Sunday, December 02, 2012

The New American Paradigms!

Dr. A. H. Krieg
A3P board of director’s member

The two major political parties in America in this century are the wings of
the same bird of prey.

The often-promulgated axiom that the Republicans are stupid is a misnomer, they are not stupid, they are, but reflections of the Democrats, both have the same agenda. This article is for those who disagree.

Consider now the 2012 election in Philadelphia; 90% of the precincts turned out 90% of the voters. (1) Free unencumbered voters ID cards issued by vote registrars. (2) Obama got 99% of votes where GOP pole watchers were removed, and turnout 30% above registered numbers. (3) In 59 Philadelphia voting divisions Obama had votes of 19,605 counted 100% for him. (4) Not one issue was challenged by the RNC! Then there’s Cleveland; 90% voter turnout in dozens of districts with 99% voting for Obama, some districts like the fifth ward, (1,337 votes) had a 100% voter turnout and 100% vote for Obama. (5) Not challenged by the RNC.

Consider now the statement of Dr. R. E. Sutherland; “The political parties are clubs….they are not attached to, nor controlled by, the federal government. They are tools of deception…and Americans are taught as children to put pennies into a jar for the prettiest and most handsome….so that as adults, they will fund this good-old-boy operation”.

As we watch Europe, we observe one after another nation destroy their economies in the name of austerity, all to protect an elite group of banksters and their outrageous profits. These things have now crossed the pond and are in America, the no new taxes pledges, now that the election is over, account for nothing. Why are you surprised? Politicians routinely lie to their constituencies; it’s in their blood, retiring Dr. Ron Paul and Denis Kucinich excluded.

The debate raging at this moment is the cliff, the one we are to financially fall over on Jan 1, 2013. The espoused positions of the Republicans has been no new or increased taxes, the position of the progressives has been no cuts in entitlements. Both positions are absurd. Anyone with an IQ over 70 understands that we must cut spending and we must change entitlements. Harry Reid said, “we must now speak of taxing the rich, because we have already cut entitlements by a billion dollars.” Great Harry, that one billion will run the government for about 20 minutes. Obama offered to increase spending by $1.4 trillion cut “undisclosed” loopholes by $400 billion and increase new spending by an additional $ 500 billion, and then offered to address entitlements in 2013; whoopee I’m thrilled! As usual the Republicans have, even now, thrown in the towel before the debate has even begun. Speaker John Boehner conceded a tax increase two weeks ago, long before any debate even began, and before all the votes were tallied.

This is the Hegelian Dialectic in full operation. System operators have carefully crafted yet another scenario by which they will control the process, kicking the can into 2013, by a tax increases on producers to fund more loafers, the constituency of the progressive Republocrats, who if successful in this debate, will dominate the 2014 election cycle, and while they are at it increase profits for the banksters, who after all provide the politicians the funds to run campaigns.

From all indicators, by Republican senators and congressmen we have been informed that the GOP is now willing to raise taxes. To hell with the Tea Party that the media so ably demonized and ignored, to hell with promises made, there is a cliff, and since the progressives control the White House and the Senate there is nothing we can do, so says the RNC! The arguments for or against the issues at hand are irrelevant; the relevancy is that the Republocrats have spent us into a hole and their solution is to climb in it and dig their way out by making it deeper.

This is not a debate on issues it is a debate relating to social and political direction in the coming four years. The Democrats won the election by mere 1% votes, hardly a mandate for their policies. Furthermore the fact that the Democrat win consisted of paid for voters through tax dollars and racial bigots is indisputable. The takers are now in charge and the producers will pay the price by being converted into the providers for the loafers, Romney was right its hard to fight free stuff to 47% of the electorate. The relating fact remains, there is one party called the Republocrat Party, and it is the surrogate of those who run America. You disagree? Well let’s look at some more facts.

Argument, The rich don’t pay their fair share. False, the rich (top 1 %) pay 40% of all collected taxes, they also account for 33% of consumer spending. (6) The rich have already begun their inevitable exodus.

Argument, It’s fair to go back to the Clinton-era tax rates. False, There was no Obamacare under Clinton, Obamacare dramatically increases taxes for the wealthy not in proportion to everyone else. The average earner of over $250,000 will pay $6,395.00 more in taxes just for Obamacare.

Aside that these are non-operative arguments, the cost of doing business is the real issue. In the last three months of 2012, the Obama administration has added 6,125 new regulations onto the federal statutes; this draconian explosion of laws costs business billions in expenses thus preventing economic expansion and new employment. The real argument that would be employed by an independent Republican organ would be, OK, let’s go back to Clinton-era, we cut all the regulations and new laws, including welfare reform, disability, EPA, social security and everything to the time that Clinton was elected.

Argument, Reagan increased taxes. False, Reagan instituted the largest in history tax cuts to drag our economy out of recession. He cut income taxes from 70% to 28% creating more than 20 million new jobs. Reagan only agreed to a tax increase after the economy had recovered, and then only when coupled with massive spending cuts.

Missing argument, JFK a Democrat cut taxes!

Argument, We have the historically lowest taxes. False, this argument is based on smoke and mirrors tax policies of DC. Once all facts, fees, licenses, property taxes, excise taxes, sales taxes, permits, state and federal income taxes, capital gains taxes, are computed we have the highest tax rate in American history today. We now work for the government for 6 month a year, which additionally has the highest business taxes in the developed world. In 1900 that tax Independence Day was in January 28.

The ultimate argument by Republocrats is revenue, razing revenue and taxes is one and the same, I don’t giver a damn about this issue if you change the allowable deduction or increase my taxes, it comes out to the same thing less money in my pocket. If the Republicans were an independent party, not part of a cabal, they might consider letting Obama proceed with all of his economic destruction, letting him pass every issue he so frequently pontificates on, and then let him and the progressives share sole responsibility for the disastrous outcome, just as FDR, whose policies resulted in an extended poor economy, 1930-43, only ended by WWII.

On the issue of entitlements there are several simple means of solving the question. On Social Security change the retirement benefit dates from 62 to 65 and in 2016 to 67 and in 2020 to 70. On Medicare eliminate all present beneficiaries whose income is over $80,000. On Disability require an annual verification through the VA system; anyone found healthy has their benefit eliminated. On food stamps verify every case through a process ensuring that the recipient has no financial assets. On welfare, force anyone on it to work, 8 hrs. a day five days a week cleaning streets, picking up trash, removing graffiti, washing government vehicles, menial labor without pay just for welfare checks. And please don’t tell me it’s illegal, what should be illegal is to make me pay taxes to support a bunch of lazy do-nothings. So little time so many solutions so little effort by those we elect. So just to clarify: from 2008 to 2012 food stamp usage is up 158%, Medicaid is up 52%, Government employment is up 6%, and private sector employment is down 2%, and in 2012 we have 340,000 fewer people employed than in 2008, that’s how socialists get elected and economies are destroyed!

On taxing the rich I have a few words. The rich are the people we work for if you make life difficult for them they will go away. Just ask the French, their new socialist government has gone on a binge of taxing the rich, and the rich are departing in droves to Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and elsewhere. Or better yet what happened in England when they went on their socialist binge? Two-thirds of all British millionaires left England, many stopped working, others shuttered their businesses, the economy collapsed, and they elected Lady Thatcher who reversed all the policies, did that stop the socialists, hell no, they re doing it again, now.

The only real solution to the American Paradigm is a third political party that stands alone and in opposition to the Republocrats. That party is American Third Position.

We cannot understand why it is greedy to want to keep your own money, but magnanimous to take someone else’s money and give it to a loafer.

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