Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Carl F. Worden

So once again, we have a Republican presidential candidate debate where the organizers somehow managed to place Texas Representative Ron Paul on the edge of the pack. This time, Paul was delegated to hold the far left-side position, and in other debates he was given the far right-side slot. Giuliani, Romney and McCain held the center positions, as usual. This creates a visual image and impression in the viewer that those occupying the center are the front runners, while those on the fringes are, well, on the fringes and not to be taken seriously.

Don’t think for one moment that these arrangements are just dumb luck, because they are not, and it has happened too often to be relegated to coincidence.

Those hoping Fred Thompson would shine and save the Republicans got quite a jolt when Thompson held the Bush line on the Iraq War and on so-called Free Trade. If the election were held today, and if Bush could run for another term, Hillary Clinton would be waved into the Oval Office, so why would any sane Republican think Fred Thompson would have any chance to win?

The only Republican candidates who can win in 2008 are those against the Iraq War and against a unilateral attack on Iran. In addition, the candidate must oppose existing Free Trade agreements, and support a strict return to constitutional compliance.

When Ron Paul pointed out that no war can be waged under our Constitution unless a declaration of war is voted by the majority in Congress, the other candidates eyes glazed over! You could see in their condescending expression the contempt they had for anyone insisting on constitutional compliance. Instead they called for war-actions by the president if the situation called for it, and the situations they thought deserved presidential acts of war had nothing to do with an imminent threat to the people of the United States.

Outside of Ron Paul, every other Republican candidate is a traitor to his oath, and not even trying to hide it.


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