Monday, September 09, 2013

Looming Risk of Regional War Reflects Reckless and Poor Leadership

Boulder, CO -Ten years after the disastrous Iraq invasion, two years after U.S. air strikes in Libya precipitated the fall of the Gaddafi regime, and in the midst of widespread turmoil unleashed by the "Arab spring," the Obama administration and many Capitol Hill leaders persist in utopian efforts to reshape the Middle East, thereby risking igniting wider regional conflict, and possibly armed conflict with Russia and its allies.

While our sympathy and prayers go out to the people of Syria, use of U.S. military power there seems likely to do more harm than good, an appraisal shared by many desperate civilians in that war-ravaged nation. Indeed, if this assessment is true, initiating strikes on Syria would be gravely immoral. Will we replicate the results of immoral and unconstitutional attacks on Libya and Iraq, by leaving a largely lawless state behind, causing Christians and other religious minorities to flee, and creating yet another haven for Islamic extremists?

Oaths of office notwithstanding, the simple policy solution of following our founders' constitutional blueprint seems off the radar of most leaders on Capitol Hill. Under truly constitutional praxis, the U.S. military should never be seriously considered for any combat role not in the service of U.S. national defense. Since we have left that prudent outlook behind long ago, we can expect more chaos in foreign affairs, and God forbid, perhaps another world war.

AFP National Secretary John Pittman Hey commented, "This is Syria's civil war, not ours. Let's not take our cue from extremists in Washington D.C., who seem to care little about the consequences of their actions, both for our country and on people far away."

"Reversing today's dangerous foreign policy trends," states AFP Chairman Jonathan Hill, "requires electing people who are both competent and decent. Given the moral implications of the oath of office, this goes hand in hand with electing people who respect basic constitutional principles."

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