bretton Woods in the NH White Mountains) that is responsible for the world economic decline beginning in the late 70’s. Here Soros met Prof. Karl Popper a fellow Hungarian ex-patriot that remained his close friend until Popper’s death in 1994. Popper was the originator of two concepts “the open society” and modern “Fallibilism”. Soros has relentlessly pushed those two concepts. The open society is a concept of a world without borders (EU) without national or geographic identity, open borders, no organized religion, no military but a large police, administered by a “brilliant” cadre of bureaucrats all appointed not elected. Fallibilism is the concept that people are wrong about their beliefs and expectations, and understanding of the world and that absolute knowledge on any topic is a fallacy. (All knowledge is potentially wrong) So, according to this philosophy two plus two does not necessarily sum up to four, because that is an absolute belief. Fallibilism is the perfect means through which its adherents legitimize their strident opposition to the status quo. The further fact that Soros thinks of himself a Messianic simply solidifies the fact that this man is far from sane.

The fact is that since the end of WWII most European governments have subscribed to these concepts much to their dismay. The progressive peace-meal implementation of social programs and progressive (socialist) social reform as the hallmark of the EU along with their Fabian Keynesian monetary policy, has led them into a horrific mess. The fact that Obama (the Puppet) is implementing these exact policies here in the United States is now widely accepted. One undisputable socialist concept is; previous failures of implementing communist and socialist theories are irrelevant because the new implementers are smarter more astute and circumstances are different. That is wrong! Circumstances are not different they are identical and basing a concept on systems that have repeatedly failed in scores of differing venue’s is outright stupid. Only an idiot keeps making the same mistake over and over again.

After a short but useful stilt under Rothschild tutelage, Soros moved to NYC. He was employed in New York’s finacial markets principally in Hedge Funds trading. So that you understand Hedge Funds, which are principally unregulated investments in the gain or loss percentage of an investment have no core value. The investments lie in the percentage of growth or loss of something of value but without any ownership of the value. It is the ultimate home of scoundrels and thieves whose income is derived as a percentage of the profit realized in the investment of something that has no real value. It is an organized form of gambling, which if you have good inside information (insider trading) will quickly propel you to great wealth. To be successful in this business you must be ruthless, a-moral, smart, and willing to take risk. By the mid 80’s Soros was well on his way to becoming one of the richest men in the world.

Soros made his first billion in shorting the British pound sterling in 1972 with huge shorts that he leveraged, basically breaking the bank of England. The result of his actions was the decimation of the English middle class, which saw their home values plummet, their savings disappear, and their pensions evaporate. Then he did it to Thailand and Malaysia that saw the Blat collapse, then on to Russia and the Rubes, where in 1999 he almost collapsed the entire Russian economy. As was said by Weng Tojirakarn of Malaysia “[Soros] is a villain, we regard him a sort of Dracula, sucking the blood from the people”

You must simply understand the huge scope of this social parasite’s actions. He was in no small part responsible for the dismantling of Yugoslavia and all the wars that ensued; he was behind the turmoil in Georgia, the Ukraine, Miramar (Burma) England and Russia, where he in each case destroyed the local economy and then purchased the remaining assets at ten cents on the dollar. The point of the long explanation of Soros’s actions is to make you understand that this is exactly what he is doing to America, through his puppet Obama. Soros in his heart of hearts actually believes that he is benefiting mankind when he destroys an economy, ruptures social systems, thinking that he is stimulating mankind into socialism, which is the crux of his life’s work.

A close tie-in between the marionette and his master may be seen in the $10 billion that was guaranteed by Obama to Brazil for the expansion of Petrobras the mostly state owned petrochemical monopoly in Brazil. Bare in mind that Brazil has a socialist government. Soros is the largest non-governmental stockholder of Petrobras. There was however a hitch there where not enough deep drilling platforms available on the world market, well at least not until Obama stopped all deep drilling and exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. Platforms previously employed for and in America are now working in Brazil. The American Petroleum Institute has estimated that this move by Obama, while being a finacial windfall for Soros is a catastrophe for America, losing us 160,000 jobs, as well as $1.7 trillion in federal tax revenues from oil production.

Soros tirelessly works toward the day when America will be destroyed. Some of his pet projects are; amnesty for illegal immigrants, open borders with Mexico, legalization of hallucinogenic drugs, euthanasia, private gun confiscation, none of his philanthropies that number in the hundred’s benefit anyone or anything but his goals. Soros in fact as Rachel Ehrenfeld wrote “uses his philanthropies to CHANGE more accurately deconstruct the moral values of Western society, and particularly that of the American people.”

Contrary to what you might think “Open Society” implies; the fact of the matter is, that it is not about an open society at all it is about a socialist construct that gives accreditation to its builders to lord it over everything and everyone. It is the ultimate progressive (socialist) plan entitling the elites.

In the 10 years before Obama was elected Soros gradually took over the radical left wing of the Democrat party, the progressive wing. Today the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) count 74 members of the Democrat party in their association. Soros and his associates fund all of them one way or another. is just another tentacle of the same monster. We are all, or should be apprised of his regime change operations in Croatia, Georgia, and Yugoslavia, which has now become the operating plan for America.

In his own words “I begin the CHANGE by creating a shadow government”. What do you think those 74 bought and paid for DSA members are? “This government is then ready to take the reigns of power when the old order (establishment) collapses”. Well, the leader is already in place sitting in the White House when he’s not on vacation or playing golf. (76 days of golf and 15 vacations in 32 months in office) The collapse is being implemented with aid of the banksters, and the DSA Democrat Progressives, who all do the endless bidding of the puppet master.

In 2008 Der Spiegel the largest and most important German news magazine interviewed Soros in which he let the cat out of the bag. Soros said among many things; “the next president will need to implement a stimulus, about $ 600 billion would be right, I think that Obama presents us with a great opportunity to finally deal with energy, global warming, and energy dependence. We need a cap and trade system with auctioning and licenses for emission rights”. Then along came Ozone Al Gore another dupe, with his now defunct NY and London climate exchange.

Don’t under any circumstance make the mistake to think that his clutches are not on the neck of the Republican Party either. He has $100 million invested in the Carlyle Group. This is the pinacle of Republican establishment in the market with such members as George Bush Sr., Dick Chaney, and Frank Carlucci, hell, a variable CIA of Republicans. He also owns about two million shares of Halliburton. Then to clinch the deal for Obama’s election he gave the DNC $5 billion.

Soros remains heavily invested in the lamestream media Time Warner and MSM and others. The shadow government that Soros built up in the run up to the 2008 election is now the Democrat party whose head is the puppet Obama Just remember the run up to the debate of Obamacare, in which blue dog Democrats mainstream Democrats and all Republicans were locked out and only progressive Soros funded Democrats (74 of them) were allowed. Together with his empire of subordinate Soros funded organizations like:, The Tides Foundation also funded by “Saint” Teresa Heinz Kerry, the dirt bag from MA’s wife, the Apollo alliance, Media Matters, ACORN, SEIU, ACLU, Project Death in America, and La Raza (The Race) of which Obama’s appointed Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is a member.

Don’t even bother to look to Obama for the next move. Soros is pulling the strings all you have to do is listen to his rhetoric. He being a narcissist egotist there is plenty of that.

Dr. Krieg’s latest book is, “Rendezvous with the New World Order” from all booksellers.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Proposed UN Small Arms Treaty; pushed by Hillary Clinton

By A. H. Krieg

The greatest gun grab in world history is in the midst of debate in the UN and is being pushed by Obama, Holder, Clinton, and all of Obama’s Czars. As a citizen of the United States you deserve to know what this treaty if ratified by the Senate would mean to American’s.

• If ratified by the Senate the treaty would void the second amendment to the Constituion.

• The Treaty would violate the 10th amendment transferring and federalizing gun ownership, regulation and licensing nationally.

• Require the establishment of a nation data bank (federal) of all gun owners.

• Ban the sale transportation and trade of all semi automatic guns that have been in use since the 1890’s.

• Confiscate all “UNAUTHORIZED” (a word not defined in the document) civilian firearms.

• Require a federal license for the purchase and ownership of any gun.

The fact is that were this treaty to be ratified it would fundamentally change America giving it the appearance of Australia and England, where gun ownership is restricted and in which crime statistically has drastically risen since their individual gun bans. England has clearly demonstrated the failure of this during the recent riots in which merchants were unable to defend their property, which the police were unable to do.

The argument by proponents of this treaty is gun violence through the unauthorized sale of guns across international boundaries that they claim are arming criminals and terrorists. In order to bolster that argument Eric Holder and the US Department of Justice engaged the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) to set up operation FAST & FURIOUS in which thousands of small arms were sold across the Mexican border, supplying the Mexican drug cartels with weapons. This was done with strong opposition of FFL licensees (gun dealers) who were in some instances told that their licenses would be reviewed if they did not cooperate with Fast and Furious. Over a dozen murders and the deaths of two federal agents are directly linked to Fast & Furious, which is now under review by congress.

The largest volume of small arms flooding the world markets are produced in China, the old Soviet republics, Israel, France, and the United States. Since governments make all these sales, the treaty which only regulates small arm sales to the private sector and to individual owners will have no effect at all in the international arms bazaar. This treaty represents the elites final move to disable people’s resistance to the New World Order that they have been setting up for many decades.

For eons the global elite have had their eyes on everything that they desire to control. There appears to be nothing off the table. From arms for self-protection, to the seabed, the air, the climate, everything must be controlled by the power hungry elites. After all we are all far to stupid to fend for ourselves, well, with what they have accomplished in the realm of education brining America from fourth in the world to 34th and that’s just in 30 years, you can gain understanding of their position. The nanny-state must protect you from your fellow citizens. Well, not really. The enemy as demonstrated in the immediate past has not been our fellow citizens, but in most cases their governments. Consider that in the 20th century their own governments killed more people than all the wars including WWI and WWII, one can gain an understanding of the issue. In just the Soviet empire from 1919 to its end over 200 millions, in China during the “Great Leap Forward” (Cultural Revolution) over 100 million, in Germany and Italy perhaps ten million. Frankly and honestly I would much rather trust my neighbor or even a stranger with a gun that any government agent.

This proposal, and let’s hope that’s all it will ever be, is the most massive attempt to control humanity since the beginning of recorded history. We have been told by no less an expert than Hillary Clinton that this is a fight against terrorism, insurgency, and international crime syndicates. It is in fact none of those. The world is awash with small arms, 98% of which were provided by or sold by governments. The control and or elimination of private ownership of firearms will have zero effect on any of the aforementioned issues.

Let’s make this abundantly clear. The Taliban since the NATO incursion facilitates the production of heroin, making Afghanistan the number one supplier of illicit drugs in the world. Before the NATO incursion into their country the Taliban had eliminated Heroin production, they reinstated it to produce money to buy guns and munitions. Almost all guns of the Taliban are AK 47’s and various versions of Kalashnikof’s produced in, China, Bulgaria, Russia, and almost all of the old Soviet satellites. Other weapons used by the Taliban are American made which they got from Afghan army deserters, and theft. On our side of the pond the largest supplier of small arms in the past ten years to the Mexican drug cartels has ben the BATF through operation Fast and Furious. France has supplied the Libyan rebels and when confronted by the gun-grabbers in Europe, the French government stated that they were not directly supplying the rebels, but had no objection if other states in the Middle East supplying them with French arms.

On the Israel front the Israelis have along history of supplying their Lebanese Christian militias with arms and amendments and in fact using them as a surrogate captive army to destabilize Lebanon. The Israelis have also acted as intermediaries in small arms supplies to Central America, South America, various places in the Middle East, and in fact anyplace they can turn a shekel.

So the entire red herring of the proposed UN treaty on small arms is nothing but a veiled effort to establish world domination by removing the most obvious impediment to centralized control, the small arm.

Dr. Krieg’s latest book is: “Rendezvous with the New World Order” from all booksellers, or

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Immediate Solutions to America’s Economy

By Dr. A. H. Krieg

For some months I have been railing against the Obama administration rightfully claiming that they have done everything wrong that could be done wrong. I have said that this includes social, economic as well as energy related issues. The time has come to state what in my opinion would reverse our national demise.

• America is the only industrialized nation of the West that taxes interest earned of savings accounts This single act prevents capital formation by banks and is the reason that America has the lowest savings balances in the world. SOLUTION Eliminate all Taxes on Interest earned on Savings accounts.

• The Capital Gains tax is a tax on inflation. It is double taxation. It stifles capital formation in business. It induces American producers to manufacture offshore. It increases unemployment and prevents R&D investment. SOLUTION eliminates The Capital Gains tax.

• Over regulation by EPA, Labor, OSHA, and other members of the alphabet soup of federal agencies have driven the cost of compliance with regulation since the inauguration of Obama up by over $2 trillion. Many of these regulations only serve the purpose of power centralization in Washington providing little or nothing in the form of benefits to society. These horrific costs are passed on to consumers in the higher cost of production, or worse yet in the relocation of many plants offshore. SOLUTION all existing Regulatory law must be reviewed based on common sense results and cost analysis. All new regulations must be peer reviewed by retail, manufacturing and producing sectors of the economy.

• While some sort of national healthcare system may well be of benefit the 2000 plus page Obamacare legislation that was not subject to debate, peer review, or common sense must be repealed and Replaced with a market based system that is fair and functional.

• The Dodd- Frank bill is the worst piece of legislation after Obamacare and must be immediately repealed. This legislation adds massive compliance burdens on all business and prevents all business from expanding or investments. It also drives business to move overseas.

• Our military costs must be drastically reduced. This is possible while maintaining a strong military posture. SOLUTIONS include the Removal of all US military from, Europe, Japan, and Okinawa, nations that can easily defend themselves. The alternative is that those nations pay 100% of the upkeep of our troops in their sphere of influence. Secondly end our war in Afghanistan immediately. The concept as put forward by the military that they need more time to train Afghan forces is a red herring. We have been in Afghanistan for over 10 years; the army can train an infantry soldier in America in six months so the training issue is pure BS. Immediately pull all our troops out of Iraq. The invasion was based on lies and misinformation from the very first day. We have no business in Iraq get out. We still have military bases in over 100 nations, we were never intended to be, and our citizens never desired to be an empire, bring all those troops home.

• The desire is to create jobs SOLUTIONS are as follows. Beginning in fall of 2011 all manufacturing industries still in America will be allowed a 100% write off for the purchase of any newly purchased manufacturing machinery providing over 50% of the cost of that machinery is domestically made in the USA or Canada. Corporate income taxes must be reduced to compete with those of our worldwide competitors. America has the highest corporate taxes of the industrialized world, this in unacceptable. Corporate income taxes must be cut to 12%.

• American industries hold over one trillion dollars of profits overseas because the repatriation of those funds will subject them to American federal income taxes. SOLUTION give all American companies a 60 day window during which time they can repatriate any off-shore funds without paying any taxes on them.

• America is the most litigious nation in the world. The average American made manufactured product is 15% more expensive due to the cost of product liability insurance. Foreign producers because they have no attachable assets in America do not share this cost burden. SOLUTION we need immediate Tort Reform, in which we strictly limit compensation to reasonable levels.

• Our tax system is a national disgrace. I am not aware of any living soul that understands this over one million word mess. The government’s collection agency, the IRS, violates our laws, establishes its own presence of law, bullies and threatens citizens. The 16th amendment must be repealed, the IRS disbanded and our federal tax structure must be based on consumption. A national sales tax of 12% on everything except one home and one car per family is the solution.

• NAFTA and CAFTA (Free Trade) have proven to be a national disaster for America. Prior to these agreements in 1991 America had a trade surplus with Mexico of $5.7 billion annually, today we have an annual $64 billion deficit. That is a loss of $69.7 billion per year. Remove Mexico from the Free Trade agreements but continue them with Canada.

• Illegal immigration must be cut to zero now. SOLUTION the fence along the Mexican border must be completed over the entire length. The top of the fence must be electrified. Border patrol agents must be augmented by US military armed with live ammunition under the supervision of the border patrol. We now have over 20 million illegals in America about 500,000 of who are convicted felons. All convicted felons must be immediately deported to country of origin. All must have an RFID chip implanted that cannot be removed without causing severe injury so that they will be unable to return. All illegal immigrants are to be provided an ID card based on time in country, which will allow application for a green card after ten years of residency with a clean legal record. All illegal’s in order to obtain a green card must demonstrate thorough test knowledge of the Constituion, American history, The Bill of Rights, and the ability to read and write English.

• Numerous federal departments and cabinet positions must be eliminated. Many of these agencies costing billions upon billions of dollars serve no useful purpose simply being bureaucratic holdovers from previous administration. 1) The Department of Education, at present cost $71 billion. The great accomplishment of this agency since it inception has been the lowering of students comperdancy on a world basis from number four in the world in 1979 to number 34 in 2011. 2) The Department of Energy cost $27 billion. The major accomplishment of this agency has been the increased dependence on foreign oil by a factor of 15, raising the cost of building a nuclear energy electric plant to over four times the world production cost through over regulation. Causing fuel shortages. 3) The Department of Housing and Urban Development costing more billions has a national record of building and managing developing slums. 4) The Department of labor, which is a hangover of the progressive Wilson administration, serves no purpose of use in this century. Only about 9% of America’s labor force is unionized and they seem more than capable of looking after themselves without government help.

• Our national energy policy as well as leadership in it is non-existent. We are importing more oil and fuel every single year, while having the largest carbon-based fuel reserves in the world. Energy crisis made in Washington was an ANU position paper that I authored. ( We must end the environmentalist rule of terror in our society and our government agencies. We must produce in Alaska and everywhere else, not only do we have the largest reserves of oil, gas and anthracite coal we also have shale oil deposits that are larger than Saudi Arabia’s. SOLUTION we must Drill Here and Now. We must build at least six large coal liquefaction plants utilizing the Fisher Trope process to increase cheap gasoline availability. We must build at least four new reactors every year for the coming ten-years, in both cases the coal liquefaction as well as nuclear electric generation the government will issue permits without strings and guarantee the construction loans. And lastly open the Yucca mountain nuclear dump now!

• Then there is our currency, The Dollar. With the repeal of the 16th Amendment the IRS is gone, but that still leaves in place the FRS. The Federal Reserve System is a consortium of private banks holding America hostage. The FRS must be broken up. State banks that were the primary reason for the cabal of banks to institute the FRS in 1913 must be reinstated and the big money trusts of the NY banks must be broken up. Too big to fail is no longer an option and bailing out this monopolistic cabal must end now. Our “New Dollar” must be based on real value, gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper. All fiat species must be 100% backed by hard assets.

• Congress must pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution immediately.

• And lastly the 17th amendment to the Constituion must be repealed. The enactment of the 17th amendment to the Constituion under the Wilson administration in 1913 totally destroyed state rights by removing from the states the ability to appoint through their legislatures their two state senators. Since then the position of senator has become very expensive costing about $10 million in campaign costs. This amendments not only destroyed the influence of individual states on legislative issues but it transferred the position of senator to the monied interests

Dr. Krieg was a CEO for 37 years holds 20 US patents and has authored 14 books on manufacturing, business, distribution, politics, economics and finance.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Confused Befuddled and Disgusted!

Dr. A. H. Krieg

I am sure that you also have noticed the massive lies and distortion in most of the news, by all sources. The insidious means used to propagandize Americans by the lamestream media would make the father of modern propaganda Dr. Goebbels blush with envy.

Let me site some recent news with which you will be familiar. The “Crash” (AP, UPI, NY Times syndicate, [McClathy]) of a helicopter in Afghanistan, (Tangi Valley) it was not a crash it was shot down with an RPG. RPG’s by the way along with AK 47’s are the major contributions of the Soviet block to the world economy. What were our troops up to? They were on another mission to murder someone that some US official dislikes. Same article, “we have killed on average 340 Taliban per month”. Odd, that, four-month ago we were told that there were no more than 100 Al Quaeda that we were hunting for in Afghanistan, so why are we killing 340 Taliban every month?

Again: [AP] Jim Abrams …after the recess “congress will have a chance to achieve something that has elude it for the entire year, passing legislation that might actually create some jobs”. The subject is to expand the present Free Trade initiative from the principal Mexico, Canada, and USA to an eventual total of 17 nations. Want to bet that every single nation proposed has an average income of less than half what Americans enjoy? Case in point: Mexico, before NAFTA America had an annual trade surplus of $5.7 billion (1992) since then we have gradually but quickly expanded that to an annual deficit of $ 64 billion. (2010) Additionally we have lost about 40,000 manufacturing plants, about 5 million blue-collar jobs, mine among them; these were the highest paying blue-collar jobs in America. Say Mr. Abrams, “that’s one hell of a great achievement, which should definitely be expanded upon, isn’t it”?

[AP] informs that the president has signed 27 bills of legislation, Hey what with the equivalent of 71 days of Golf and 14 vacations another one starting next week, it’s a wonder he even got that done. Frankly this president has demonstrated that a man with no experience in management, finance, military, economics, and law makes for a bad chief executive. But he remains the darling of the lamestream media and the progressives (Socialists). He was on Friday last, endorsed by CPUSA (Communist Party of America) for a second term.

[AP] According to Abrams, again, the proposed patent bill will benefit exports. Abrams is an expert in many venues. I wrote and drew my first patent in 1977 I wonder how many Abrams has? Since I was able to do all the work the total cost was $ 340.00, which was the application fee. A lot changed over the years, primarily with the shyster’s active participation in the patenting process. This issue is very important because as of today over 80% of patent applications come from individuals not corporations or government. Later patents in the 80’s had to be written by lawyers and have special drawings by legal artists because the fools at the patent office are mostly unqualified to read blueprints. Worse yet my last three patents were in the nuclear field and the examiners had difficulty understanding them so they bounced back and forth between my lawyers the examiner and me for weeks. They cost about $3,400.00 each. I would bet a $1,000.00 that the new process will become even more expensive, time consuming and confusing so that individuals will be dissuaded from filing on their own thus turning the entire process over to academics, multinational corporation and government offices. It will reduce inventive patent development and further degrade American development. Switzerland with a population of only about 7 million already produces more patents than America.

I might at this point interject a little tidbit that typifies our government and congress. The Pythagorean theorem consists of 24 words. Archimedes’ Principle is 67 words, and the US government regulations for The Sale of Cabbage consists of 26,911 words!!

Today’s news producers do not have investigative journalists, they spend nothing on research, they just parrot whatever government bureaucrats tell them. So the real unemployment level, which can be ascertained with little effort, is 22.4% not 9.1%. The real inflation rate is 12% not 1.7%. The number of Americans on food Stamps is about 47 million, and 47% of Americans don’t pay any income taxes. We have lost 4,792 men in Iraq and Iraq has lost 1,455,590 of its citizens, and the International forces have lost 2,662 men and, all the while the wars expenses in Iraq and Afghanistan are up to $ 1,232,316,298,573.00, (That’s trillion) heaven forbid that I tell you what the cost is of those military bases in over 100 nations or the undeclared wars in Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Peru, Venezuela, and Columbia cost. The St Louis adjusted monetary base in 1980 was $5 billion today its $2,800 billion. US government expenditures for 2011 will be 170% of receipts. And then some liberals wonder why the markets are collapsing and blame the Tea party. (That’s called class warfare and solves nothing) The idea that the shortfall can be made up by taxing the rich is ludicrous, you can take from Paul and give to Peter until Paul is broke and then were all socialists.

All of this is the fault of Obama and his minion of socialist and communist orchestrators. The people voted for Hope and Change and they got exactly that. If the great majority had paid even a modicum of attention to Obama’s campaign rhetoric they would not have voted for him. We know well from reading Erich Hoffer’s The True Believer that “Hope” and “Change” are the primary motive forces to organize the mob. And as Seneca said, “Nothing is as contemptible as the applause of the mob”.

Today we are in dire straights. The nation has no viable leadership in the executive or in congress. Where is America’s Thatcher? How much longer will our fellow citizens condescend to a president that has taken more vacations in two and a half years than I did as CEO in 37 years. We are as of the third week of August 2011 up to 15 vacations and 71 days of golf. This is not an absentee presidency it is an “I’m running for re-election presidency”. It is an unreported fact that Obama has spent more time campaigning for re-election, playing golf and taking vacations, than he did in managing the executive. The “Lamestream” media reports none of this. As was the fact that upon his ascendancy to the presidency he did not have one-minute experience in management, military, economics, or finance and then hires tax cheats, academics, lawyers, and community organizers (Bolsheviks) all of which suffered the same lack of management experience and as a result did everything wrong that could be done wrong since the day of his inauguration. Every living American can feel the result of these policies in his pocketbook, and in the price of everything he purchases from fuel to corn. Inflation, which is Obama’s real legacy, will haunt Americans for the coming decade as the cost of everything rises while income levels will remain flat. The income levels will not rise in keeping with inflation, because the government through free trade has exported the majority of our manufacturing base, while at the same time facilitating the immigration of foreign labor through the issuance of over one million green cards a year. Considering that we have about 24 million American’s seeking work, and 24 million illegal immigrants such policy is reckless and un-American.

Dr. Krieg’s new book is “Rendezvous with the New World Order” from all booksellers.

Saturday, August 06, 2011


Carl F. Worden

Standard & Poor's, the preeminent credit rating agency of nations, lowered the credit rating of the United States to AA+ from AAA, and I'm hearing howls of protest when in fact this is probably the very best thing that could have happened. I just wish Moody's and the other credit rating agencies had done the same.

We desperately needed an extrinsic catalyst like this right now. S & P has correctly analyzed the current economic and political climate in the U.S. and acted as they should. I just wish S & P had used the same diligence when they granted AAA status to all those sub-prime mortgage instruments that caused the housing bubble to pop. Nevertheless, I applaud S & P because without this shocking credit downgrade, business as usual in Washington would continue printing money and incurring even more debt. Now they have to act responsibly, and only because they must. S & P made it clear that the U.S. has two years to get their debt controlled and if they do not, the U.S. credit rating will drop even further.

Canada regained their AAA credit rating after cutting spending and the U.S. can do the same. According to S & P, it takes on average 9 to 18 years to regain the AAA rating. If the Congress and this super committee they formed to cut spending/increase revenue now get serious enough to cut REAL spending by $4 trillion dollars over the next ten years, S & P will re-evaluate. But had Congress not been slapped with this downgrade, the debt deal would have cut only $2 trillion dollars in ten years while adding another $7 trillion to the existing $14.3 trillion dollar debt, and as S & P correctly pointed out, that would be a recipe for eventual runaway inflation and the collapse of the entire U.S. monetary system.

That is what is really at stake here: Our entire way of life!

I'm getting all kinds of e-mail from people concerned about the Monday stock market reaction and how this downgrade will affect gold prices, but whatever happens we cannot continue as we were. No matter what the Obama Administration says about this, "unfair" credit rating downgrade (because of some alleged math error to the tune of $2 trillion dollars) it was the political failure of Congress to cut spending by the full $4 trillion dollars over ten years that tipped the scale in favor of the downgrade.

Math is the internationally understood language and it never lies. S & P may have acted somewhat politically, but it really doesn't matter because this downgrade was telegraphed very clearly to the Obama Administration long before the debt deal was cut, and if Obama & Company didn't take the threat seriously they made a terrible and costly mistake. So did House Republican Speaker John Boehner and all his buddies. Politicians will posture and lie to their constituents all they want to in this case, but solid math and the inability to voluntarily cut spending is why the U.S. is now rated at AA+.

I don't anticipate a direct correlation between this credit downgrade and a stock market crash. I do expect the markets to continue to drop, but not exclusively due to this event. The markets were dropping points en masse days before the S & P announcement due to high unemployment and an almost static GDP, so I do not think this credit downgrade will add much to the losses that will probably continue with or without the S & P rating.

This is the opportunity the U.S. desperately needed right now, and make no mistake about it; the S & P downgrade IS an opportunity if we only take advantage of it. If the United States is to maintain its position in the world, we have to cut spending no matter how painful it will be, so thank God for what S & P did, because we will destroy ourselves from within through fiscal irresponsibility if we don't make those REAL cuts right now.

With all due respect to the fine men and women of the Tea Party who were elected to stop the spending, they were unable to force their will and even some of them turned traitor in the final vote. It took the S & P downgrade to accomplish what they couldn't and what their fellow Republicans wouldn't. If this is what it takes to rein-in a government hell-bent on self destruction through political self-preservation, then I once again say, "Thank God for the S & P!"