Sunday, September 21, 2008


Carl F. Worden

Whoa baby, not another step further! I just looked at just a few of the proposed details of the so-called “bailout”, and the cure they propose is worse than the disease.

First, try to remember that the Framers of the Constitution wrote that legally defining and limiting document with a very critical eye toward human nature and how to control human nature for the betterment, safety and security of the masses. Those men had first-hand experience with what happens when one person, dictator or king, has complete power over a nation and a people, and they made certain that the document they executed had sufficient checks and balances contained within it to keep any one individual or special interest group from seizing power over the People of the United States.

The proposed economic “bailout”, as initially proposed to Congress, places absolute power in the hands of one government agency, the Department of The Treasury, to control how 5% ($700 billion dollars) is disbursed for the purpose of protecting the United States and her people from an imminent economic meltdown. The Bush Proposal leaves no check and balances in play. If adopted as currently proposed, such a scheme would place the Secretary of The Treasury, Henry Paulson, as close to a position of Dictator of The United States as has ever been enacted in the history of this nation, because as history and several pundits have pointed out, it is ultimately the person(s) who control the purse strings who ultimately control the fortunes of a nation.

Stalin is credited with the opinion that it doesn’t matter how people vote if you control the vote count, and I think any rational American knows that the last presidential election was decided in Ohio, a state that had opted for electronic voting machines so open to tampering and vote fraud as to be laughable.

So let us step back, take a deep breath and more carefully look at the forest for a moment. Is there a dire economic emergency so imminent and destructive that Congress must act within one week to enact a plan that violates every aspect of our economic and social structure the Framers tried to protect us from?

Is this yet another Bush Administration lie no different than the “imminent danger” Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein allegedly presented with his non-existent stockpiles of WMD and his non-existent pursuit of nuclear weapons? How do we really know? Bush & Company have a solid record of lying to the American people for the past 7 ½ years, so why should we believe this current “emergency” exists now?

The Stock Market crash of 1929 didn’t manifest itself entirely until the early 1930s, and every financial expert will attest that the 1929 crash precipitated it all. I am convinced the United States is poised on the brink of financial annihilation, no question about it, but I have no inclination to trade my freedoms for the alleged “security” such a bailout would promise. What do we have to give up now, our gold?

This emergency bailout proposal doesn’t pass the smell test at all. It wreaks of manipulation no different than the means by which Bush manipulated Congress to pass an emergency “resolution” to illegally and unconstitutionally give the President power to wage war on Iraq – and we all know how that turned out.

Right now, the two candidates for president, John McCain and Barrack Obama, are playing the blame-game for how we got into this predicament, and many pundits are insisting we don’t look back for the “why” because we must act on the “now” immediately. I disagree for two reasons. First, it is vitally important to know “why” we got here in order to avoid the same grave mistakes in the future, and secondly, as voters, we need to know which candidate (if either!) has enough of a grasp on the facts leading up to this crisis as to offer real solutions. So far, neither candidate has demonstrated such a grasp of the true cause in such a way as to convince the voters who to support.

Except for Representative Ron Paul, few in Congress have demonstrated a willingness to admit that this entire debacle began when President Bill Clinton went against his own party and signed the free trade agreements of NAFTA & GATT that took effect in 1994. And why won’t these Congress-critters admit it? It is because it was the massive, multi-national corporations who contributed huge amounts to elect and re-elect these “representatives” of the people, who benefited the most from the free trade agreements.

Those so-called “representatives” know full well that they committed economic treason against the American people in return for a little bit of money. The same “representatives”, primarily of the conservative Republican ilk, are also responsible for the massive deregulation of the financial markets that led to the credit/housing crisis, and if you want to know why you are paying 21% or more interest on your credit card balance, it was none-other than President Ronald Reagan who allowed deregulation of the Usury Laws. In all this, and no matter what these elected representatives claim to the contrary, every major act by the conservative Republicans in power has benefited large, multi-national corporations, and not the small business owners or the people themselves.

This is one reason why I have lost so much respect for our self-described “conservative” voters since Bush 43 took office. They, more than any other group in the U.S., have been more openly betrayed by this administration than any of the so-called “liberals” could ever have inflicted! If you are a conservative voter and you are paying outrageous amounts for your prescription drugs to stay alive and well, it was Bush 43 who insisted that Americans could not purchase prescription drugs from Canada and elsewhere at 1/3 the cost, and only the multi-national pharmaceutical corporations benefited.

If you are a conservative voter and you are losing your home to foreclosure because some lying low-life mortgage salesman sat at your breakfast table and sold you a predatory Adjustable Rate Mortgage, it was the deregulation of the U.S. financial markets, which are also multi-national corporations, who benefited, and it was the conservative Republicans (allegedly representing you) who pushed that deregulation through.

If you can’t file bankruptcy, even for runaway medical bills that will destroy your ability to achieve the American Dream for years to come, you can look to the credit card companies who contributed massive amounts of cash to both Bush 43 campaigns, and then you can look to Bush 43 who pushed the Bankruptcy Reform through on their behalf.

If you are paying $4.15 per gallon for gasoline, it was none other than your conservative Republican president and representatives who pushed through the free trade agreements that made Communist China, Communist Vietnam and India the world’s manufacturing giants who now compete for oil on the world market.

What I’m asking here is why any intelligent American conservative voter would continue to support Bush 43 and his intended protégé, John McCain, to continue doing what has been done to you for the past 7 ½ years. If I recall, one indication of insanity is that you keep doing things the same way over and over again, and expect a different result! If you keep voting for neo-cons like McCain and Palin, why do you think they won’t keep playing the same tune for the multi-national corporations over your best interests for another four years or more? The question is valid: Are you insane?

You conservative voters (and that includes me) had better wake up and see who you are sleeping with. This proposed $700 billion dollar bailout is being portrayed by Bush 43 as necessary to protect the average guy and gal on the street, but since when has Bush 43 and company ever done anything to protect the small business owner and the average American? They haven’t, not even once! Why would anyone think Bush 43 has suddenly seen the light, changed his ways and thumbed his nose at the multi-national corporations?

This bailout might protect the average guy and gal on the street in a peripheral way, but certainly not in a direct way. The only entities who will immediately and directly benefit from this massive, unprecedented bailout are multi-national corporations and their shareholders – many of whom are foreign investors. Does that include you, Mr. and Mrs. American conservative voter? Is it in the best interest of the average American Joe to keep voting for presidents and representatives who have a leash around their necks held tightly by multi-national corporate special interests?

And finally, if Congress does the unthinkable and rushes through emergency bailout legislation to give Treasury Secretary Paulson virtual unilateral and arbitrary control of the nation’s purse strings, do you believe for one nano-second that a Bush 43 appointee like Paulson is not beholden to the multi-national giants and their shareholders just as Bush 43 is?

Wake up!


Blogger LTC Daniel Marvin, USA Ret'd said...

Good essay on the truth and what we are being led to believe is the truth. Every Ameriican of voting age should read Jim Marrs' book "The Rise of the Fourth Reich" and understand that this nation is being run by a bunch of money hungry thugs in suits and ties and fancy dresses who care not at all for us regular citizens. Wake up America. I know - I was a part of the "Invisible government" and had the onerous job of silencing those who talked too much against the system.

6:53 PM  

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