Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stamping Out Freedom With Deadly Intent

by Former Sheriff Jim Schwiesow, Ret.

Why HR1995 was rammed through under cover of fire

by Devvy Kidd

US House passes thought crime prevention bill.

Patriots to be defined as terrorists.
Rogue Govt

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Big Government Solutions Don't Work

by Hon. Ron Paul
The Daily Reckoning

Fair & Balanced Sean Hannity Melts Down

by Betty Freauf

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Revolution Is Now

Charles A. Burris on Ron Paul, the CIA, and the future of liberty.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Real Republican is Ron Paul

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An Open Letter to Christians regarding Decision 2008

By Robert Hawes

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Living Under Surveillance

By Wilton D. Alston
The New American

Monday, October 15, 2007


By Joel Turtel

Friday, October 12, 2007

Ron Paul: A New Hope


Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Carl F. Worden

So once again, we have a Republican presidential candidate debate where the organizers somehow managed to place Texas Representative Ron Paul on the edge of the pack. This time, Paul was delegated to hold the far left-side position, and in other debates he was given the far right-side slot. Giuliani, Romney and McCain held the center positions, as usual. This creates a visual image and impression in the viewer that those occupying the center are the front runners, while those on the fringes are, well, on the fringes and not to be taken seriously.

Don’t think for one moment that these arrangements are just dumb luck, because they are not, and it has happened too often to be relegated to coincidence.

Those hoping Fred Thompson would shine and save the Republicans got quite a jolt when Thompson held the Bush line on the Iraq War and on so-called Free Trade. If the election were held today, and if Bush could run for another term, Hillary Clinton would be waved into the Oval Office, so why would any sane Republican think Fred Thompson would have any chance to win?

The only Republican candidates who can win in 2008 are those against the Iraq War and against a unilateral attack on Iran. In addition, the candidate must oppose existing Free Trade agreements, and support a strict return to constitutional compliance.

When Ron Paul pointed out that no war can be waged under our Constitution unless a declaration of war is voted by the majority in Congress, the other candidates eyes glazed over! You could see in their condescending expression the contempt they had for anyone insisting on constitutional compliance. Instead they called for war-actions by the president if the situation called for it, and the situations they thought deserved presidential acts of war had nothing to do with an imminent threat to the people of the United States.

Outside of Ron Paul, every other Republican candidate is a traitor to his oath, and not even trying to hide it.

Why the Deafening Silence Regarding Iraqi Civilian Casualties?

America First Party
1630 A 30th Street #111
Boulder, Colorado 80301

Monday, October 8, 2007

Why the Deafening Silence Regarding Iraqi Civilian Casualties?

Boulder, CO - While we frequently hear references to the thousands of U.S. troops who have died in Iraq, there is little or no mention given by the U.S. government or media to the Iraqi civilian death toll. But three weeks ago, for the second time in about 14 months, reputable sources estimated Iraqi civilian deaths to be near a million. Unlike most other estimates, these are based on surveys conducted throughout most regions of Iraq. Why then are these casualty estimates largely ignored or downplayed, while relatively low estimates based solely on fatalities confirmed in media reports are treated as credible?

In July 2006, a study funded by MIT and conducted by Johns Hopkins researchers estimated the "excess deaths" in Iraq -- the difference between the pre- and post-invasion death rates. This estimate was determined by surveying "12,801 people living in 47 clusters" throughout Iraq, according to study co-author Gilbert Burnham. Participants were asked about the numbers of deaths in their household since the invasion. Teams asked for death certificates 87% of the time, and these were presented in 92% of the cases. The resulting death rate estimate was extrapolated over the entire population, resulting in an estimate of deaths due to the direct and indirect consequences of the invasion. The result: 654,965 deaths, within a 95% confidence interval of 392,979 to 942,636, with 92% of fatalities due to violence. At the time, John Zogby, whose polling company had done several surveys in post-invasion Iraq, said "The sampling is solid. The methodology is as good as it gets. It is what people in the statistics business do."

This horrifying gut-wrenching estimate is now supported by a similar Iraqi household study released last month, and done by the respected UK-based ORB research group. It surveyed 1,499 Iraqis in 15 of the 18 provinces. Results showed that 83% died from violence. The total estimated death toll since the invasion was 1,220,580. Based on a 2.5% margin of error, there was a minimum of 733,158 deaths and a maximum of 1,446,063.

AFP National Chairman Jonathan Hill stated, "Our illegal and unjust invasion has probably, directly and indirectly, led to about one million Iraqi deaths. Respect for constitutional foreign policy principles would certainly have avoided this blunder and many others. It is high time for cheerleaders of this war to face their mistake and change direction. We all need to work together now to minimize further loss of life and end this tragic war."

I Advocate the Same Foreign Policy the Founding Fathers Would

by Ron Paul

Saturday, October 06, 2007

America's Nuremberg Trials: Those who violate their oaths, take note.

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
National Writers Syndicate

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Paul Campaign Raises Over $5,000,000 In Third Quarter

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA - The Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign raised $5,080,000 during the third quarter of 2007. That is an impressive 114 percent increase from the second quarter.

Cash on hand for the Paul campaign is $5,300,000.

"Dr. Paul's message is freedom, peace and prosperity," said Paul campaign chairman Kent Snyder. "As these fundraising numbers show, more Americans each day are embracing Dr. Paul's message."

Ron Paul's 114 percent increase is in stark contrast to the decrease suffered by Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, and John McCain. Romney's fundraising was down 29 percent. Giuliani was down 40 percent. McCain was down 55 percent.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Strike Two!

Successive Blows To Patriot Act Slam 'Big Brother' Government

Lancaster,PA: 10/01/07 The Constitution Party (www.constitutionparty.com) joins liberty-loving Americans across the political spectrum in applauding another recent decision declaring portions of the USA Patriot Act to be unconstitutional.

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that two provisions of the Patriot Act were unlawful because they allowed search warrants to be issued without showing probable cause.

U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken ruled that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, as amended by the Patriot Act, "now permits the executive branch of government to conduct surveillance of Americans in violation of the 4th Amendment."

The case that leads to this ruling centered around the botched FBI investigation of Portland, Oregon attorney Brandon Mayfield (http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2003905730_webpatact26.html). During the case Mayfield's home and office were searched, his phone calls were monitored and he was wrongfully jailed on charges he took part in a bombing in Madrid. The FBI ultimately apologized for linking Mayfield to the attack. The case gained international attention as a huge embarrassment to the Bush administration.

"For over 200 years, this nation has adhered to the rule of law - with unparalleled success. A shift to a nation based on extra-constitutional authority is prohibited," Judge Aiken wrote.

"The Patriot Act should never have been enacted in the first place. It passed with both 'Big Box' parties rushing headlong to allow frightening expansions of government power. What happened to Mr.Mayfield could have happened to any other innocent American; and he is an attorney!" said Constitution Party national Committee Chairman Jim Clymer.

The Constitution Party, unlike the Republican or Democratic parties has decried the Draconian Patriot Act which gave law enforcement agencies the power to search telephone and e-mail records in addition to conducting warrantless searches and seizures on American citizens.

Judge Aiken's ruling on the Patriot Act's unconstitutionality comes on the heels of another blow to the Patriot Act. Just weeks ago, another federal judge barred the FBI from snooping on Americans. The federal agency had been requiring companies to turn over computer and phone records. US District Judge Victor Marrero, in New York, said that part of the act was "the legislative equivalent of breaking and entering."

"This latest ruling shows the pendulum may just be swinging back to a time and place when Americans didn't have to fear censorship, secrecy and intimidation from their own government," Clymer further noted, adding "Similarly, the 2008 presidential race will show that our countrymen are tired of electing powerful operatives from both major parties who have forgotten they took an oath to uphold and defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. It appears we have met the enemy and it is by all accounts firmly ensconced in D.C. Americans can continue the momentum of the anti- Patriot Act rulings in November '08. It's high time we vote enemies of the Constitution out of office,"Clymer stated.

Constitution Party

Big Government Is the Enemy of Freedom

Center for a Just Society