Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Confused Befuddled and Disgusted!

Dr. A. H. Krieg

I am sure that you also have noticed the massive lies and distortion in most of the news, by all sources. The insidious means used to propagandize Americans by the lamestream media would make the father of modern propaganda Dr. Goebbels blush with envy.

Let me site some recent news with which you will be familiar. The “Crash” (AP, UPI, NY Times syndicate, [McClathy]) of a helicopter in Afghanistan, (Tangi Valley) it was not a crash it was shot down with an RPG. RPG’s by the way along with AK 47’s are the major contributions of the Soviet block to the world economy. What were our troops up to? They were on another mission to murder someone that some US official dislikes. Same article, “we have killed on average 340 Taliban per month”. Odd, that, four-month ago we were told that there were no more than 100 Al Quaeda that we were hunting for in Afghanistan, so why are we killing 340 Taliban every month?

Again: [AP] Jim Abrams …after the recess “congress will have a chance to achieve something that has elude it for the entire year, passing legislation that might actually create some jobs”. The subject is to expand the present Free Trade initiative from the principal Mexico, Canada, and USA to an eventual total of 17 nations. Want to bet that every single nation proposed has an average income of less than half what Americans enjoy? Case in point: Mexico, before NAFTA America had an annual trade surplus of $5.7 billion (1992) since then we have gradually but quickly expanded that to an annual deficit of $ 64 billion. (2010) Additionally we have lost about 40,000 manufacturing plants, about 5 million blue-collar jobs, mine among them; these were the highest paying blue-collar jobs in America. Say Mr. Abrams, “that’s one hell of a great achievement, which should definitely be expanded upon, isn’t it”?

[AP] informs that the president has signed 27 bills of legislation, Hey what with the equivalent of 71 days of Golf and 14 vacations another one starting next week, it’s a wonder he even got that done. Frankly this president has demonstrated that a man with no experience in management, finance, military, economics, and law makes for a bad chief executive. But he remains the darling of the lamestream media and the progressives (Socialists). He was on Friday last, endorsed by CPUSA (Communist Party of America) for a second term.

[AP] According to Abrams, again, the proposed patent bill will benefit exports. Abrams is an expert in many venues. I wrote and drew my first patent in 1977 I wonder how many Abrams has? Since I was able to do all the work the total cost was $ 340.00, which was the application fee. A lot changed over the years, primarily with the shyster’s active participation in the patenting process. This issue is very important because as of today over 80% of patent applications come from individuals not corporations or government. Later patents in the 80’s had to be written by lawyers and have special drawings by legal artists because the fools at the patent office are mostly unqualified to read blueprints. Worse yet my last three patents were in the nuclear field and the examiners had difficulty understanding them so they bounced back and forth between my lawyers the examiner and me for weeks. They cost about $3,400.00 each. I would bet a $1,000.00 that the new process will become even more expensive, time consuming and confusing so that individuals will be dissuaded from filing on their own thus turning the entire process over to academics, multinational corporation and government offices. It will reduce inventive patent development and further degrade American development. Switzerland with a population of only about 7 million already produces more patents than America.

I might at this point interject a little tidbit that typifies our government and congress. The Pythagorean theorem consists of 24 words. Archimedes’ Principle is 67 words, and the US government regulations for The Sale of Cabbage consists of 26,911 words!!

Today’s news producers do not have investigative journalists, they spend nothing on research, they just parrot whatever government bureaucrats tell them. So the real unemployment level, which can be ascertained with little effort, is 22.4% not 9.1%. The real inflation rate is 12% not 1.7%. The number of Americans on food Stamps is about 47 million, and 47% of Americans don’t pay any income taxes. We have lost 4,792 men in Iraq and Iraq has lost 1,455,590 of its citizens, and the International forces have lost 2,662 men and, all the while the wars expenses in Iraq and Afghanistan are up to $ 1,232,316,298,573.00, (That’s trillion) heaven forbid that I tell you what the cost is of those military bases in over 100 nations or the undeclared wars in Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Peru, Venezuela, and Columbia cost. The St Louis adjusted monetary base in 1980 was $5 billion today its $2,800 billion. US government expenditures for 2011 will be 170% of receipts. And then some liberals wonder why the markets are collapsing and blame the Tea party. (That’s called class warfare and solves nothing) The idea that the shortfall can be made up by taxing the rich is ludicrous, you can take from Paul and give to Peter until Paul is broke and then were all socialists.

All of this is the fault of Obama and his minion of socialist and communist orchestrators. The people voted for Hope and Change and they got exactly that. If the great majority had paid even a modicum of attention to Obama’s campaign rhetoric they would not have voted for him. We know well from reading Erich Hoffer’s The True Believer that “Hope” and “Change” are the primary motive forces to organize the mob. And as Seneca said, “Nothing is as contemptible as the applause of the mob”.

Today we are in dire straights. The nation has no viable leadership in the executive or in congress. Where is America’s Thatcher? How much longer will our fellow citizens condescend to a president that has taken more vacations in two and a half years than I did as CEO in 37 years. We are as of the third week of August 2011 up to 15 vacations and 71 days of golf. This is not an absentee presidency it is an “I’m running for re-election presidency”. It is an unreported fact that Obama has spent more time campaigning for re-election, playing golf and taking vacations, than he did in managing the executive. The “Lamestream” media reports none of this. As was the fact that upon his ascendancy to the presidency he did not have one-minute experience in management, military, economics, or finance and then hires tax cheats, academics, lawyers, and community organizers (Bolsheviks) all of which suffered the same lack of management experience and as a result did everything wrong that could be done wrong since the day of his inauguration. Every living American can feel the result of these policies in his pocketbook, and in the price of everything he purchases from fuel to corn. Inflation, which is Obama’s real legacy, will haunt Americans for the coming decade as the cost of everything rises while income levels will remain flat. The income levels will not rise in keeping with inflation, because the government through free trade has exported the majority of our manufacturing base, while at the same time facilitating the immigration of foreign labor through the issuance of over one million green cards a year. Considering that we have about 24 million American’s seeking work, and 24 million illegal immigrants such policy is reckless and un-American.

Dr. Krieg’s new book is “Rendezvous with the New World Order” from all booksellers.


Blogger David said...

Dr. Krieg;

I enjoy your well-informed point of view articulated here for us Freedom Watch readers. Thanks!

I am in agreement with you generally, HOWEVER, I must point out a false assumption underlying one argument.

There is an old saying, "Them that do the paying do the saying." There is no doubt that the billionaires set federal agendas and call the shots. You argue that taxing these robber barons is wrong and detrimental to our economy. Taxpayers do not demand all these socialist programs. They are ignored when they loudly and massively oppose such as Obamacare.

I say let the filthy (and I do mean filthy) rich pay the freight for the programs they impose. And all too often, when government says it will tax the rich, it really taxes the successful middle class and continues to let billionaires pay little or nothing. Wealthy Warren Buffet once quipped, "There is a class war going on, and my side is winning." I wish you would recognize this as fact.

6:47 AM  

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