Friday, February 24, 2017

Rep. Caleb Dyer (R–NH) joins Libertarian Party

Rep. Caleb Dyer (R–NH) joins Libertarian Party
Rep. Caleb Dyer (L–NH)
On Feb. 9, Rep. Caleb Dyer, who was elected to the New Hampshire legislature in 2016, announced at a press conference his switch to the Libertarian Party.

Dyer was one of 11 candidates out of 20 who won at-large seats in the Hillsborough 37 District.

Dyer’s switch to the LP was motivated in part by its achieving official party status in 2016 for the first time in twenty years, and with it, access to the ballot.

“This fact should be seen as a warning to members of the majority that their constituency is slowly but surely growing discontent with increasingly partisan representation,” he said. “For elected Republicans like myself who have libertarian leanings, this is truly a golden opportunity to establish ourselves as a viable alternative to this representation and become advocates for principled, classically liberal policy.”

Dyer has stated that he supports tax credits or refunds for parents who choose to home-school or send their children to alternative schools; seeks to cut government spending as well as limit tax revenues to provide for only essential services; supports a women’s right to choose and opposes public funding for abortion clinics; supports the decriminalization of cannabis with the eventual goal of legalization without taxation; and favors any way that the state can resist federal regulation, oversight, or control.


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