Sunday, September 21, 2008


Carl F. Worden

Whoa baby, not another step further! I just looked at just a few of the proposed details of the so-called “bailout”, and the cure they propose is worse than the disease.

First, try to remember that the Framers of the Constitution wrote that legally defining and limiting document with a very critical eye toward human nature and how to control human nature for the betterment, safety and security of the masses. Those men had first-hand experience with what happens when one person, dictator or king, has complete power over a nation and a people, and they made certain that the document they executed had sufficient checks and balances contained within it to keep any one individual or special interest group from seizing power over the People of the United States.

The proposed economic “bailout”, as initially proposed to Congress, places absolute power in the hands of one government agency, the Department of The Treasury, to control how 5% ($700 billion dollars) is disbursed for the purpose of protecting the United States and her people from an imminent economic meltdown. The Bush Proposal leaves no check and balances in play. If adopted as currently proposed, such a scheme would place the Secretary of The Treasury, Henry Paulson, as close to a position of Dictator of The United States as has ever been enacted in the history of this nation, because as history and several pundits have pointed out, it is ultimately the person(s) who control the purse strings who ultimately control the fortunes of a nation.

Stalin is credited with the opinion that it doesn’t matter how people vote if you control the vote count, and I think any rational American knows that the last presidential election was decided in Ohio, a state that had opted for electronic voting machines so open to tampering and vote fraud as to be laughable.

So let us step back, take a deep breath and more carefully look at the forest for a moment. Is there a dire economic emergency so imminent and destructive that Congress must act within one week to enact a plan that violates every aspect of our economic and social structure the Framers tried to protect us from?

Is this yet another Bush Administration lie no different than the “imminent danger” Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein allegedly presented with his non-existent stockpiles of WMD and his non-existent pursuit of nuclear weapons? How do we really know? Bush & Company have a solid record of lying to the American people for the past 7 ½ years, so why should we believe this current “emergency” exists now?

The Stock Market crash of 1929 didn’t manifest itself entirely until the early 1930s, and every financial expert will attest that the 1929 crash precipitated it all. I am convinced the United States is poised on the brink of financial annihilation, no question about it, but I have no inclination to trade my freedoms for the alleged “security” such a bailout would promise. What do we have to give up now, our gold?

This emergency bailout proposal doesn’t pass the smell test at all. It wreaks of manipulation no different than the means by which Bush manipulated Congress to pass an emergency “resolution” to illegally and unconstitutionally give the President power to wage war on Iraq – and we all know how that turned out.

Right now, the two candidates for president, John McCain and Barrack Obama, are playing the blame-game for how we got into this predicament, and many pundits are insisting we don’t look back for the “why” because we must act on the “now” immediately. I disagree for two reasons. First, it is vitally important to know “why” we got here in order to avoid the same grave mistakes in the future, and secondly, as voters, we need to know which candidate (if either!) has enough of a grasp on the facts leading up to this crisis as to offer real solutions. So far, neither candidate has demonstrated such a grasp of the true cause in such a way as to convince the voters who to support.

Except for Representative Ron Paul, few in Congress have demonstrated a willingness to admit that this entire debacle began when President Bill Clinton went against his own party and signed the free trade agreements of NAFTA & GATT that took effect in 1994. And why won’t these Congress-critters admit it? It is because it was the massive, multi-national corporations who contributed huge amounts to elect and re-elect these “representatives” of the people, who benefited the most from the free trade agreements.

Those so-called “representatives” know full well that they committed economic treason against the American people in return for a little bit of money. The same “representatives”, primarily of the conservative Republican ilk, are also responsible for the massive deregulation of the financial markets that led to the credit/housing crisis, and if you want to know why you are paying 21% or more interest on your credit card balance, it was none-other than President Ronald Reagan who allowed deregulation of the Usury Laws. In all this, and no matter what these elected representatives claim to the contrary, every major act by the conservative Republicans in power has benefited large, multi-national corporations, and not the small business owners or the people themselves.

This is one reason why I have lost so much respect for our self-described “conservative” voters since Bush 43 took office. They, more than any other group in the U.S., have been more openly betrayed by this administration than any of the so-called “liberals” could ever have inflicted! If you are a conservative voter and you are paying outrageous amounts for your prescription drugs to stay alive and well, it was Bush 43 who insisted that Americans could not purchase prescription drugs from Canada and elsewhere at 1/3 the cost, and only the multi-national pharmaceutical corporations benefited.

If you are a conservative voter and you are losing your home to foreclosure because some lying low-life mortgage salesman sat at your breakfast table and sold you a predatory Adjustable Rate Mortgage, it was the deregulation of the U.S. financial markets, which are also multi-national corporations, who benefited, and it was the conservative Republicans (allegedly representing you) who pushed that deregulation through.

If you can’t file bankruptcy, even for runaway medical bills that will destroy your ability to achieve the American Dream for years to come, you can look to the credit card companies who contributed massive amounts of cash to both Bush 43 campaigns, and then you can look to Bush 43 who pushed the Bankruptcy Reform through on their behalf.

If you are paying $4.15 per gallon for gasoline, it was none other than your conservative Republican president and representatives who pushed through the free trade agreements that made Communist China, Communist Vietnam and India the world’s manufacturing giants who now compete for oil on the world market.

What I’m asking here is why any intelligent American conservative voter would continue to support Bush 43 and his intended protégé, John McCain, to continue doing what has been done to you for the past 7 ½ years. If I recall, one indication of insanity is that you keep doing things the same way over and over again, and expect a different result! If you keep voting for neo-cons like McCain and Palin, why do you think they won’t keep playing the same tune for the multi-national corporations over your best interests for another four years or more? The question is valid: Are you insane?

You conservative voters (and that includes me) had better wake up and see who you are sleeping with. This proposed $700 billion dollar bailout is being portrayed by Bush 43 as necessary to protect the average guy and gal on the street, but since when has Bush 43 and company ever done anything to protect the small business owner and the average American? They haven’t, not even once! Why would anyone think Bush 43 has suddenly seen the light, changed his ways and thumbed his nose at the multi-national corporations?

This bailout might protect the average guy and gal on the street in a peripheral way, but certainly not in a direct way. The only entities who will immediately and directly benefit from this massive, unprecedented bailout are multi-national corporations and their shareholders – many of whom are foreign investors. Does that include you, Mr. and Mrs. American conservative voter? Is it in the best interest of the average American Joe to keep voting for presidents and representatives who have a leash around their necks held tightly by multi-national corporate special interests?

And finally, if Congress does the unthinkable and rushes through emergency bailout legislation to give Treasury Secretary Paulson virtual unilateral and arbitrary control of the nation’s purse strings, do you believe for one nano-second that a Bush 43 appointee like Paulson is not beholden to the multi-national giants and their shareholders just as Bush 43 is?

Wake up!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sugar Daddy Government: Another Bailout Picks America's Pockets

Las Vegas, NV - Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin who is scheduled to address this weekend’s upcoming Conservative Leadership Conference in Las Vegas, NV, will comment on the latest government bailouts and the accelerating meltdown of the U.S. financial system.

Baldwin will speak to the annual gathering of conservative and libertarian political leaders Saturday, September 20th at 3 PM local time and is expected to say, “Our entire financial system is based on an illusion, with a foundation built on quicksand. We spend more than we earn, we consume more than we produce, we borrow more than we save – and we cling to the fantasy that this can go on forever. The glue that holds this crumbling scheme together is a fiat currency called the Federal Reserve Note, created out of thin air by an international banking cartel called the Federal Reserve. Since a ‘note’ is a debt, this leaves us with an obvious problem

"That deer in the headlights look on the faces of Obama/Biden/McCain/Palin when discussing this crisis should tell Americans everything they need to know about these candidates. Not one of them is letting on they know what’s really happening, much less how to fix it!

"In the last three years, the Federal Reserve has created over $4 trillion in new money out of absolutely nothing. As these huge new piles of phony money flood the banking system, the phony money already in circulation becomes worth even less, which leads to higher prices. We accept the vague term ‘inflation’ to describe this giant rip off, as if some immutable force of nature is the cause of our shrinking paychecks. But, make no mistake –This meltdown will ultimately spell disaster for every American.

"The roller coaster ride began in earnest with the $60 billion Bear Stearns bailout, followed quickly by the $300 billion bailout of government’s big mortgage/banker buddies last month. September started with the massive Freddie/Fannie bailout that will end up costing taxpayers somewhere between $500 billion to $1 trillion. On Monday, the fed brokered the Bank of America buyout of Merrill Lynch. Then just the other night, the fed announced the $85 billion bailout of AIG insurance, an enormous global entity with over $1.1 trillion in assets.

"So far, the only solution being talked about is more of the same failed monetary policies that got us into this mess in the first place – more fake money, more debt, more usury. It is time to demand a return to sound money. None of the other “Big Box” candidates is even talking about the most obvious place to begin the road to recovery, which is a return to the constitutional principal of sound money."

Baldwin, a conservative commentator, Internet columnist, talk show host and pastor appeared at a news conference in Washington, D.C. recently with former GOP presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex.). Paul urged Americans to bypass both major party candidates and instead vote for a candidate such as Chuck Baldwin.

Appearing on CNN’s popular Lou Dobbs Tonight program while in Washington, Baldwin was told by Dobbs, Americans had “a good reason” to vote for him.( See Lou Dobbs TV transcript and a YouTube clip of the show)

Baldwin will address the 4 day CLC , held at the Tuscany Suites (225- E. Flamingo Rd) in Las Vegas, NV.

More than 50 speakers will address the participants on such topics as grassroots lobbying, government accountability and media bias. (See the agenda here) Baldwin will join speakers such as Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr and Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Carl F. Worden

Ladies & Gentlemen:

Nothing in the Constitution of the United States allows the federal government to take over a private enterprise, no matter how big and no matter what the consequences might be for the national economy.

Article X of the Bill of Rights specifically prohibits the federal government from exercising any power or authority over any entity, agency, business or activity that is not specifically given the federal government by the Constitution, and that prohibition applies to all three branches of our government.

The Federal Reserve apparently escapes Article X, since it has become the nation’s central banking authority and does not fall under any aspect of the Constitution’s limits. In point of fact, the Framers of the Constitution warned against establishing a central bank, and since such a notion was not included in the Constitution, and because there is no provision in the Constitution to establish a central bank like the Federal Reserve, there were no specific provisions included to limit a central bank’s authority over what it could do with U.S. taxpayer money.

It bears repeating: The government of the United States, as defined by the Constitution of the United States, has been overthrown. Through a general lack of maintenance and apathy by elected officials and the People, the Constitution has been relegated to a mere menu of suggestions for how our government should be run. There is very little resemblance between what the Framers intended to how our government is conducted on a day-to-day basis.

The most troubling aspect of this general disregard for the Constitution’s limiting authority is that there is no legally defining document in force to replace it. With no adherence to the Constitution as plainly written, and with no replacement document enacted, our government has been operating on a daily basis by the seat of its pants. They just make up rules as they go.

There is no authority given by the Constitution for Congress to give the Executive Branch their exclusive power to declare war, yet the Congress did just that when they voted for an illegal “Resolution” to give President Bush the authority to wage war on Iraq. Nothing in the Constitution allows the federal government to dictate how children can be educated, yet we have a U.S. Department of Education! I could go on and on detailing the many blatant violations of constitutional law, but that is not the point of this article.

The point of this article is that our government has quite literally opened Pandora’s Box through their intervention in the business failures of Bear-Stearns and now American International Group, otherwise known as AIG. Between those two bailouts, the government inexplicably decided to let Lehman Brothers go belly-up, and just today Washington Mutual (WaMu) announced they were for sale to the highest bidder, knowing full well that their books are so smelly that nobody in their right mind would buy the firm. It is more than obvious WaMu is hoping for a government intervention as well.

The problem is that these precedent-setting acts by the government to bail-out one American firm, while letting another hit the wall, will undoubtedly result in lawsuits demanding equal protection for all large American firms facing bankruptcy through every fault of their own.

There is no question that the Government of the United States is operating in panic mode right now due to the ever-escalating bad news in our financial markets, and they are doing whatever they believe is necessary to soften the economic fall taking place no matter what the Constitution allows. That alone should tell you how desperate things really are right now.

Public officials of all stripes are facing a public backlash when the inevitable crash occurs, and I’m not talking about people showing up in town meetings and venting their frustrations. No, I’m talking about the consequences public officials face when all forms of Social Security, Medicare, food stamps and general welfare dry up. When that happens, and I am quite certain it will, there will be a level of violence that erupts all over this nation, from attacks on all forms of government to ransacked commercial firms by armed gangs to in-home invasions by desperate people who cannot feed their children.

I foresee a very violent and bloody period approaching that may well be the death-knell for the United States as we’ve known it.

Retired Special Forces LTC Recalled His 1964 Torture Training at Fort Bragg, NC.

Immediately after commanding the memorial tribute at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona, in honor of President John F. Kennedy on the day he was assassinated, LTC Daniel (Dangerous Dan) Marvin volunteered for Special Forces. Knowing how much his best friend, Green Beret SFC Gerard V. Parmentier, admired the just slain President, inspired his action.

In the spring of 1964 he attended the Special Forces Officer training course at their Smoke Bomb Hill training center at Fort Bragg, NC. When the instructors began discussing covert operations they told the class how they were "compartmentalized" with regard to chain of command so that any covert mission could readily be denied. In particular; assassinations, terrorism and sabotage were those TOP SECRET operations using all volunteers that were without documentation and highly compartmentalized. Significant also was the fact that those who volunteered for covert operations were instructed not to concern themselves with any restrictions on conduct as was specified in the Geneva Conventions, International Law, International Human Rights Treaties or any other regulation of that nature. "You will be on your own to do what is necessary in your judgment to get the job done" was what he and his classmates were told at the time by Special Forces and CIA instructors.

Torture was simply something used to loosen tongues, understanding that it may be the only method that would elicit the desired results as regards intelligence matters. LTC Marvin's personal feeling at the time that he commanded SF Detachment A-424 as an Independent Operation in An Phu, South Vietnam from 27 Dec 65 to 2 Aug 66, was that a prelude to physical torture of captured men or women would include a warning that any effort on the person's part to give false information, wanting simply to "satisfy" the interrogator would result in instant death. He made certain that the enemy was convinced of his being in complete control as he wanted only the "straight scoop" as he put it. He used electricity in Camp An Phu to loosen tongues, even when questioning four female terrorists the CIDG (Civilian Irregular Defense Group) soldiers had captured near Khanh-Binh, South Vietnam. He had them (one at a time) strip to the waist and then would use the two wire leads against opposite breasts and give her a shot of "juice." You can read about the (not in so much detail) interrogation of those women terrorists in His book Expendable Elite - One Soldier's Journey Into Covert Warfare.

During training at Fort Bragg the officer students used electrical shock on each other so as to understand and appreciate the nature of that torture technique. It was understood that the method of torture would be up to the senior Green Beret and, though he now believes that torture should not be utilized under any circumstance, he was then ready, willing and able to use any method because that he felt would get the job done.

He also understands that no other Green Beret is likely to back him on what he now reports to the world - but what he writes is the truth. In fact the Special Forces Association, apparently "inspired" by the Special Operations Command and the CIA and wanting to hide the truth of what illegal methods are used in covert operations, brought together some of Marvin's own men who had served with him, intimidated them into acting as Plaintiffs who would sue Marvin and his publisher, hoping vainly to force his book off the market. Thankfully it was the truth that these same men corroborated on audio tape or in writing in 1988 after reviewing the draft manuscript sent them by the Colonel prior to the publication of his book that convinced the jury that his book was pure fact. The trial, which took place the end of January 2006 in the Federal Courthouse in Charleston, SC, resulted in victory for Marvin and Millegan by way of a unanimous verdict of the jury.

Please write your Senators and your Congressman and demand that LTC Daniel Marvin be called to testify to what this is all about. Let's get the truth out into the world so we can clean up our military and our government. Marvin has three grandsons in the military - an Army paratrooper who was injured in Iraq and returned to fight again, a security specialist in the Air Force who is back from Iraq and another who just completed Navy Seaman basic and has volunteered to be a sub-mariner! LTC Marvin prays daily that they have good leadership above them and that some day our White House has the caliber of President this nation deserves.

His book, Victory Edition, Expendable Elite - One Soldier’s Journey into Covert Warfare may be ordered on line at or by calling the publisher at 800-556-2012.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Written by a man who lived and breathed it - LTC Daniel Marvin, USA (Retired)
Author of Victory Edition, Expendable Elite - One Soldier's Journey Into Covert Warfare

Proven to be the truth in Federal Court!

As the U.S. Military establishment continues to expand the numbers of Special Operations personnel that would be available for TOP SECRET covert operations should we demand certain controls and limits on their use or abuse? Should we preclude illegal operations being secretly foisted on them while expecting them to obey without question and maintain secrecy regarding those illegal operations forever?

I write this based on personal experience as a Special Forces officer - a Green Beret who commanded a TOP SECRET portable atomic weapon team in 1964 and a TOP SECRET Independent Operation in An Phu, South Vietnam in 1966. The latter mission included leading the first attacks into the enemy safe-havens along the border inside Cambodia and accepting and then unilaterally aborting a TOP SECRET mission that would have ambushed and assassinated Cambodian Crown Prince Norodom Sihanouk in June, 1966. The last two of the aforementioned missions were written of in detail in my book Expendable Elite - One Soldier's Journey Into Covert Warfare."

Of special interest to the reader is the fact that my publisher and I were taken to court by the Special Forces Association (no doubt inspired by and funded by the CIA) in January 2006 when they tried in vain to prove that my book was, in their words, "100% lies." Instead we proved it to be a truthful book that told of TOP SECRET operations "they" did not want the world to know about!

People should know who and where I was when, like a human robot, I eagerly and without question participated directly as an "operative" in government sponsored illegal activities perpetrated by certain powers against any individual, government or activity who would attempt to disrupt the absolute rule of our "hierarchy."

Documented and corroborated testimony of what I had done during 21 years of military service that was of an evil or illegal nature now serve as the foundation of my crusades against evil in our government. I care because the truth matters. Those of us who have the will to, must act courageously and with integrity to communicate what we have experienced. We must include direct first-hand knowledge of what happened in Dallas on 22 November 1963 and in succeeding days, months and years, as those same forces within our government who conspired to kill our president continue to do what is "necessary" to silence those who would bring forth evidence to prove the who, what, when and where of the conspiracy and to judiciously disrupt actions taken to cover them up.

The conspiracy must be brought to light, the perpetrators punished, and justice meted out. I believe if another decade passes without full disclosure of the facts it will render the potential for justice in this matter practically impossible. As time drags on it will be outright fear that silences witnesses who are aging and who may desire to voluntarily withdraw from the fray so as to shield loved ones from danger. Caution may very well prevail against the integrity and courage of witnesses now willing to come forward such as Dennis David, Jerry Willsey and myself. We may one day in the not too distant future reach an age when we desire to steer clear of any involvement in such an awesome controversy, knowing what forces can be brought to bear to silence us.

That fact alone continues to light the fire of promise and the need for action in my being. The reader must know what resides within the heart, soul, and psyche of a man who is a trained military assassin and terrorist. I now search for a way to inform the world of the truth of certain heinous deeds and evil actions perpetrated by powerful men (even within the military hierarchy) whose drive for power and hunger for influence and monetary gain direct their ways. It will cause them to turn on honorable people and to foster, even develop and direct, illegal, even murderous actions, which deny the citizens of this once great nation their constitutional rights and safeguards.

Within hours of John F. Kennedy's assassination, I volunteered for U.S. Army Special Forces training and was drawn into circumstances and forces that easily melded in with my warrior-like psyche, compelling me to strive to be one of those who JFK admired - The men who wore the Green Beret!

Within five months of his death I graduated from the Special Forces Officer's Course at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. By mid-April '64 I was fully indoctrinated in the basic fundamentals of unconventional warfare, civic action, special demolitions, martial-law, assassination techniques, and terror tactics. I had earned the right to wear the coveted Army Green Beret. Unknown to my wife, family, or friends outside Special Forces, I would soon be involved in clandestine missions which often included doing what most rational human beings believe to be unacceptable, even despicable. My penchant for danger was not solely the product of the school at Fort Bragg. It began much earlier in life. I was born, raised, and thrived in an arena of adversity, doing my best when under extreme physical and psychological stress. I sought danger, bored with the norm. Born at home in Detroit, Michigan on October 10th 1933, I had only a welfare nurse attending. My older brother Bill and I were raised during the Great Depression by our gritty, hard-working, loyal Mother when jobs were few and far between, particularly for a woman. My good-for-nothing father, with a 16 year old girl in tow, left my mother the day I was born, forced to witness my birth by my tough Aunt Magdalene. So much for him! Day old bread, soup lines, and door-to-door begging for vegetables and canned goods were an accepted and necessary means of survival for us. W e had love and hope amongst us three and that was sufficient to keep us going. I was five when Mother decided Chicago would be a better place for us to live. The back-alleys and roof-tops of south-side Chicago helped to develop my spirit of adventure. At the age of eleven I did not hesitate to train and lead others who shared the same enthusiasm to engage in activities involving great danger, and who joined my private gang, going where proverbial angels "feared to tread." But then, isn't the world full of different types of people? I like the poem by Jean Larte' Guy, titled "TWO ARMIES" that I was given a Xerox copy of during guerrilla warfare training at The Special Warfare Center in Fort Bragg, NC.:

"I'D LIKE TO HAVE TWO ARMIES - One for display with lovely guns, tanks, little soldiers, staffs, distinguished and doddering Generals and dear little regimental officers who would be deeply concerned over their General's bowel movements or their Colonel's piles; an Army that would be shown for a modest fee on every fairground in the country.

"The other would be the real one - composed entirely of young enthusiasts in camouflage uniforms, who would not be put on display, but from whom impossible efforts would be demanded and to whom all sorts of tricks would be taught. That is the Army in which I would like to fight."

The U.S. Army Special Forces - the elite "Green Berets" - were that "real one" and each and every one of us knew our place in the scheme of things. If the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - the "Company" as we commonly referred to it - needed people for some dirty or dangerous covert mission - it would likely look to us for volunteers. The uninformed or uninitiated think of the typical CIA operative as being one who risks his life daily in the clandestine pursuit of intelligence from those evil forces in the world who would want to do us harm. Not so - In actuality the combined risk to the entire agency only resulted in a total of fifty agency personnel being killed in the line of duty in the first half-century they'd been in business. Hardly characteristic of extreme danger, but it’s true. Why is the honor roll so small? I suggest to you that it is because the people on the ground who do the really dangerous stuff - the killing, the terrorizing, and sabotage - are people from outside the agency. Special Forces personnel like me, even common criminals loaned to the Company by underworld bosses, would be used and then maintained on the "rolls" or discarded in one fashion or another when the powers that be consider them "expendable." Retired former Green Beret Major John Strait put it clear and simple: "They [the CIA] use you like a condom. Once you've served their purpose, they shit-can you." Unconventionally oriented men who naturally gravitate to dangerous work environments and who bare up well under stress, whether from the military or Mafia resource pool, were sought by the agency to do those "dastardly deeds." These men would be the assassins, the persuaders, the terrorists for the CIA's intelligence "community." A Green Beret, trained to function in these volunteer roles is, in my judgment, more philosophically akin to a Mafia enforcer or a brother clandestine operative than would be the educated CIA "handlers," conventional military personnel, or civilians.

Each of the volunteers is, in a sense, a cold-blooded killer. Does it matter who plans the killing, whether the "hit" is for territorial control by the Mob, or a mission said to be necessary to preserve "national security," if that killing is indeed illegal? Assassinations and other deadly clandestine activities are not legal. They should never be used to "defend the national interests" or for any other so-called "political necessity." Each and every man in my Special Forces operational "A" Team in Vietnam was a kindred spirit. Each was strong, brave, resourceful, and a loyal team player who would let nothing interfere with the conduct of the mission.

Most of my men lacked a formal education beyond high school, but to a man they were street-wise and endowed with the ingenuity, common sense and courage essential to perform well in an unconventional military environment. Men who engage in clandestine activities are usually tight-lipped and not likely to discuss such matters with people of dissimilar modus operandi and feel that such talk is taboo around the home. Even when conversing with those who walk the same walk, actual facts relating to a successful "mission" are seldom so much as hinted at. There is, after all, no statute of limitations on aiding the enemy, mutiny or murder (See Article 43, US Uniform Code of Military Justice).

I was nine years old when I first experienced the sight and circumstance of a murdered man in "Snake Alley," Southside Chicago, Illinois. He was a middle-age black man and his still-warm body hung from a rope noose tied to a rafter in a garage that opened onto an unpaved alley separating blacks from whites in Chicago's south side. Grotesque, yes, but it didn't frighten me. Two years later I formed a small gang of five street-wise, tough boys my age. In the beginning we got together to protect old ladies from thieving high-school-age gangs that roamed Southside Chicago's mean streets in the Great Depression. I led ambushes using Indian tactics gleaned from watching Western movies through a roof-vent atop the Ken Theater on 47th Street. We regularly fought and always won. It got to be "the thing to do" regardless of what our adversaries had or hadn't done to helpless old women. Al Capone, Chicago's own imprisoned and self-proclaimed Robin Hood was then our hero. A typical day would find us skipping school, begging groceries, stealing candy, or jumping roof-top to roof-top from one apartment building to another. The day Mother saw me scoot out our front door carrying a cross-bow I had fashioned from bits & pieces of factory trash; she decided it was time we move to the country. I maintained my independent and tough nature, ran away from home, hopped freight trains, played around with dynamite, fought with my bare fists and aggressively assumed command of any situation in which I became involved. I enlisted in the U.S. Army when I was old enough to do so without my mother's permission.

The war was on in Korea and I wanted to fight. That is just what I did. A decade later I'd volunteered for and earned my green beret and I was eager to do any job, no matter how heinous, how illegal, or how brutal, so long as it was said to be critical to our nation's best interests. No different than others, I demanded no proof other than their telling me it was for "the flag."

Was it macho? Yes. Was it Intelligent? No. And, perhaps most important to me at the time, was it patriotic? I thought so!

I have since gained wisdom and now question my former motivations since becoming a Christian on the 29th of January, 1984 when my daughter led me to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Since that day I have fought hard to make the truth of our illegal acts public inasmuch as I had become a new person, a man dedicated to the truth. It took time, but my old ways of smoking two packs a day plus ten cigars and hard drinking, became something of the past. The new "saved" man in me confessed what I'd done that was sin and set about cleaning up the wounds of evil actions, subterfuge and corruption. The more I get to know the Lord and to have faith in His strength, the more courage and wisdom I draw from Him. I do recognize it is dangerous to blow the whistle on clandestine operations of our government that are illegal in nature. I know how they use people within and without our government to neutralize, even terminate those who choose to spill the beans about illegal operations. I know because I was once a part of it, one who was asked to terminate certain parties. The most agonizing part of my struggle has been the affect it has had and continues to have on my family as I continue to tell what I know of the evil works of our government. I pray that the efforts of myself and others to bring to light the nefarious actions kept secret for many years - actions that would surely, once known, impact the conscience of the American people to the extent that they demand justice be done. I am ashamed of what we have, by inaction or pure cowardice, allowed this once great nation to become. It is time for action.

It is now that we must bring the truth to light as it relates to the JFK assassination conspiracy and its continuing cover-up by those within our government who perpetrated that execution of a sitting president. I believe that same group of power brokers was directly responsible for the death of U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. William Bruce Pitzer and the silencing of many others by whatever means necessary who would have otherwise helped to bring the truth to light. I was asked to kill Pitzer. I thank God I refused. Someone did kill him. - He was an innocent man who possessed what the intelligence community did not want made public: the actual photos of the JFK autopsy which prove the Warren Commission Report to be a lie and point to a high level conspiracy. Commander Pitzer was silenced. The people of this nation deserve to know the truth. We must end the silence with an outcry for justice. We must move forward with determination, stay in the battle and fight for the truth to be known and the evil ones punished. I am ready to testify that I was asked by the CIA in August 1965 to murder LCDR William Bruce Pitzer and Dennis David is prepared to testify to his direct knowledge of the wicked rationale behind the CIA's request that Pitzer be silenced. Perhaps the most significant witness is the man willing to go before Congress to tell of having fired the fatal shot from the grassy knoll in Dallas, Texas that killed President John F. Kennedy: James E. Files. He is now serving time in Joliet Penitentiary and has come forward since becoming a born-again Christian. Retired Green Beret Master Sergeant Gerald Willsey is willing to testify to having been a part of a TOP SECRET Portable Atomic Weapon delivery team in the mid 1960s with a primary contingency mission to blow the hydroelectric plant at the ASWAN High Dam in Egypt that would have been disastrous to the population down-river from that dam. It was the same team that I first commanded when the mission was brought to the 6th Special Forces Group by the Intelligence Community.

I urge every American who would want their children or grandchildren to find this world a safer and more God-fearing place to write your Congressional Representative and your Senators and demand that they hold a hearing about illegal government activities and that they invite those who have been a willing part of that, including but not limited to James E. Files, Dennis David, Gerald Willsey and me to testify. We must protect our future generations and not permit any of our armed forces to be future Expendable Elite!

©2008 LTC Daniel Marvin, US Army Special Forces (Retired)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Review of Vincent Bugliosi's book

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

by Gregg J. Farrier

When I was a boy and started picking out my own clothes, people would remark that I dressed /conservatively. /As the years went by I would espouse “conservative” causes.

I remember a Bible commentary by the late Dr. Wm. Hendriksen that was described as “doctrinal and conservative”.

To conserve something is to keep or save it. Perhaps we could also be “preservative”.

Well, a problem began to come to the forefront of my thinking. What do we really want to preserve or conserve?

Do we want to conserve the various confiscatory taxes?

How about the evolutionary/Marxist textbooks in the schools?

The state schools?

The Federal Reserve System?

Should we preserve the rent that we pay to the government so that they don't force us off “our” land and show us who really owns it, while they use those so-called taxes to do all the immoral things that governments do with our money?

All that is to say that there come times when things must change.

Over the years I've noticed that the so-called liberals are much more adept at finding out the “sins” of our country/society. The problem with the left is that their solutions are just more of the same.

The hippies of the 60s and 70s for example, though a motley bunch in large measure, and not attractive or persuasive to the average American, saw through the prevarications of our government and its war making.

The “conservatives”, however, looked upon them as cowards or traitors. Some were.

The “conservatives” of that time were thinking “status quo”. When confronted with the Viet Nam war and its moral/legal implications the conservative answers were void of any bedrock substance.

Were we threatened by the Viet Nam? Were we stopping communism? Was the war engaged legally?

The answers that I remember were based on obedience to the state. If you didn't support the war effort you were a coward , a communist or a traitor. “My country right or wrong”- “Support the troops - our brave fighting men and women”.

Our government actions brought on the killing of perhaps two million of their people and many thousands of our own people along with the innumerable injured from both sides.

It became like a football game – our team can beat their team. Don't quit or even ask why you are fighting them. We are superior to those “gooks” or “Japs” , Huns or “towel-heads”. Kill them all.

Looking back on our history (not that which you learned in the public school) through the efforts of some courageous writers, some of us are learning that many of our past administrations have put up false flags to push us into wars that we had no business in. Sadly, this has been to the profit of those who pushed us.

I have found the above writing necessary as a preparation for the following.

One could suggest that “the prosecution of the President for murder” is not a “conservative” thing to do.

According to Mr. Bugliosi (The “g” is silent.) his book was looked upon as “too hot to handle” by a “considerable number” of publishers.

It took one Mr. Roger Cooper of the Vanguard Press to show the courage and publish this book.

Such a thing has never been done before. Mr. Bugliosi says it must be done to preserve our “once great country”.

Mr. Bugliosi describes himself as a “moderate” and says that his purpose is a-political. He does attempt such an approach and in large measure succeeds.

However, is “ liberalism” colors much of his rhetoric. This does not weaken his case, because his rhetorical wanderings are just a minor distraction and don't hurt the facts of the case in my view.

Parts 1 and 2 of the book explain the perpetration of what Mr. Bugliosi describes as the crimes of this current administration and show how the case against George W. Bush and members of his administration can be put together.

Let me interject here that we should all be aware of the abusive prosecutor in our country.

Along these lines, we should all read _The Tyranny of Good Intentions_ /_How Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice_/ by Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence M. Stratton, Three Rivers Press 2008.

Read this book as an antidote to keep you from trusting our justice system too far.

Mr. Bugliosi , a former, very successful prosecutor, sets this forth and presents the evidence. It all looks very thorough and professional to me.

He explains how a large number of prosecutors throughout the country are eligible to take on such a case.

He is very willing to act on a consulting basis.

The charges and evidences he brings are not unique with him.

For example, in May of 2006 Dave Lindorff , a journalist, and Barbara Olshansky an attorney, published _The Case for Impeachment_ _The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office_ , Macmillan Pub..

Their cases are set forth for all to see, but even most of the Democrats won't touch the issue.

Perhaps, they are complicit in these matters.

The conservative talk show hosts (largely shills for the administration) pooh pooh such charges and frankly, in my observations,use deception and talk show host dodges when confronted with the deceptions of this administration. I would hope that nobody would gain any delight in learning or proving that our country's office holders have committed such serious crimes, but they must be looked into. It is indeed a fearful thing.

Mr. Bugliosi is deadly serious and must be taken so. He has said during a congressional hearing,” this stage in my career I don't have time for fanciful reveries.” A weakness in the book is Mr. Bugliosi's adherence to the “standard” US history.

He exalts some past presidents of questionable ethics and compares them to the present one whom he loathes.

In this he gives a pass to deceptions and disasters of past administrations. Contemporary authors like Thomas DiLorenzo, Jim Powell and John V. Denson, among others have demonstrated that past administrations have not been truthful either to say the least.

I can remember the late historian Dr. C. Gregg Singer who taught at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary among other places referring to FDR as “that liar”.

FDR needed a war (or so he thought) to get us out of the depression. His tyrannical, socialistic programs were not working.

William Jennings Bryan resigned from the Wilson administration because he knew that Wilson was plotting to enter what we now know as WWI.

Dr. DiLorenzo suggests that when we see Lincoln's picture on a five dollar bill we should think of all the liberties he took away from us.

Another weakness is his making the typical liberal's mistake of thinking that government will solve the present problems – if we could just get the right people in to run things...

The fox will volunteer to guard the hen house for you.

If we as a people had known then what we know now about some past administrations perhaps a prosecutor of Mr. Bugliosi's high caliber would have written a similar book – and prosecuted them.

Part 3 is an impassioned rant describing the horror of the crime and the suffering it began. It is worthy of your time.

There are 72 pages of notes from the chapters, though not easily connected to the direct statements, are worth perusing. I just read them as a chapter occasionally looking back to the appropriate page.

The index is extensive.

I commend it to the reader ,or just go on / ,/search out the authors name and listen to him particularly before the congressional committee meeting.

Alright! all you prosecutors , why would you or would you not take this case? Step up!

Now, you attorneys, who would take on and defend such a client?