Sunday, March 03, 2013

Is America Being Obamaed?

By Mark Vogl

Despite having a Democratic House and Senate in his first two years, this President and the Democrats have intentionally not passed budgets in the United States. So what's up? What's the problem with the Democratically controlled Senate? In an article of January 20, 2012, the Foundry reports, the last time the government passed a budget, the US has spent 9.4 trillion dollars. More than a year has passed since that article saw trillions more spent. Can you see any employee getting away with such dereliction of duty? What is behind this?

The article from the Foundry goes on to say:

"The budget process forces Congress to set priorities to protect the people’s money and put it to its appropriate use. Instead, the Democrat-controlled Senate has abdicated its responsibility. The result? The deficit is soaring, causing a looming tax burden and injecting uncertainty into the economy, leaving jobs and economic growth on the table. It’s no wonder the U.S. economy’s growth is so tepid." Interestingly, the Senate voted down President Obama's 2012 budget by a vote of 97 - 0! (How's this as an example of Presidential leadership?)

What is behind this complete failure? Why is the main stream media completely failing in its job, totally silent on this breakdown in government? You would think ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, someone would want to do an expose on exactly what is the problem! This is not about compromise, heck no effort has been made to establish a process to get to compromise. And from my perspective the deceased GOP is setting itself up for disaster, should it ever win control of the government. Will America never again do a budget? Or will the GOP try and when the real numbers are released they will be blamed for them?

Some liberal economists try to paint a picture that the government has grown that much. Yes, 40% of everyone working works for government, but hey compared to the socialist countries of Europe that ain't so bad. I mean look at an economic power house like Denmark where 60% of the nation works for the state! Shoot we are not so bad at 40% they argue. But think about it, 4 of 10 works for the state, or government at the different levels. So that leaves 6 of 10 workers to produce all the wealth there will be to pay every one! And for just a country boy like me, I wonder is there any connection between the fact that 42% of every dollar spent by government is borrowed, and 40% of U.S. workers work for government!?

And then you have the fact that less than half of all Americans work. And then you have the large percentage receiving entitlements in social security, etc. Each of those 60% are the workers are actually paying for three. And because social security is financed by the government, instead of by investment in the market, it's purely a drag on the economy.

The same economists telling us it ain't so bad, tell us that government employment has shrunk by 500,000 since 2007. But nowhere in that paragraph do they say the nation lost 7.5 million private sector jobs over the same period! Government didn't take the hit the private sector did, and never does. And now, six years after the recession finally, the government is going to see the reigns pulled through Sequester! (And the question a country boy has to wonder is, how many of the 500,000 lost government employees were just retirees whose job was never filled? And how does that compare to the 7.5 million private sector employees? )

Could it be that some "smart" economists believe you can make up for the shift to government jobs through productivity increases in the private sector? You see, in the end it comes down to wealth creation...not dollars, but items; houses, cars, tools, clothes, medicines, caskets, etc. And the other huge aspect that both Republicans and Democrats have ignored...deficit spending and the affect that has on inflation and just as importantly, the investor psyche.

What is happening in America is economics. Oooooo bad word. Like the laws God made we call physics, the laws of economics are fairly constant. And like the physical laws, you can only cheat them so long. You can get under an umbrella so as not to get wet when it rains, but if hurricane winds rip through, blowing rain at you sideways...well you get soaked. Same thing with economics, you can try to invent tools to avoid the rain...but they won't work forever.

It's hard to believe, hard to conceive that the nation that once stood so tall, now crawls for scraps like a beggar on the world stage. You need only look at whose leading us, to see that there can be only one objective of President Obama, the destruction of the nation he says is not a Christian nation! Is Obama the Lord's punishment for a nation gone so wrong?

I wonder, will there be a new term ... have you been Obamaed!? The meaning of that term would be robbed, or fooled into committing suicide?


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